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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Weather Causing Problems in Brant - Supervisor Leonard Pero

Weather Causing Problems in Brant - Supervisor Leonard Pero

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Leonard -- supervisor in the town of France is with us right now on the WBM lifeline and Len I was watching and -- over -- that -- was inundated. Yes at Morgan. About 2 o'clock this morning all the outlets I don't. Our -- lightning and hearing. And dot com no we don't wanna have a vote also that. Recreation program may be canceled and don't the roadway into the characters are flooded. And the civil rights I don't know where company on standby. All it will also. -- -- -- -- right now attraction will be Evans dispatched this morning in this. And they sent that tree went down. I heard their culture warrior I'm sure they and that and actually when Apollo Rebecca. You. Short of suggesting. Mr. supervisor that no unnecessary travel those advised of those point or just take it easy and be very the very careful. I would be very cautious. Take -- to be cautious. It's you know what's so it's -- at all audit. I'm not exactly sure how much rain is about but there was. Well there was pockets this morning and considered neutral power in -- Com -- there's lightning strike reportedly again to oil well. Any areas that are flooded. Are there. Any main roads officially closed. Not enough now register right there at the rate mortgages. Some barriers were you know that -- are you know are microscopic ball -- There's some lol -- areas in the -- There's not anything right now I haven't been out towards the -- I understood that I wanted to try to. I would argue to. It is mr. cross -- -- reparations program stopper here but it. They don't need to be out there. -- we appreciate the heads up and and and that we know yet. Play of Brandon deftly got pounded with the the rain overnight space for the update. Why thank you let's take a -- there but. Okay that's land Terrell he's the supervisor for the town of Brandt.

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