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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>"Sharknado 2" Airs Tonight - Tim Clark

"Sharknado 2" Airs Tonight - Tim Clark

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight's forecast very windy with a chance of sharks. On the scifi channel shark NATO to the second one with some scenes. Shot from buffalo. On the ability of medium line line is Tim Clark NATO. The executive director buffalo fill mode commission. Mr. Clarke middle good morning thank you for joining us. Well good morning -- and I don't want to scare anybody but I radio was down this morning -- -- side and so what appeared to be. Some sort of who hear things happening there but I won't go into. And community. One of the tallest building to -- -- buffalo what actually happened. Not just in buffalo but also big chunk of it up and black port that the L Laporte -- caves. And it. They were a pure in the spring time it was still pretty cold a little but it's not all but. But they got what they needed. You know western New -- And and and is supposed to go to look like New York City right. You know it's -- recognized buffalo -- Well yeah there's there's two machines. That. Viewers tonight should keep your eyes peeled for one is the underground sort of subterranean in a world that exists beneath New York City. That impact is actually the lock port caves and -- -- up from one Erie Canal -- Tom Callahan now. And Greg -- -- have you know have opened their case for these guys. Than -- -- is in the Lafayette square region they were actually up. On top of the brand building. And then also would probably -- -- buildings so viewership. Cannot pay attention that -- tonight. Extras were -- -- still here. Well that would allow local crew and there's actually some not just sector is jam but primary actors. Great actor in buffalo Michael -- Is is Annette. On the he's they sagged after his Screen Actors Guild actors so. He plays he plays a little part -- it and I think there are some others that you'll probably see some western New Yorkers will appear -- that. Well tonight I ask you how they get a job. As an extra because you know you have got to get me and Susan starring role in one of these future films won at least. Well you know it can. I'm telling that you guys come right out of central casting -- -- built sector when he was up in the studio a couple of weeks ago I came out of there aren't -- while I could use those guys and I. In a radio scenes so. All you impressed even Hollywood type. Well we're we're just trying to keep up with Dave diva. Yeah well I mean Dave -- an area where -- Yeah -- EA EA. He you know shark -- the first one brought up Twitter. And there were like 5000 tweets per minute it'll be interesting to see what happens tonight. You know what it's just so outlandish. And so funny and so they had. And chaotic. But batted away that's actually having somebody once describe -- NATO is like. The best bad mobile leprosy. And it's very true when when viewers watch tonight on inside right channel at nine it's. If you know you'll scripture and wonder well -- about but man it is -- Twitter by storm and has taken. Actually is gone beyond the country at stake in the world by storm. Ellen Harris was just telling us it's so bad it's good. I it is it's very very true Allen is a is a good movie reviewer -- -- -- right and had to -- -- Well you know -- reason. They've actually. Started talking to us about that. That I guess I gotta be real careful about what we do but I wouldn't be surprised if there are some more shark sightings up and around the Laporte cave there's maybe. OKMR -- -- nice to talk with you and my little Iran and Susan thank you very -- -- -- right -- -- -- OJ as Tim Clark executive director of the buffalo Niagara film commission.

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