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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Latest On Bills Sale: Situation "Fluid" - John Wawrow

Latest On Bills Sale: Situation "Fluid" - John Wawrow

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John laurel AP sports reporter joins us on the WB and live line to talk more about the bill's vetting process John. Why does why does the bills trust do now. With the bids that have been receive now does it still just three big resort. You know the AP reported yesterday the -- been a lot more what the human hearing. Well I keep hearing that you know opens another three number was still a little speculative. It'll all be firmed up by I believe moral. And or or or or the weekend whether anybody else does jump in. I'm not sure Tom Golisano is gonna make a run. You know there's been a lot of respect he we have to be very careful because a lot of people are trying to. Improve themselves or or or hedge their bets or. Jockey for position here. So there's going to be a lot of misinformation coming out and I'm not just me not -- because I mentioned Tom Golisano but from all parties. Even on what some of the bid that might have been reported they've been all over the place. According to some reports -- people trying to jockey for position but by next Monday I believe. Beat three or possibly four finalists. Might be decided and that's when they move to the next step in that meeting would directly with Morgan Stanley. And getting a full representation are getting a full representation from Morgan Stanley on the built financial details. If things were so fluid yesterday and in the morning I mean and I guess it. It brings up that there really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to assailant as the trustees can really do whatever they want right. Well it. To their benefit that would. You know if somebody wants to pay money and more money and jump in at the last moment I don't think they're gonna turn down. It's no different than you or your -- trying to sell my house for a car whatever. You know at this point -- there -- no legal obligations on the trust to do -- well. Don't rules -- but accepted you don't try to get the best off. You know we interviewed Erie county executive mark -- are -- few weeks back and his you know you're going to be surprised. When these bills are opened. You're going to be hearing from people like you've never heard of before you think that's still possible job. And if it if it is getting less likely at this point analysts only don't jump in at this at the eleventh hour. I keep hearing a few names I don't wanna throw them out there because as pure speculation. I keep hearing you know private equity firm firm people from the east and the West Coast I'll have possibly somebody might be teaming up with Tom -- but right now. I prefer to wait and see I wouldn't be surprised one way or the other. It you -- Beck and and Dallas on here for this too is this possibly a strategy move by him did not wanna beat with those preliminary bid. You know folks and and you know maybe still is a major player. I mean if it could be out by I would have to guess that if Tom volcanoes going to jump in at this point at they had eleventh hour I think he's gonna need some financial help. From another partner. Whether he had we'll wind up I'm not sure but it it's quite evident I think Bucky Gleason but it in his -- it very well in this column today but all logical sides seem to be leaving towards -- would look. And he he -- He is ready to go as far as he can the by the team and I think it might it might be he might have unstoppable momentum but this. -- -- heading into this whole thing we heard a lot about the sky Jeffrey -- block of south Los Angeles -- former -- of Amherst native. There's a very wealthy investment guy out in the California right now. But since the building process was opened. Or are closed to the other day his name hasn't appeared on our radar and. You listen I think he I believe you met but the -- at one point about two months ago. I'm not really doesn't feel like a lot really came out of that meeting. How old it is that he's been if it I I don't know. And there's been do little buzz surrounding you know -- or a lot of the other people that we thought might be -- and whether the -- guys you're. Or anybody else really. Okay Jan you -- to -- I can now are in the morning for the big hall of fame weekend indeed. This is going to be run up your -- -- a lot of fans hoping we can start they don't. -- again two of them of the themes -- John have a safe trip we're talking and actually they -- okay of the city's sports reporter Joan war.

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