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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>"Sharknado 2" Extra Talks About Twists and Turns of Biz - Jim Hanley

"Sharknado 2" Extra Talks About Twists and Turns of Biz - Jim Hanley

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Shark NATO to premiered last night unsigned side. And were casting a line out right now to. Jim -- captain Jim from Lake Erie fishing charters HM good morning thanks for joining us. Good morning to the only two people Western New -- to get up earlier than I do. -- -- -- -- -- so you're an extra in this in this movie. I -- I was I was you know along with those big stars terror read into the car accident -- -- Google's other greats but I want to blast but he came in the ball low. And not early April and it was called -- do an extra look like they call was actually -- it was going to be alligator. They they were trying to keep the people under wraps because of the blockbuster. -- made all the water as well. We thought we had a blast and I got a chance which you require that they are repeated Dowd -- ball all got a ball buried Cuomo. And yeah we'll tell. -- there won't tell our listeners about your experience and how when he takes them and all that stuff. Oh yeah it was great we get -- writer for the old library -- some of the siege if you watch. All the ball what people want more another time when the sharks were all out of those guys so they kind of Super -- every great. That we were going to be in New York City. Or probably about forty or fifty of hustler and -- a lot -- that we -- our board brought up and down portable library. There aren't you in the sky or -- and sharks there will follow those kind of people. Swords on -- -- and collect two RB we got every -- jobless to. Too -- surely -- sharks before they get the ground that would be a great job. 45. We we paid well. -- -- -- -- you know once for a furlough we want to buy dot would probably -- maybe 1520 takes earned. You know what turned out to be about -- about 452 global. -- -- -- Really Tony just the second you're in the movie. Well we -- if you watch the movie you know my old gray bearded face looks like -- elected and -- a few shots local historical are you what. Watch part but apparently it was it was a lot of fun to see a lot of ball well people don't recognize the building. He even -- most here yeah -- -- to see the guy with a chainsaw. It's hysterical we expect thought he was part of but yeah. Growing chain -- -- or I go out there. And you don't you don't really get to see. Final results got a record all the computer graphics no law. Jim and lots of local scenes are just like you know. As well and I I think the other part of the -- -- someplace else or we but who -- port in the caves like yeah. Right right but if you watched and watched the last part of what it's like the last five minutes why not you know one year old wife's hair cuts which -- apple than I had about. -- Realize you're given it away to him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's like the crowd and are part of a crowd would get target riled up over the -- your -- and we all. We start figured out the sharks ourselves the day something was to invest bad movie really seen. All it was just a novel like a -- -- -- and that's why I could to support him there. But yeah they play caller from Hollywood yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know as a fisherman. Were you rooting for the sharks and that's one. Our and he he really can't give -- -- way. -- -- Hey Ed Jim we're glad you could join us this morning it sounds like it was a lot of fun thank you. Food that you -- -- part of a sudden -- -- one of these days Susan and I are gonna do our show from your book you're gonna go fishing with. -- about it. -- that's Jim Hanley he's our residents fishermen around here captain Jim from. Lake Erie fishing charters he was an extra in shark NATO to.

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