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7-30 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- away easily every time here it's waiting on 930 WB EN. Good morning welcome back we are talking about domestic violence the NFL -- -- the Buffalo Bills this morning. Bills are in the news sense three individuals. Appear two or three organizations. Have not made bids to buy the Buffalo Bills. Men Chris and higher out of the running Tony said he stalemate put a bit them on the on the franchise I am a research unit rate now -- you know count my money and breaking an index piggy bank and I should have a culvert where you you were talking yesterday about maybe going around that are come here and and asking others if they might wanna join him. Yeah I will -- except you know contributions and home equity group effort sordid deal. Now and I as as a part timer I mean I'd consider giving you a little bit but I you know certainly couldn't -- corners that. An odd that I'd go Morton I two cents -- I don't paper money. Yeah. Cuba is that. -- -- interest did. She's speaking of Canadian. Yeah that Bon Jovi is seems to be making a little -- there are considered popular guy. It hit. It who is loved in Western New York who do you think is more popular Ray Rice -- Bon Jovi. Mean that's tough to -- whatever Israel -- Probably Ray Rice can Ray Rice saying. I don't know can Bon Jovi play football no okay. Well then I'd say probably ray -- more Butler. I've seen Ray Rice play hearing UB yeah rockers played UB we got to watch -- while now. Hello I was aware of Tammy let let's be honest as a football player ray rice's pretty damn good is good okay. -- The incident that occurred here with his fiancee at the time. It is is a concern because he's not the first athlete. To basically be involved in a domestic violence. Situation. Let us try and catch you up on everything in case you just joined us. The yet NFL. Suspended running back Ray Rice of the Baltimore Orioles -- -- -- Baltimore Ravens get the right sport Larry. For two games under the personal conduct policy for an altercation. That left his then fiancee. Unconscious. In an Atlantic City casino elevator in February. According to sources he basically. Gave her an upper cut. And knocked her out and then when the elevator doors opened there is video of him dragging. Her out of the elevator onto the floor of the casino not carrying her I mean let's be honest here. He's a football player the guy weighs over 200 pounds and has very muscular he didn't lift her up and carry her. -- where there on the floor. Out of the elevator. So he's been this bind -- so suspended. By the NFL for two games and he's going to lose a third gain check. As well Ray Rice said. After this event that. His then fiancee and now wife. -- And he'd have learned from Vegas that they have become better as a couple and as parents. Now I don't know hall knocking. Anybody unconscious man or woman. I helps you learn to become a better couple or a better parent I I just can't comprehend that sorry. Now interestingly enough there have been five other Baltimore Ravens this year who have been arrested during the offseason. As well. Not a good. Thing for the and it -- In May it was announced that rice. Would -- a program for first time offenders that would clear his record of a criminal charge provided that he met certain conditions. Including participating in family counseling. Ravi. Was charged with third degree aggravated assault following the incident which occurred on February the fifteenth in Atlantic City. And at that time -- His fiancee -- polar. They were both charged. With simple salt. Okay this is brought up a number of questions concerning the National Football League. The entitlement of athletes. And domestic violence. As a issue. In our society is a concern. What is going on in our country when domestic violence is growing how did we get to this point one is bringing this about and and since win. Do women start attacking man if you are provoked do you have a right to hit back according to Whoopi Goldberg. Who spoke on the television show the view the other day she said basically. If you're a woman. And you attack -- manner that a man you should expect to be hit back. That's basically what she said. So were asking you this morning first ball. Was the penalty that the NFL put on Ray Rice a two game suspension. -- was it appropriate. Did that send a message to other athletes. To other players in the NFL. Did that send a message to society that. If you had a woman. You're going to be penalized. He got a two game suspension. Now I'd Jerry Sullivan made a comment this morning in the Buffalo News and they said basically. That smoking pot. Selling. Team paraphernalia and memorabilia while in college and eating and unapproved protein bar. According to the NFL is worse. Then beating up a woman. Because those penalties. Like smoking pot you get a four game suspension. For beating apple woman you get a two game. Suspension. So we're asking. Was the penalty appropriate. And what kind of message. Does that really send. Two other athletes. Other players in the NFL and to society as general. There's been a lot of talk recently that the NFL has been making an effort to get more. Women fans to build their women fan base. I don't think this is going to assist that process. However. There there is the other side of the story here and that is ray rice's. Beyoncé at the time. She was knocked unconscious. And yet she went and married again. Ladies what kind of message. Deal field that sentence. Two men. What what does a woman's say when she is knocked unconscious. She is charged. With a crime. Her husband is suspended from his job. And then she goes and marries him anyway. It astounds me the excuses that we make today. In our society for inappropriate action. In the appropriate action here is. And hacking your fiance. Unconscious. Just totally inappropriate. Bought. As a man. What do you do. To protect yourself if a woman does the 10-Q. We we talk about equality within the sexes. But when we talk about domestic violence is there really quality. Or is it a totally different ball game. It's totally different ball game let's be honest here. Do you think the penalty was appropriate. I think it sends the wrong message. I think it says basically it's not as serious. Smoking pot. Interestingly enough the commissioner NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Has not come out. And spoke to anyone about that he is sent others out speak about it but Goodell has been referred to sometimes as the enforcer. He's tough. He's not gonna let the NFL players get away with things. And yet a two game suspension in this case. 8030930. Is our number 8030930. Start 930 is a free call on your cell if you're outside the local calling area. It's 1806169236. Should a man be able to hit a woman. If the woman hits the man. And what about the provocation. And as Tony I just said it a couple of minutes ago. Who do you hate or like more Ray Rice -- Bon Jovi does the fact that this Canadian group. Is putting a bid on the Buffalo Bills this does is bother you does it scare you does that worry you. Will talk to you when we come back on the sandy beach over Larry -- for news radio 930 WBE. And sandy beach Wednesday show on Larry how they're sitting in today. We'll be sitting in tomorrow and Friday as well for sandy has he. Journeys to the beautiful 49 state. Of Alaska we're talking about domestic violence Whoopi Goldberg had made some interesting comments about it. Stephen A Smith on ESPN made some interesting comments about it. And you can make some interesting comments about it at 8030930. And start 930 is a free call on ourself let's go to Amherst welcome end of the program this morning hello and. Good morning. I didn't want it I was listening to your program and I just had to Colin because I've I've. And abused in my day and I agree with mr. slipped and Whoopi Goldberg. I just. Because you're one and it doesn't give you their right to bow to him man and I mean women partner and what they do have them. And they should be hit back if that's the case. But I believe that we teach our kids do not -- hit not a bully regardless. Your sacks or or whatever because. It hurts if a woman -- man. It hurts if I mean it's a woman and it hurts. And I just think sometimes women take advantage of the fact that man. Are exposed to it Libya. So. -- some politics. Hey hey you you heard Whoopi Goldberg's comments then. Yeah yeah. I agree -- that I mean heads I've seen women kissed her statement the point where. I want to hit him but he now. Simon has played its not right there it is right just because. You're one and it doesn't give -- the right to high demand. -- You know to provoke him. -- you. There is not only just the verbal abuse and the physical abuse but we have heard stories. In our society over the past two years. -- where women use their children. Against men -- in divorces as well and that is something that that absolutely fury -- mean because children are innocent victims and I have a a friend who years ago. Whose wife walked out on him and took the kids and didn't leave a note or anything and the guy had no idea what happened if they were alive. If they were and accidentally called the police it it upset them terribly and I think as adults. It if there's one thing you don't do it's used children. Against your wife or husband. It in any kind of dispute I understand that sometimes physically -- you'd just reach a boiling point and sometimes you. After hit a ball all Walter or. Throw water balloon or or something right in fact years ago you may recall they made this was was it was a styrofoam it was like a sponge brick. And if you got mad at something you could throw it at the TV and you remember that. -- yeah. I mean if there are ways to let out your physical frustration I do it with a golf ball sometimes sometimes I just write the word Obama on my golf ball into its market. It now. But he's not the only politician. Whose whose name I've done that way. But I think it at some point as a society we have to ask ourselves how did we get here. And it and what do we do. To send the message that this type of violence the size type of activity whether it's man -- woman or woman -- man is is an appropriate how do we do that. You know you'd just -- just have to teach. It's not right and not use man or woman just in general it went right. Regardless what you're Sachs says that it's not right because when you say. You shouldn't hit a war and there it's something that's not that we're maybe it's OK to hit him. You know it is located hit anybody bullying it's bullying and hitting it is heading. It doesn't you know nobody talks about men and being bullied by their -- And -- he had. And enhance they don't buy it basic you know people they all for crying out -- so much bigger he can take it then it doesn't that's. Not the point. She shouldn't be doing that either. Thank you and I appreciate your comments this morning and a good point. Maybe instead use seen the term man or woman we should just use that term person. And you should not get a person -- in buffalo this morning he's also on WBE and hi Tony. Other well I'm here and you're there. You guys that oh what kind of message -- that one oh woman Mary manner or something like that. All ability accurate I think governor air while players of -- where. You know topic keeping it all is. Lot bigger than probably yours -- mine -- I -- I mean their anger or you're doing or any finger. It looked that -- art. If a woman. Is willing to accept domestic violence. In order to marry a man with money. What does that same two other women. Now. I I don't know what you are the -- it Pirillo will already know. I got -- wanted to write think -- Now I I don't know fight I'd go that far but. Because let's be honest sometimes men are willing to go pretty far from money to. Yet it's not like men haven't married women for money -- But they probably didn't Peter up. -- All right Tony thank you appreciate your call at WB in. 803 on 930 is our numbers start -- thirty if you wanna join in was Whoopi Goldberg right. I am America and it seems to move feel that though what she said made a whole lot of sense. If you think you have a right in a man. You should be expected to be hit back. I I I don't like the idea of hitting either way. And maybe we should eliminate. The term man or woman. And start using the term person it's not right. To to hit another person you -- right to protect yourself if you know. Yeah I -- someone comes actually with a shovel he got a right to protect yourself. But domestic violence is a problem in our society today and did Ray Rice get the appropriate penalty. From the NFL share your thoughts -- -- on news radio 930 WB yet. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and -- nine journey -- toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Thank you -- Larry hunter in today for sandy beach Chris Johnson taking your phone calls at 8030930. Start 930 a recall like yourself. And if you're outside a local calling area 1806169236. The NFL says that if you smoke pot. If you take some kind of enhancing substance that is inappropriate. For sports. Will find you at least four games. Ray Rice. Knocked his fiancee unconscious. In February. Angel Atlantic City casino. He then he dragged her out of the elevator onto the floor. The NFL says. A two game suspension. Is sufficient for you. You think it's appropriate do you think the NFL. Is being a little lackadaisical. They're sending the wrong message that they're being too soft in this particular instance. That they aren't taking a firm stand. On domestic violence and if a man or woman hits a man does that man have a right to hear back Whoopi Goldberg said don't you better expect it. If you think you just go out and hit somebody. You can't do it. Stephen A Smith has been suspended from ESP NN. For a week because of his comments on domestic violence. Your comments are welcome right here on news radio 930 WB Ian we'll go to Dave in Hamburg I Dave. I Larry go to doing good thank you. What that's all -- -- old bird species here. Complete idiot orchards and a warm exchange -- Norton here are the guys so. It's ridiculous to say you know. What you guys and good general manager and that's already are at all. Of why I doubt they'll -- and -- biologists are regular black guys. Active girls learn -- as -- -- -- all on camera. And director Dario later what they would do it thank. Think -- get them. Five years in jail and they were wrong at all -- You know it just serve regular. Person in all. -- -- -- -- If your guy did what Ray Rice did. We you're saying we probably would not get off with a slap on the wrist from -- -- -- Well if if it was a first time offender band we may not get prison. -- -- By all violent felony. That's a violent slowly. This they'd always. And they'd like this guy out like this there's ridiculous. Now I do have to play a little bit devil's advocate with you day because. I feel that there are some women out there. Who can knock a guy out if you have watched so if you watch great ways and if you watch some of these a sports networks. And you've seen some of this extreme fighting and and somebody's women. Bob fighters and and boxers there are some women today who are -- superb physical condition. Who who could be demand. Ferrari right now. But it's desperate setup knowledge has become an -- probably. Forward you know -- -- And so that's a it will play you know watching game anymore. -- but will -- stop you from watching the game. There guard I -- now watching the game no markers that suspecting. No way they did. -- -- -- -- And in order big guys sit around. Well he shared an opinion that that's his job. And and I have a problem. When people are hired to share an opinion and then get penalized for I think that's wrong if if you don't want to hear the opinion the don't ask the question. No it doesn't round. The first Diamond -- that would carpet Bart -- Larry all right do you thank you very much. I agree or Joseph -- all the time. You're going out my job he'd been out where. Thank you very much David nice to hear Crimean you have a Great -- out. 8030930. Our number at WB and let's had up to a lot port and welcome David to the program hi Dave. Man I've been waiting like ten seconds. Can't believe. A I wanna point out. That I I know the way everything's upside down -- 180 degrees out of phase in Washington and with this story because I agree with would be I grew Whoopi Goldberg and no. Some wrong. And I wanted to point out. I think you guys are like misinterpret what you said that I never workers say the guy has the right -- hitter back. She was warning the girls it's your five or you choose to -- six foot tall man who might not be in a very good mood. You can expect the yen hit back there you might expect to get it back or you're taking your chances is pretty much my interpretation what she said. I'll go -- that yeah yeah yeah I want to bring up some. Michael spam if you think this punishment is light what would he get for knocking his boyfriend now. Well again whether it's a man or woman a woman or woman or -- man and a man I mean where we're talking about. People thinking that they have the right to physically injure. Somebody else because of something very sad or. Or something they they they imply and let's let's be honest when you get to politics. -- shores there were people who would like to. A punch somebody. Four for voting for something for saying something -- for doing something for not doing something I mean politics you can get to the the extreme but the bottom line is. I have met. Numerous hundreds of politicians hundreds of elected officials over the years some I agree with some I don't agree with but I wouldn't think off. Ever hitting them or knocking them down -- or punching them because I disagree with them. And my concern is that we've gotten to a point in our society where high school kids. Feel that they they have the right to it to start fights. And and knocked people out and pull their hair or or stamp them with a knife. And and it's just seems to be expanding within our society does this attitude. Of violence and where do we get to a point where we have to educate and make people realize that. It's wrong you can't solve problems with the violence. Well well we reduce we used to solve problems with violence. And since you brought it up I'd like I point out something. Years ago when we used to use force to solve problems when we thought it was necessary. We send we sent battleships we sent tanks -- that you boats are I'm sorry submarines as you know guys with guns. And we used them and we killed a hell of a lot of people that were a lot less dangerous to this country than what we got Washington right now. So when you say it can't use violence. To protect your country I did I I don't know I'd bet that could help. And I I didn't say you can't use violence to protect your country. And I'm I'm talking about domestic violence. I know what you said against the politician earlier so I hate that -- and ESPN. Did you see -- have to apologize that you see it. I I didn't see it but I read it. It was an -- -- the only thing we -- and was what. What is the al-Qaeda on -- side of home with them with a face mask and AK 47. Did that was the only thing missing from that scene it'll look like somebody was point in the climate that is it. Because you know we're gonna get fired if he didn't do it electorate -- sincerity about a pig Latin. Yeah -- all right thanks Dave nice to hear from again WB and I I think they all seem cool by guys afterwards this as well but they were off keel little. 8030930. Is our number it WB and sandy beach you know what Larry -- this morning. As we talk about domestic violence tell you what we'll do -- welcome back and and take more your calls but will play though Whoopi Goldberg piece. Again later on in the show you so in case you missed that earlier this morning. You can hear what she had to say about domestic violence and about. Ray Rice hitting his fiancee and knocking her out we'll take a quick break welcome back -- more your calls on WBE end. Let's be honest for the most part the media -- authorities. Even the average citizen. Sees domestic violence as a crime that is committed by men. And victimized is women. But that's not necessarily true I mean think. About Tiger Woods. There if there's an athlete about Liza Minnelli beating up on her husband yep the good athlete yep that's. Where he says she gets -- electorate up compounds on them ya -- I mean Tiger Woods' wife came out -- with a baseball bat. Well he deserved that. -- -- -- blew her way to say it but that was a nice car -- thought. That the card didn't deserve that. He can afford to hit it. I agree dented demand. The violence it's not just men against women it is women against women it is women against men it is man against man it's wrong. And and we need to take a look at it I think a more serious look at it in our society than the NFL has in punishing. Ray Rice. By giving him a two game suspension and then penalize them. For the salary he would collect for his third game fourteen other players have been suspended in the off season other than Ray Rice this year. And all of the suspensions have been for either performance enhancing drugs. Or substance abuse. And all those suspensions have been for games. Ray Rice not -- A woman. His fiancee. He hit her and knocked her unconscious. And he's getting a two game suspension do you feel it is appropriate. Let's go to Georgia and buffalo hi George. You'll get to a particular call you welcome into that painfully true need to call about. But what if you record one maybe two other the second caller. Because what happens when you are just -- the military ordering Colorado Springs, Colorado and Colorado -- -- -- a little bit. If people cope with the print it out no matter what shelling has to be erected. The Coachella Michael I think caught at least I ignored -- -- -- -- But the atmosphere car OK I know you call they came to my -- they aren't sure what it may get put into. I think what's normal and not a direct hit it still keeping you get arrested. -- -- -- Okay it didn't. We achieved in regard to how it got from now. -- yet to be you're the commander in about 2 o'clock in the morning allocate what you do and a guy with a tightening in the morning and got my quote I left. The next decade back to get my ID. They call she call the police and it would domestic violent you'd put upward trend became to like job that they intend to me I think structure -- -- her. Anything OK they put -- -- break -- project completed veterans clinic is trying. -- that particular subject I'll get reducing what -- gonna get really big maybe -- for domestic violent clashes right. Amid the immediate 36 collections okay. Then the last -- what capitalists -- missed another clip it rated PG laughter. -- -- -- -- -- My eight it gonna go to class fifty people like -- can -- talk about my military record article okay. They've violated -- because I couldn't pay my last class. Double break up that took the court a little electric outlet cover before in my life. Okay let me tell you. Can counselor. Can guiding more cycle accident a week before the -- If he -- there we got a felony conviction. Of officer bill into -- that. Okay like fictional -- -- are we got to refer to -- correct and I got a single with a probation officer I can't. Can't say yeah you're -- good -- you know why if you get arrested for beating his probation. -- Okay it was terrible. So I got to -- what she's looking electric string contractor shot in my country for the department that there are cut back a ticket I would. Polite and particularly different track a portrait Portland if you put job paying 500 to a thousand a week. A two year commitment. And you -- okay. They came back contribute to -- -- -- -- do your job because you're black culture. You know we'll talk part about it -- -- OK I -- a single charge in the buffalo. Graduated from BCC. Went up to date okay. -- think that'll disability. Upload a great place I'd rather. Rejected Jewish life in buffalo okay. -- out -- charge. And let me if if I may percent I'm assuming that I've been in Colorado Springs you're in the air force. Any -- you living in Germany. And I would injure -- -- and -- debacle in August Saudi Arabia but my girl didn't you chairmanship out in Colorado. Sergey let's move because up until they're like not. I'm used to traveling and but I didn't know I think -- I feel good about you don't need to cry -- them into court -- you know and I think it was a terrible situation now I look at. Georgia it if I may interject here a little bit -- win. Did this occur in Colorado Springs what year. Are okay now do you know if there is the loss still exists that if the police come to your house. Someone has to be arrested. I think -- That kind of leverage at the triple digit wasn't -- I didn't know what effect it was about -- content. Diplomatic front classic earlier I couldn't believe it. I can not believe it. But luckily for me out of debt and I have a coalition disability. Lucky actually in the -- you populate -- great city but I think that's something like that back we'll check is not going to be viewed to be part of this new economy. They gotta do something about it. They have -- -- -- a lot of people who do what it's updated what he would also attempted murder really doing each hitter and knock her out in director. Don't -- Yeah yeah and what bothers me is that she married -- that really bothers me because that's send the kind of message that I think says. That you can get away with this it's not that big a deal and it is a big deal. Get obsolete and Monica and I took high school it wouldn't rule -- totally against it totally totally against it. And what -- -- they -- to our country we make it a big mistake. Like a guy hit before yet secure people with the war to -- it. Okay in this country Pollack thank god unrelenting and -- trouble the -- it to a -- Israel it is it's ridiculous it. All right George too George we're we're not gonna go America's that's not the topic today but I appreciate your time and and welcome to buffalo good debt. Have you here 8030930. Is October star 930 a free calling yourself when we come back we're gonna listen to Whoopi Goldberg talked about domestic violence. And women hitting men and men and women and you'll have your chance if you wanna share your thoughts what is likely to -- -- call 8030930. Start on the Arctic -- 930s. Recall on yourself sandy beach a little every -- on WV EN.

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