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7-30 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- a way it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 WB EN. And good morning nice to see the sun is shining today -- looks like he's going to be a better day for you and me and hopefully. Everybody associated with our activities today -- summer -- to and little cool this morning -- Interestingly enough when I went to bed last night. Put the old head on the pillow just kind of relax watching a little TV and all of a sudden I heard this noise and I thought -- wonder what my neighbors doing. And it can be kept going for attendance fifteen seconds and Reynolds and I realize that's under. It was like this long prolonged it. Thunder roar and so I flipped over and looked at the radar and it's like T doesn't look like there's much happening but. And maybe you heard a little under activity. Last night as well but it did not keep media got a good night's sleep and raring to go -- we're gonna talk a little football this morning on the sandy beach it would Larry hundred nice to have you. With this couple other things going on around the area wanna make you aware of I am a big fan of wildlife theater I loved going to -- oh what a magnificent. Theater we we have down there chase. And up another place that I enjoyed spending some time during the summer is our park up in Lewiston. What a wonderful little area that is the village and go there get -- ice cream sit by the river. And up for the next couple weeks. Our park is presenting. The musical Mary Poppins and I just kind of wanted to make you aware of that if you have children or grandchildren. It's a wonderful opportunity in a great theater environment. And ID extremely. Good price. Two I get out and NC a fun musical of course Mary Poppins. Has some great great music to it so maybe sometime between now and August the eight. If you're looking for something to do in Western New York you might -- head up to Lewiston for an afternoon or evening. And see the musical Mary Poppins -- and our partner a great production they put on every year last year went to solve the sound of music there. And what an outstanding job they did just superb so. Again nice summertime thing to do reasonable cost nice area that the disease can spend that the day up there in Lewiston and and -- A nice time. Did you happen to see Tony did you happen to catch this morning. The guys -- in Los Angeles. No I did not the water main break knowledge denied on on what Sunset Boulevard. It was that. It was old faithful. Multiplied by ten neat. And and it hurt some of the facilities at UCLA. Which is the university college of Los Angeles. And I guess some people out Los Angeles now are using the terminology UCLA. As the underwater college. Of Los Angeles but if you had an opportunity to maybe catch I'm sure it'll be on YouTube and at some point. In in the next few hours or so a huge water main thing I mean this thing's probably. Ten and 1215 feet wide and water just gushing. Not giving Niagara Falls competition. But certainly giving down Glen falls. Some competition there. You look at it like oh my goodness. I don't know what the temperature was in Los Angeles. Probably some people felt though that this got to go take off my shoes and just kind of walk through this spot. -- a mess. They are having out there and and that's not been the only. Our problem recently in this Southern California the justice a couple of days ago there was a terrible. Lightning strike out at Venice Beach Chris Tony if you ever been out to Venice Beach in in California Venice Beach have been a Laguna okay. I mean Venice Beach is one these places where it's almost like a carnival. And Venice Beach I mean you find all kinds of characters up and not just people on the beach but along the boardwalk and stuff itself. It's kind of an interesting Plaisted to visit if if you're in the area. What. A very -- lightning strike hit out there and it killed. A one individual and I guess heard about twenty others. Which is there really rare lightning is. I was gonna see more popular but you can't say lightning is popular. But lightning strikes occur more often down in Florida. Then they do out in California. There's a video that I saw not too long ago a man. Who's walking is it's at nighttime and -- get struck by lightning images drop some. Rate to the ground and in that the camera this is still aren't in and then he kind of staggers gets -- starts to walk he gets hit again. I did not see that are out that all my goodness well. A lot of people don't nobody in the National Hockey League the Tampa Bay team is named lightning because. The Tampa area has more lightning strikes in more people have been killed by lightning in the Tampa area than any other place in the country. Really -- am so it's like I said there's. The problem with lightning is related more to Florida than it is to California so that's. Thing out and in Venice Beach was. Really a big surprise. I played golf -- you know I play golf as often as I can. And I -- -- aptly gulf well I've I just played golf as often as I can't. And one of the things that you're told is. Golf courses is a very dangerous place. If there is lightning in the area. Many golf courses have a signal. And have a horn and they will blow it if there is lightning within a certain area to warn you to comment and get off the courts. But today you have to respect it if you hear thunder there is lightning somewhere and it's something you really need to be aware on. Com. Football is a lot in the news not just in buffalo because we have a game this Sunday against the New York Giants. And I'm trying to think if the last time I saw the bills play the New York Giants were Super Bowl 25 I mean in person. I'm not sure I've seen the bills. Play the giants in person since Super Bowl 25 and we don't know what happened there but this is a pre season game this coming Sunday the hall of fame game. And besides the pre season the activities the training camp. And all the things going on with the Buffalo Bills and -- has been. A gentleman in the news lately concerning football and the problems with domestic violence and you may have heard about it. It's been on the news it's been on the radio it's been on YouTube it it's it's been. Around the country it's been in the paper. Ray -- on the Baltimore. Ravens. Supposedly for -- I guess there is not video or we have not seen video but when he and his fiancee were in an elevator. In a casino in Atlantic City. But there was a dispute. I. That your dispute is the greatest word but there was it is appeared to be a dispute. On the elevator. In which the football player running back Ray Rice. Punched. His fiancee and knocked her out. There is and there has been a video out -- for a few days now showing. Ray Rice dragging. Not caring okay now that this is a football player. -- set up picking his girlfriend up and can Rainer he dragged over. Out of the elevator as she was unconscious. And the NFL as. Penalized mr. rice and there are a number of people especially women's organizations who feel. The penalty that the NFL has put on rights is almost a jail. And yet there have been some people. Who have discussed this issue on radio and TV. Who have made reference to the fact that. Sometimes. Men are provoked. By women. And it may not always be the man's fault. That there is a domestic violence issue in which the man hurts the woman. And some of these people who have spoken out on that side of the story. Have also been. Penalized a little bit shall we say one is Stephen A Smith from ESP. And one that hasn't. Gotten a whole lot of -- here is Whoopi Goldberg. Sold there have been a number of people speaking out about domestic violence and problems. With the domestic violence in the NFL. And I would like that talk with you about that this morning and hear your thoughts. On this matter as this is an issue that seems to be growing in our country and it's not just an issue. In which. Domestic violence is man against woman. There is a growing domestic violence of women. Against men. And that's another thing we want to discuss this morning now witness and mine if you by chance have been a victim. Or witnessed domestic violence. And you love to talk about it but you don't want to give your real name that's fine all right. Give us it's a secondary name or just give us -- initials. And because we're not here to criticize you. Oh were not here to condone when you were here to discuss. A matter of importance. To our society. But it's gotten into sports -- when it gets in the sports. It has a tendency to. To be a bigger story because of the sports celebrities because many of these sports celebrities are are idled by young people. And what they do can influence others. And what they don't do. Can influence others as well and it's an issue that I think really needs to be brought to the forefront. Also the Buffalo Bills. There was some bidding going on for the appeals. If you listen to John -- this morning new you've heard now and who's ready and I'm thirty WP and there is a report there have been three. Bids so far on the bills but yet there appears that there may have been others as well that we're not hearing about. And were curious to know what you think about about the bids and -- if you have a preference. As well so little bit -- talk about football this morning football players domestic violence. It's it's of concern and it's something that I I think really needs to be addressed in an open discussion and their will here. Those comments from Whoopi Goldberg. In just -- few minutes right here it is the sandy beach you know good morning I'm Larry hunter. -- news radio and 930 WB -- by the way in in case you're now familiar with it or or your new voters to -- to the area. People hear the word water spouts. And and they think. Oh well it's you know just thing with -- it's not a big deal -- water -- is basically a tornado but it's over water that's the definition there. But -- water spout is really a tornado so if you see. Or hear about -- out in the area. Get out of there. OK it's it's more serious than that south tornado lol that's waters outlawed school no it's it's a tornado. And you you wanna be aware of that. The National Football League. Has suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. For two games. Under the personal conduct policy for an altercation. That left his then fiance and who was now his wife unconscious. In -- Atlantic City casino elevator. Back in February. He'll not only be suspended for two games but he's going to lose a game check. For a third game even though he'll get to play I don't know all you can do that but I guess the NFL it can do some things. A Ray Rice responded recently by saying that he and his wife now and again it was his fiancee when this occurred. And then. They got married. Which I think. Brings about the question. What does that say to other women who. Have put up with domestic violence but anyway Ray Rice has said that a -- and eight is former fiancee now wife. It is today and I have learned -- for illness we have become better as a couple. And as parents. Right now I'm not sure how would you punch a woman in the -- knocked her unconscious drag her out of an elevator. And become a better parent. But that's what the football player has said. Interestingly enough. So far five Baltimore Ravens. Have been arrested this offseason alone. Not necessarily. A good track record. For a football team. Now a number of women have weighed in on this NFL suspension saying that. It's. It's a slap on the wrist. I mean she could have been seriously injured. And he gets a two game suspension went on other players. Have gotten bigger suspension. For non violent activity. Recently on a television program called the view in which Whoopi Goldberg is one of the women who discuss topics on the show. She talked about this issue and what she said has brought about a lot of controversy. Because she has kind of said and now we're going to play which he set for you. That. It's not always the man's fault. That he can be provoked and if a woman hits a man. Beat preparer did to get hit back this coming from a woman this is Whoopi Goldberg. He's going to be addressing some comments that he made on Friday regarding NFL player ray rice's two game suspension. For allegedly knocking out his fiancee investments basically said no mention camera and a woman. But a woman should learn how to avoid provoking a man's anger and now some people are outweighs any let me just point out that and think huh. Comment that he Maine is based on what the young lady sandy. She did -- Let's just let me just make that clear GRC's say and I gave him and I believe that's was yeah. Because I'm not -- catch a lot of -- and I don't care. You have to teach women. -- or not. Live with this idea that men have this symbol everything's still with them don't assume. Yeah man and he hits you read -- you don't see okay yeah yeah. As I yeah somebody -- take -- -- the Sox. It's not people yeah it's -- dumb. And we'd say yeah. You haven't already then I was -- don't anybody can hit anybody. Don't hit anybody. Tax if you could slice as a woman who knows what went three and you decide to hit -- guy -- six months. And you the last thing he wants to deal with that day and he mentioned that you. Cannot be surprised let's not kidding emitting -- -- While wow. -- domestic violence. Is the suspension of Ray Rice appropriate to games and it kind of paycheck. There's a man have a right to hit back if a woman hits him. 8030930. Is our numbers start 930 is a recall on yourself. Domestic violence that's what we're talking about today I'm sandy beach you know what Larry hunter. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that call is now 8030930. Cell calls are free its star 930 or toll free line is 180616. 9236. Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been suspended for two games this season and he will not receive a paycheck. For the first game that he does play this season he's been a suspended and find -- because he hit. His fiancee. To the point where she was knocked unconscious. In an elevator and then he dragged her into the carried her out of the elevator. There's been a lot of talk about this on network shows television and radio. A suspension has been brought out because Stephen A Smith. A commentator on ESPN. Made statements about this and the network felt that the comments were inappropriate. And they get suspended him. For a week. A lot of thoughts and opinions on this I don't wanna ask you first of all of your man or woman which you probably are one or the other. Have you ever experienced. Domestic violence in your life or know of a friend or family member. Who hands and as Whoopi Goldberg said we we just played. A sound bite of her talking on the television show the view before we went to our headline news. Whoopi Goldberg basically said. If a woman hits a man. Be prepared to be hit back. So do you think if a woman hits a man that a man has a right to hit her back 8030930s. Are numbered WB and start buying thirty. Is a free call on yourself we're gonna talk to -- and south buffalo this morning good morning down. Warrants or listen I'm a veteran. In Brussels court. Certain condition. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I never Albert. Didn't sweet spot like kept in the dark. But what that woman barely. And it wasn't for her -- be alive so I never ending great race could -- -- the biggest -- I'm that you Albert could hear -- current and won't. You understand I don't understand. Then he says is the biggest idiot in the world. I had two children and I in the third year old girl. That looks to me. And I have an eight year old son. I try to replay lead by example I would natural purple my -- had a I'm trying to comprehend what I grew up. In Wimbledon -- secondhand. It was Quaid is I don't want mother kicked punched in the face multiple times. So I'm gonna -- opinions mean the other options are more. Let me ask you another question here John you you said Ray Rice. Has to be the biggest idiot. What about the fact that is. What. American provoked -- -- and my -- as part. And she's strong. And -- -- and. OK let let me let me ask you this what about the fact that the -- when he hit and knocked out. Married him. What does that say what kind of message does that send to men and women. She's the biggest idiot in -- world if it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's she's she's justice or of course I would walk away. Yeah I'm my my concern here is I mean let's I don't think there's a person listening. Who doesn't agree that what Ray Rice did was wrong. On the question shouldn't -- pretend -- a woman the -- manner it's been detrimental to the diplomatic. -- net he the man to man you don't. You don't put your hand cruel. The current. Okay Don thank you very much for your time this morning and thank you for your service as well to our country we appreciate it WB EN news radio 9:30 good morning to you Larry -- Live and local for sandy beach this morning sandy vacationing in beautiful downtown Alaska. Our nation's biggest state. Our nation's 49. State went it'll ask you become a state 19601959. As. -- no wonder I didn't do well in history in school returns what does this morning hello rich. The morning. What are your thoughts. Well I you know I I believe probably never had a moment act and I've been married in your situation where now we always like at the barracks. But I never I don't look -- -- -- however -- our situation. That's what this July. Based newspaper. And I saw two women and -- we're you know getting guys it and and that situation there wasn't it was like a lady. I would certainly get that woman Barack. I mean this is not just the domestic violence that situation and it wasn't for all of and I think in a situation like that maybe edged out of. How have we gotten to this point in our society. Where. Women. Some women have become so aggressive. Not only against men but against other women and we've seen it in the high school. Aunt and middle schools where. Women today young girls today. Are attacking other girls pulling their kicking and fighting and throwing them on the ground and other people are just standing around watching. Videotaping this thing so they can put it on the Internet. -- -- -- -- Wow I mean it when I was researching this site one of the questions I asked was. I don't recall. Topics like this when I was growing up as a child. When the divorce rate was not 50%. When families. Got together at least every Sunday and and have family dinners mean. How was a society -- -- nation. Have we gotten to the point. Where women and some women have become extremely. Physically aggressive. Violently aggressive. And at what point as a man. Do you say. You know I need need to protect myself or I can't take it anymore. As a man are you able to walk away or do you feel that you have to defend yourself if a woman attacked -- That this is a difficult situation because. We look at. The so called family values and and society values and and the differences between men and women over the years and it appears that. It is changed. It's just not. What it used to. So if if a woman it's Amanda's does he have a right to hitter -- If it is Whoopi Goldberg right. Should Stephen A Smith had been suspended by ES PM for what he said. We'll take a break and when we come back will play for you what Stephen A Smith said on ESP and and you'll hear why he was suspended. Sandy beach on Larry hunter on this Wednesday from news radio 930. WBE. Sandy beach Wednesday show Larry -- sitting in today we're sitting in tomorrow and Friday as well here from nine to noon in the course. Rush Limbaugh on W -- yen. A Stephen -- Smith. Has been a commentator on ESPN for a number. Of years Tony you're familiar with -- Stephen -- Chris you've you've both seen and and heard him before. I find him I have found him over the years to be somewhat of outspoken obnoxious. Howard Cosell wannabe how would you. State how how do you think is Stephen A Smith is. Considered on he has PM. I like him he's one of the few people on ESPN that I do like. I think that tomorrow the reason why I like him as he tells it like it is. You know you may not always agreed I don't always agree with what he says. Bodies up front you know where he's coming from I think he's a breath of fresh air Annan on that station. I've often felt that he tries to find. Some of vocabulary. That. Is impressive. That the way he says things he's trying to impress people. -- -- The words that he used as much as what he's actually trying to say yeah I don't see that at all why he's a very educated man. He takes a lot of pride in his education. And the amount of hard work that he had to put in to get where he is today. Okay so what we're going to do now is play. The discussion that Stephen A Smith had on ESPN concerning. Ray Rice. And domestic violence and the penalties the NFL gave Ray Rice. And understand that ESPN. Has suspended. Stephen A Smith for what he said he's been suspended for a week so. Listen to the comments and then we'll see what you think. About you can here's what I mean by that. We keep talking about the guys. We know you have no business putting your hands on a woman I don't know how many times I got to reiterate that but as a man who was raised about women. These I don't know what I'm -- didn't. If somebody. Touches a female member of my family. I know what I'm going do I know what my boys don't do. I know quite -- but there were mama felt that I work for the world wildly and I'm glad to give law enforcement of this is the ball because the way I'm going to be tempted to do. But what I've tried to employ the female members of my. My family so mobile you all met and talked to what have you does that again and this is what I've done this all my life. Make sure we don't do. Anything to revoke all actions because if -- com. Or somebody else -- what this law enforcement assistant to brother plus all the cell is that you know if we come. Does somebody has put their hands when you can't does. Today the fact that they already put -- when you must try to make sure that we can do. Caught in making sure that that doesn't happen that you got some -- that I just horrible and big going to do with any. Anyway and there's never any excuse to put your hands on one that what. Domestic violence or you don't with with. Always have a case may be with men put may have the one in this obviously a very real real issue is -- society -- think that just talking about. What -- shouldn't do. We've got also make sure bet you can do your plot to do without. You can do to make it did it to try to make sure it doesn't happen we know they're -- we -- what it -- we know it probably deterred -- they re -- this case he probably deserves what in the two game suspension which we both acknowledged but at the same time. We also have to make sure that we'd learn as much as we can. Am about elements of provocation not it is a real provocation but. Elements of probably -- got to make sure that you addressed because what we've got to do is do what we tend to try to prevent the situation from happening it anyway and I don't think that's good. Broached and enough is all I'm saying no. Wow a lot said there and I think a lot of what he said. Was not offensive. I mean he talked about. Provocation -- provoking. Violence in and we need to make an effort. As a society as individuals. To prevent that. I. Am somewhat surprised. After hearing that that he was suspended for a week Tony after listening to it what are your thoughts. Guys. I don't think there -- comments worthy of being suspended over. You can agree or not to agree but I don't think he should should have been suspended. I think his partners skip Bayless too proud to be suspended every day after the dumb things that he says -- and that program. But you know that's that's his opinion. If you hired him for his opinion. So Letterman -- He I I am beginning to really have a problem with all these organizations. To hire people and I asked for opinions. And then get upset because someone gave their opinions just look at the Rush Limbaugh situation with the ESP and that was the point where. I wrote ESPN off as as garbage. So I really don't watch them anymore Bruce namely because what they did to Rush Limbaugh they hired him. For his opinion he gives his opinion in and the fire him and then you have Chris Berman and Tom Jackson. The stand around the -- you know at first they were OK with that and then a little bit later they acted like they were upset the follies. Yeah you have to understand I mean were giving you the opportunity to call us and share your opinion. Hey we may not agree with you and we may agree a 100% with a view. But it's an opportunity for you to have a say within. Western New York within our society and as as a taxpayer as as a resident as a person. Who has a brain and has a right to share their thoughts and opinions. What we do that as humans I've. Have just I met someone the other day. And and we were talking about some things and and wanted to comment that was made is no -- in when you go on a first date. You don't talk about politics and and religion. -- and my thoughts were or what if you met in church. -- want what's what's wrong with talking about religion. What if you met at a political convention. What's wrong with talking about politics which we seem to be setting up these guidelines and standards where. He can't do this and you can't do that shouldn't do this and you shouldn't do that while -- there are some laws that tell you what you can and can't and shouldn't shouldn't do. But in an instance like this with with a Ray Rice. You have a couple of problems one. Did the NFL. Punish Ray -- sufficiently to send a message. Not only two other members. In the National Football League and other athletes in general and people in general. That domestic violence. Is not appropriate. Did the NFL suspension was it appropriate. Or should they have done more or should it have been harsher. And then you also have to and that's the woman who was knocked out unconscious. A few months later. She goes. And marries the guy. What message. Does that send. To mention. Is that a similar message that Hillary Clinton sent. When her husband. Was having sexual relations. Behind her back. And Hillary. Said that basically I'm going to stand by my man. Although we know there may have been some other reasons for that. But if women are sending a message to men that they can get away with -- it. Then what as a society. Are we saying to our young people 8030930. Is our numbers start 930 a free call on your cellphone. Domestic violence. That's what we're talking about today I'm sandy beach you know what Larry hunter.

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