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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Thunderstorms Reign In Region - Tony Ansuini

Thunderstorms Reign In Region - Tony Ansuini

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

National Weather Service meteorologist Tony and Sweeney is standing by to chat with -- snow let's go live -- the National Weather Service at third buffalo airport and check -- hi Tony. Good morning for -- you begin here thunderstorms this morning a lightning display -- let's begin with. Late yesterday in these pounding rains that caused a lot of flooding in Niagara county how much randomly get there. Well we did that that persistent area outside heavy thunderstorms -- focused across the southern Niagara county yesterday afternoon. And across areas from Niagara Falls over to -- pork wheat field and -- now looks like localized up to three inches of rain fell. Point now this morning we seem to have another active weather pattern and a you know I've been watching the radar for the last couple of hours. But it's syndicates at our recurring pattern it just as soon as it's -- this slips away a little bit of discomfort back again. Well or -- seem to be stuck in this -- usual lawful Waco weather pattern which is producing cooler than normal temperatures along with these periods of bush showers and thunderstorms. We could have this area showers and every thunderstorm activity and move through overnight tonight. Especially across areas palpable wolf from Dunkirk over to arcade where Q2 inches of rainfall fell. How long is this going to be with us this morning. Well looks like go this area of showers and thunderstorms is that moving out right now also -- -- for the -- should be clearing out to within the next -- couple hours or so and then now by afternoon we should see you have more scattered showers and thunderstorms redevelop. And -- end with thunder showers and anything can happen that's true also Orion. That's correct the the activity that we had this morning in probably later on this afternoon even tomorrow and into the weekend. Some of these -- thunderstorms could produce very heavy rainfall with some localized flooding and maybe even -- Are we close to breaking an account of -- records for the month of July Tony do you are you -- you know. All right now we're now looking at anything I rainfall wise here at the airport but. You've been in this really persistent. Cool weather pattern and I right now laughter. -- solid five degrees below normal for the month of July. We stay in this pattern just for the next a couple of days in July we could be in the top five. For the coolest July on record. Point okay. And getting back to with the rain the month ends today how much rain has fallen. Right now or at right around. Three inches of rain here at the airport but of course Larry series to the north and to the south of -- -- much heavier totals. -- Tony thank you for the update that would -- dead Oak Creek. National Weather Service forecasters telling -- Sweeney.

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