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Chuck McCollum, McCollum/Christopherson on Dow's 300+ point drop

Jul 31, 2014|

What led to the Dow's drop of more than 300 points Thursday.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Dow Jones Industrial Average. Down more than 316. Points as the close approach is joining us on the WB EM live line is chuck McCollum or McCollum Kristofferson good afternoon jock. How are you I'm doing well what caused the sell off today on Wall Street. Well I think you put it yes need to put a little bit in perspective. There were there were some news. That came on an earnings a craft was down a little bit. Exxon was down a little bit and and I guess the thing that really triggered it was the jobless claims they they rose to 2302000. And they were you know they really for a 279. So. I guess if you put it in perspective the Talking Heads in the in the financial media have been talking about a bubble for awhile and this this may have may have been what triggered it but. I think people should realize that the market is still up for the year. And if they've got a plan that they've put together they should stick with the plan. Do you have grip today is sell off July is gains are just about wiped out. Well they did Standard and Poor's is still up about six and a half percent even with the philosophy about 37 points today so it. For the for the year the market is still up in general terms. And that you brought a little bit about investor concerns. Just a moment ago what other. I'll worries or vice hamper investors right now. Well. If if the if a client has has had a plan put together with a good solid portfolio. There's no need to change. If you go back historically. There have been. Declines. In the market to this degree but. If hero long term investor and focused on that long term approach. There's no need to panic. You have to have been. You look at the difference between volatility and risk and this is volatility and it's not risk and the market is not that expensive. Being in in historical terms. Thanks Jack. That's stuck McCollum or McCollum Kristofferson on the WB and live line.