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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>7-31 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

7-31 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well if if only I want is if if only I was in Alaska. Being -- sandy beach that we all know and love but -- all. I am here with you and so happy to be here see the smile on my face the sign says Larry. Alaska or WB Ian studios and Larry jokes though WB and studios because why would lie. Want to go to see some of the most beautiful country in the entire world -- sandy you lucky fellow U. Hey Tony. IA. Wondered if sandy had Derrick contacted you or censor any pictures are you heard how he's doing on the trip yet. So I receive some pictures. Peak early this morning emea sentiment number and have to give them up on the seemed to -- -- FaceBook page okay. I yeah haven't looked at them yet. Which all you hadn't seen the pictures no no not yet okay so my next question artist market at all and FF. I can tell. That only leaves me for questions -- aren't. Hey I. There was an article this morning Tony. Because we were talking yesterday about the Buffalo Bills that the the bids and and football. And I guess it was an article. In the Toronto sun today. About the Bon Jovi did for the bills -- one point two billion and it seemed to indicate. That that group of individuals. Either is unwilling or do not have the additional finances to up that period yet -- Should do with the percentage that Bon Jovi himself would need to put up to BE a lead partner -- And are some like his his network this 500 million if I'm not mistake in and he would have to put up over 300 million was it. Yup because the most you can Max out to on a a -- payment I guess is 200 now are 200 million. Yeah. So it it appears like that's their bid and that's their period yet he was living on a prayer -- -- in Faneuil. Act act I. Maybe not everybody. Gets that but you know living on a prayer. Is a song. Yeah unfortunately it's one of the songs that Lebanon talent came up with respect. And welcome to the not opinion dated program this morning that it it is nice to have you this Chris Johnson go to be taking your calls this morning Tony is. Is running operations force that issue usual doing a fine job. I found it ironic yesterday. After I went home. And later on last night I heard about that Fred Jackson. Signing an additional one year contract in and ironically you and I were talking about Fred Jackson yesterday. Yeah for some you know I was -- -- while the bills have four running backs and I find it hard to believe that they would keep. For running backs -- -- while. You know if with the price around the beam that they picked up in a trade with the Eagles. And a booby Dickson that they got from the 49ers in these post B solid. Running backs for you while -- out there any good. The obvious choice would be Fred Jackson would be the odd man out because of his age has nothing to do what is performers as we all know we can still play exactly. And does -- stake in the while either they're gonna get rid of Fred. Or they're gonna move one of these halfback fullback in maybe they'll be less emphasis on the fullback position. Now so obviously they -- checks in with the extension here or here was my thought when I heard about the contract extension. You were talking about Fred Jackson yesterday. And he gets new extension contract could you talk to Chris about me. Later on today -- it much -- about myself and maybe eighty you know timber somebody you'll hear it and it's -- we'll see how far. This really goes. Went home yesterday afternoon. Did some research. Did some paperwork got some letters taking care that I need to do. Looked out to the kind of the northwest a little bit. And it was that kind of darken and great clouds looked back a little ominous there and -- myself outlooks look like if it may rain a little bit. Maybe -- fifty minutes later Adam started little shower. And then started. A little heavier shower and then started terrain. And then started to pour and then all of a sudden it was like a -- warming break in in Los Angeles it was coming down in buckets and hard. One hall. And I guess you that it with some heavy rain yesterday as well -- -- Niagara county. -- have -- -- when I left here at 230 wasn't it wasn't bad it wasn't doing really anything and then I was taken river road going home and I get to. I just about wheat field. Nor -- on the border and I can see an actual lying in the street once I dry one side -- As it okay that's neat and you know it was little bit of rain. Then the closer I got to where -- goes for summer camp is started to pour don't think I have to get their quickly because I don't want him scared you know -- rates so. Again and get home and then it unleashes again yeah I almighty god I can't catch a break here. It could just what I get my basement dry from the spring tying. And I get our water again. On that is such. Bomber when Wendy ordered your basement and -- am really here is because most people. -- put things in the basement. -- they end up putting a month on the floor cardboard boxes and all kinds of things they they put him on the floor it. You have shelves in your basement. But still we put things on the floor and then we get wet the water comes in and cardboard when he gets wet. Is totally useless yeah. -- probably one of the most useless properties. There is in the history of mankind wet cardboard. Sticky -- doesn't maintain any thing so you lift it up. Now everybody falls out yeah exactly. As like. Or wanna wanna mess. Today's my gulf states on Thursday sculpting yeah yeah. What's the forecast. Rain and thunderstorms to. Am not good now China especially on a golf course and where we're supposed to play the first state place team today to. In good layer where the second place team. Aussie uniqueness -- always. The bridesmaid never the price or or best man -- the room you know what else is special about today. I think. It's it's not your birthday Knoll. Close though you you didn't win. Thousand dollars today for for life I wouldn't be here well. You know we're we we go back his friends a long time and don't forget the palm. That -- today it's it's. July the the last day of July you're out okay through. Boy. Tony once again. I can't even put it in the form of the question if I fail as a jeopardy contestant today's Chris Johnson's birthday Chris Johnson's birthday yes. Where's the -- yeah that's a good idea would be Chris Reggie whites make hey Randy jump out of this morning with. Well that's your site are you basically know that it. Go to our website looking for that for a little. -- No I can't even ask any questions. I gotta get -- better player out of my mind here let's take a break you before the break up 915 the WB and Larry under present and he beat each Larry hunter for sandy beach on this last day of July. Wow I've I've seen some words lately. That kinda indicates summer is is Andy now. Everything comes early. Now in our society Christmas starts want -- colored right after Labor Day. I think next week pardon me. Next week ahead after the exhibition. The stuff we'll begin with the idols of the store or -- -- get rid of a short swimwear teachers start getting -- the Christmas decorations now just in case somebody wants to buy it. Before Labor Day. -- -- But -- everything comes out early and everything it it it's crazy. And I'm seen words now that kind indicate -- were on the down side of summer it's almost over with. Three of those words that I that I used to hate as a key at our back to school. Back to school who wants to see commercials. For back to school five weeks before back to school not me. And the Erie county fair. It starts next week right doesn't start next week I believe it was that I believe it does when he grabbed. -- haven't been there are yeah August 6 it it's starts the Erie county fair. And of course the the big event. That -- is says were on the downside -- -- starts this Sunday a week earlier than than normal. For the Buffalo Bills when they play in the hall of fame game at Camden Ohio. Against the New York Giants so a lot of indications now that. Half the summer's gone were on the downside school's going to be coming and as Tony said you know Christmas is is just around the corner what's what's that sane I saw one time -- -- said but. Some as some young youngster was shopping with his mother they they were -- a department store and and the youngster said to his money. Look mom the Christmas decorations are out it must be time for Halloween for -- I. Incidentally that stuff is already out -- I've heard people post about. The Halloween candy displays are already doll. -- please get through some -- first yeah hopefully I mean come. You don't pretty soon. It'll be 2016 will even skipped 2015 would just go right to the presidential election -- right to leap year there was such a hurry for everything nowadays yeah yeah it is as the sit back take a deep breath and and enjoy I mean. This July has been cold Jon and Susan reported this morning on WB and so far I think this is about the fifth. Coolest July right and they've been keeping track of whether. At the National Weather Service. They think about this time of year you think about the bills. You know. Suffering through unbelievable heat as the go to camp right now they have to be love and life. Yeah really I mean you you take as some of the rookies who come to buffalo all. And hear stories like -- only can get ninety degrees there -- welter and get the Gatorade as going to be pretty -- comfortable for for them considering. Yeah and and last night was the -- 39 annual Kensington lines all star game which is another one it's usually hot humid state T. They had coming outside the rain but they had a nice comfortable on night for it to be very. -- and I know there are some of you who are going to say are now really. But I have kind light it I mean I don't like all the rain we've -- But I kinda like the low eighties upper seventies yeah that's nice yeah. You can do more you can get on the art and work and not -- did happen and stuff. Work. Ethic and telling anybody really wants to do that sparked okay. Work you see Randy trying to get out of that -- -- -- home and now India is there's is there someplace -- call. To get a cake for for Chris. Indicate. A -- -- doesn't delivered and now we would call Olson's Olson's again now they're the official bakery could they indicated here by noon I don't know. Pit -- we should -- -- -- -- I mean if I had known I would have brought indicate today I would have done that -- I would not have bought the candles they'd be too expensive. I think -- body Sam hicks who would like to broaden the -- for Koreans now. Now that definitely we got to see if we we can pay via Stella awards are out there at the Stella awards yet you may. Be aware of them they're named after 81 year old -- lie back. Did you remember Stella. She was the a lady who spilled hot coffee powder -- out and successfully sued McDonald's in New Mexico. Where she had purchased the coffee. You may remember she took the lid off the coffee. And put it between her legs while she was driving. I don't think I have to go anywhere from their except to say that she sued and won. So since that time. I believe coffee shops have had to tell people that -- coffee could be hot. And it might even burn your -- if you do something stupid like put it between your legs while you're driving ever since that time every year. A group comes out with the what they call the Stella awards. For lawsuits that are just. You know you you roll your licensee you've got to be kidding me. So I I thought this morning we might have a little one witness that we we can do it maybe tomorrow morning to wicca Christen and Tony I'm going to read. To you one of these Stella awards. And I'm going to stop. And then you can tell me that the answer why. The lawsuit was successful. Even though it sounds like no way and it it should be. For example Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas Austin capital of Texas and she was awarded 80000 dollars by a jury of her peers. After breaking her ankle. She tripped. Over a toddler who was running inside a furniture store. And broke her -- the store owners were understandably -- kind of surprised by the verdict because. The child was terms yes. It does her -- sodden. She got 80000. Dollars because she tripped and a store over her own son mount -- to teach neck. It almost makes me wonder. Why anyone would go to way. Trial in Austin, Texas if those -- appears. Boggles my mind boggles my mind a rocket let's let that was number seven there's a top seven this is number six. Carl Truman he's nineteen years old Los Angeles, California he -- 74000 dollars plus medical expenses. When his neighbor ran over his hand with a Honda Accord. Truman apparently didn't notice there was someone at the wheel of the car when he was. -- Trying to break into it no. I don't know. Okay. He got 74000. Dollars when the neighbor ran over his hand with a Honda Accord. I guess we'll just have to break for news and and come back with expertise on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter from news radio 9:30 WBZ -- The Savage Nation give me fifteen minutes and I'll give you America we night's ten to one on WBBM. Here we are last day of July -- Now. Larry hunter for sandy beach good morning -- you hope -- have a a good day be aware. Some showers and thunderstorms -- go to be around for the next few days some heavy downpours. Overnight in parts of Western New York right now others appears to be some shower activity. I'd say media like 2030 miles to the east -- of Hamburg media. -- north east. Wichita county. Maybe a southwest. Wyoming county Genesee County area. But just looked at the skies today just just be aware especially if you're going boating when we left few a few minutes ago we were talking about the Stella awards still up. Is is still alive back she is the woman who bought coffee from mcdonalds. Put it between her legs while she was driving spilled it sued and won. Because she didn't know coffee was hot. So we've been working with the Chris and Tony here. I'm trying to figure out -- why people were awarded money for the Stella awards when we left you. We were talking about Karl Truman in nineteen year old from Los Angeles, California. He won a 74000. Dollar plus medical expenses lawsuit. When his neighbor. Ran over his hand with a Honda Accord -- Truman apparently didn't notice there was someone at the wheel of the car when he was trying to. And Chris and Tony we were letting you try and figure that out dad said dusty or break -- yeah close. But not so Chris do you have any idea. Change the -- Or that would have been a good one would it now now he was trying to steal the neighbors -- now OK and now. And the guy ran over his hand and got 74000 dollars plus medical expenses. Plots medical expenses. Do you wonder why sometimes people just roll their eyes with the court system. Being. Well though I suppose tomorrow to impact. Bob stills will be in tomorrow with a movie show as well at 11 o'clock. I'm WB and so we hope you join us tonight tomorrow. As well speaking of court. Did you hear. What's going on in Washington DC yesterday. The House of Representatives voted to -- President Obama. For overstepping the powers of the president -- it was pretty much a party line vote. And the lawsuit against mr. Obama. Is for his application of the Affordable Care Act. Which they argued baby in the Republicans. Has been selective in intended to delay the law's most undesirable. Aspects. -- the president. Has been using executive order. And excessively amount lately appears he's he almost seems to be -- shoving it in the face of congress. And then now the House of Representatives. Is basically a fighting back. Some interesting and responses. Concerning this. This is not obviously not a very common event. To have congress sue the president. But there has been a lot of discussion over the last few months about. The executive powers that President Obama. Has been using. Because he feels that -- congress has an act appropriately. Now. Under the the oath of office of the president of the United States. Basically. He is sworn in to say that I do solemnly swear. Or a firm. That I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States and -- to the best of my ability preserve. Protect. And defend. The constitution. Of the United States. -- that is the oath of president. Now as I read that. It struck me that it never says anything about protect or defend. The people. Of the United States. It says the constitution. Of the United States. And therefore as president. He is is required. To refer to the constitution. In order to use the executive powers. Maybe that's why he feels he doesn't have to protect anybody in Texas Arizona New Mexico on California from. It illegals. Coming into our country because he never said that -- in his so. Obviously -- Democrats feel that this is outrageous. It it's inappropriate it's a waste of time it's a waste of money Louise Slaughter. You probably remember that name she used to represented parts of Niagara county. Record a few years out of she is out of Monroe County the Rochester area she is a Democrat she says it's -- sorry spectacle. Of legislative malpractice. But interestingly enough some people think what the president has been doing is is basically malpractice as well. One of the things this says to me. And it's one of the things I wanna talk to you about this morning. Is. The continued or. Maybe even extended. Or accentuated division. That appears to be going on in our country more so than I ever recall. Even looking back on on American history before my time. India error of via civil rights movement. It appears to me that we are as a as a nation. As individuals who have beliefs and what our country stands for and and one -- laws mean. We appear to be more divided on the interpretation. Of what the United States is all about. And what our constitution. Sentence. We we seem to be. Turning the pages and and not reading the words we seem to be interpreting things to different ways. It it's not black or white everything is green now. Everything means something different. To somebody else a stop sign means you don't have to stop the only that slowdown. You can make a right on red after you stop only means you have to stop if you don't see anybody else coming anyway. -- there they're just seems to be so much gravy. In everything today and it is trickle down to Washington. Where we are interpreting the same thing in different ways. By eight different parties. While congress. Has been in Washington. Trying to resolve some matters and pass some laws. The president has been pretty much out of Washington. Campaigning and raising funds playing golf and flying around the country at taxpayers' expense. You're watching the national media for the last few days. There's hardly been a newscast that I've seen go by. In which they don't refer to congress taking a five week vacation. First of all the congress doesn't take a five week vacation that again is media bias trying to insinuate something. By using the adjectives are they announced that they feel will work to help support their agenda. Congress takes a five week recess. The members of congress don't just go away for five weeks they leave Washington for five weeks. But that doesn't mean they aren't -- The war they are meeting with constituents. That they aren't traveling around their districts they aren't meeting with people they are looking at issues. I mean I'm sure. That many of view at some time or even now have had a job in which you have to travel. Maybe you've had to go to a place like New York City or Orlando or Las Vegas for a convention. And it. And people say tall order your take a vacation it's like no you have a convention you have a conference you portrayed -- it it's part of your job. Well just because congress isn't in Washington. Doesn't mean the representatives aren't working and listening to you. But the president doesn't seem to want to be in Washington to work with the congress. He would rather be out on the road spending taxpayers' dollars to fly around the country. And basically bitch. About congress. Which I'm really sick and tired. I don't ever recall any president. In my lifetime. Who Y means as much as President Obama. Who blames everybody else except taking responsibility. For his own actions and his own administration. He has had all kinds of problems. And there has been. The the IRS scandal I mean there have been a number of scandals he calls them phony. I'm sorry mister president -- not phony what school did you go to what dictionary do you read from a scandal is a scandal. When the IRS is breaking the law it's a scandal. K when the IRS is looking into it to be your telephone. Or looking into your records with the IRS. Won't review your records when the veterans administration. It is. Allowing people to die who have served our country. Win for Americans are killed in an embassy in been Ghazi and the next day you fly to Las Vegas to raise money. -- you don't show a concern. For your country you don't show a concern to work with congress is showing arrogance. And personally I I think the president yesterday in his comments about congress. Or embarrassing. It was as on presidential. As as I've heard it in a long long time we're gonna here though is when we come back and then I wanted to hear from you at 8030930. Our star 930 do you think. The House of Representatives. Should sue the president of the United States. Sandy beach you know I'm Larry -- It's the final day July -- news radio 930 WB EN the morning to Hillary hotter for sandy beach on this final day of July 2014. With. Where about five and a half minutes away from news at the top of the hour. Until then we're we're talking about congress. Yesterday they voted to -- the president of the United States and so we're asking you. Is that the right thing to do is that what congress should be doing suing the president of the united state. How did the president respond to this that he take it seriously or did he -- congress this is what the president said yesterday when he was in Kansas City. -- Congress would just come law and help well. Let's let's -- -- Come on nobody look good. Thought the -- all the time. And I've loved it. Doesn't acknowledge that. I know. Another I have to go to prison but that's okay. -- the W. -- moms with the. Let's president so so there's a bunch of stuff that needs to get done. Unfortunately I think the main vote for -- if I'm wrong here congressman. The main bulk of its schedule for today. Is. Whether or not they decide that -- For for doing my job. I don't know but this Bulldog. Priced lawyers say Abu. Vote. Well it. But he. Buffett's baby that they may have announced they're gonna see me -- Taking executive actions. To help people. So old. No. There. They're mad because I'm doing my job. -- -- And by the way. I've told myself I get that don't would you. So the only under most of you don't want the. But if you want let's let's work together. -- -- ever recognizes there's a political stunt but it's worse than that because. Every -- like that means. A vote or not taken to actually help you. Yup when when they've taken fifty votes to repeal the affordable care that that was time that could have been spent working constructively. To help you want to let. And by the way. You know who's paying for this -- -- gunfire. -- -- that the year you're paying for it. And it's estimated by the time the thing -- done I would argue left office. So it's not that it's not a productive thing to. That's the president yesterday in Kansas City basically mocking congress interestingly enough. I think about this the president said. That congress is mad because he's doing his job. Is it reasonable to ask Mr. President how are you doing your job in Kansas City. What what are you doing in Kansas City that is your job. Hear your job. Is to work with congress how are you doing that in Kansas City. When you're playing pool in Colorado and golf in California how're you doing your jobs here. All I understand. People need time for recreation I understand that but Mr. President. Nobody forced you to run for this office you wanted it sooner. And the job that you need to do is in Washington. It's not in Texas or California or Colorado. Or Kansas City. It's in Washington DC. I remember not to long ago. The president by the name of Bill Clinton. Congress at that time. Was all Republicans. We had a Republican senate. And we had a Republican House of Representatives. The president was Democrats. They seem to get things done didn't that. If you look back. They seem to get things done on the economy was pretty -- Things things were working out there. 8030930. Is our numbers start 930 a free call in yourself should congress -- the president of the United States. Sandy beach Hillary under will come back after news and talk to --

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