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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>DC Gridlock - Congressman Brian Higgins

DC Gridlock - Congressman Brian Higgins

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Congressman Brian Higgins joins us next on the WB and live -- we're going to talk about our do nothing United States congress. Congressman good morning thank you for joining us thanks for having it. Brian is that to stronger the term I mean do nothing congress -- -- did congress really doing nothing of this session or. Did they do nothing of consequence. Did nothing of consequence you know left here for example over 4000. Bills were introduced in the house. 97 became law but when you really look at those bills that became law. Less than 2% many of them -- ceremonial and consequential. So we're gonna do with the big issues in the structure education scientific research. That historically been part. The growth economies it is the miracle America. And we're following considerably short. And what about immigration this crisis at the border. Are you scared you've got two problems one is you've got eleven million undocumented. People living in this country and secondly you have another crisis at the border 50000. Unaccompanied minors but it is not being dealt with and that you with the consequences. Congressional inaction. So you know if if you don't deal with the problem at a time of the problems only gonna get worse and that's what we're seeing right now. Now -- NL president Obama's threatening executive action is at the way this is likely now. Well if you can't get congress to work together then you know that is these vehicles through which you can try to do what congress is unwilling to deal. You know he can't just let problems fester because we're realizing with C has some quality humanitarian crisis. The order. Probably get -- The congressman is it true that no one wants to go on a limb on anything because you're all running for reelection. Just think it's it's fair to say that in between forward and recycled a permanent presidential campaign is create a situation where. -- everybody's looking for talking points came in in looking to deal substantially within with the problems that that that face the nation. If for example you know read it it is these the American economy right now as a growth problem. He can't do when you're growing can't -- -- 2% or two and a half percent not enough to sustain the current level employment. -- the other problem we have is terror infrastructure roads and bridges are falling apart you know historically congress is met those challenges that's the same time. We've created jobs putting people back to work in helping -- economy. Grow to substantial rate -- over creating. A lot of private sector job defending champion right so. Congress has failed at least the last several years to do the big things that are needed in order to. Sustain the kind of growth it's necessary. To create jobs and help businesses stay competitive increasingly competitive. And global economy. So who's really to blame here for the stalemate. I think I think you know -- parties share. Blame. You know right now the house and the senate are very very far apart. You know we spend you know. -- 5050 bills to hit it to repeal. That the Affordable Care Act when we could have been more constructive in dealing with it and the problems that crop up from time to time because that's the great tradition. Of congress that you deal in a bipartisan way everybody got to get their way put in the -- take the best ideas from both parties could withstand. The ball down field that's been happening right now in. I think slow growth as a consequence. The lack of a response to two to immigration reform is it is the consequences well. Congressman thank you for your time this morning thanks very much. Congressman Brian Higgins.

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