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7-31 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Easily easily every time this week at 930 WBE and -- welcome back our final hour on this last day of July 2014 Rush Limbaugh comes your way at noon today on WB yeah. And I -- believe Michael -- was gonna set in again for Tom hourly this afternoon. At 3 o'clock. We finally did get a couple lines open I know how sometimes it can be so frustrating when you're trying to call the station and keep getting a busy signal that's why. Sometimes I'll I'll just tell you that we opened up a couple lines of you've tried before and it was busy and and you'd like to get in now. I'll make you aware that to try and help out a little bit so your fingers don't get a little sore which probably just press -- there. President Obama has made it absolutely clear that he will ruled by executive order for the remainder of his term. Yesterday the House of Representatives. A voted on the floor to sue. The president of the United States. Speaker John Boehner said that and I'm quoting are you willing to let any president. Choose what laws to execute. And what laws to change. Are you willing to let anyone terror apart are -- though what our founders. Had built. Now from the democrats' side. -- -- slaughter at the Democrat out of Monroe County says that this is a sorry spectacle. Of legislative. Malpractice. Marc -- -- the radio host. Says that this is a foolish move. OK. Tom price from South Carolina. He is an area representative and he says. My friends across the -- worry about the price of a lawsuit to protect our freedom. Our forefathers paid dearly for that freedom and he added we cannot stand by and watched the president shred. Our constitution. And that that's basically what it seems to be getting down issue is whether India president President Obama. Has that gone so far as to. Shall we say miss interpret the constitution or believe that it gives him the power to do things that. He may not have the power to do. And that is basically change. A lot of laws now President Obama announced there earlier you may recall that he would not enforce the federal anti drug laws. Against states with marijuana legalization laws. And that he also refused to deport. Illegal immigrants. This is not the way I I thought our country worked. When. When you're in negotiations. And if if you've ever been now part of our union. Or any organization. Or in politics. You know the key to a lot of success is. Negotiation. How to compromise how to give and take. At and that's the way that that I feel our forefathers. Set this country up that's why we have three different branches. Of government so so we don't have a dynasty so we don't have a -- that we don't have a dictatorial government so we have a government of checks. And balances. And so. We have three different bodies of government. I'm in Washington. And each one kind overseas. The other a little bit so nobody gets too. Much in control. We have a democratic. Senate we have vote Republican. House of Representatives. The house passes a law sends it to the senate. The senate is mostly Democrat may say we aren't even gonna vote on it. That's one of the biggest problems that I have about our government. The fact that. There are people who feel that there is something that our country might need. And so they sit down get together put together a law. And pass it and send it to the other body of government to look at it and then the other body of government can just ignore it. And that I think is could be very well one of the biggest flaws with in our government. To me. If the house passes -- bill. The senate should be required by law. Took a look at it and bring it to a vote. And vice Versa. If for summaries in the senate passes a bill and gives it to the house the how should be required by law. To at least look at it and vote out. Then it if you don't want it to vote against it but don't ignore it. That that's the one thing I think about our government where we have a huge flow. I just do. To think that we are paying people to represent us. I am and I'm sure many of view. Have written. An elected official and said I think we should do this -- I think there should be along about this or have you ever considered this. And the fact that they try. To bring it before their peers. And many passes and then the other body of government says we're warm we're going to ignore it as if it doesn't exist as if it has no value. That is where I I think our forefathers. Had a weakness in the founding of our government. I could be totally wrong there and I may not understand. Why they have the power they do in congress to to ignore bill. But I kinda just feel that. We would. We would be able to have a more compromising. System in Washington. If they were required. To look at bills and not ignored them. 8030930 is our number at WB yen question. Is -- a waste of taxpayer dollars. To do what House of Representatives stated yesterday -- his vote to sue the president you're gonna pay for. It's your tax dollars that is going to pay for this lawsuit now it may not get very far it may be thrown out out of courts right away. Or it may go on nine it may go on for three or four years when the president is not the president anymore. So -- so the president when he's not even president anymore odd. It could affect future presidents Republican. And Democrat is that a good thing. It just might beat. But there are you willing to have your tax dollars paid for that. What do you think President Obama stands for. Now I don't know. I really can't figure that out what does this I stand before he goes. Two other countries. And apologizes. For office. I don't want any president apologizing for me. Now I I can apologize for myself if I feel it's appropriate. But I don't need the president apologizing. For my country. I need the president's standing up from country what does this nice AM four c'mon Democrats. Every you voted for a what's he stands for. Eight he says one thing. Dozen other blames everybody else but takes responsibility. Those guys and four and even. If he talked about before. But yet he has doubled our national debt and put the -- further in debt. What does President Obama stands for. Is -- a waste of taxpayer money. That we're going to sue the president should congress be doing this. If not what should congress be doing what is the most important thing right now that you're congress. Should be doing what you care most about. In Washington. Congress at least is in Washington. Till tomorrow. The president is not. How in the world are we going to get around in compromising. Talk team working things out the president. Is more concerned about being away from Washington. That being where his office of war eons. I am so sick and tired of hearing the president today in the city the president today in the city the president today in this state. Mr. President get your black in Washington. And stop bitching about congress. And start working with congress. You know you can just blame somebody else for so long. And then -- yes it's nauseating. And it just really. Now I mean so many of our sports fans. Now if you can just blame somebody for her for screwing up on a team for so long. And then -- get rid of them. Get rid of eagle three on 930 is our numbers start 930s are. Free call on a cell when we come back we'll talk to you -- news radio 930 WP EN let's say a good morning to a Phillies up and no Wilson hi Phil thanks for calling. Are going to go out and -- Anybody stay patient. Out there. -- ticked -- you trying to protect yourself. Now the way it is what about it and an executive order the way he's doing it. It -- To the people -- W but it. I'm gonna do what I can do. About it and make it any -- that -- But the problem. Is -- -- OK but don't singled. -- Let's say let's get ready for the military personnel have been ecstatic don't start adding that the -- that what else. Would know about more. That money but that don't doubt it actually seemed to object about it. -- That's that you bring up a very good point there when they start adding amendments to the bills I've always had a problem -- that. I've always felt the president should should have the right to it to veto parts of availability wants to and then send it back to congress. To see if they can get a two thirds majority vote on it but. I I think you bring up a real good point about that. When congressional members. Play politics to try and get a bill defeated or to make the other party look bad. -- exactly and important issues should only go in as a single bill. Because I guarantee that a lot of those single issue is all parties -- abort -- it's a good belt lights. Not give alms giving money into the military your order -- to get out of servicemen. You know things like that but that's what about it but. Well how what the president is doing but aren't exactly -- party granite past presidents have done as saying okay they have. But. And actually doing is telling the people. The people who put an -- don't matter. You can put a lot of office but I don't quite get where they play politics. I'm good although everything I'm gonna be the one in charge. I think a BA you bring up and of very interesting point that I didn't think about Phil and of course. We're talking about the line item veto the president and I it didn't the Supreme Court take that away say the line item veto wasn't constitutional Ers -- awhile ago. You recall that. But no -- and that's just exactly act it out and the constitution was that are like -- that sidewalk -- checks and balances. All right and basically what is happening here is. The confidential writing the checks and don't care about. Well that's very true I mean let's let's look at our. 800 billion dollar stimulus I mean that was the the end all our problems that was going to take care of jobs the economy. Of foreign affairs immigration that 800 billion dollars stimulus. That the president got from the Democrats in congress at that time. Was was going to make him on the best president that has ever served our country. And we spent that money. And -- I don't know where went congress can't find records of where the money went. Unemployment. Still remain high our economy. Isn't great the illegal situation isn't solved. 800 billion dollars now our national debt has doubled. Under Obama were were almost at eighteen trillion dollars a number that I certainly can't comprehend it. And in neither can anybody wants to buy the Buffalo Bills. You remember when he was running for president could 2008. Where he actually called George Bush. Un American because of that deficit or they the -- -- to the deficit and it doesn't even know is near that and he called a lot of. Ninety -- I thought they call it. Basically the same thing unpatriotic. But I and edit -- episodes and his creation is even. All what that was in the audio and nor does say it was unpatriotic. You know what does that make him. It is he may have said on American but it you know imagine. A white person saying that about President Obama. We even got to go to -- race it'll what do you think would be the best headline on the national news that night. Well what the media okay it doesn't matter what they would know everything she's cute she's got me. Are open -- no -- grotesque or whatever card because no matter what he does indeed he. -- -- Transparent government and everything else follow lives it's not immediately won that culture of the boat I mean there's starting to a little bit they're starting to see that he. Started in this country downward and taken away the American right let's get to the point where they'll it's not gonna matter who you put -- -- because. It's not gonna change and the mobile all the -- What I have found what I found it to steam filled more recently. It's how many Democrats are backing away. From. Being affiliated with the president in fact. I believe he went to Colorado for a fund raiser for I can't remember the the senator's name and the senator never even showed up for the fund raiser. It was that you at all. Was -- was that with that -- all possibly. With a fund raiser was for. But I I mean a number Democrats. In congress who were running for election this year realize. That if they get to affiliated with this president because of his unpopularity right now. That they could lose their seat and and it's I tell you this this coming election when October comes around in into the first week in November. I think this is going to be one of the most. Not just important but exciting election cycles that we have seen in a long long time maybe cents a 1994. -- the people need to realize there's nothing to do with a black president. -- president were. Is doing most important thing -- it is not a racial issue of color into -- -- person can -- office was doing. People need to wake up and something's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The freedom of America but -- most people are -- You very much for your time this morning on WB and Larry hotter for sandy beach will be back right after headline news. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine journey -- -- toll free line is 180616. 19036. Should congress be suing the president that's what the House of Representatives voted on yesterday to -- President Obama because of his due to his abuse. Of executive power. A do you think the money is going to be spent wisely. We had a previous caller make a point that the that I think makes a whole lot of sense because if the lawsuit goes through. And it says that the president has overstepped his bounds for executive power. This will go forward to all future presidents whether they're Republican or Democrat. It will say we have a system of checks and balances. And we have part of the branch. Not checking and balancing. And not following through with his oath of office. And the constitution. So whether this is against a Republican or Democrat president down the road this may be a good thing for our country. We we may be able to allow the courts to determine. How much power a president. Should have whether he's Republican or Democrat or independent or or whatever this could be a good thing do you think it's worth the money. Share your thoughts what is right here at WB animal will compete from Ontario this morning thanks for calling Pete. More or no I don't I don't at all and it and it's exactly like very quickly. And the extreme good balance it. By the Howard Burton in the Congo. And it is a bit bigger. All all are. Well -- And -- are you right now. The but is it back. In delete your I get up. Lawsuit to go through all Americans understand. Appeared. On what is happening. It's all over it here. You all the administration. Open it. -- million dollars. Ridiculous. Here at all off. That clip there's. No question about look like -- murder look like -- -- -- If -- in there or what -- -- that coming from congress even to occur. And ridiculous. At all Americans now collapse. A proper CC is the old twelve would Obama getting re elected. Which we wanted to work things and Eric. He's real active and aren't all will be be here for now annual I would be right about that. The next thing is that it and what we gained all those secret Republican. Yet it's not a land slide which surely think it's. But then we're gonna hear the city because they're gonna impeach them you know she bought -- it now I'd want it all mean now. What -- -- do. What can happen that there could. Regret at all look at -- and -- all. It is a miracle right. That people from door to door at all. Of actually you know view. This the although it all the pretty attic. And all aboard a when. You know it. Anymore that are literal or. Straight to gonna go -- and everything is gonna go well. I don't agree with almost every at bat well. -- -- -- -- It's so hard to predict the future. And what's going to happen between now and November I mean so many things could happen especially with the Russia and potent. With what's going on in Israel lot our economy. It's. If everything stays the same as it is right now. Then much of what you said. May be a reality. But we we have to accept the fact that things may not stay the same will we could find another. Issue going on in Washington -- though lol it's Lerner we could find another problem with the IRS. With the and SA. I mean there there are so many options and things that can occur while congress is not in session that the that the president might do so. Yeah yeah. Streets -- very quickly. An attorney general that are. Too mature to look at any credit -- -- There's so believe. -- and then for and believe. It's not on race. Like these things are so. It's been what's going on right now and I think. You'll -- the president is kind of nudging along the -- 500000 green card over night. And I go -- India and ordered it to be a lot like the government there to become a permanent residence. -- could you imagine in doing it to her violation of law. There's absolutely no question about that and so everybody -- he violated the law okay. Carry on. One pocket about what a -- upper right part there -- -- -- knock on doors and say they. -- -- It is not black or white. It's not Republican or Democrat -- and hopefully. Go and hopefully destructive. I don't. -- you know there are good people collectively -- watching -- at. What it's unusable Opel. House here is the -- exported about yeah. All this stuff for years and years. I've done work off and on a year and these so I didn't get it now -- -- well. That bad. This is going to be a good two years I really think that we're gonna see much more than just basic civil I'm not really believe that. Alrighty thank you very much for your time sported at WB and. Here's what I fear. One of the things -- fear. Is that whatever happens in the next two and a half years under. President Obama. It is going to be extremely. Difficult for the next president. To. Steer the ship back on the right course. Because I feel where we have been going over the last few years. Under this president and administration. Is is down -- I mean the ship is wobbling and it has no rudder. And laws are being ignored. And people are getting away with things that that is just totally inappropriate I mean -- I remember. The Nixon administration. And Watergate. And all the concerns about government elected officials and people with power. And how we were gonna take care of that corrected change it. And as far as I'm concerned were were right back then there's Watergate going and Pete made a good point it's going on in the attorney general's office. This is in complete. Abomination. -- following the constitution and our laws our attorney general is a disgrace. And absolute disgrace. And we are making excuses for the media. Much of the media is making excuses -- through -- trying to ignore it but the sad part is that they're not stupid. -- hole what's going. They're just doing their best to try and ignore it or get around it. To help. Reinforce their. Agenda but you know what their agenda is failing. President Obama and winning campaign. Promise to support the needy. Those families that that have children that that need help that he would be there. And he's ignored him. It's a disgrace. He's absolutely it ignored them. He is willing to spend almost four billion dollars. On illegal children coming into our country. And today helping the families in Detroit who have had their water utilities turned off. He he would rather see our nation go further in debt spending money on illegals. Then on citizens. Were trying to get by in Detroit. And Chicago where he's from. It's a disgrace. It's an absolute disgrace and unfortunately. Our national liberal media. Won't stand up and have the guts to -- -- sandy beach you know I'm Larry hotter thanks for being with us this morning we'll take more of your calls if you'd like to join us. At 8030930. Star 930 is a free calling yourself. Ticket quick break and we will be back to golf game's gotten better this year -- don't know why last year it's knocked. Off game last it was terrible I just. Nothing -- you know it's how sometimes you try to compensate for what's not working in -- -- overcompensate for the compensation. I just did you guys and gals who play golf army unit you know how frustrating in the game can be last year. Just couldn't do it and this year I've got my game together and I and I am playing much better. I'm not sure why. But I'm sure any day now it will go to pot -- -- think it is just fall apart. And and the game will go down the tubes a lot like politics in Washington as a matter of fact. I wonder if I could just take a seven iron to Washington's -- somebody. My perfect. My swing might be better. Yesterday. House of Representatives voted to sue. The president of the United States due to abuse of executive power. When Republicans were presidents no -- when they're worry a Republican president the Democrats. I talked about the same thing. They talked constantly about how the Republican president abused. The executive power. And oh win against the constitution. They did it would -- they did it with bush. It it was pretty common now. When the Republicans are saying that the Democrats. It is abusing his power. The Democrats are like oh how can you say that I mean why why would you waste of time and and money that's not right he's he's not doing that we have to protect Erica. That's probably. An example of the biggest problem in our federal government today. We seem to have become. More politicized than than ever before. And instead of going to Washington and look at really what you can do for a nation as a whole. And understanding what the word compromise. Means. And understand what it's like to work with people who have different thoughts and different ideas. And and find reasonable solutions. On behalf of the UN -- We have. Two parties. That. Are so extreme now in their philosophies as so different. That. And basically it may be impossible to compromise and it certainly is when you have the president of the United States not willing to work yet. Let's be honest when you keep blaming others. And you are now willing to make an effort to solve the problems to look for a solution. Nothing's gonna get done and that's exactly what's happening in Washington. And the president blames congress but let me tell you something. The president has the responsibility. To be in Washington and go to congress and sit down -- these people and say look what do we do to make this work. And instead we have a president who was everyplace bought Washington. Who was spending millions of dollars flying around the country blaming everybody else blaming Republicans blaming congress. When he has the worst approval rating of any president in the last fifty years. So how do you distract. The negative. The image of yourself you start blaming others you go out in public and you smile. And -- say we have to get rid of the hate. Look in the mirror Mr. President. Hey look at the mere. You are even willing to sit down and talk with -- don't don't don't get all I've talked with -- -- Koppel to don't give me that crap. You know I it gets tiring after awhile when you -- Keep using. The same words to blame others he blamed George Bush you blame the Republicans you. You blame this person you blame this person or either -- didn't know you didn't have any idea. -- you know it's your responsibility. That your job that's what you get paid for. -- imagine sandy beach myself. Tom buy hourly Jon and Susan coming on the air and saying well. You know I don't like. What others have said so I'm not gonna talk. It's it's our job. It's our job to communicate with you our thoughts and ideas and allow you to do the same with us that's our job. It if we don't like doing it. Then we should get out of it. We shouldn't complain. Because you have a different idea than I do that that's what this is all about. It it's communication it's thoughts ideas it's compromise it's what our president refuses to do. And it doesn't matter to me what color he is what state he's from who he's married to how many kids he asked how tall he is what color -- areas. It's irrelevant. What people need to understand. Is that there are people who don't like this president because of his policies. And they need to accept that. No different than there are people that you may not have liked over the years because of their policies. You didn't judge them because of the color of their skin. Can you judge them because of the character of their policies and what they believed or didn't believe or did or didn't do. And now we are suing the president. Because. Some feel he just may have gone to follow -- And maybe he didn't. This may be. And historical event for our nation and for presidents in the future we may have courts say. The lawsuit needs to go forward because there was an abuse of power. And this may say to future presidents. Now you're going to have to work with congress you can't just blame them you can't just do whatever you think you damn well please. I I would like to see it go forward and see what happens I think it's a good thing for our country. I don't think it's necessarily a good thing because it's against this president. I think it's a good thing because it's against the presidential office and we need to find out. What holds the future in our country and what our government bodies can do and can't -- Will -- time will tell I'm sure will be talking about this in the future. As well thank you for your time today for you for your calls I hope you have a great afternoon and there's lots of sunshine especially if if you're going to be out -- playing golf. And down. I hope I have a good round today is we're playing the first place team. Tony thank you body no you got tomorrow off so you have a great three day weekend and enjoy the weather being with the kids Chris happy birthday to your body. You know what's it like to be -- man old married man. And don't forget to bring some of that taken that to us tomorrow we we we love. Have yourself a great day Larry -- for sandy beach we'll see you tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock.

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