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7-30 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- -- It's Tom hourly. It's -- it's local option. Being -- Third yeah yeah. Not being very Tom hourly. On news radio 930 and double. Well welcome Tom -- issue here on news radio I'm thirty W. PE NN. It is 309 PM here in Buffalo, New York 309. And so all of you folks over there in the York county building your count the minutes. He gets fifty minutes left to get out of there get Nick Harris started up and listen to -- in your car. Michael put in for Tom ballot -- out on the on vacation well deserved vacation these people work very heard. Here WB yen at something that. None of us outside of the radio world like me should ever be allowed to. Sit -- for them but they're very nice enough to its rule on -- And these guys deserve the time I'll be back next week I'm in for Tom until Friday. And I'll tell you today's start off just terrible error I woke up in a bad mood. Nowadays we just had a baby she's now gosh 36 days holders of the like that. She's keep -- up most of the night I got my twelve year old visiting from Manhattan. Yes I do have a daughter who lives on the in in the downstate area in the upper east side. But I have -- in camps and focus on I don't know if you ever heard of that around here but in east war and we are whales are all around their. We all -- camps can focus on -- we're. The kids of that whole region all that whole area code camp town hall and my daughter comes in four camps can focus on every year we try to gear for the tires at this summer. She spent much of that already in Russia. With the mother. -- she -- A precise which you can probably count for camps that focus on but for some reason. This jet lag out of Russia is got a hold over. She slept in today and you know it's got to be somewhere 840 five's going to be in front of the boys and girls Easter were by the way. If you haven't heard of East Europe I urged ago and visit it's the nicest place in the world. So where rap -- as she -- -- says that. You know what would you be -- more substantial for breakfast habits Chrysler whip up some. Some pancakes -- me and I've I've just I was -- -- vodka I work. I have my my my client bases it is tripled in the last four months. Are working on WB -- for four hours days it's time consuming as well. I jumped in the area nurses on the visiting our -- bumps and peaks that you come to top news at all I made a mistake. We don't need -- launch today. That we got the ecologically she's gonna go. And but I have a picnic -- a cook out at camps that focus on she has to -- mustard which of course we had no mustard in the house. So row daddy's jumps into the car she shoved the last -- of the pancakes and amount. We go racing -- get mustard. Then backed out of the Boys and Girls Club to catch the buses before they leave she jumps off I rush home. Now I've run an -- thousand miles a minute I've missed a client conference call in my day is not -- up cents. Not of I haven't even -- I'm shocked shocked to see that I even had socks. But we're trying to have some fun today here on our show. We had a long discussion of politics yesterday in four hours. By Andrew Cuomo enough to just choke anybody to death so I'm trying to stay off the formal subject. A look like him do that all paying. But. Chemical. I think we have something very interest in park here as you know we spoke yesterday also -- This article that was in the New York magazine appeared yesterday it's actually out in print now. And actually got a copy of the appropriate article -- this year with some friends. The photos are awesome and there are people of buffalo are not happy with the article. Audrey Reid made big news internationally for using the F word to describe here band leader. Jon Bon Jovi who was trying to buy the bills and is rumored strongly. Rumored. But he's going to -- -- removed Ron is backers and donors. Are all -- leaders. So Andre Reid says it -- man. You know. You know I don't know what the safer expletive. Wednesday PR. Yes. You say man to beat Jon Bon Jovi beat -- -- I I just I -- I fellow that article but apparently. Andre reed Derek got himself cross ways with -- com. Is going to be taken in the hall of fame the pantheon of the NFL this weekend. So in order to walk into camp in Ohio with -- F bomb hang your head it was printed on the New York Post New York everywhere. -- that even in the TV news last night. But I'll tell you one thing Andre reed you -- alright by me. You're alright by me I know you may be made that comment. Offhand. Maybe made that comment by accident but it shows the matter where you live Andre -- you're one of -- will always be. A Buffalo Bill you'll always be one of the best and the one of the greatest residents of our area of buffalo. And it's nice of them but I think the Bon Jovi I want to drop it drop the net on Q and I'm on the radio I can't do it. Under read you speak for every single one of us here at Western New York. You absolutely do and if you're in trouble with the NFL you tell them to give buffalo call is we got some words for them to. We need that kind of defense are their right now it's as we are in trouble I don't care what people tell you anybody who tells you. That Bon Jovi he's not gonna get this team. They don't know the facts and a buddy who tells you that Bon Jovi is going to keep it in I keep the bills in buffalo they are smoking something very varied it. Bon Jovi is going to try to bite his team with every. Billionaires dollar he get ahold of and eat that day he buys this team. The date that buried the prices. We every single one of us who go to -- bills games -- Buffalo Bills. Those with our error our live eat and read the red white and blue Buffalo Bills. Every day we wake up the first thing on our mind will be. What is it gonna move the bills. I don't care what he says he can say we're never gonna try to make it work to do everything we can he can say whatever he wants -- by the way he has said nothing. They have said nothing on the record out of -- -- group which is. Through trial billionaires. From Rogers entertainment and the and the guys on. The blue jays up there. I'll tell you they have said nothing on the record about. About I keep the bills by up with all that off the record all through friends of bears on the exit the name is Ron Jaworski I -- -- care argue. I don't believe Ron Jaworski. I think he's in cahoots with a -- not he's being used by him. Bon Jovi. An end and the owners group in Toronto. Has already researched where to put a quarter where -- stadium in Toronto they are already know where it's -- ago they already now. And yes it basic you know -- last week they said. Through an unnamed source that there and do everything they can't make it work off what else they gonna say in fact if they confirm that removed Toronto they actually are qualified to be -- And if there is certainly. The Wilson gimmick it's awesome right now. Absolutely there's no question about the captaincy rate. And now they actually said they're eating this week with Scott Congo on the folks behind. Ascetic a place that that they've -- actually really cool idea up there. But there even now been tossed around India put statements of these guys are meeting with the Congo groups talk about. The stadium and cynical place which we already knows not like -- so there are having what I believed to be fake meetings -- Onlookers got Congo. If you work Tibet Tibet organization. Which you really wanna spend your time when you know and I you know and we all though that there will never be. A stadium. In Western New York will be built by the guys out of Toronto never ever ever and it you think so. -- -- -- There's no question that Bon Jovi is in this to win there's no question and in my mind and I think that until they make a public statement otherwise that they are planning eventually moved his team. Two Toronto. We are in trouble here my Franzen and Andre Reid said at the best -- very very best he said after his at. Expletive comment about Bon Jovi that I sign on to 175%. Under Reid said if bit that they take the team to Toronto they might as well thought buffalo in the river and let it go over Niagara Falls in the place open. Nobody knows better than Andre -- that is absolutely correct. I know that it is a staple industry geared up quite know we have so much more going on here but what about from the Buffalo Bills there's no question. I get that would Andre Reid gets -- would I get with so many people like correspond with our social media yet the Buffalo Bills. The reason why. We need the Buffalo Bills here is it it doesn't have so much to do with something. That you could grab intangible. Taste he could sink your teeth into. It really has nothing to do with that it's about our -- about our spears it's about our team it's about our town and if they move this team don't throttle if we lose. Again. Again and this time the Buffalo Bills. It's gonna be a kick in the teeth god knows how to handle. I I just I don't think it's ridiculous economically immediately. But it's gonna hurt us fundamental here's something I wanna play before we go to break -- joke. Could you cue up that. There's commentary on Jimmy Kimmel last night. And Jimmy Kimmel was interviewing. Forget his name right now the character he was interviewing. -- -- Daniel Radcliffe the guy who played. With. Us. On one too many great -- a guy who played Harry Potter. And this is this is their conversation and watch and listen it's important. Almost did not make it into the country by what did not lie again. I was in Toronto day that was probably that the computer program that like prince visas. And it was shut down nationwide and so my -- was in that the American Embassy in Toronto I can get. And then as we can get into the country and then in a -- but maybe gonna miss it over then we we go we drive to buffalo. And we got on the through the border buffalo we didn't -- it was all affectionately in city. I'll be ready that I can't I would like Teddy you got about what you what got to tell anyone but it. It's not yes it would go to buffalo was again and -- -- -- that was -- Which -- did you get to see buffalo. I sold like the other side of the border buffalo. And I drove repetitive but beyond the -- I was. I had the conversation to what all know about buffalo is the bills and so yeah right I find -- about American mobile enough schooling out so I said so the only conversation can come out with enough lead to this this. Lovely woman who's helping us was. Solid bills not yet done to Toronto. Actually just went to display but that is incredibly serious -- reaction to what was I didn't smoke so. A -- -- -- and yet I battery don't know what this Townsend family yet know if my -- The Toronto we're going to war with Canada and that's items yet that's what all the old allegedly admitted chicken wings there that's why they call in buffalo wings as well okay common sense and also the what buffalo is. I like going to get this exactly right another attempt that but what buffalo is evoke an amount of -- place so you can you can make us a complete sentence that makes sense but just saying what buffalo nine times in Iraq oh really get -- -- look at old to mean like detectable by somebody it sounds like you were trapped in a room for very long time. -- -- Ladies and gentlemen that's exactly what I talk. -- the people who who. Bleed red white and -- All my friends about York's. But those of us who loved the Buffalo Bills this is probably the most important property and as silly as it laws. This is what really defines the Buffalo Bills mean off the regular -- arguably one of the top actors out there today. For God's sake Harry Potter didn't even know anything. About -- and he's magical. You know nothing about buffalo except for the Buffalo Bills she didn't even know that buffalo wings were from buffalo. He had no clue. You know what he'd do he'd -- with the Buffalo Bills that made recently you may be silly to me but there are plenty of people out there. When they think buffalo the first thing they think. Is the Buffalo Bills. Now the retirees. There's a reason for that and that's because. The Buffalo Bills every single member of the Buffalo Bills every sing her single player on the Buffalo Bills. They are our ambassadors. There are Frontline ambassadors. And Harry Potter proved it on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night that Jimmy Kimmel show my friends. The -- also one of the most popular late night -- it shows on the planet was talking about the chance that the Buffalo Bills going to Toronto. We've got a problem my friends and the world knows. And we're gonna talk about a date here on news radio -- thirty a WBZ. Am. And we're back here on the talk about early show what he's really about thirty WBZ area. It's the be all bills all time debate my friends all builds all the time is that's what matters to -- buffalo. -- -- Of course there subpoenas flying around I understand some flown up in the count anyway. Can't confirm its on not to talk about it but some very interesting things going on under the radar here but whatever is talking about when everybody's talking about is this. Story out of and a new York and in the -- yesterday incredible story just one of the best stories I've ever written. I've ever read written. But ever have the writer of that story. Reads we'd been on at 530. At 5 o'clock we're gonna have. That's -- -- of bill split the bills fan alliance the of folks were trying to raise money to help whoever is buying the bills. Offset them they're tremendous cost. Actually very interesting -- but he also was more plugged in to. The bills sabres in the ownership groups that anybody write notes and talk to what he thinks about the school bills purchase. But it's 6 o'clock I'd I'd I've got to tell you this at 6 o'clock. I saw that photo if you haven't seen in your magazine PC -- Garcia there's a photograph him there on the online piece. Of the buffalo you know every team has super fans the ones who dress up as. -- superheroes in in in their team colors and in buffalo we have our room. We have some incredible guys do that and there and that photo -- just go -- who is. Apparently bigfoot but dressed up in bills -- We have bill's -- and who is back and with -- open. Red white and blue is that a blue and yellow or whatever the -- is -- over. And -- is usually -- beer. And the final quality is. Fred Bill Stone which incredible. Cost to -- a combination of The Beatles fan and Fred Flintstones. You see these guys on all the TV coverage all the network coverage of every bulls game they always catch me in the short shots that. I've talked to these guys in recent weeks because we really get more more involved in this whole. Thing -- sale of the team. And they -- their -- that photo showed up the Mets story and it's actually their voters -- India. The print version of New York mag it's coming out tomorrow. I had to have me in their -- it's 6 o'clock in if you wanna talk about. Some incredible -- of some really interesting. One of them. A combat veteran the other one a fireman he's a really solid. Buffalo who are about as big a fan as you can ever agree. Applebee's they're going to be on at 6 o'clock along with Charles Levine. -- stamp under the group that started the boycott of Bon Jovi. And has put together a petition passing 121000. Now of rabid bills fans who refuse to let the team or Rondo. So those guys who got at 6 o'clock that'll be an incredible hour I really wanna final -- these guys -- what makes you put Fred Flintstones. Outfit on. On game -- and by the way how they think. This is gonna go down with Jon Bon Jovi in effect we have been talking a little bit about making that bit of a strategy session if your bills and you wanna find out what you can do where to talk to the super fans in the organizer of bills banned under. The grassroots group it's meet him so it's weaves around here around the country. At 6 o'clock but let's talk for real quick but I know Jerry -- you can hang on for a little bit thanks leper colony. -- -- Well it's lost Jerry Jerry talked in the cup coffee. Jerry gives call back when you get a chance but listen our number is 8030930. Start 930 on your cellphone in you know on the new guy. The new. Really I have been doing -- -- -- but this is just. This picture but today have learned how to use the the text message stream and so if you got a question or comment via text. Text your comments about the bills a Bon Jovi and what you might do to Bon Jovi if he moves the -- you. 239330930. Normal text charges supper restless. -- Natalia. It's not something that needs to be. I've I've gotten. A load of emails. You know back recalled direct messages on on social media from people. Who were not happy with the language that was quoted using the New York magazine piece. I guess he -- green calls it. Four did you. And other people have said. F bomb and things like that yeah I'd drop a couple of Irish probably should because that's good on. And public relations for living. But. I got a lot of I got a lot of flak for I think people would change the fact that I couldn't express myself about drop -- in the wrong. But I've got to tell yeah and I'm going to be fighting. All three and a half hours and left on this thing biting my tongue because everytime I see Bon Jovi I wanna modified. And I want a modified by something that begins with a similar letter and I can't for the paltry app to do my best in fact we might even have to go on it would delay because I fight back every time Bon -- I just. I have to do here's the problem I have with Banjul. I get it I get at people look like his music I heated I think it's -- pop the ball stuff. But this guy. He's got a nice guy I've heard from many people that dealt with them directly who want fans who were people involved in the music business not a place. In Erie has come to buffalo opened fire team and lie and move off to a Toronto whatever it becomes profitable. I don't like America. But dairy in guerrilla Gary thanks -- men. Yeah I don't Gary thanks -- Speaking of strands we're down in Mexico. Couple years back that are all as a resort where -- -- different pool. And he's got a -- with they've they've. Nick plan mistress spot -- allowed Iowa City official optical -- and over. Or support or sign. -- -- -- made and well pills that you wanted to image from Mexico in Mexico. Broken English. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know we I just started helping these guys are bills like these guys and and they've got -- member of their group and a member of the bills mafia who runs a bill's website in the Czech Republic. End. -- it's everywhere. Everywhere everywhere delegate there are members of the bills mafia. But I can happen. Kind of start clicking through all their web site as popular as -- got more and more involved in this. Members of the bills mafia I mean if one of the founders of the -- mafia is from our urban that Los Angeles. -- We want Hillary are a little parts that are in groups and number of Jeremiah and this is a big resort. And -- sports bar and you on the sports are Beckett recorder they have a recorder dedicated to build all the picture like Bruce Betts and and Kelly Kelly -- Jersey and helmet everything. No kidding. -- maybe it goes to move to Mexico. Well listen thanks -- colony here really appreciate you -- one -- it's really important you know I hate. Live for a long time in Washington Gary and there's a bar in the suburban Virginia. -- is a hard core. Bill's bar and during the bills' game you can't even -- We're talking hundreds of bills. Under and by the way when the buffalo when they have the buffalo Washington party sponsored by all the buffalo congressman. There are literally 56000. People. Of the problem you have is that our greatest export is our young people -- Fairbanks electorate thinks the price shot. I'm in there this week there are some callers -- -- I don't watch it hang up please do not do so. Because we're going to be going for a break here to pay some bills and on -- get right. -- here on news radio 930 WP. We're back on newsreader at 930 WP yen Tom -- show it's 3:45. PM that's 345. And all you folks in the county -- a fifteen minutes -- that's just fifteen minutes until you get to go on for long. Mike tuchman went for Tom -- comes out on vacation until next week he got me -- Friday were talking about the Buffalo Bills Bon Jovi and how. And if those two were ever gonna get together and that the -- And moved to Toronto. Stand in Rochester thanks for call him. I'm like I don't you know I am look at this thing and up except for Terry put -- Who's in his middle sixties very successful you can go get some more world if they need money the rectum I don't trust him. Beaten the bills in buffalo I don't know why. Which ones you talk about a particular remember one. Bon Jovi I guess that's patently obvious -- Right he got some leave and -- what you -- does trump I have wouldn't I wouldn't and to hesitate a bit but can it come to this. It's amazing Michael. Bills. And paper but pages -- television or radio. The football and are all upset. With the NFL commissioner would the right decision right. In the war and it impeachment panel planner. They wanna do where parties. Where is that guys you worries. The accurate -- corruption you know what. -- Oh I don't I don't agree I mean I author -- I for one care very much about the lost a colleague and you know I mean. I -- I care very much about Obama -- something that I actually work on all day long it's my job -- days public policy work. But. It's that distraction that the NFL offers us Americans in particular the bills -- buffalo audience. You know in this world where we're plugged in 24/7. Stand you know I would complain -- when I first came on our work in three times as part of that was four months ago. I'm not getting any sleep. You know because of the of what's going on in in my freedom with the new kids' stuff in our lives were so plugged in the internet's got us by the throat. And our relaxation has become so much more important. I really believed that the bills issue here in buffalo is extremely important because the economic benefits and etc. -- that that prompts on the -- will get. So that thing in Oregon went from one thing to another good natural beauty -- -- intruding in Denver to have captured headlines better be. The Boston other Kuby does benefit and -- -- out Clinton may be I mean it just kind of be growing role in the you know package will be on -- he dieters actually keep pace towards you know now. It is worldwide. Well it's it's true but. I guess that's the nature of this beast stand and when I first came up in this whole PR news politics -- lose early eighties I was. I was -- press secretaries have to speak for the united states army and listed public affairs specialist. For the 25 infantry division and you end and we were you know we were deployed to South Korea for the annual. Team spirit. Our exercises here and and and I follow the media closely and then you know -- -- Eric's room popped up the station called CNN. -- -- we had cable. It's CNN and our -- for and then yeah. Yeah yet amid this 24 cable news stuff came up and every thought it was never happened right and then you had. I guess it was halfway through my enlistment. Suddenly we had a station called MTV on our channels and we were transfixed. Now. Like -- the -- out how old you are but I'm in my fifties I'm I'm stricken from. Fire hose Albany along with all this beat -- up I think that's why it moves from one thing to the next to the next. It's it's kind of crowd sourced. The most popular thing that the advocates -- on most on the Internet now becomes the leading story. And you know it's got to move for one thing I think it's the nature of the beast I think you are stuck with its. Sure we have an -- I'm not in my mid sixties and I'll tell you right now -- struck -- being used as South Korea. I spent time in post on your report. Oh yeah I've been there -- loved that place and I never my outlook my best friends lives there right now. Yeah I talked them ought regular -- on my baseball you'll see -- A bit. You think but I never have to keep afloat until nine million Army Corps of Engineers there was in the -- supply you know I mean and -- and we never we got to do much up the hill -- -- While we -- we were at camp red cloud which was right near the DMZ and oh but we were just -- a month and after we we are there for. For for exercises I was in public affairs are like Beetle Bailey with the -- operator. You know those guys in their year round they work their -- -- you know. You're right right there at that time even -- Stamberg to go to traffic -- if you don't -- thanks for call. It's on thunderstorms moving over Niagara and Orleans county here and your accurate forecast. Several strong storms. Capable of producing small hail and heavy rain located from Lewiston to Pendleton flash flood warnings for southern Niagara until 3:45 PM today. Flood watch for Niagara Orleans counties until 330. Well we're here on the other top apparently show news radio 930 WPN 3:51 PM that's 351. We're talking about the Buffalo Bills and whether or not Bon Jovi is going to snatch him from office if he's going to grab them at a -- our local. Billionaires. And move them to Toronto because well I guess his friends. From where he's talking about it for a long time. I tell you you know -- stand was just gonna reveal injury talk stand. The one -- he noted he said -- I don't know that and trust ultimately mean I think most many of you know those you don't after. You know full disclosure I do work for Donald Trump. Here there and and you know I've met with them more than once on the Buffalo Bills. Spoke with him on on the on the purchase of team several times. Along with my colleagues year nick -- rupees in new -- of the council. And you know. He was downplaying his his his his bid yesterday. I noticed that I explained yesterday on on the show. That I thought that I believe that. Mr. trump thinks -- -- outbid because there are people have emotion that's wrapped up in the money and -- doesn't look for good investment idea that. I get that. But I I can also tell you this that he has made eight an ironclad commitment to meet. -- -- ironclad commitment -- my partners. Is not gonna move the bills awful. In fact some of his interest. In the bills is because it's and so you could count on Donald Trump keep the team here he was the very first potential ownership group that committed to that. Count but you know I think we're seeing a really strong bid from Terry who understand from. For from the folks over at buffalo. Business first. Of the day Arab I got information. That shows that the bidders around one point three billion dollars one point three billion bucks that's a lot of money that is 300 million more. That was predicted. And 500 million more than four died of the team that just last year. 500 million bucks folks you know how much -- the the goal of family bought the Buffalo Sabres four. 13. Of act. -- I just heard is 485 million dollars about the opposite for this is a huge amount of money. And that's it you know what -- -- to about the Buffalo News sometimes they'd get me. It might go. I'm me and I'm picture of common -- do that. They have this incredible story today that reviewed the different bidders it was. Written by juries reps get of the news Washington bureau Bob McCarthy local news political reporter. -- goes over the bidders right now people are saying there's just three just three. Cola trump. And -- Bon Jovi Toronto armed conflict. And also in this story that noted that Tom Golisano may still bit. He's he didn't see yesterday's deadline is applying to him. Having met mr. golf -- concede happening. But in fact why it would Morgan Stanley turned down another competitive and of course he. Did you could to. If you go more than one point three billion dollars. And they also mentions that Kabul the bureau of the man who apparently was duped into meeting with the Bon Jovi group with the idea that all -- now. They're gonna spend money to build -- stadium in Western New York that line of course. But the one thing at the very end of the story that I saw quotation from Michael Colin White nose right in me and for for Donald Trump. I'll read this over the Buffalo Bills article. A top trump -- aides said Tuesday. That nobody should misinterpret the remarks were Donald -- that he's not gonna do anything stupid. By beating -- indicating trump remains in the hunt he's referring to the crazy number bit on the LA clippers in this of the first NFL team along time. Hit the market that since 2008 supports. Several years. -- -- gone goes on to say he's his thought is that somebody may come in with some stupid number Donald Trump is not going to chase stupid and you know what. Maybe it is stupid overpaid when you got the money that Tom golf so. You can afford to do some things. Just because you feel stupid. Right and by the way the idea of keeping the Buffalo Bills here not stupid to me. Not stupid to me at all and by the way the idea that the schools owning this team I don't like it. I like it a lot like mrs. who I think she's a class act. A criteria -- like the people who work around them if they are this team. I'm on top -- talk more about the comments on the Buffalo News story after we pay some bills here on news radio 930 WB.

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