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7-31 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- who wins easily every time this week -- 930 W -- and welcome back our number two with a program today final day of July 2014 Erie county fair starts next week the Buffalo Bills play football this Sunday well lots. Stuff going on our part you got the musical love Mary Poppins going on up there. And I don't care what the temperature is I still like to go out of my screen. Now does it doesn't matter I'll go out and have some some ice cream all summer -- some nice soft ice -- some custard. Good get some -- custard is the best care what you say is I wouldn't -- idea. 8030930. Our numbers start 930 a free call on yourself should congress. Soon the president yesterday. They voted to do just that if you're aware this before the news you heard it. President Obama yesterday speaking in Kansas City. The speech who had such hypocrisy as far as bank was concerned he talked about. He asked the people in Kansas City who's paying for this who's paying for this lawsuit -- You are the taxpayer well Mr. President who pays for your vacations in Hawaii the cost millions of dollars. Who who pays for you to to fly around the country to give speeches in Kansas City in Colorado and Texas. And California instead of staying in Washington and working with congress. Who who spends all that millions of dollars traveling around the country just to give speeches. And mock congress instead of working with -- it's you Mr. President it's you who are they hypocrites there. It is you know who blames others instead of taking responsibility. For your own actions and the actions of those in your administration I'm sorry mister president but this country's not stupid. That's why they feel. Over the last fifty years you are the worst president we have ever had. And they have a right to feel that way because you know what you far. You are an embarrassment you have embarrassed us internationally and you have embarrassed us nationally. You have doubled our national debt and have no excuse senator. While previously when you talked about the national that when you're running for president you accuse George Bush of being unpatriotic. I imagine. A white person accusing President Obama being unpatriotic it would make headline news they'd call -- -- and everything but this guy gets away with it. I'm sorry but this is the way I feel. Yeah you know what maybe Mr. President we should -- you. Because. You'll are taking down our country. You have forgotten what our country stands for a second tired of hearing your whining and hypocrisy. It's time somebody stood up and told the truth about user. 8030930. Is our number and we're gonna hear from Jim on a cell -- good morning Jim. Good morning. Gee I sure tan. Okay well you know regardless via a remote sort of short to worry. I think -- should should the president. Personally are part of -- leave that the body people that. We -- -- -- -- Or try to -- humanities and -- I mean the -- what it is. Either the owners are all separate part of the -- and will that mean. And you hold you partly out of there and all those -- we were partially supports her and Indians were well all the -- And it wrong in -- whose term or what but you -- I I think he's the most hypocritical president in in my lifetime. Now why I'm not a presidential historians -- I can't tell you about all the president's from the seventeen or -- eighteenth and nineteenth and twentieth centuries. And let's be honest every president. And just about every elected official I -- has lied at one time or another so let's take that off the table okay politicians lie they say things to get elected. However his actions. Have spoken so much louder than his words. I was amazed at how comfortably Bill Clinton was when he looked into the camera. And said I did not have sex with -- woman. He knowingly and willingly lied right into the camera and he did it's -- well but this president has taken it to another level. He will not only lied to you but he'll smile while he's doing it and and it offends me. It offends me when he blames congress but he refuses to stay in Washington and work with congress. You you can't blame. Someone else for doing are not doing something. When you won't work -- that person to it to resolve the problem. How to marriages work. They work by compromise. How to relationships work by compromise. You know there are times when we have problems on our jobs and we're not happy with our -- we're not happy -- our boss but you know -- lot. Not everything is bad with a job and not everything is great with a job. But we work through it this president doesn't wanna work through it he doesn't wanna work with people he wants to be dictatorial he wants to be king. And it's time somebody or some. Somebody of government said -- you can't do this. And so I say so long dammit. It. And I'm you know I'm the thing is I'm not emotional office. I'm I'm not opinionated about this I just feel very straw ultimately. I'm tired of of the liberal media. Allowing this guy to get away with the sound bites that they use on him and how I am tired. Of the media allowing him to say things like -- for doing my job. Now or Mr. President or suing you because you didn't do your job you didn't follow the constitution you'd didn't Obey your ball all. And what bothers me June. Is how many stupid people believe what he -- On -- agree are always agree our partners are cities bidding up after the media. User like I mean it's like a big cup duties to make it you know are ready to try to do so you're trying to be stopped right. In the truck the older whether personal or. Pearl are. All -- includes electronic familiar -- solid -- They bought it the right but it only made it a -- and looked at people vote for -- The years ago. Aren't they keep an -- job I've also wore for her ultra -- to -- Google in the at all. Well I said it earlier Bill Clinton worked with congress and things got done. Right and he belt supposed to do from my understanding is -- every report -- reports -- amused but they're quite as you know it a -- A bit. Now yeah Jim nice to hear from me this morning thank you for your time at WBE and let's head to the city of buffalo and talked to George hey George. Are you doing thank you very much for taking my call you want him well aren't they concerned about that America is losing its foundation. We expect shall we are exceptional iron sorry we are in what Obama should be doing with -- Netanyahu is saying. -- -- How can how can a country Palestine have underground tunnels that term would jump up and should market -- and another country. Indian in this region in Israel go to my air okay. I -- I -- -- the Palestinians. -- for killing out children. But I cannot get them for making -- you appear in -- -- Q&A little. When the Palestinian. Update children more than they -- -- In Obama. It's like they don't gain -- Public when he apparently with Ukraine and indenture. Apparently go to mark. And Obama -- we have a lot of problems here that article a year I have a lot of barbecue. -- a black person wouldn't argue you have 400000 employees. Of the top and the person in this country. You're a black president in you go to another country and our country. Yeah yeah I I I. That boggles my mind and got such little media press. It it real I mean you you wanna run for president of the country and then you apologize. For your country where we we are an imperfect nation. Hey some of the city and -- he -- out there. So I'm a woman that they he's twenty throughout the day seven days a week land air sea and you know. We have in that ought to be honest I'm a bit to destroy -- You look at England England is not be anymore. Look at Eric is learned that the American. Journal will be -- anymore. OK we -- have to wake up. Though it won't mind that gaining 10 AM slightly chilling new but you know why they can't take no more and -- -- that there. Georgia I appreciate your time -- said this morning on WB yen. We'll take a break we'll be back with more of your calls on the sandy beach -- with Larry hunter from news radio 930 WBE and good morning -- harder for sandy beach today on news -- 930 WPE and we're talking about. Congress suing the president of the United States do you think they should do that ha -- -- -- And what about the president's response what about the hypocrisy. In his speech yesterday in Kansas City is an ironic how that. President has been able to find so much time to travel to Colorado in play pool. Go to California and raise money in play golf and go to Texas and not go to the border in go to Kansas City and give a speech but he has not been able to find time to work with congress. And yet. He can find the time to blame congress. For not doing things. Well. Mr. President. All you're doing in -- is complaining here you're not trying to help the matter. In my eyes what do you think 8030930. Is our numbers start 930 is a free call on your cell I've got for Iran in west Seneca good morning -- Good morning where and enjoy your show thank you very much. Yes -- here aren't. Where I am not safe and hope Obama I do not -- Obama. However with that being said. I think what is more war. -- -- Are the people that facilitates. The facilitator Obama the people that voted for Obama. And I think that is fair scary. Because -- the man. Is very persuasive. And so across with this charm and this is -- -- win you over he's an entertainer OK in -- -- and it has got to have the audience in the arm a routine and within ten seconds or walk off the stage. And that's basically what Obama. Did that people. Are are oblivious. To huge disruption. -- and so I think we need to be concerned also that. That next president -- and it's one epic clean this smash shop that Obama is creating and I think it's intent all along. Why is -- kick America and for sure because we are swirling in the -- she is when you -- For what is happening in the world -- the war because we are rich country. The end yeah opportunities that we -- and -- -- has planned all along. But I'm still curious how this main key vote in all this -- Well -- I I think you bring up a very good point when you talk about him being persuasive I I would refer to the president. And I mean this as a compliment that he is charismatic. -- and he has the ability. To be persuasive. And smile and come across. As. Your body your your friend hate it if it's me I'll I'll I'll take care you don't don't worry give me your checkbook. Don't worry you yet nothing aware -- I'm your body I I'm your friend. He is Chris Mack he he he is so good it. At especially reading the teleprompter -- east daughter's an awful lot when he doesn't have a speech to read. But when he has a teleprompter he hit it is superb I thought Bill Clinton was very good -- Obama it is better. And because of that ability. He can be as you said so persuasive to so many people and make them believe what he's saying when when it's not the true. -- in you know in -- -- Clinton -- persuasive also and I we don't have to can bear meeting told American people on TV live TV and he might streaks. On yeah see that movie with Robin Williams reached president for you know it it's where she says you know I smoked pot I expected this they did that. America's so conferred on its. Person you know you can can be smoked pot that the you know get the job done. He smoked it's -- you know you're not doing it now you know lawyer you know president fantastic. -- -- and that's while we're looking for all the politicians Larry you know they they -- Larry they altered like. Mediums -- you know. I'm good provider job for you the media and say you know talking to your -- or access -- He loves you or she loves you they all have one message and it's just and across the board. And they don't do what they promise. They actually do not indiscriminately to shake it up American integration. We need to get together all of watched the Democrats not the Republicans all of us as America. He -- and and that's hard to do when you continually use a -- In front of the word American Ron thanks for your time this morning appreciate your call at WBE and head down Orchard Park welcome -- to the program -- GO. I Larry I think I think they -- through the president but I don't think they should. Impeach him because. Impeach -- proceedings. Would progressed too quickly. And I think you're there were caught in the election coming up and and that. That's that Obama and concern that whole immigration thing you brought up deliberately. On. Jakarta but -- election mean laughed at -- Now they're planning on flying planes down -- at -- at a truck through central American and United States we're gonna. Taken in by clean and then get citizenship is a plan. He can do all this because he wants. You say market the report in order to impeachment guidance thing he you know. The country under. And we don't have a purpose could know if you. Listen. This president is over there is being done and that's why don't advocate talks about -- job and the over. Republican guard and work out what that there are more than a dollar bill that passed. How they are sitting in the senate that theory or model old quote I'm. You know -- vote still would take. Democrat senate vote. The tournament block. They know that they out the vote that Democrats would vote for Obama does not want vote locked. So Obama is telling her re do not all he's become a rowboat now belt or who is working at a best. The people -- being accused player here or gain access. And Obama for not group forgot that that. Is the stimulus -- Alms Obama care. I have to start and order bill. When your comment brother Michael Paulson says the Republican that one thing there's -- or take one break away. I albeit -- Joseph I got a break her headline news but thank you for your comments this morning on WB yen. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Hey thanks for being with us is we got some sunshine this morning finally I I know oil and number -- -- put up with some heavy rain yesterday afternoon and early this morning and unfortunately AccuWeather says. It could still be around parts of Western New York for the next. A couple of days or so so keep your eyes that to this guy a little bit especially if you're going out on the lake -- he wannabe very careful. If you're going to do some boating in the in the next few days because there could be some inclement -- appropriate. Dangerous weather. And you know if you see those dark guys just had to shore. Better safe than sorry. Especially for boating and mean now I've been voting for. Boy ever since I was I think five years whole love being on the water it's so relaxing it's just so nice it if if you know somebody with a vote. Twist their arm and tellem GG you'd love to go out and join him some time. But just don't do it to me. OK I'm being a hypocrite about it but the Dalai I love being out on the water it's relaxing on but. You need to know that the rules and you need to to watch this -- very carefully our congress yesterday. The House of Representatives more specifically voted too soon. President Obama. Because of the executive actions he has taken that they believe is unconstitutional. First of all -- before we go back to the calls and win and we do have a couple of lines open if you weren't able to get in before if you wanna get on now we do have a couple lines available. First of all just to let you know there is no constitutional. Provision or statute. That explicitly. Permits. Executive orders. K that there is nothing in the constitution that says. The president can do. What he's doing. But. George Bush and Ronald Reagan and am -- -- Richard Nixon and and Dwight Eisenhower in Franklin Roosevelt and as they've all done it. They've done it so it's kind of seems like it's gotten the point where executive orders exist even bowl. The there's no provision. That states. That that it's allowed. K but. When that the executive orders have been you east. It is supposed to be used. With the respect to -- under the laws of the constitution. And the House of Representatives are saying Mr. President you just gone too far. And so one of my questions is not only just should congress -- the president because of his actions is it time to take a stand. And not just with this president but it would be -- forward -- all presidents. Who think they have a right to use executive order. But what does President Obama stands for. We hear him talk talk -- off. Oh what does he stinging him before. I hear so much hypocrisy coming out of our president's mount. It disgust me it really does and may -- will play that. Speech he made in Kansas City yesterday. Again in in a few minutes but but he said things that are just so all hypocritical. Just unbelievable that that really upsets me but I wanna go back to our callers who have been waiting for a while so let's talked to Stephen Amherst good morning Steve. Don't good thank you -- I would definitely comic -- have been hearing you listening audience. Yeah it always sold out but just like to make a comment. And the -- is this that. Remember elections coming around okay penalty hypocrisy. Like you mentioned. And. People like Obama and I won't call -- president because he doesn't deserve the respect of at the office does but he doesn't a right hand. -- -- And you know supporters like Cuomo and eight in field that they have to be voted out because they've shown like he's that they -- on it being hypocritical. They've shown they wanna do the will of the people and is supposed to be working for -- Not at their own personal benefit. At and reap the benefits of our sweat and we get nothing and they -- everything now it doesn't go that way did support the work on. And I just wanted to make the comment that election kind of comment and that they gonna be so arrogant to think they're gonna be voted in again well say one thing -- -- -- that both. I'm going to make sure I am not gonna vote for Democrat and a -- for a Democrat and I never will because basically the Democratic Party has changed. And not change for the better. It used to be and the Republicans and no better than not they're Republican degrading Republicans in a better because they have been the backbone to stand at this -- It's only now accusing in the -- that the six year. And it is gonna be open now. This should have been done it for the first it's been for president this year have been done and election or this nonsense he hasn't put apoplectic he hasn't done a lot of things. -- 180 round of golf. And is like I don't want to put Chinese a little recreation that's OK but the point is do your job. Do your job and and then elect Allen mentioned. Is that he really has always been best -- always one that we could depend on and they can depend on and now he's trying to destroy it. But what he doesn't realize. Is and again. It's -- different people for different strokes. That the Jews were God's chosen people and over history which showed that when determined. The Greek and -- all meant to be used single became their age. I don't want that to happen here and the only way to. Stop that happening is like -- -- Obama and his cronies that policy and lava and Obama Kagan and almost get an oracle. Our exe thanks for your time this morning and and -- blunt opinions. It's pretty straightforward there let's go to Toronto. Hole. And talk to John who is up a huge but John Bon Jovi fan aren't huge. Noah and actually that's a side note that's really not a lot of talk about the built -- -- -- -- patient and I know it's big in buffalo. Simeon on the football it doesn't seem that big appear that there are a lot of chatter about it which could be a good sign for -- look at I'm not sure. It's gonna work -- but just back to the the what you're talking about Larry you you mentioned earlier that executive action which has been taken by. All recent president at least probably every president torn country. And the reason I think that a lawsuit against Obama could be very bad and very dangerous. Is that just like the Patriot Act. When you make a decision when George Bush made the decision on the Patriot Act that empowered the president and I talked to come -- early years and years ago when he was for the Patriot Act. And I think you got to remember that the Patriot -- -- -- for this present and future president so you agree with this president. If the next president you disagree with and I think he disagrees with Obama you may not like the because it turned out to be dealt with this lawsuit. It is the opposite it takes power away from the president and could take power away from the next president as George Bush conflict that. He's the decider you got to have a guy that's empower an argument about the executive executive orders. Executive orders are generally used in enactment of laws that congress has already passed so in the enactment. -- things happened where it should go like OK this is going to work or school it's going to change it to every president does that without the power to do that. Within read reason and it's it's the laws are not going to be able to be passed. Well here's here's part of of a problem John and that is at this point now because of the actions of President Obama. Other Republicans in congress. Feel that he's just taken. The executive orders too far and is not following. What our -- our constitution says how ever. Interestingly enough. The Democrats were saying the exact same thing when George Bush and and Richard Nixon we're doing that the Democrats were saying that the president has gone too far. He's not following the constitution so what we have here is is a total hypocritical. Political government. In which if it's not our party. Then we don't want you to have the power but if that is our power. Our party we want you to have the power and herein lies the problem it shouldn't be who has the power. It should be he knew who has the legal rights according to our constitution. Exactly Larry and that's why it was hypocritical of the Democrats now is hypocritical of the Republicans under George Bush. And that's what you think shouldn't have the power to us to the president the president should have these power regardless of who is in power and just one quick other point when all the talk about I -- all the other talk about him. Flying all over the place to to raise money. Look at the root of the reason that the president of the United States the most powerful man in the world have to go to Kansas City in the rubber chicken is. Is because of the Citizens United case and other cases which were which were pushed by conservatives and Republicans they're going to the Democrats benefit to but the Republicans don't benefit no more. So -- the point where it's ridiculous how much time a president a congressmen 400 apple to stand in these ridiculous fundraising thing and kowtow to lobbyists. And they're there is just if if the Republicans so we're working or their Supreme Court said we're gonna do witnesses in the united the last picture would come from the Democrat side not from the Republican side. All right John thanks for your call appreciate your time this morning I'm WB yen. Boy hey -- if there ever is a concern about politics it is with the influence of money. And as I recall win Barack Obama was campaigning in 2008 he was telling us. How he's going to fix the differential here between the the -- in the -- and how he's going to help the pork. And what he is going to do. To make sure that we have more equality in our country and interestingly enough. Under the last six years the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten -- And mr. Obama seems to ignore this fact and that was one of his big campaign speeches how he was going to. To brings the equality. Of financing and money within the families together. And he's he's done just the opposite. What do you think president Obama's -- sport does he stand for anything. 8030930. Is our number. And should congress have the right to sue the present what they've done it do you do you think it's the right thing to do welcome back and talk to you. Right after this quick break news radio 930 WBE and we're taking your calls at 803 on 930 start 930 is free calling yourself. If you're outside the local calling area it's 1800. 61692. Three six were talking. About congress in the fact that the House of Representatives yesterday. Voted to sue the president because if his abuse four of the executive order. Dealing with the the affordable health care act. Let's remember let's go back about. Five years ago when President Obama and the a completely. Majority democratic congress passed. The affordable health health care act and how they praised. What this was going to do for our country and how was going to benefit people. Because congress was controlled by the Democrats the president was a Democrat he got everything you want it. They praised the law this is going to change things for the better everything's going to be better this is go to war. And then when it became effective the president used his executive order to change the law. And their four. The House of Representatives is suing the president because they say you didn't have the power to do this week passed the law. And this is the long that you wanted this is what the Democrats wanted. And now you're changing. What congress. Approved. And due to checks and balances and separation of powers. The house represented feels they have the right. To say we're suing you because you didn't have the right to do what she did. Interestingly enough Democrats. Felt the same thing about. George W. Bush. About Richard Nixon and about other Republican presidents they felt that those Republican presidents abused executive order but now all. They think what the Republicans are doing it it is wrong but. They thought the Democrats years ago when the Republicans were president. That the president shouldn't be doing what he was doing with the executive orders. Hypocrisy -- -- -- -- right it is let's go to Dave and Amherst this morning good morning Dave. Taylor and you don't do good thank you. Yeah in the interest thing -- -- -- where this goes because. The Democrats might complained about bush but they never brought a lawsuit against and to never adjudicated. I'm looking forward what the courts have to say about it because let's face it if he's break in the law. Then there is legitimate basis for a lawsuit if he's not well. Then we've established new powers of the president or at least the limits of his current power. Right stand on that actually think foreign. That's two losses but Stewart goes. I mean let's face it that what was in -- -- has started. The room the whole thing about the Supreme Court decision you were just discussing. But the name I forget. The affordable health care act I don't know the one that's said that corporations can. That could make contributions that that they have the same rights as individuals. When it comes to making them. One that he you know. Course congress about and in public view all okay I'm presidential yeah yeah. That was February award going to weigh in on them but also want to say part of the problem we have is we have one newspaper town. And if you go back and you read the coverage. And representatives. In congress. It's almost all steps that promote them and make them look good. They never really challenge them on any major issues they never challenged them on the tendency of the government -- exempting Republicans and that's. But the current administration has basically trying to drive the federal government and every area of our alliance just common core for example. I mean there's something that's being forced upon the states. And even the teachers unions -- saying this is not right it's not being done properly. And what is the value of saying OK it's the curriculum is not a fault it's not the curriculum to the kids are learning what's in the curriculum. And it doesn't really address that except to say we can -- these kids until they collapse. And decide to go into trades because they don't want academics anymore. And what are we doing about that 85% of the current incumbents go back to congress every year. And Brian Higgins is no different. And the Buffalo News will be even acknowledge it is anybody running against him were Kathy -- is out there borrowing. Money to run on campaign on a shoestring. And she's got some important ideas. That go far beyond the few little things. You see happening here in buffalo O'Brien Higgins secured 475000. Dollars in federal funding for some project wonderful. And Schumer is behind them and Gillibrand behind -- you know while we get somebody different in there to make some changes -- if they're not doing that. I -- I appreciate your time this morning thanks for the call at WB EM sandy beach show would Larry hunter we're gonna take a break give them we got a couple open lines now if you do want to get a and give us a call.

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