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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Firefighter Boot Drive Tomorrow - Sean Eagan & Paul Urbaniak

Firefighter Boot Drive Tomorrow - Sean Eagan & Paul Urbaniak

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have to buffalo firefighters -- studio -- those right now Sean Egan and Paul -- any act to tell us about the big boot drive in a downtown buffalo. -- a -- usually we associated boot drives and fund raisers with. Suburban volunteer fire company Sean. Tell our listeners why a professional firefighting unit is doing this. We do. We work with a by. To charities in the city. And we started the boot drive probably fifteen years ago or so and last year we teamed up with we we always -- -- for charity where some of those. Suburban departments to have four. Fundraising for their own purposes are all goes to charity it's all the guys are volunteer not a -- on duty were were on our days off and we just we just like to do we can to help the community to help local charities. Any any room that we can and we chose a -- and Smart. For our fill the -- starting last year and we had great success and we stuck with -- for the here and tell us little more about this charity. So Smart is a spinal muscular atrophy research team and it is. Their primary goal is to raise money to research. For cure in treatment for spinal muscular atrophy which is a neuromuscular disease that affects. Children there's currently no treatment or cure. So we have our charity as. Two scientists doctors that we specifically financial all the money goes to doctors at Johns Hopkins strictly for research. And they're making great strides and we feel like they're so close. That's why our website Smart hope -- -- kind of hoping that always -- all we can do was hope that that to all these efforts that we can come up with a cure or treatment. Four for this disease affects -- mind. And -- of the fund raising effort is concentrated in downtown buffalo because of this confluence of tropical flowing into don't -- -- -- rules to detract from will be eventually. That's correct we try to get them where most people -- common off the exits of the 19 in the -- and one not so we get the most people. Most opportunity to give whatever they can give so we can achieve actually have you guys raised in any given boot drive last year. Is the best year we had and Myers. Career and we made him a little over 31000 dollars if you think about that's a couple hours from people driving in the morning. And -- that it's amazing to be I've been doing this or fifteen years and that. I was blown away last -- so and we had rain was terrible weather. This year we're hoping that in the weather supposed to be decent. -- we're shooting for higher number. Okay it's tomorrow morning -- so give people a heads up you know where you might be. Well -- we're going to be it's several locations around the city let's see we're gonna come off tonight president won ninety gets off the Niagara. Fine City Hall Dolan heard all home and swan coming off the 19 the other way. Open Genesee off the 33. Church in the skyway second Bailey and mean and -- those errors seven main locations where will all be. Here and for you know during morning currently eight meters seven niners. Yeah we would like to be out there by 630 catch everybody were either by nine and we posted signs on Sunday and every corner that we're going to be yet -- people have heads of these bright yellow signs as they are going to be there tomorrow. And we can be prepared and we really do our best to get out of Wayne minimize traffic delays for everybody we don't restrained in -- work so recess for some patients tomorrow okay and folks. Indication of some of the locations of firemen will be with there boot drive collecting money for their favorite charities. You'll find all have posted on WB and I can't Sean -- -- -- Paul -- from the buffalo fire department thank you for coming in the thank you crab and good luck tomorrow thank you.

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