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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Relatively Few Bills Bidders - Jim Fink

Relatively Few Bills Bidders - Jim Fink

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Orbited story this morning -- the business have been received by the Buffalo Bills trust. For the franchise all the WBM live line next let's welcome Jim think Jim's report it with a Buffalo's premiere business newspaper business first agent -- -- thank you for joining us. You know after what you're very welcome. After all the hoopla about how many people are gonna bid for the bills we were hearing as many as two dozen a few weeks ago. And the aware re hearing from. John -- reporter with the Toronto some Little -- three. Non binding bids were received by the trust yesterday but who knows that might not be the correct number I'm sure we'll learn more as. The story develops you know. People are bit confused about those bidding process Jim we kept telling people yesterday that that was the deadline 5 o'clock now we're learning that more bids could be amended. And one of them could come from Tom Golisano who was not mentioned as being among these three bidders yesterday what can you tell us. Well we're all understand. -- yeah I've had a discussion with -- for. That today privately held at -- in the and the public bidding process slate here they're a critical vote going aren't doing a world prior to a right here. -- the truck he'd look at the -- and think they can do better. Or think Eric mortgage interest there's not indicated rate that Dick archer Morgan Stanley. Park -- roads and currently. Let's read dated let's. People who live theater district a -- bidders. And this is an unexpected death burial retreated initially and then -- try to. We are there any more serious -- violence cool. IRR a -- seeing people without Paris you'd be effective. Well we surprised to hear only three events. No not at all. Workflow. Some eighty people that got Erica. You just knew we use our current leakage we're not legitimate or they were seriously in -- that is true financial backing. Very clear entered the -- you know as the financial backing is very interest says. Where the trial folks certainly are are -- trump certainly is although these what are our news the other day instead. It -- -- get into a bidding war he think they'll have a certain very unique practical out there. And Donald Trump also so that he would rather do this alone if you were bitter and not partner with anybody else but. What about Tom Golisano. Is it possible Jim -- Tom Golisano could align himself. With the one of these three bidders and we heard about last night. Everything is possible certainly has a relationship with Turkoglu are very obvious and critical vote favors. My heart is a good mood out there and do it by himself. You'll you'll not involved. Felt -- other investors are. Well I think -- felt -- wants to be involved and -- gonna have to put together in order restaurant group where I'll probably due to the rest church. But Golisano could still get an -- Is the bottom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- that you get it privately held business. The truck these can rewrite the rules that they so desire. That that's happened before. In what does well. So if the trustees especially to -- it and -- and decide. But what really it there's another wave of -- currency without -- -- we go to a certain road. Oh very critical of organs they could. Instruct or cherry -- new bidding -- it's entirely possible. It may have been an attack receivers. What does it surprise you that Alison -- Didn't get a -- and I -- o'clock yesterday. Now I don't I think. He worked itself accrued interest I think. Ratchet down oh. -- is interest if you read. All along in -- could affect what -- this -- He really -- it goes -- your quote they were going to leave. Oh well it's pretty clear now. There. Were pretty -- our prayer. And at least some of the bidders. The ball to the cheers and well built leading errors where it. What do you think that the -- -- -- who reportedly has been more well over a billion dollars for the team. What is charged. -- portrait or one point three billion so that sort or could that be could that be away for mister Rugova to well. For lack of a better -- to scare away other bidders. No I think when you're talking about buying dinner while French aren't. You know what you know it's going to be a scratchy. -- even know what you're talking somewhere well north of billion dollars I don't think. One point treat your way anybody. Earning more than one or four billion dollars aggregate debt level. You know you know era. You know you're up against financial. Network expected -- well. Okay Jim good to chat were you this morning with thank you for your time. They'll probably I think you -- there'll surely brought in or does. Remember this is a long process. AA and on this French ports and we're gonna use a baseball programs. Well probably aren't historians collected in. Yeah usually very interesting and mysterious to thanks Jim Jim think with business first.

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