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7-30 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- is a way it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 WB EN. Welcome back we're talking about domestic violence and the Ray Rice issue if you're not familiar with -- Ray Rice -- running back for the Baltimore Ravens. This year in a casino elevator in Atlantic City. It appears he gave his fiancee an upper cut and knocked her unconscious. And once the elevator reached the floor. Instead of picking her up and carrying her someplace where she could be taken care of he dragged her out -- on the floor. Out of the elevator the NFL has suspended Ray Rice for who'll whopping games. Saying basically that. Domestic violence is inappropriate and we're going to give you harsh penalty. Two games. And a paycheck for the third game while the NFL suspends people for four games. If they're caught smoking pot. Now. I am not saying that smoking pot is okay. But I am saying that time -- violence is not. And I think the NFL has failed here in its effort to say domestic violence is not okay. Others have weighed in on this and paid the consequence and we'll talk about that shortly including Whoopi Goldberg rule played a segment of what she had to say about this. And listen for your comments as well but first I wanna go to stand in the flower city because he's been waiting for awhile thanks for waiting Stan. Good morning very very good thank you. I'm looking at. Though it -- you're. He's an example. Money talks. Who walks. We have a very heated judicial system. The punishment and even like -- rate right. It's big window you can go from him -- token we're put him in jail for life. We've got to start correcting some of -- because. In -- rate cases -- life married him he he kept kind of bullet into the renewable. Enigma there but it -- never be told that true and I just don't like what's going under did too flexible there's too much nonsense involved. I just don't like the signal that it sends. When your beat up by a guy and then use still marry him why I don't think. She should have married him as quickly as she did if she felt she still loved him and that you know this would never happen again. I I think she could have waited a little bit longer. To say okay time is passed we sat down we've discussed this I feel now that I am comfortable with a where he's at. But it to Merriam melodic a couple months later I I just think it sends the wrong message to two other people. Sure we are sending the wrong message you get an example there's people in jail for youth and a handful of drugs. Other people plea bargain. Admittedly spent millions of dollars to stay out of jail again money talks. It also kind of reinforces what a number of people upset over the years that. Athletes are part of this entitlement society and they can get away with what the average person like you and I could not. -- well they got the -- Yeah you'd take an average athlete dead. You know it is just a normal person never understood how to handle money never understood though I think he -- my -- be derived gambling drinking do guards. And all the sudden it amended our fallen and they think -- question now from the law. And you know what but money talks. What do you feel would have been on the appropriate. Sentence that the NFL gave Ray Rice. All right wait thirty days McCann. Well that the NFL. -- the -- Willie NFL can't do that. I would have been arrested in lock him up but he girlfriend shot a pot of -- that you know rainbow what they -- it -- which it had him arrested. -- domestic violence whoever you want to call it brutality. Treated and -- and when you come out we'll talk about it. Well he he was arrested and charged and he is going through a program right now. About a domestic violence. And we whoever I. -- probably be ninety days in county. All right -- thank you very much for your call appreciate hearing from from Rochester today. Yeah. And the double standard. Entitlement and and us playing jokes. All right let me set this up a little bit and help -- we played this earlier and I I think it would be good for many if you -- here at who we're not -- earlier in the program. Whoopi Goldberg well known for her own comments and her acting. And she is one of the women on TV program called the view where a number of people are allowed to give their vehicles on things -- -- share their opinions. Stephen A Smith. Is a gentleman who has been on ESPN for years who has been hired to share his opinion on a number of sports topics and athletes as well. Stephen A Smith gave an opinion about domestic violence in about the Ray Rice issue. And he has been suspended. By ESPN for a week. So Whoopi Goldberg the other day on the TV program the view spoke about Stephen A Smith and his suspension. And about Ray Rice and the issue of domestic violence and the women. Hitting men listened to what goal Whoopi Goldberg had to say and then we'll share your thoughts at 8030930. And start 930. He's going to be addressing some comments that he. Legalize and -- player rate rise since two game suspension. For allegedly and it is beyond. It basically says no man should ever in one and but it won't mention how to avoid. Man now some people. -- let me just point out that -- That he me. Is based on what the families and she did. Just let me just make it clear to these high camp and I believe that was. Because I -- I'm gonna catch a lot of -- and I don't care. You have to teach women. Do not. Limb with this idea that men have the symbol everything's still with them to school much. Yeah man and he hits you read -- you don't see okay yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You haven't already then I know don't anybody can hit anybody and don't hit anybody. Tax if you make the choice as a woman who knows what went three and you decide to hit a guy who six months. And you the last thing he wants to deal with that day and he mentioned that you cannot be surprised let's not kidding yeah. -- wow -- Whoopi Goldberg. With some much interesting comments there about hit mean each other. Domestic violence and the suspension. Stephen A Smith and in his opinion we welcome your opinion at 803 on 930 and star 930. Domestic violence it. Lets you know be straightforward about it's it's wrong. -- it it is wrong. And when we think about domestic violence I think we think as a society about men. Hitting women. But. That's not necessarily the truth. There are thousands of men who suffer from domestic violence in many of them who don't reported because they feel embarrassed. Because a woman injured them woman hit him. But why is -- society. Are we allowing. This to roll. Why are we nipping this thing in the -- and -- It's wrong. You can't do it and you will be punished severely for. Do you really think of two game suspension to football player. Is going to change his attitude about anything. -- -- I mean this guy's a multimillionaire. It's really not going to make a -- difference do you think the NFL has failed here. Would Bon Jovi have -- had it a two game suspension. 8030930. Is our number on the sandy -- ago with Larry hunter from news radio 930 WB ENN Ray Rice not here is. Fiance unconscious. In an Atlantic city hotel casino. Elevator and then dragged her on the floor. Once the elevator door opened in May it was announced that he would -- program for first time offenders. That would clear his record of a criminal charge provided that he met certain conditions including participating. In family counseling. It was just a few months after the incident. That the woman he knocked out. Married him. What is that message say to two others. I think she could've waited. To marry him I -- I think. It was inappropriate. At at that point. And -- what really kind of bothered me a little bit about this was more recently win. The Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice is a running back for the Baltimore Ravens when he reported to training camp. And when he -- down on the field. Fans cheered him. They they cheered him. That's the type of mentality that makes these athletes field their entitled. They they just have a right. To have more do more and get away with a more. I I found it very inappropriate and and I was really kind of disappointed I felt that you know if fans should do anything the last thing they should do. Is applauding him when he walked out onto the field. Sports Illustrated. Has a web site and one person blind. This and and I thought it was appropriate wanted to read it here because I thought it was very well written. Concerning this issue. This gentleman says key. And he's referring to Stephen A Smith who was suspended from ESPN for a week. By commenting on this issue he says he Stephen A Smith presented an opinion on something that is considered socially unacceptable. Not actually in correct. In it if companies continue to censor personnel opinion. That doesn't correlated with popular beliefs. Not only will -- failed to progress but we will dissolve into a Big Brother type society. If someone presents a matter of opinion that you don't agree -- Scientifically prove them wrong. Or at the that are very least give them an engaging argument that offers an alternative solution. Ridiculing someone and then suspending them for mildly divergent ideas. Is extreme. I I think what. I don't think you should be penalized. For. If you hit someone. What are your provoked an you may have a right to be penalized for it. But the fact that other people have opinions about this like Stephen A Smith from ESPN and Whoopi Goldberg from the view. The fact that people are concerned about this season and are willing to share their thoughts. I don't think they should be penalized for. You can give us a call 8030930. Or start 930 and we won't penalize you for it. We won't see that you lose your job or get suspended for a week or or lose money just because you have an opinion. You're you're welcome to that opinion. It may not be the same as minor Tonys -- or -- It -- -- be the same as all women or all man. But you have a right to the opinion. On domestic violence and whether or not the NFL suspension of just two games and a paycheck for a third game was appropriate if that sends the right message to athletes today concerning. Domestic violence. But. What we don't seem to want to admit in our society because it is embarrassing. To many. Is that there is a domestic violence problem in this country also with women attacking him. It is out there but so many men feel embarrassed by it. That they don't report it. And it and it's kept underneath the blanket. We need to bring it out in the open we need to say that. It doesn't matter with your man. If it doesn't matter what you're a teenager. What matters is that as a society. We need to show some respect for opinions. We don't have to agree with the but I don't think there's anything wrong. We have here in an opinion. And then going to the devil's advocate side. And listening to the other side and then being able to make a responsible decision. Bullying we've heard about that in school so often now in the last couple years. We have to stop bullying and we have to prevent bullying and we after. Bring up the the issue and talk about it and make these rules and regulations so students are discouraged from -- and what will it is that domestic violence. It is not the same thing it's -- him if it's provoking. And as a society we need to find a way to encourage people to understand. We can't do this whether it's it's walk away from it whether it's called the police. We have to find a way within ourselves to say. It's not right. Especially. When an adult uses children. As a part of the domestic violence program. It's wrong. You know it's wrong. And yet. Some still do it. As a society. We really need to start changing our ways and I think taking a look at ourselves. And say we need. To say it's wrong we need to tell our children it's wrong and we need to learn to find a way to walk away or call the police. Years ago what 203040. Years ago there -- there was not an easy way to contact the police. Most people to -- have a cell phone. If you need to call the police and you're out somewhere you have to go to a pay phone if you didn't have the money you couldn't use the pay phone there wasn't a 911. Things have improved. So much over the years. In a way that we don't have to put up with domestic violence. If you see a problem and you're out in society you can call 911 you can get a hold of the police use you can stop this. It needs to be done. Another thing that is going on today. Is the bidding for the Buffalo Bills. And I'm and avid bills fan have been for years I'm a season ticket holder I think I've been a season ticket holder for about seventy or eighty years now. What it -- okay not that long maybe seven to your. -- you know I wonder how many games I've been to probably. Over 250. If your bills fans how concerned are you today about the bids for the bills and the fact that this Bon Jovi. Up in Toronto. Is making a move it Altria and I thirty is our number on the sandy -- -- with Larry -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 930 yard toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As the warm up a little bit looks to like the weekend will -- a lot warmer here to enjoy. Maybe get out on the boat again I just wanna remind everybody in case you're -- familiar with -- they're talking about the possibility of water spots today over over the lake. A water spout is a tornado. But the meteorological term because it's over water is water spout. To me the where were tornado. Is a lot scarier than the word waters -- But if you seal wars about you would be advised to to get to shore and and be aware because they can grow and be very dangerous -- 67 degrees not too bad these -- by the way Rush Limbaugh coming up today at noon on WPE and those of you who have listened two sandy over the years are probably well aware of the fact that Tony is a big sports fan and and by big I mean. Popular sports fan I don't mean big -- he's I mean. You rod and I understand the insults when their opinion deliver. I see now it's here on tour. Are we gonna have worked violence here. Don't EIU we're talking about there's some of the bids for the -- the bills today. If you been listening to John and Susan and WB channel morning. You heard that -- officially it's been reported there were three bids for the bills yesterday there was a deadline of 5 o'clock yesterday. In which people were supposed to be -- now Tony you did not get your bid in correct. No but Chris I'm not too late MI they still have that you tell me before that they still have or can't like as a matching Golisano. Surprisingly wasn't on there but they can still open ended. Yeah the trust can change their rules so if you really blow them away. -- you still have a chance I think I'm I've still got time you know continue to collect well that's good that that's I saw the piggy bank here in the corner there whether. The idea. Bills thing on it now well you know that that's good yeah and knicks can have his lemonade stand going a little bit later on after after -- get out of here so. You know we will be able to bring in enough and I love -- gas primarily dues so like I'm I'm looking forward to it as well. Three people. And put official bids in according to reports on the Buffalo Bills but even that's conflicting because the EP I believe the -- eleven now. And I don't I can't think go. What eight others can can you think of who the others might beat. No I mean other than Dallas -- as we sat down because you know I was surprised does not see his name out there and a yeah that that caught mile a little bit off guard them course I mean all this is basically it's really unofficial but. Things do kind of leak out they they want the public to be aware of some things the highest bid according to reports. Is by -- cola. And one point three. Billion. Dollars yet but I guess the Bon Jovi group did one point two -- no word on which prompted. I I think it was 229 million to twenty to -- it. He wanted a bargain not 1995. The dollar hit -- head he's willing to I'll bet if if he'd be. I tell -- he's the one guy you know. It would be tough if you had to pick between Bon Jovi and -- that would be very. -- -- -- truck because we keep them here for sure what I hate him and him as an owner. We just -- Jerry Jones would you want that. I don't think Donald -- is really serious I I think he's looking for the -- publicity of the attention. But I think he is not serious. About any purchase. Towards the Buffalo Bills I think it's about Donald Trump it's not about the Buffalo Bills what we would know if we found out how much -- if his bid is under a billion dollars. That we know he really had no intention. Now let's share this -- Knowledge that we know initially. As I understand it when. -- passed away and they started talking about. Individuals who would be interest in the bills I believe they were talking about the bills value or or the wealth. Of the organization and about 800 million was 875 according to Forbes that was that Hokies almost 900. Million dollar write a -- so under a billion. Right and the reports today are indicating that two of the bids that came in and their unofficial -- -- the these are not. Being held and in stone that they can be changed but two of these bids were over. A billions so you with that information you have to assume that at least these two are very serious right. Now. Bill's fans. Who do you want -- Bon Jovi. Or do you want Terry Pakula. I I I think PM let me think about this -- -- -- thinking non. Spent a lot of time and -- -- I kind of think down that we would all prefer mr. Padilla yet. And for a couple of reasons not just. Anti -- -- Bon Jovi in the end the letter of the team going to Toronto but let let's look at mr. Bogle. He already owns -- sports franchise. So he has somewhat of a background and understanding. All the sports franchise and what involved not necessarily the NFL but any new owner in the NFL. Doesn't necessarily understand everything about an NFL ownership but those who have had a sports background who have had. A franchise and another sport preferably a major sport like hockey or or baseball or basketball. Would certainly have a better understanding. Of how to run. An organization -- So in in that instance I think you know you have to favor Terry Google and I think. Another thing that we have to look at here is that. The trust. Left from -- Ralph Wilson. Doesn't have the final say the NFL guys don't but he doesn't. The owners have to approve yeah yet after approve or forgot what the margin as. Like to you right. Is it three quarters. To two thirds or three I know it's more than half. I can't remember the number right after that do you. Think that the NFL owners would approve an an owner that. Would consider moving the team to Toronto and we know Jerry Jones would because he's been a public about -- CNET you know I would support Bon Jovi and he a group to move the bills to Toronto. Another reason why he's one of our favorite guys out am I I have bend down there to the new Dallas stadium. But I tell you what I don't think enough NFL owners would go with that because Toronto would not count. As far as ratings gold -- news Toronto when they negotiate with the networks correct yeah exactly yes. -- I wonder. And that brings up but an excellent point Tony because. The American networks would have to get rights to broadcast in Canada. All all of them do like for the Olympics and and things like that they can't just go there and and broadcast. Vienna. While I guess I don't see the Bon Jovi group. I mean yet they put in a series bid by and I think you'd have to say right now I'm Terry -- is the front runner but I don't think the the majority. Of the NFL owners. Would want. Area Canadian organization like I could see the room -- Of Pittsburgh saying yeah let's vote to move of the bills to Toronto and no I don't see that happening and exactly exactly. It we have seen the NFL. Make a number of moves. And interestingly enough. A number of times say when Cleveland went to Baltimore. Saint Louis went to Arizona. Oakland went to LA. -- back to Oakland yeah. Saint Louis got a team again Cleveland got a team again. I don't think that would happen with the bills but I don't think the NFL wants. Buffalo to to be a franchise that doesn't exist anymore I think the majority owners. Appreciate buffalo what it offers knows it's a solid football market it's a solid sports' -- certainly more solid than Jacksonville or. Even Miami dolphin the dolphin fan based doesn't support them like bills fan support -- an awful -- I was down at the Jacksonville stadium. And they try not to show this a lot on TV. But they have covered it. End zone seats in the Jacksonville stadium to make them not salable so they can try to sell out the Jacksonville -- news. That's how pour the fan bases in Jacksonville well that's why you constantly hearing that Jacksonville's mentioned as a team that could wind up in the LA. And -- you throw in the Reagan I just told you this -- the raiders are talked in the San Antonio Texas now. Florida is a college football state correct it's really not a professional football state if if Tampa bar or Miami. Is winning -- really well they'll get sick fan support but Florida. Is really a college football state that's hurricanes and seminoles and gators absolutely absolutely. Take a break we'll be back is sandy beach Hillary hotter on news radio 930 WBE and good afternoon dealer -- for sandy beach today will be in tomorrow and Friday. As well Rush Limbaugh coming up at noon today. On WBE. And been talking with a Tony. And a little bit with Chris. In the other room about a the Buffalo Bills about what it is happening with the bids three bids. On the Buffalo Bills so far Donald Trump. Bon Jovi and Canadian group and Terry -- goal of the highest bid. At this point appears to be Terry put below one point three billion to me that says mr. delay is serious about purchasing the team you know. And I guess he could up that ante at at any point so. Oh yeah he seems to be the most serious one. It just makes so much sense for him you are arbor us senator downtown. Got the sabres. Now -- throw in May be new if you were inside a new stadium. It could be phenomenal. You'll -- and I talked a little bit earlier today about the possibility of a new stadium. I don't know if the -- bounces many other stadiums NFL stadiums but I I've gone to the new stadium in Dallas. Which yeah was up a big. Billion dollars stadium in which they said you wouldn't be able to kick the ball and hit it the screen in the center of the stadium Manny didn't Thursday -- yeah. I was not impressed with the new stadium in in Dallas it is huge. It has a lot of amenities but to go to a football game and watch the game. It's not that good a stadium our stadium is far superior to that as someone who has been to our stadium and seen the improvements over the years. I think we have one of the better. Stadiums to view the actual football game there are no bad seats they're -- Here it that's -- point you can see the game from every perspective. And it is an excellent stadium to get access into and out of I've been to some stadiums where it takes you for ever ticket out of them if it's terrible the old Foxboro Stadium was a terrible call not only was the stadium terrible but trying to get the error. What was awful and getting out of there was even worse. -- -- and that still list I mean the traffic there in Foxborough was it is terrible still awful. But I've been to the Jacksonville stadium I have been to New England. I've been down to Houston to the the dome and that's where you and I have a slight differences of agreement -- Like the open air stadium and and you kind of prefer the don't. He had rather have a dome I'm not brave anymore where I wanna sit out in the cold I wanna be pampered from that kind of money. Then it costs to go in and -- in the NFL experience. How wanna be treated nicely I wanna sit and comfort I don't want to freeze. I I've been in a couple of domes for football games and it felt strange to me it it it just really did it. The idea of going to a football game in the beginning or middle of September. And having to go indoors on a beautiful fall day. And lose. That weather elements as part of our home field advantage. When you look at the fact that the Buffalo Bills have never had to postpone the game because of weather. Yeah I think it's cold sometimes but you know sometimes he gets extremely hot for base. All games to I've been a playoff games against the Oilers the championship game against the raiders. That was too -- that was not fun. It was not comfortable no I don't need that plus I want I want multi purpose type stadium I want to be a whole other events in the yeah I I like the idea being an outdoor stadium for football there's something about the elements. That I think -- just a part of the game when you've taken grass away did the whole time football feel is gone. It is just at a different art animal nowadays. What studios still have grass. To Green Bay doesn't do it. -- British -- breathing yes Green Bay does have grant doesn't Chicago's don't have why Chicago still has grants and what about the Cleveland Stadium. Today of grants I wanna say yes OK Pittsburgh dolphin and -- doesn't. No I don't take -- Pittsburgh does okay. Those the Florida. Miami does it does Tampa the new stadium their new stadium. I wanna say grass yeah. Yeah Jacksonville programs right -- Oakland has grants them as the new San Francisco stadium programs that I don't know yeah. In Colorado they've got lots address they do it and they actually do yeah they're making money. That that's a whole another topic area I think Bradley might kick off is if fortune when he instead of 4 o'clock if if they expect it -- -- mile high. Medium. When they get to the stadium -- have to announce ladies and gentlemen you're here for a football game and the fact that The Grateful Dead will not be coming out of it at halftime and it up. Yeah that's that that's a whole another story what's going on out there in Colorado. Here's an interesting thing I just -- A stadium that has grants Phoenix. Arizona -- and and that's a dome. This is every dorm or retractable. While -- -- they take the field and roll it is roaring yes that's neat it it is it is they they actually have a grass field. That is movable and when there's not a game they take they put it on like train wheels on a track. Move it outdoors. So it has the error in the sun and they water it. And then the day before the game they roll this thing back in to the state and it's real grass that's right. Now. Why that's expensive ball yes and there's the other point that that I wanted to mention to you. You put a dome on a stadium then the air conditioning comes in to beam and possibly the heating in the -- we don't have to worry about her condition in December but ticket prices will have to cover that expense and that's a big expanse. So ticket prices will go up with a dome stadium you now. Just don't want to dome well then again I mean you're. You may make a bit on the team so money is hammering after the show I -- lemonade stand I'm telling you could answer to clean off. Thanks to an -- Niagara Falls doesn't tax me that's appreciates hear your thoughts and in comments thank you Chris for taking care the phone today and thank you for being a part of the show on this Wednesday at yourself a great day get out there and enjoy a little cool you know it's kind of refreshing and comfortable. -- should be a little bit warmer for the weekend as well. Stay tuned for Rush Limbaugh coming up on WB Ian and don't forget -- start your day tomorrow morning with John and Susan right at 5 o'clock. I'm WB -- morning show Larry -- for sandy beach. On a 67 degree temperature they -- right now. Thank you for sharing your time with us and we look forward to talking you tomorrow. Every -- great day.

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