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7-30 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Welcome to you. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hourly. Column in the went to. Now let everybody know Lindsay and -- -- -- likely welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for -- And thirty W yeah. -- Men love to. -- the ball well. -- -- -- you know. We're back here on his radio at 930 WP. Tom our issue this is Michael -- to -- Tom Thomas out on vacation he's probably now I'm into Friday you're stuck with me. And today we're talking about the Bon Jovi pills that's right. Bon Jovi -- look at the buyer team and many believe including me that he is headed for Toronto. Once he gets his Mitt solemn. I effect we've got some people coming in. And called him. Special guest today including -- of Buddha of the bills I'm sorry the buffalo alliance. Knows more about what's going on on the inside of all the buffalo area sports. Franchises. And such but anybody I've met we also have. Call -- -- -- Wiegmann who broke the story today in the New York magazine. That has got some people chattering and again at 6 o'clock. We have. A lot of special guests in the studio all of the bills super fans to get my hands on 24 hours including bills men. -- -- -- AM that Fred bills -- -- like -- one dresses like a Fred Flintstones the other wondrous like bigfoot the -- huge bills fans go to every game. And you've seen on TV they're committed here tell us what they think the Bon Jovi give it. But one thing every got a couple cars here when it gets you right away but before we do. I wanted to read something there's a very ancient story an NBC sports. Blog. Which puts us in very interesting perspective. Because I got a taste of the as some as someone who was work work a bit with our Donald Trump on his attempt by the team. I got to know a little bit of information on the inside and what's really how serious the Bon Jovi. You know the Bon Jovi offer -- was going to be what they release one -- idea of moving them to run off series that was going to be. And I can't find out that Bon Jovi himself was lobbying. Different owners of different teams for nine on three years. Person in the lobbying because the owners have to vote in the end. To approve summoned to join and to purchase of preachers and join exclusive group and that vote is very important. Met him and there's been many times when. New owners have been chosen by former owners in the NFL made changes were disapproved of the purchase. So that's very important vote and he was going not just making phone calls -- meeting them you know in new York New Jersey was traveling. To their areas maybe he was on a concert tour whatever he would call and say. I'm gonna come CUX you know X and seek game which -- hang out corsets pop star Bon Jovi. Blow drying. Rock and roll star from the seventies. A lot of these owners were okay what it's meant that he was actually going to always boxes of these stadiums. For years talk to them about buying the next team becomes available lobbying them in their own -- box. And when I heard it was an almost half or more of the owners I don't know what's who knows that. We have seen pictures of him you know boxes we know that's been going on. And so we know he was -- that the back game the back room he's been playing very well. This NBC sports stories very interest Regis -- there and get collars. It's the Buffalo Bills and they'll do everything they can to make that work and fair. The consultant -- the Toronto group recently told Buffalo News. -- But it doesn't make things any better when they when they say that they will do everything they can't make that work there possibly means they'll dog paddle in buffalo. Saying all the right. Things until the lease allows them to load up the may flowers in the clear well we did everything possible and make it work there. Bob why. Bon Jovi who sees me doing all the right things behind the scenes to position himself to have a legitimate shot of team remember which it said. Lobbing these owners for years. Should have been doing all the right things in front of the scenes to free concerts donations the local charities. Other public appearances at buffalo radio interviews. For a guy who has made millions and millions of dollars working the crowd all of his life he has blown it on this one blown it. He -- is invited suspicion. And as suspicion mounts in the silence continues the suspicion gets even stronger and yes it's strong in meet its certainty. Every day we wake up on GOP in the Toronto billionaires. By the team every day we wake up is bill's fans will be wondering if that's the day they're going to make the announcement that they're not going to be building -- stadium here. And that they need to be moving along can make it work. Every single day if you don't wake up as the bills and and wonder about that then you're not really appeals to him because they'll be on their way they will be leaving. For Toronto I guarantee it. Because they're not allowed to say anything else but -- hundreds and can't make that work. That allowed to because they say were playing on route runner up they are qualified to do it anymore. So. NBC sports have nailed it I think the first what's come out and insane and say Bon Jovi is blowing this. He's absolutely. Blowing -- there's no question. Tom from Orchard Park thank you very much for holding. Yeah a little bit you'll tank for first on the table. -- -- There. At least that TV what -- -- parks -- well you could actually walk actually all of order and have all of your. And -- It's -- cool is that you. Think. About it. I credible long time ago that actually that a big friend of franchise like in in the Philippines actually hurt the small market what buffalo. And it really does if you look at the numbers. People and argue auto of the hotel room that doesn't even doesn't even add up is that debate as they say that but ten million dollars goes into every game. So you can march. If it 506080000. People in there with a 15100 dollar bill. Parts that the yard line put in the big pile and burn it because it goes it's gone that money. Almost ten million dollars is gone from the economy from its gone from the local area pulse in a puff of smoke it's gone. You're saying they would have spent that money on something else in the area. Maybe would small town our main street business. Yes exactly and actually my brother had a business. And you actually open on Sunday and he was strip mall with other businesses. And when the games around Ali owners to be open outside locked up into the cause they would be little -- money so that. The area people would get over it they left it would be like white right. That would give it quite right people -- a stomach they'd be sick over for a while but you know what. They'd get out. We -- put in more state money in it -- -- pretty are counting money in it when it dirt bag of Britain's state stadium. So you don't want a new stadium. Well whatever they'll have to put county and state money in it would. And you know it's it's just that the aerial have a lot of speed on -- dollar -- low around that wouldn't be here at what goes in there. And that stadium. Through that. Is that door it's gone from the area -- I Arkansas -- Personally but mine -- -- garage. And he you know it all auto workers in August and that Stanley man came and and he had metal on metal on the brakes. And the guys that it is now you're -- are terribly dangerous they need to replace. And then he told the story often and the guy that got out not that month. And he goes and I've got to buy those tickets. They'll be about a boxer spelling area -- and I doubt that a Bible -- and another one but I was in charge of cup he worked for the power company in charge of are horrible job turning off electric and people and they have built a home he would build air. And it was a family and down. You know they've backed off and he would. Make. Excuse -- he'd write down in his report. -- -- -- something you know play couldn't do and he would help people you know -- right you know -- that a little -- for you okay but it still wouldn't pay. And then he went back chemical back. And the car pulled up and all the analytic hit an apartment like they jumped out to carry L head brand new. Buffalo bills' starter jacket back. And he says well -- priorities you know I mean no starter -- -- a hundred dollars a piece -- -- -- hopefully -- prepared -- pulpit but my. In conclusion. People would get Ulbrich they would still ordered pizza is there was still -- Buffalo Bill people. Parties just like they do in Tampa and they -- -- Czechoslovakia and they do all over the country. Once your next date you're from the area is not gonna get together with you bill Stanton -- -- parties. And you know what. The Big Ten million dollars spoke around Erie county and it'll be spent in the summit it might wind up in your packet. -- Tom I disagree with you bit that doesn't mean you're wrong Mikey right. I can't when you're not counting how much the players pay in taxes state lines and how much the players don't spend around the area. But most of all what went about what the final thought the last the end of the end of the statement the majority of them. Joke about it yet they're. Some of -- -- right when you're going to work and a New York in your paycheck is a new York and New York taxes. And it's significant. -- as somebody who grow up in the shadow. Of Ralph Wilson Stadium every single family around that stadium gain some kind of small. You know as a bit of a small business if it's not parking it's it's something else. They're gaining I mean there's. There there are a lot of things here not including their and I also believe that. It doesn't matter where the bills are -- -- or in buffalo or they're in Tierra del Fuego on Sundays if you own a business people are inside because they're watching football. A lot of different teams a lot. So NFL's always gonna make it difficult to operate your business on a Sunday because people are inside watching the games or there hopefully in the stadium nearby watching your room. Well talking about a camera -- -- -- but it makes the that was an economist who wrote it but there of that and it just shows that in the end. People have to understand. Why apple didn't put small market. -- -- -- the ten million dollars -- -- or it's gone you know it does not around anymore. We're gonna have to go to chapters he would give me a favor would you find out the name of that book and pass -- along -- -- year over or hit me on FaceBook or -- Twitter and I'd like to take a look at that. I don't do that Tom thanks very much right back after traffic. I checked where the forecast strong thunderstorms over Niagara and Orleans counties. Several strong storms capable of producing small hail rain -- from Lewiston to Pendleton in flash flood warnings for southern -- County until 340 from. 10 well past that this is an old one -- -- and anger and -- counties lifted at 330. Michael -- for Tom our lead here in news radio 930 WB and on vacation you'll hear more from him next week I mean for. Friday. They were talking about the Buffalo Bills the likelihood of where they're going to. -- -- with Jon Bon Jovi. End what we can do to stop that. -- interest to people coming on today. But we've got -- From a book the book will -- lines we've got the writer of the New York magazine article it's ruffling feathers and in viral across Internet. -- -- -- And at 6 o'clock we got the Eagles super fans as well as. Charles Levine from bills -- -- talk about. What they're going to do and what they hope other -- -- will help them do in order to stop. The team from leaving the area but it's very interest in a very interest analytical here for a break in a moment -- but. And he interest. I believe. That this is an unprecedented. Reaction. To someone trying to by the team by a vocal. Franchise in new to us I think it's a precedent we saw Cleveland. Get it stolen in the over you know in the darkness of night we've seen other teams move in the fans sit there with their hands in the air that's what happened. But it's an interest in the buffaloes have occurred here baby since the last team was sold in 2008. We've got social media we've got much more -- -- people were moving news around. Maybe the Buffalo Bills fans. Our. Conveniently located in time and now they've got more access to information or maybe the Buffalo Bills fans are just smarter. Faster an angrier. We're gonna find that out to be able right now we're gonna go pay some bills here on news radio 930 WB ENN. -- you. We're back here on the radio right there -- -- -- -- to a -- barrel Tom is out on vacation you're stuck with me through Friday coming back next week. Vacation week like spring break kind of thing I'm like this convict him picture sandy beach and Tom -- down in Fort Lauderdale partying it up just like spring break. It's a model that's what's happening here. We're talk about the Buffalo Bills the 12 bills as some people listen to call them in fact if you look at some of the traffic going on on Twitter. In on FaceBook. There are some Toronto people a few I'm not too many. Work taunting bills fans but. Saying that you can come stay with me when -- come see the bills in Toronto. It's it's it's still good natured but this is turned sour mr. sour rather quickly. Turning -- are so fast that it was on that the issue was -- discussed by Harry Potter. And Jimmy Kimmel last night on the Jimmy kennels Kimmel show. It was featured. In. NBC sports blog is something it's that the fact that. Bon Jovi is kind of bungling its purchase. And also if you check of WPN dot com. Three bids Arian. And -- goal according to Jim Fink. Of the buffalo business first. Has bid nine -- one point three billion dollars now. I mentioned earlier a Nokia the Buffalo News story. Out there today please. I forgot to -- even though. Jury's opinion I'm Bob McCarthy wrote the story. Tim Graham who's a lot of people's favorite sports reporter for news. Contributed to report very interesting story word. We have three bidders. -- the -- Donald Trump AM the Toronto group led by Bon Jovi. -- -- Toronto group that also means location for. But also. We've got Tom Golisano of the former owner of the sabres. Twice. Field that gubernatorial candidate. And who says he made bit depends whatever it look like and he believes that I think he's right that Morgan Stanley the bank he set the rules. Will bend the rules for somebody comes without tiger did. But I just don't -- -- on -- higher than one point three billion. I like its goal for him I'd I'd I'd like I've never met him don't know anything about -- -- I haven't attended many sabres game I came home in 2010. But I'll tell yet I like I think their class act. I think everything they do they do. With class and with style. There's a do we say that they're -- or they're not happy with. The week Golisano for example rim of the sabres but Golisano. I don't care what you say. I think he's the Buffalo Bills that I'm I'm sorry a buffalo devotee if he brought the team keep. But. This story on WB EN dot com. Notes that as many as eleven bidders who turned in paperwork -- for yesterday's deadline. Ten groups at least sign the non disclosure agreement at the beginning of CO process. So. Big piece of three we know and also it'll be before but there are others in their that we don't quite know yet but the one point three billion dollar figure coming out of -- -- family. That has of the ring of winning bid to -- don't know not a snow will blow. Fairly soon. David West Seneca thank you for calling -- WB yeah. Yeah I think for taking my call it. Very good information about the -- location of the Buffalo Bills in the future. -- -- -- contract here but they'll. -- -- -- He looked fine. And you know just how well the -- train up to our goal in the eighty cool and change units so completely. Well I absolutely I I think that there are some disincentives against some contractual problems with the stadium ago stadium agreement that keeps that kind of locked the men. For a bit of time they have to pay 400 million dollars. To break the stadium agreement. But there is a window I think it's four years from now. What they're calling the escape clause for years back years they can break the agreement for like 28 million dollars. So that's I mean Rogers family up in Toronto. Big -- kind of money in their in their count. He's like it's gonna pay a billion dollars. For a sports. Entertainment venue. Can create hit four iron there early and you know like that kick in the. Yeah I think so like I said I think Rogers could find it. In the air and their couch. -- I think that kind of monies. You know -- kind of bodies in and Donald Trump's so far for sure I've been on its open but my hand in the airman found money for launch. There is all kinds of money -- around these billionaires wallets. And 45 million to break at least that's that's chump change. So I don't suspect that we'll see the Toronto group here in buffalo any longer then past -- That. Escape clause which reminds me you know Dave. That do you believe Bon Jovi document and -- team. Dario listening purity are stationed there are listening to -- now. Angel -- and English. Hourly. Talking about buying -- the and you know how the public only fight. The following. The -- -- can't take the old teen to our little area out of -- as far as I mean who wouldn't be -- out. He can't tell abilities he hangs out with NFL owners he's been playing in this for a long time. Plant in this plan that you. Do you think it's gonna possibly happen. Oh goodness gracious I think there's a 5050 chance. I think it's that close there are people who think I'm nuts but I'm a pessimist -- I'm a pessimist. You know. I do right now I I think the bills are moving. You know -- want to or media at California. Well don't listen to. Date thanks for -- -- a repeat got a full port calls here thank you very much. And at war thanks Steve I appreciate I'm new guy but I'm just my back. Or. Art. I give the impression that he's gardening like -- -- Banks -- Listen Randy and all of you know I've ex leper colony and we've got just a couple of minutes for go to commercial break. Your column about Mary Wilson which I believe greedy. I think Mary Wilson is the key to this whole thing for every Buffalo Bills. I agree and and that's my whole point everybody keeps talking about I did this that I would think didn't mr. -- well. He actually kept his word for the last 54 years and said -- I'm gonna do whatever it takes keep you know the -- impossible and he he was a man of his word and I -- -- You know I mean and when you get until billion dollars market -- paid 25 grand. You know it's not that it is always money and is it possible that perhaps Mary had the discretion. To say look you know -- The goal was to keep it hasn't bought fourteen. And could she have the discretion to assailants then I would. Rather go with the -- Two to keep you here then that player ballot that Bon Jovi gang in you know make an extra I don't deal and -- it's -- it's a lot of money but. Without a one point 3000000000 and one point 4 but I -- one billion whatever. That she had been in Europe and I just wondered your point of view do you think she might have a significant lower she could say. You know I want to fulfill world which -- and find a way to keep of those here. And spending an extra. 01 point three billion bid from. From Gary. And -- -- Let's keep in buffalo I mean this is what my husband wanted. And I don't know if Goodell and and have now. Ken trump bad or I just thought you know is what everybody keeps talking about dollars in money. Right. And I'll tell you visit ready we've only got another minute and so we have to go to commercial break I would tell you something here's what I think. I don't know Mary Wilson I've never met mr. Wilson but. I mean flags were flown at half. Half mast in buffalo when he passed you know. I think you were there were hearts. Flight flying at half mast in many homes around this area. I think people were heartbroken when he died even though he died after living a long and very fulfilled life. You know the mills the Wilson family here. It's and -- I think the way I'm shocked actually surprised and proud of bottle -- that they have expressed their love for the world's. I really. I respect -- somebody people above Lou who who were so expressive about about their feelings about the enemy and Mary is sitting. I called -- elect and mrs. will -- and I don't ever ready. Mrs. Wilson is sitting in the catbird seat over in the -- she's pretty much in charts and she does really have a lot to say here but here's the problem we. Okay here's the problem. This is being run by a more by a bank -- private equity group -- our Morgan Stanley that they're gonna get paid a percentage. Right they're making their recommendations beat on because that's based enemy -- And the second thing but I think we need to be worried about it's something we need to understand. This is. Though this is just the Wilson family's legacy this is their future. In if if they -- to get another 300 million dollars out of this that means that their legacy their money will last for another generation or two. Of their family and that's really what's important that we have to understand that the bank. Well I wondered is that really what's important because you know mr. Ralston made his fortune that I and the bills. He just happened to buy a team -- -- -- granted now valued at a billion dollars. And -- cash and wise to always make that commitment every delegation about a lot. You know these 130 million dollar -- throws in public life cycle as a a structure doesn't need. You know capital and now rehab. So there I -- considerations for our approach. Stadium it's fifty years old and I'm just wondering how -- -- role she can play. -- more you know at a later -- after the billion dollars into money anymore and you say the legacy it's like. Really to try to. Pursue what -- would really wanna. And and here I am can't like I know well do you know. Listen I've -- we're gonna have to go our pace of bills but I really appreciate your call and listen in at 6 o'clock rehab strategy session here. On news radio 930 WB -- Here accurate forecast strong thunderstorms moving overnight and -- it's counties that we speak several strong storms -- producing small hail and heavy rain located from Lewiston. To Pendleton. And our flash flood watches. Are expired. We are here on. News radio 930 WP in the -- -- -- this is Mike in for Tom we've got a four bode calls here. We're talking about the Buffalo Bills. Jon Bon Jovi. Am what they're trying what we can do to. Stop them from taking the team up to Toronto. And I've got Steve and Amber's thanks for calling it. Kind of like you don't I don't look at it like a question for you do you believe in the theory -- anything worth having is worth fighting for. -- -- -- that and put it it is by I have yet to hear race but he faces. What it Califano. -- cool look and Donald Trump all pooled their money together. They can send these -- Canadians with John -- all the vacant since the pack back packing over the border and if Floyd who is well tonight. I get that. And you know I know for -- I had tangential involvement in this thing that mr. trump talk to every single rumored -- I know other buyers were talking with each other -- we know for example Golisano and and -- shall have been have been talked about working in Golisano and cool I think we'll talk about working we really don't. I know who has been talking to whom you know it's it's very difficult to figure that kind of thing now. But what is what's coming together here is very very interesting I keep bringing up the comments. In the Buffalo News and then changing you know. Not getting to my point which is right you know that's a story that's a pine -- because our our end and and Tom always gets -- point. If you mention something I can start paying attention house's money. But there isn't it interesting comment on the Buffalo News a story today. About we -- is gos on in the bills -- etc. A guy named -- fired number six. The strategy behind a one point three billion dollar bid from -- Google could be genius. It basically knocks Bon Jovi out as a lead owner in the Rogers and I am bound Toronto which. If you believe reports that Jon Bon Jovi Jovi only wants to be a lead owner. It puts it out of its financial reach. By about 30% had forced the Toronto group to reconfigure their bit on the fly. If they lose the estimated 300 million from Jon Bon Jovi that would equal 30% at one billion dollar price now. We don't know how much Bon Jovi is worse there is a rumor out there that -- were 300 to 400 million dollars and then now we see. Reports that he's worth significantly more than that but. If you look at the schools bit -- If it's a billion dollar bid and he's required to have 30%. -- beat beat beat. In for 30% to be the lead -- he'd have to have 300 million dollar -- which read about what he was worth. At one point three billion what's that number -- I don't have the map in front army but. It's bigger than what we thinking hats so the cool group they're playing chess -- and Bon Jovi paint playing checkers. President elect has said you know would it would get together and you like what you said as far as the one point three million. If you had somebody like Donald Trump or Tom golf tunnel maybe both of them. Put like a 15% just like put a 15% stake in it that give them an extra fifteen. Should finish of fifteen to 30% more. And more like push -- really put some of the -- you know pushing down because like it you know this strength in numbers. And it's -- the more you get together the more you cannot eat you know equipment like you said if it's playing chess against attackers while the simplest thing you have to deal. It is Abydos Steve here's the problem we have been in and night I just have to speak from my experience I -- mr. trump pretty well I mean about a friend and kind of Arab colleague rates of -- it. But. I know a lot of guys like him because my mighty my PR firms Serbs CEOs of a lot of apt to be billionaires. And and you know sometimes it don't work and play while what I was not just Donald Trump I mean others sometimes -- look I want to have the big shoes you know I -- They don't they don't get along so well because they are used to play second fiddle. You know so maybe they don't get along I mean I'd I'd but a bit like I said I do know they've all been talking. And if 11 of the alliance is gonna come together that would be fine that would be great you know. But secretary don't want people pollute the -- like that I'm not about -- up built sand. And you know I just wouldn't like to see them -- the payment like this he can keep it here. But you know the point is like -- said -- before anything worth -- is worth fighting for and that this is what you have to -- the form alliances to get him to get it cannot -- -- back over the -- -- Albeit at what's -- team the art well who's your team ought not. A New York football. I. Well great I'll listen -- -- going to be I think could be interesting game this week. And it's going to be a bucket like this that maybe the first string it'll play a little bit but do you see this group being easy you know that there are looking at but still you know. Its record that you know anything worth having is worth fighting and the like even even like my mentioned about it. The giant doron split up ownership they had Mara family and an application for him. And that's what I like is that when I brought this -- you know Michael the thing about the you know forming some kind of alliance. So if trump on hand and the -- or fifth or golf on a good thing -- -- an -- third you know but the point is they all have the ambition of keeping the team here. Regarding Ralph Wilson integrity. And you know legacy which is would be which is what he wanted to do when he bought the team. You're right Steve secret have to go pay some bills -- thank you very much for calling all the rescue cars police and all -- to get here a few minutes for right now. We're gonna pay some bills are -- for united thirty WP.

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