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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Bids Apparently Sparse - Peter Gross

Bills Bids Apparently Sparse - Peter Gross

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the bills bids they deadline was yesterday afternoon and is being reported this morning by John cricket the Toronto Sunday at three bids came in. And these kids were from Terry Pakula. The Bon Jovi group out of Toronto and Donald Trump and joining us live this morning Peter -- The sports announcer with succeeding news in Toronto hate Peter good morning. Good morning how close you guys following this. Should go followed it closely because world by the Rogers communications. And apparently. Larry tenable on the terminal maple leaf sports and entertainment which is owned by Rogers communications also. Put it in a bid in the of that apparently it's gonna cost a billion dollars told the bills so. Both fortunate Rodgers passed away he was and have been a pretty well. -- everything you know we don't believe we will know rappers we don't want which -- soccer team we don't. -- people we don't meet its current and Alex of course. The Rogers generally on the right percent of the football field and I am -- hockey rink in the. And count as well so why not all the bill. You know you take a lot of calls from fans and listeners -- in the Toronto area. What are folks up there are saying about this whole situation on the Buffalo Bills possibly someday moving to Toronto staying in buffalo what are they saying theater. I don't know that there's an awful lot of buzz about it in recent years we've had the bills play one game here. I in the regular season every year in the process sort of like don't. Gone downward do you buy yourself. I think that of course at the Buffalo Bills were to come to Ronald would be terrific support for that I can't let that there's a real bodies were very excited about the -- right now. Yeah there's no real buzz about the team because you like you sort of insinuated. It's not. Toronto's team that somebody else's team right. Yeah and and quite frankly and I yelled -- up to the football team that they're not drawing well. It is either so it would remain to be seen if we got an NFL team. Just how well it would draw on what one -- would do very well. Well it's almost silent there may be a bidding war for this team because there's a report in the New York Post this morning -- Terry Pakula the owner of the sabres. Bid over a billion dollars yesterday for the bills. And that's what I'm seeing a billion dollar -- and. And -- from a mirror one billion dollar general -- could buy you some. Yeah yeah but yesterday was supposed to be the the low ball offer the initial bid. And it goes up from there. You know what you've got three or four multi billionaires all wanting the team. I mean it's at the end of the day it's it's really like an eagle contest is that I want the people -- into the fourth. -- -- do you believe. Do you believe Jon Bon Jovi what these -- no plans to move the team to Toronto. Don't know don't know. If he said that I guess he's -- to be a man of his word. I will be moving to keep from bottle to -- would be politically a very difficult thing to do don't you. I think I -- yeah -- spyware response would buffalo football and after that. All it could be huge I mean it'd be a -- for share. -- -- -- And then that then there's the issue is job is. But he went -- below a movement until 20/20. And the police. I think the NFL would have been sustainable the size of the stadium here too which only could hold about. How mature couple 50000 for football so I think could be a lot of issues there. Hey Peter nice talking with you this morning thanks for the time. Right that's Peter -- sports announcer with 680 news in Toronto as we can you intend to continue to follow these. Bills bidding developments this morning.

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