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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Organ Donations Urgently Needed - UNYTS CEO Mark Simon

Organ Donations Urgently Needed - UNYTS CEO Mark Simon

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mark Simon is with us on the WP in live line the president and CEO of units. We learned this week that fewer New Yorkers are signing up his organ donors and most Americans. The states now trying to boost enrollment. Mark why is it why is still a donation solo here in New York. Well the reason. Four and a low numbers in your state registry. First to open. Just sick that the registry in New York is not really been a user friendly registry. New York State for the longest time. Would not recognize they computerized. Signatures so anybody that want it to. Roland and yours and registry so our forearm in a melody and it it was a very tedious in that application its systems so. Over the past year -- -- there were changes in the laws. On at least a -- for the recognition of -- Computer right signature which everybody knows he's in their computers and the Internet so. That's one of the reasons -- are seeing actually jumped from being sixteen in the -- to up to number 48 so. We hit some small gains you know recent. Well how about registering with the New York State DMV lots of folks thought that was sort of an ideal way. To ensure that your organs would be harvested preserved and donated. Actually there have been there to mechanism that would place number one registration in the DMB and number two and -- registration through voter registration. Problem what they -- those things are slick cyclical. You're you know you don't register for your parents think it's every eight years now or or are renewal of your life and the most I think so. So while those are helpful they just don't happen fast enough. How long is it taking 44 donation you know -- to get say a kidney and we have Simon in our news from Ellen Harris who's -- Waiting for kidney. How long is the average wait for one of these. Well you're here in -- generic -- over 500 people he -- and he. Recipient waiting lists here at. Erie county medical center. Here last year and in every year we made only chance that he organ donors so. -- numbers continue to grow out of those. Wait times are dependent your you know your blood tighten its image in -- and so there's a lot of difficult things out in the in in the -- this kind. Now your family members should be told -- your wishes is that correct anybody else. While -- one of the reasons so that registry become so important -- the registry New York is legally binding consent register. Street so you really wanted to be a dollar in and -- you're seeing meaning that -- -- signed up by the registry. A lot. -- -- is a legally binding consent and we could move forward. With a recovery. -- -- and even if your loved ones wouldn't wanna do that now we always encouraged to make it easier than you have conversation with your family I'm so everybody's on board which wishes but. Other registries moves were made Celsius -- donors' wishes would be art. Mark let's imagine that you know someone who needs a kidney and you'd like to donate the kidney. If you don't nature kidney can your kidney go to the person you've likened to go to our wouldn't go into a bank. You can do there are directed donations and it happens. You know. Occasionally -- that someone here's the story in -- directly donate it to a person but he also. Directly donate to someone and you have a loved one and the waitress. You can earned that person at some points to get them to move up the Soledad encourages. You know even living donation to occur. What is the sites that you should direct people to if they're interested in becoming a organ donor. I've -- you want from me that you NYT -- work. Our web site and I think everything you need to know organ tissue and blood donation here in Western New York. Hopefully we'll get those numbers up mark thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate it. Accurate and Q mark Simon is president and CEO of the units again that website -- UN YTS dot org.

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