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7-30 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of what it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- hope Tom hourly. Guess what day it is. Guess what day it is and it's live talk and I know you can hear -- -- -- -- -- and Tom hourly. On news radio 930 all and yeah yeah. WB. And we're back here on the -- -- show. News radio 930 album means the end. I gave -- it's 509 that's 509. Folks. Welcome your cars. Start your commute home. This is Michael's -- in for Tom hourly. Tom is out on vacation I'm here till Friday come back next week. And we're talk about the Buffalo Bills Bon Jovi the bids that came in today or it can mean yesterday impact. For the Buffalo Bills according to the story that's hosted on WBN dot com. We've got to dairy and help the bid from school family. 41 point three billion dollars according to on buffalo business first and you know I find the guys over buffalo business first. Typically have. Pretty solid information when it comes to private -- stuff like this one point three billion dollars remember. Forbes. Valued. The Buffalo Bills at 800 million just I think two years ago. The word was. Around about in a couple of weeks ago that the team and and that's bankers were expecting were expecting. Bit bids come in around one billion that was deemed to be pretty aggressive. One point three billion dollars now might you the the Miami. Dolphins sold for less than this in 2000. Less than. For the Buffalo Bills. Are going for more in the mind off the much bigger market a much more some people say. Who are higher potential in that market. I'd lived in Miami I can tell you it's it's really crappy sports -- them to -- the buffalo. One point three billion -- now if you ask me that's typical -- tell the folks at Toronto. Over my dead body. And over my dead body comes from folks like -- of Buddha as well. From the buffalo fan alliance the buffalo fan alliance that knows more about what's going on in our hometown sports teams and anybody out there. And everybody on a -- of Buddha for his information -- very thank you very much for our come on talk -- -- -- repeat my expert flattered. You know. A win when I was over the years he we had him when he had anything at all about sports. You've been at this for quite awhile now could you tell folks about buffalo the buffalo -- alliance. Sure our group is a young nonprofit group that's comprised of -- businesspeople. Ball here locally in southern Ontario on at Rochester. And also combined with some former players most notably years we Andre Reid changed often Billy Shaw -- Bob or Steve Christie who serve on our advisory board and all our goal from day one was not that create. An initiative that really creepy no longer term foundation to protect the bills in buffalo and weak economic ones specific. Element which was. Are utilizing. The ex pats fan base in particular to contribute. Into a potential financing mechanism and a bad -- a two year process in the making it as as the mechanism of all it's. The ball took from a legal team that started here locally. Turned into a national law firm because I'm -- experience that we just recently added. Two additional law firms here locally that the -- a lot yeah. But the finishing touches on this as again as we hope to create something that. And can contributed to protect -- team here over a long term because there's more important signal or exceed it right now on. The current ownership transition. But the goal -- were trying to do is again accretive foundation that regardless of the owner and what happens in the future. That there can be something here that -- the team -- over the long term -- independent total ownership and that utilizes the fan base and it's also acceptable to be well in short. Operated out of short bets so what we've been working on. Well you know it's interesting I I've won the checks of these facts are these familiar kind of -- and all this stuff. Are you able to confirm or have you heard at least that. The buffalo business first the number out of the goal operation was one point three billion that really. -- You know we've heard that as well but to say it's factual I think the only people that can -- that are around Morgan Stanley. You put that. In Princeton stand behind it -- I think it's sources are very strong and and that that's that's probably accurate. He doesn't mess around actually think doesn't put his neck apparently he does so. I've I've not seen him be wrong actually indeed. So we got a one point unlikely very likely one point three billion dollar booted out of school. What are you hearing I know you've actually spoken to every. At least the ones we know the popular. Bidding group you've been meeting with everyone especially the buffalo the want to keep in buffalo because you horror financial. Will be your putting together this is an additional financing you're trying to put together is something every owner would avail themselves. Now what do you think the bug that -- people are thinking about one point three billion. Or I I think for them it's no secret that they have deep pockets. I think that. It's. Still probably in their ballpark on what their final ceiling it's going to be. It is certainly. You know I think up for debate it again because they believe they know that -- heard regarding very closely. A lot of it has gotten -- there. Their intention guard on the. Well you don't have met our idea I know that your your your devoted to facts and over the you don't go out there -- -- things you don't know to be factual. I don't let facts get in the way it would -- today. So. I I I I understand. That you have you don't think it's a fait accompli that that the folks over at Bon Jovi he's group are going to move this front. -- you know. -- be honest with you IE. What we first started this. You we were really not committed any. Particular ownership group or her pick any paper and I think it's something in discussions that you have you know we accept our goal just sped to -- -- -- -- regardless of who all the heat and what I will say about the Toronto group an optical all -- words with -- is that they certainly have a steeper hill to climb. PR wise man actual commitment why he's -- -- -- your intentions are sincere to keep the team here I don't think there's any possible scenario. That they could purchase the team. In simply give the -- with service that there are working on a lease agreement and expect anything short of an apocalyptic scene every Sunday. Ralph Wilson Stadium. What's an apocalyptic. What does that look like it in my mind icy icy snowballs and car buyers -- -- -- Sorts of things -- -- I'd -- half empty stadium and like you are really angry after empty stadium the a lot of people are. He damaged or the egg your really ugly. The I think you know -- can be here in the past in the second to none. And I think a lot there was a firm commitment. That that was formalized. That. Fans have ever writes it to be skeptical this girl pregnant yeah you'd gain again I don't think that's that's outside the the realm of you know speculator picking favorites a year it's a Colorado based group it's a group that has had. That is indicated in the past that the you know were interested in bringing. Opal also Robertson just say that there are that he'll that they would decline against this. The spam base but -- here over the long term is substantial about they work to purchase the team and simultaneously walk up to the podium and with Governor Cuomo or. It's from county officials say we extended the week and Europe while we negotiate a new stadium and what you could be. It's eight cause they'll let fans know their luck in here for twenty years. I can't believe -- yeah because that forty years is a real long game played. A community aren't you know so. But something short of that I think it's going to be very difficult to to convince the fans simply with lip service and and I think that's fair I think it's only fair you know hands. And approach it would attitudes I think this is about you and Betty and I don't think anyone wants to be. Lied to and I think because while people to arm -- take action put our money where her mouth. -- to go here to cabinets that moment I got a couple more -- -- begin before that are we seed Johns creek of the Toronto sun who has been right on a lot of things. We see him saying that all of these three -- got in under the Tuesday deadline and then we see others sources unnamed sources saying. But upwards of ten or eleven guardian which one do you believe there were three batters. Or there's almost a dozen others. I believe yeah. It more likely -- probably know about the laps are out right now all -- the one caveat I would I would say is that speaking with some people in the investment banking community. They have these are hard and fast rules that someone appeared tomorrow -- -- -- all quite adamant and -- reforms that they could make one point five billion dollar offer -- to be turned away what are our next week's so. I'll even -- -- -- initial deadline I -- I wouldn't discount potential wild. Yet cricket saying that that Morgan Stanley's actually surprised. That so if you did answer that probably keep -- it's -- soft close that door. What you -- -- absolutely I would say a lot of that have to do with belief that was negotiated an eight you're really are only bringing to the table. Some very. -- aggressive. An optimistic relocation candidates people weren't used to -- machinery locating him and he -- What it must have an aggressive plan to Alderman you again. Believe basis skiers or you know people were genuinely committed to buffalo because you can't boo the team -- six years including this year so that. That probably eliminated a lot of the market of the potential usual suspects that my one opponent and help team but. Might also not be committed to buffalo which is it's certainly great. Can you stick around till after the after attacking okay great -- hold 12. To go to traffic real quickly here and he's written about thirty WBN. Here's your AccuWeather. Forecast partly cloudy tonight a shower or thunderstorm in spots especially in the evening low of fifty degrees in that -- it's awesome. Intervals of clouds and sunshine tomorrow with a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon -- Dmitry. A shower or thunderstorm in spots tomorrow evening or is patchy clouds low 55 degrees. 55 degrees well in -- to sixty downtown on Friday periods of sun with a shower or thunderstorm in the area. A high of eighty degrees. It's Mike and for Tom hourly your industry you you'd be wrong with -- of Buddha from the buffalo analyzed even talk about all of it. News surrounding. The potential purchase. And rumored move of the Buffalo Bills to Rondo you know I think it's important. To know that. We could still have another -- out of the blue but it wants to live somewhere else right there's that possibility tour. So -- or it wouldn't discount. Do you think there's any. Truth to the opinion I've seen floating around that if the community. It's so soured. On a Bon Jovi ownership. At their community if he's lost the fan base here before he even tries to buy do you think somebody might step it is a -- you can't Abbott's. I think you'll what happened in via the at all has had a lengthy experience and they are very sensitive. It -- alienating and bases well in over a longer period I would be don't have you're you suspect in the mid ninety's were happening Cleveland. It was only three things that we had there was and now -- -- moving ball or was. Tremendous -- I am now could you imagine what that translates to it's it's five years I think it's an uncomfortable situation. But wait a backlash is continuing to build and that's why -- say the only way that they again. Salvage it and it's possible there since your would be to come out with a firm commitment. In advance of their -- -- what the public know that upon purchasing the police has been expended or something. Solace because again beyond that I think he'll have a very typical line -- simply. Lip service. Telling embrace -- and rightfully so eligible equipment sultry. You -- a real concrete plan -- formalized. -- so we've got tens of thousands of fans on the Internet social media who were motivated we've seen. -- -- up ticket -- the last week especially with this New York magazine article who who is the person. That needs to be influenced or who was who were the people that need to be influenced what the fans need to touch base with should they. Forget about emailing Bon Jovi and telling me it's there and focus on. Are contacting Mary Wilson -- telling them at all that they lover I mean what should they do motion that -- You know I think with the -- prosperity and you know we don't know what's in it but they probably -- a large extent a fiduciary responsibility Unix. You -- certain bit I think the back. Things bands can do certainly on social media attacked everything on Twitter page are you feel a potential relocation bit with app kinda well on that goes directly to the NFL and also -- and help commit should the leaders. There's Roger Goodell. Twitter handle. You don't hesitate to send emails directly to them I know people think that sometimes they feel -- it could be a waist high and it's never wasted time I think. You're letting -- I felt your proper action that the bills fan base is. I can only help. But caused when when it comes to the potential to have a polls -- orders go because of the older feel that in advance of a -- that they think might be a relocation oriented did. How would be -- -- work is behind the scenes they're gonna help -- bit but it's not right for you and you don't how the hopes for -- -- you're not only for relocation for approval for but for the bit -- that. They're not going to prevent. So that your body your opinion on Twitter for example at NFL and -- NFL commissioner -- Right absolutely and you know for for other fans and from a personal note. You know make a point when you say the year like this straight well maturity with Bob Gregory is sentiments that you know. -- people here who like him -- -- in buffalo. Yeah I wanted to bring that. I've spent a few minutes thanking under read it properly show I think he he has shown himself to be one hell of buffalo guy. And this story -- New York magazine eat it like it all that much and you all think it the Andre -- was treated very fair. Well you know -- and saying it's his induction we all things in ban. You know when you -- statements like the outlook. The state that was by the way for the listeners who weren't on our earlier. The New York magazine -- quoted. Audrey Reid saying basically. Forget. Bon Jovi the Buffalo Bills along buffalo but he didn't use word for it. Right right and it's just a reflection really -- -- artery and -- devoted a fine and energy column year. The buffalo -- app for the guy who. Going into this year really could pack in just simply enjoy all yet. With that all year and our image in management reached out and said they wanna be involved in that it's too important to so. You know I felt a little bad and a solemn. His career. Achievements this week or. A little bit -- by some controversy on the comments but at the same crime. I stand those chemical in them under per cent in on or maybe a it ain't going by the comments of -- percent I did I did -- on Twitter he said that. That's awesome and it's Ahmanson for one like it they should it lives they think of the along those lines and it's just a reflection of the action on -- -- -- -- EE sobering that now and there's a lot about this community. You know units are you know some people -- -- -- the people here -- real people speak. Greatly actually uses real -- yeah. Yeah yeah. You know a quick idea when there was a controversy about it and he you know. Immediately to kill for but at the same crime -- and respect is action lawyer. Yes it's true you know he spoke for all of us in in a lot of ways you know I've I I've not America follow which you guys who have not involved in. In it it directly what you do we talk a -- human eye but I heard that quote I read that quotation I thought. And I wish I was there inevitably those guys. And that's exactly it's exactly how it went down and it was you know course. Of the conversation. That. They again his feelings came out and the guy that hold back you know and someone who just really believes that it united. And now it stands for and Paul pampered and quite frankly think I don't think he's really seen much of a backlash I think for him you know be yeah. Hopefully it doesn't -- you idiot excitement. Takeaways from you know what he -- on the field is all -- which I don't think our peak of more than anything can be a lot more about -- for those of you -- quarter. You know well let him -- show your support -- -- story here patently gates outlined an importer what's his Twitter handle. I -- Andre -- And isolated on Gregory. Well I'll -- idea he's got. -- sort of the sort of moxie that comes out of buffalo and I think it's one thing that's gonna happen here at the breaker minute map that. One thing that's gonna happen -- those comments are gonna make sure that the topic of where the Buffalo Bills are gonna end up is all over the hall of fame. Game broadcast. You know they're a package about it you know they're gonna talk about her fans. And he's drawn attention to -- maybe it was an expletive way so to speak but it. Again that's a real people cock -- sometimes -- -- -- -- about something they would correct that it Andre underscore read -- Look it's one more often people look you walk on the way. Sure what it can follow me on Twitter match that -- can go to buffalo alliance or were we got a lot more and for patient. And they can also follow what are -- range Ali. Quarter range now -- won. Well thank you very what's -- take your time -- your your insights are always really important. Ever pays the bills are these radio 930 WB again. Radio I'm thirty W yeah. Gotta let Joseph beavers Bronx -- go the long sometimes -- they found. Halfway decent if we always get him Wheaties. I disagree with that fit that. That's Michael. -- for Tom -- earlier -- news for you. WBE and are all of this focus on the Buffalo Bills this week. The re enlightenment of Henri enlightenment of the issue. Of John -- Bon Jovi -- team -- perhaps moving it to buffalo. Comes out of an article in New York magazine written by Reeves we've been who. Has that the article has gone absolutely viral on the net I don't believe it's even out in the magazine stands yet. -- thank you for joining us here on WP yen. Of course I -- -- and my heart out I gotta get out. That's -- gotta give this photo. Of the buffalo super fancy you have it's a two page edit I'm looking edit down a PDF. Photos incredible. -- benefits are in the photo -- -- -- correct -- colorful bands. That I might be a big part of the photographs in buffalo and at thankfully as it is obvious there and the obvious from my -- Oslo there's no shortage of colorful passionate -- and willing to drop -- Or that team. Now you're out of it is it a Saint Louis you're out of originally. Kansas City so you're you're no stranger -- -- -- to fan dormant and and and important. Professional sports teams what did you think of the buffalo fan base I mean I kind of look at -- was an anthropologist. Crawl you'll take into what the Amazon and finding this strange tribe of red white blue heart at winners. What do you think the Olympics. Well I grew up you know go ended she -- in mind -- my grandfather and -- states. I'd like to think there's one. And they they can give buffalo and its money in terms of fervor and and especially the -- Gerber for tailgate. It would be Kansas City. -- to that and I would say you know it was amazing like anxiety as I would -- -- a couple people it wasn't just the. The crazy. And -- -- -- disturbance and that it would -- developed that will be making me it is you know I had a conversation with his mother a friend of mine baggage and -- bought and I don't think I've. Ever talks sports or another ten years. And I mentioned are going up you -- a story on that and she had a had a whole spiel about. Jon Bon Jovi and how terrible would be it's in the way it happens and so what will it made an immediate it would it would everyone what did you. Current and for themselves are. Well the empathy I think -- -- enter our government should stand me up for it by Marla and don't go. Right deal that so the only difference between regular fans run of the -- fans. And bills man. Big. Well yeah everyone you know we've gotten quite. A burger and -- in the parking lot of football game. You know bet you'd you'd have to dress up the majority. Tell me what you think commando you've made a lot of calls or a lot of people about this process. If you had put a number run at 50% when -- what do you think the chances are. Of the Buffalo Bills being taken on Ron. I know it's a wild -- but give me your commute judgment. Think that's the of course you know I I I would I would -- at the -- and an end you know that businesses without me you know none of my view very. Reform we will talk about it a couple of Donald Trump -- -- happy to talk about anything right. You know I think the Toronto baby is very scary keeps her from talking to some of the people in Butler has been very involved as is the people's. -- Anaheim and in particular. And and and they they can keep it that victory is a bit of chocolate in is that a lot of money and down. I've not seen a military cooler -- as it is fitting that we -- the report other -- -- don't let -- come out all over it but the I know you know both of them that we have rejected it got all those that said that. But he not can get into a bidding war so. You know if it's a trot so he wants Wednesday -- they've been asked. Overpaid for the team. And you know if they if they really want it home and made it. It may be able to get it though. I'd like to think that it would be in the interest of the NFL and you bury it through them and keep this evening in Oslo and and I think -- Potential emotional commitment or hearing back. I think that very well. I know you're real busy but I just got a couple more questions for your your your. Your story has really taken off and -- get a lot of attention out of this for the magazine congratulations for. I am really wondering you now have a outsider's view but -- pretty in depth view of the Buffalo Bills fan base. How likely is this to get ugly. That's a good question I mean it's. -- It -- it about derby team by that you know is an interest in you know it it hey if they -- Ed there have been reports -- -- plan -- keeping -- even -- -- black enterprise. If that's. In the puritan guys prepared this kind of concerned about proxies that the letter that match a drug doing and felt so it's. If it would -- achievement and and you know even -- it would even if they may be guaranteed. You know we're gonna do everything we can't keep between buffalo. I can't imagine that there would be it's that people would really believe that so I knew I knew Lisa Steinberg he stayed in the itself and in the beginning Utley and you know and I think I think you're playing at Margaret Taylor Korean story went down. I'm not sure the spotlight will be a all right. All four of the charm Bible. I tell you when I was a kid it snowballs for fun place. Those were on the -- that snowballs on the route they -- They are. My bad I want as in the cheapest that we don't we don't quite get setting in Kansas City and much. Why I I would I would not you is not done because at all if he does what are each of them is back as. Real quick question and on the much ago. How did you or your story -- went over in New York City. You know this is very different community to buffalo and we have this very big picture of four buffalo audience painted edit -- Were being portrayed his guys were bad enthusiastic. In a town where shark made it outsells -- Tell me how you look at city. Yeah -- as someone who moved to New York City and those would prefer Budweiser to. And how -- one. You know it would indicate that you -- in name in its intricacies. I don't know a lot of -- -- New York and in town where where people who care about where. Is the editor on this story from the concrete. And and so a lot of people think that I got you kind of eat. Interpret kindred spirit with. With a -- up. -- -- You know entity tender meat is -- carried. Yeah -- girls are going to yeah the royals might rightly treatment to debate they've bought and a match -- -- I think you know it is hard they would see the rank and -- New Yorkers that here forever. 888. It went fishing industry and they -- actually -- I think anywhere. Well -- Burton who lived up where are now in New York -- print story. I think a lot of then you know well I. -- -- can he. -- in June do you need the other so called -- -- story. Quote overshadowed the and see all of them -- touching people's. Action. And -- -- call for people. Well listen you've been great and I appreciate -- -- -- know you're wired busy day but I wanna give me an invitation to a Buffalo Bills games he could see the real thing. A before this no falsely don't get it with a snowball. -- -- and I don't even up I'll make into the game but I all odds are happy did not protest. Are you got my friend -- that we do best here at buffalo Bill Gates up and you can't do it throttle listen. Ladies and gentlemen that was the reason we have been of New York magazine you have to read his article. On Buffalo Bills fans and especially on -- on John budget be reached thank you very much for taking the time appreciate. -- we're gonna be right back for after these messages that I watch whatever we are at 8030930. Start at thirty under cell phone and 309. Threes -- 3930. Text that -- will -- charges were part. We're going to have buffalo bills' super fans on as well as the founder of bills fan thunder. As soon after these messages. Are accurate forecast -- -- shower thunderstorm in spots especially in the evening lower -- intervals of clouds and sunshine tomorrow with a shower thunderstorm in spots. In the afternoon high of 73. A shower or thunderstorm spots tomorrow evening -- patchy clouds below 55. Well -- to sixty degrees downtown Friday. Periods of sun with a shower or thunderstorm in the area high of eighty degrees. The Michael Goodwin for Tom Barley hear on news review at 930 WB Ian Tom rubio until Friday I'm sorry until Monday. You've got me. Until Friday. So we're talking -- the Buffalo Bills the potential bit Jon Bon Jovi will be -- and win with his Toronto billionaires. The Buffalo Bills and eventually. As we all know he will. All pull the plug on the buffalo team. And to move them to Toronto we know that Bon Jovi has been and his group have been scouting out stadium locations. And Toronto when that came out. Nasty. At first they had said through their friends with -- one friend in particular Ron Jaworski on ESPN. Jaworski said that there's no way I know Bon Jovi he's not gonna move the team out of -- we keep them there. Paris -- after that we've -- days we found out that they were searching out. Stadium locations. In Toronto and of course they so that was before we thought we would need to keep them in buffalo and now we're gonna have meetings. With developer stadium developers. In buffalo. Of course they -- -- doubt a meeting they have stuck on Google com tools. Development group behind the cynical place. It up. I think it's a great idea archer fight support any kind of corporate wealth for going to them but they're also talking about putting a -- stadium there. In the Seneca ball area which has now been dormant for quite some time. They're supposed to have been meeting with the Bon Jovi people. Today I believe. I believe it's quite possible quite likely impact almost guaranteed that these meetings that the Toronto folks are having with buffalo developers. Are just a smokescreen. To keep all of us who are worried about Bon -- moving the team. On -- little off balance on our heels. And there -- something that all of us can do we know that Andre Reid doesn't feel very fondly about Bon Jovi he would like us to. -- him. He didn't use the word for yet but he got a bit of trouble this is his big week at all payment. Even though it's his big week even though he would want to have his numbers his records his greatest plays being talked about more than anything else. He was sure to say something that would be covered widely in the media widely in the media. When the new Europe actually came out it was very clear he said -- yet. But. Now Aggies but it scandal at his use of language he sacrificed his own. Run up to his own hall of fame induction. To make that message very clear. For buffalo fans that he stance -- us 100%. He's about as buffalo as it gets. We're gonna go to break here will be right back here on news radio 930 WB.

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