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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>DC Gridlock - Congressman Chris Collins

DC Gridlock - Congressman Chris Collins

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Congressional gridlock it does not appear likely now that congress will deal with the immigration crisis before it leaves on a five week recess. Joining us on the WB and lifeline congressman Chris Collins Chris good morning. Good morning well this is not helping with the approval numbers only 13% of the country right now approve of the job that congress is doing. Well what's what's gone on here. Well how we we have are in Harry Reid. Who run this kind of an individual who won't. -- even allow we have 352. House bill forty of them working on the economy job. Better -- what anguishing in the senate Harry Reid. Under his direction will not allow them to even come up. We're -- We also have a president and leader Harry Reid and we keep close to work. I tirelessly. To inject politics into everything we do you think -- and are built. Not a single Democrat in the house voted for the armed. Are you sure that doesn't make any sense until you realize. That if you interject politics which the president certainly. At every turn. He wants. This country. To languish here it is so he can blame. Republicans. And playing the blame game with the help of the liberal press all of a sudden people say the Republicans the Republicans the Republicans. Well we passed bill after bill after bill could bill's bipartisan bills. We allow Democrat amendments to move forward house these bills go to the senate. Harry Reid lox from down we passed seven appropriation bills of the twelfth. Not one has passed the senate. You think there. For five years the senate didn't even pass some budget. And then when we force their -- with no budget no pay but they can't never balance. So. Susan unfortunately you're seeing politics at its worse. And certainly the Republicans. Are have our own issues you know with -- right. But we seem to be able to get things done we got 352. Bill languishing in the center. You don't hear the president leading on any of -- And when you've got this CEO the president who who refuses to lead in any way. I used more interest it and raising money and playing golf. You'd see what she's seeing which is. The Republican and house passing good bills sending them into the senate and they got the Republicans and house. Asking appropriation bills the senate won't take them up. President who all he does is blast away at that the Republicans in the political manner. And so yeah we lead. In the country are not moving forward the way we should and certainly there's blame to pass. To each and every one. But mostly what you better. Politics that Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi and President Obama are playing in the country paid a price for. Congressman I heard a speaker John Boehner that you -- that congress should be repealing laws not making new one to agree. Well to some extent you are right when it's a looser regulations some -- -- -- we -- all along we're over regulated. And he had a very good point that when. Washington finally does pass laws more times than not. They are over regulating and over reaching. And so he has very good point but there are things we have to do like -- budgets. Like to deal with immigration in the 2008 law it has with these two 2000 kids. -- stuck in limbo but stuck here in the United States. So. What -- Republicans. Don't want are more regulations that stifle. You know economic growth. But. You know we do need to. To go about our business which is passing budget which the senate hasn't done in five years and here they are. You know one month to wait two months away from the end of this fiscal year I haven't passed. These single appropriations bill. Deals with picture which starts October 1. -- the immigration crisis. Is this recess going to come without any action. The. The house I believe will take action tomorrow. And it starts with repeal it -- not repealing adjusting the 2008. Law immigration law. It's for some reason increased kid again in this country. From Guatemala and Honduras differently than Mexico Mexico they're coming from Mexico we turn them around very quickly. Get them back home for some reason 2008 law. As. You know different wording of which we have to change in order to get these these kids home. And the president said that a month ago that will be in our bill but now all of a sudden the president and Harry readers saying they don't wanna change. The 2008 -- doesn't make sense to us. But yes we're gonna pass something in the house. That'll get these kids back home we'll have more border agents National Guard patrol the border will enhance. A money for more judges to adjudicate these are cases very quickly. But again Harry Reid in the senate is unlikely. To do anything. So this is likely gonna go to the senate to die. Probably 150. To 200 real -- hey Chris where we're glad you could join us this morning. And thank you fear their ex congressman Chris Collins.

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