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7-29 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES. Few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's -- -- -- but al-Qaeda does that Russia. In the 1980s are now. Calling to ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to. Can't recoup. Its strong silent. That was adamant. Tom hourly. Even though it -- I think it right back -- it's live it's local it's Tom hourly -- with cool -- completely cool whip who lived here. Unused radio 930. Back here he's reunited thirty WBA and Tom Bauerle show. This is Michael Goodwin with Tom Tom is out on vacation got me until Friday. We were actually on the a good conversation with pat on a cellphone pat actually tell you from. I am blank here short on good -- -- where it's okay yeah -- But to put a finer point Michael. So part of -- commission has produced nothing. Aurora -- produce milk and what we do you know as it was and it after. The Republicans. -- much extra page. I'm that's not we know that's also that's also part of a narrative it's not it's not necessarily affect. Formal. Investigation -- store -- from the -- and the investigation. Halfway through. Halfway through the reasons why he added that we don't know week we speculate. And that could be part of what -- US attorney's offices and that's right. Now to my next point please don't copy upped its I don't mean any ill will here I'm not a good job. Went -- when we talk about Chris Chris he certainly can't get -- I can't win. I remembered you tearing apart. Parks and rapist -- -- -- -- you are not operative or Republican strategists. Even before. He's oh when it first announced you rip them apart from him mr. his partners are error -- speech and and now we -- We should say well. You're -- Chris Christie and ordinary because he tells the truth. But Michael group photos or go to our speakers. He told the truth and then switched -- round of that. -- that's that's a fair question it's a fair question now I I I beg to differ with you and your -- and your characterization of who are ripped apart I ripped apart. I've focused my fire so to speak. On the chairman. Ed Cox who I still think should be replaced I think he should be tarred and feathered for the way he's run his party. I do not I've not changed my mind about Ed Cox at all. I was advocating an alternate candidacy. Against rob pastor Reno and rob -- him and -- -- -- -- people were smacked him at Donald Trump I smacked back because in Donald Trump was my guy right. But when it became very clear. That there was one candidate. And that he was going to -- that the there was not going to be a primary that trump was marketed -- and probably will never gonna give. I lined up right -- Republican candidate. And that's what we do in in this party I think that that's what most Democrats do as well when the dust settles on a difference in a primary situation. Yeah eight years yet but not. You know because you can't win if you don't draw everybody together I I have no problem admitting with the that the fact that I had another preference. But I imagine the very proud of how -- it was run his campaign he's actually surprised me. In many ways and I think that this. The mistakes made with the -- commission. Now by the way. The -- commission itself. Is that the problem and what happened. And there or is the coverup that's the pro so -- don't know right we have a certain look like one. Look I. Don't know. I just I don't see any Christmas trees around me and I do we see Andrew Cuomo changing -- -- -- and -- and -- the eighties. As bad as that has problems written all over. -- -- -- you know I agree -- stormy spring and I like to strong silent artistic. Bigger corporate cigars were used to get down in the dirt when your. With the page get money yet and I don't wanna get modem. Now to my last point because these are all that didn't surprise me crazy about. He starts shells right you if you. Talked about. How Andrew Cuomo tore apart -- elegant and -- and his -- Britain -- -- the first salvo in their flight. Whereas two were or -- a -- Carl Paladino on others -- a European war. He decided to run for governor some supplements before went. And the -- on to our place and up and he's. Question and foremost father or his skills as a father because she's here to bring his two daughters. To -- -- pray you remembered that I do it and that was that was before formal wedding after that would you know what it. I don't think Cuomo actually opened fire in public on Paladino until after the primary and in any event took him weaker to -- but privately. He was doing a lot of damage. Right but you know -- understand there's all sorts euphemisms -- the golf course game or two Victor goes for a right. Adult and if you wanted it to thirty don't fight with the very bright spot so when we criticized Andrew Cuomo for going after. -- Stanley which were wrong which are also sick colonel was that wrong for publishing -- that these questions some of these other. I think Carl got some got some push back from both sides of the aisle when he wrote that. I spent a lot of time disagree with Carl -- spent a lot of time disagreeing with me. And you know I'm not here to defend Carl Paladino but I I do know that when when the fight was in in in in high pitch. The beating that we took from Andrew Cuomo was singularly unique. You never pick on somebody or their current stronger and and and with more and more money is no I don't at I don't disagree with him -- all I know that -- on this times same side of things here. But I I don't disagree. I'm a conservative Michael despite what people think and I think. Part of my conservative -- users searching for the truth that. Important rocket Israel because they think he's the sort worse at all because he's delivering to Western New York. Are staring out the true and then we went shows I think it's useful. So that we don't get on informed voter that we present. The complete pitcher on this -- both sides are sensors apart essential but at least quoted -- not report. That's good that your it's good advice I I don't disagree and and it's -- Intention. To do exactly what you're saying it's hard to do but it's my attention are trying to live up to a pat thanks like -- Greg implies a town you're on the air on the Tom college. -- -- -- Unless you're. Well. I am not sure. And you mentioned that what these. Fine. All it at -- wondered you know being. A parent you know they. -- Republican Party. The -- mostly. -- -- -- -- -- -- and I advocates a fair question from Topeka WB in. And now this thing up but well that they would get to say about you know we know back. Thanks electric and about -- town by the this and I think it's a fair question -- BBN has a strict policies that if you are working. You know for those of us who aren't full time people here you're working with somebody on the outside you're talking to them. You -- reveal. Your clients are on its full disclosure. From what I know when I first started interviewing these guys for example from -- -- under. I would someone who was struck by them when I when I decided to do some work for them might. And as -- pro Bono to help them out right I told the audience -- thing last week Friday. That I'm behind he's got a 100% open not where I can. I've -- right to do that that what would Greg's asking Islamic political clients. I don't actually work for any New York Republicans any New York political -- at all none. I think. I -- Advocates for solemn I do volunteer work for some because I'm on the Republican committee. In the town of roar which is by the way were -- roar is located a place you should visit because the nicest village. On the planet. But I I'm on the -- -- Republican committee I do volunteer work for. For the Erie county Republican committee I'd donate to both I donate to candidates I'm very. Are devoted to people like. Like David DiPietro. The assemblyman I'm very devoted to. I I'd like Joey the Rico. I don't know I'm I'm close with. -- guys like ghost upon my pilot and others but I don't work for any of them actually very they don't even ask me to because they've got full staff they don't need me. On the national level I do consulting work for the Republican Party here and there when -- -- and invited him. I. I've work as hard as I can't against the Democrats I do things like for example I'm I'm in charge of public relations for group called. Our job creators network which is that an association of corporate chief executives like Bernie Marcus the founder of Home Depot Tom Stamberg the founder of of -- people's. You know and Brad Anderson the CO chair vice chairman of of best buy and the list goes on I have about 45 CUs that work with I worked with a CEO. Out of the midwest his name is I'm Morry Taylor you'll be hearing more about him. Where taylors SC EO of tightened tighter exit ramp for president 1996 Republican primary it and hear about it is. He. He didn't -- And I yesterday Monday I was in Washington meeting with my with the recount of the the retail. Industry leaders association. Are talking to them about the main street fairness act toward the marketplace fairness act was the Internet tax. And it is also meeting with my decline which the company called freedom capital. Freedom is supreme capital as a new company just started last month. Very interesting company. They're Europe and if there are a stock fund that your private equity fund that you would invest your money and there's a whole scene. In investment world called a socially responsible investing where you're seeing a lot of universities now swearing off of -- divesting of fossil fuels their divesting of of armaments company's other divesting of of coal. You know -- and is. All of those. Are very necessary. Investments for our nation if we don't avenue armaments industry who's gonna supply the military we don't have. -- we lose fifty or 40% our our our electricity. Our production if we don't increase fracking. We're not going to have the energy and independence our nation needs our national securities at -- so -- some of these universities in leftist organizations. Divest billions of dollars of stock. Our freedom capital goes in and buys all the off at a discount sits on it makes money you invest you make money off of the stupidity stupidity. Of leftist voters. -- leftist investors. For right now over to go to traffic to your WB Ian Gregor a forecast partly to mostly cloudy and cool tonight with a -- -- 57. Tomorrow your clouds and cool a couple of showers and thunderstorm around the evening. -- that would be one later tomorrow night. Cloudy with a bit of showers here and there lows 58. Thursday some clouds and sunshine with spotty showers in the afternoon some thunderstorms may -- too high of 74 degrees. I think got a great question was. Important you guys need deserved to note that. Computer experts I don't work for any of these candidates talk about if I did Italian. And I probably wouldn't talk about a appointed to the ticket might it would have been inappropriate they are people I support. Like come on percent aren't some of these guys that -- mileage nope I do. But also invite on people from the other side when I can't. On today I I invited a former mayor -- yelled come on to defend is ridiculous remarks about. Asking -- Reno to apologize for comparing Cuomo to. Mafia -- But he refused so I do when -- of people who opposed her or opposite me -- opinions. And that freedom capital thing on the TS every you guys could be -- that meeting is bearing interest I think there's away for. All of us to make money off this stupid socially responsible investing -- socially responsible. I think that's ridiculous. As if if you don't sell all year stock and guns being irresponsible. -- cabin in Pendleton. -- there I I don't. -- you think you know armed wing Chris Christie arm. You know you it is so convenient or. In armor -- -- -- reasons. All right. Like he -- each other in Leo or a similar situation in power are being I think Cuba -- felt. And it almost seem like you know you -- it's -- -- on the property near the stove and Adidas or aren't you in -- In defeat of the reporter in a two alarm that. Right -- down -- That's where I act and really. To be a key fact is you -- DiPietro who now live where else in court Republican establishment. Keep government that. -- -- -- And included. Unless -- rob somebody or eight. I know from ignored or street right mean you can you can convince. -- which. You'd -- being right. You don't -- you to basically get it and you know that you're after -- could be you know part that's understandable. But -- -- -- you guys were -- in Trump's ring to run a huge. YouTube when he. One who can do we know one right now to cheer -- -- country. Well I -- a bit ago. I -- Kevin I I I believe. And everything that I've done in my life I don't work for candidates but I don't believe and you know -- you know it it I mean I've I've I've worked in and out all right believes an honorable fashion right -- I believe -- this when people were talking about Andrew Cuomo's re election let's say you know last year before -- you came on the scene. I said wants a price at once it's at a million times I don't believe the new York Republican New York State senator Jesus H Christ to beat Andrew Cuomo. Arm I then became. I don't believe that I believe still today that it a candidate with plenty of money to throw up against the race could be him because he is not. A perfect candidate he's not somebody who is it -- He's made mistakes. I didn't know how deeply the mistakes ran. But I thought because he made enough mistakes -- somebody out there -- 25 to fifty million dollars in the race -- they they can certainly give a run for. -- Right now that never let me let me finish -- now -- we understand the mistakes he made with the -- commission -- deceive the seniors side that underside. Of this boy from queens. Andrew Cuomo. Some things have happened that have been real dot cents today at Reno campaign. I'll play this I haven't given money to ask three at this point. But I write the check them this week because of the Portland commission and the way he's handling it and I don't consider it money. Throw away at all OK I respect I respect yet but the it immediately treaty is speaking -- people. I am. That. Also. To richer if you. -- Rule yes actually. Pretty good for -- who will. Went down right now he's out all the stops and I think she can report what you know. Every. Beaten Sampras no. Court like this. Country and we picnic in the core 208. B -- when. You're -- it. Might or should treat. No that's that's right Kevin I'm a 100% behind voter ID 100%. And you know exactly what the Democrats say when you talk about what are the it's racist -- at. In. Order. To -- peace security -- Yeah OK Kevin if we get asked read on this week maybe you can call him dog so not on the deal. Or -- to do it again I we aren't armed are gonna petition and so we'll see it's okay Connecticut and order and it would. Thanks Kevin we're gonna go and pay some bills here. And we're back. Tom barrel issue here -- news radio at 930 WB and about to get your blood run and I don't know what does. It's easy it's easy to calm down relax -- that's. -- it jump up in the best interest. So if it were that good right now with talked a Rambo Jim in north title one rabbit Jim thanks for call me. We're -- but yeah actually it that would lead with thanks but let me your church at all. Number one if we can get -- million gun owners and state your job well we wouldn't even. Have a discussion about. The bulk. There you go and number two number two I would think that the guy that's a Michael's -- -- it that your big guy. The -- I think outside the box. Conservative. That. What the liberal old sensible work -- classical. Dot com that. If we could impeach Obama and moved off. Is that the work that and the direct quote we should make a citizen Iraq. That guy is willing to put all on the line. In -- and and just because that the act that there would be canceled. -- body -- if we try to make a citizen direct the Obama. But if we're gonna think this country it's gonna take bold. Worried despite the leadership. -- but the Republican establishment is not gonna do. Well listen I I mean. I don't advocate that kind of -- activity I think that the transition of power in the United States should always. Via the ballot box always that's why are our founding fathers -- shed blood to make sure we never had to do it again. And I believe that we can save this country once we get rid of Obama I think we can recover from almost anything. On there'll be so. Right I get that I get that we Tyson and I always work and and Pennsylvania. Elections in 2012. And ended up working on the get out the vote operation. Four. For Romney. And at Pennsylvania they have a I've statewide voter ID law and boy eight. The liberals screamed like this pig stuck in the gate. And every other word they said was racism racism racism. Like you know you're trying to keep -- African Americans from the polls are trying to keep. Brown people from the polls. Nobody on on the left can actually make an intelligent argument. As to why we should have. A license to drive a car identification. To give in to bars but not identification. It is to exercise the most important right the real. You know what I do when I vote even though not -- not every. I bring my New York State driver's license in my New York State retirement -- -- retirement ID. And I without. -- people I do you know even though I'm not -- do it I'd do it because I I don't -- -- be any question. I -- is that why. No question -- Jim -- what I do. I'd vote and in the senior senator and in East Aurora which I don't know if you bend their religion but it's the nicest I've I'm. Out -- -- you should come out it's an incredible place the visited the better players who have. The nicest notes. In the entire world. But. It's beautiful it's beautiful we actually I sing carols on matrix vehicles off the street we now we are together -- It's the kind of it's where Norman Rockwell would -- this place you got there. But I don't win I'd pull out my. My New York State driver's license might get in our welcome to the nice oh ladies who. Who work the polling place every year it's it's a job that I think is one of real honor. They get paid very little money to do what they do the duke because they believe in democracy these people the polling places. And I -- him the my license and they always say the same thing you don't need that. And under the -- I don't need that and I say yes you do. Yes you don't need that it's a no we don't need that I said. You don't need that and I think you look at it because I'm just making a point -- nice because they're nice people. But if we don't require. Photo official government photo ID for voting -- can't take it's here's everything in and Pennsylvania. They were bending over backwards to give people. I -- a fair official government identification cards in time to vote in the election. Because a lot of people in and don't have driver's licenses for example right. So -- they created their own identification card there were going into the neighborhoods and communities that are trying to get people signed up. And there was people screaming about how I can't get there to get this. This identification -- it was all the week. A bunch crap that is you can get it if you want it if you wanna vote -- give. -- -- people can go play the lottery. And and what you -- sprint or whatever sorry to upper yet there's not a problem. Well on our opinion column we guys -- -- -- Election on site at improbable. Yeah now yeah well I mean it's it's a Democrat talking point because. If they can't intellectually challenged you on your -- on what you like what you propose like for example. I don't know if you've seen I I've I want to show ones this week and try to. If you haven't seen. The new poverty program. That's come out of the -- out of my house representatives. I it's really something to -- And if they if they can't agree with. What Republican says on a certain issue if they if they can't defeat us in in a debate and discussion. Bait bait flip through nearly put their connection is that's racist or you know you just -- stupid like if you argue against. Global warming you're just before Europe climate -- -- you know even though the evidence is backing up the visited sound of a theory is they think it is. We're stupid racist or stupid where anti Italian because they can't argue against the backs. Well here's the thing now for instance though you know it. -- -- Does Iran and Iran and in your delicate that the Democrats but if Harry Truman was polite today. John Kennedy Bobby Kennedy Franklin Roosevelt they would not recognize the Democratic Party. Right Natalia. If they were like the and they they went through every all the changes that the Democrat party went through in order to get elected you have to count out of the far left in the in the Democrat party. Primary process just like. Are Republicans have to tilt to part of the right sometimes in order to get elected in the and to give that to win a primer on the Republican -- It's the extremes make the primary choices. But they can't -- one final point -- other people on hold up. One final point what president Kennedy was in World War II with the PT boat commander. Decided you know Kennedy. Poll you demand I would open -- I'm intimidated and you follow my orders. Mean liberal I told the demand -- commitment to tight -- don't. You're right mechanic it was a tough guy Rambo tough guy you don't like that news that -- Joseph beaver -- is a -- -- it would pump them up. -- -- -- -- takes a lot Colin man I appreciate it we gotta go pay some bills will be right back here on news radio in my thirty WB EN. And we're back -- and Tom show Michael to import Tom. Tom is out for the week on vacation. Your stuck with -- till Friday. But we actually come to close here on this show -- some coastal wept Tim in Niagara Falls thanks for program. I'm Michael electors shall like 930 thank you very much my thirties great. -- Michael I agree with you I don't like it might -- camp out. I agree or somebody if somebody here illegally. And there are a lot of the ball. -- and -- on my boat out. Well they won't be allowed to vote until there legalized. So it's the legalization. Of these immigrants that's what it would be a problem with not the right to vote. Right. I don't disagreed I noticed. I don't remember Jim last caller. Was talking about. I guess it was. That I can't recognize same set in for savage last night he was a temporary host. Out of out of Boston actually listen that the interest accidentally or it was but he actually talked a lot about. About George will hear that part. He called on Georgie boy because George will on I guess Meet the Press or whatever he's being paid to do nowadays. Was saying that we should embrace these children in -- -- -- won it it would we have 3000 plus school districts across the United States that's only two when he school district. We could absorb them without even noticing it and the real Americans like that you know I. I can't tell you rice it I mean I've I've watched. George will fall off -- -- the left edge of the conservative bandwagon. Over and over and over -- last thirty years he's not a concern. He's the media's favorite conservatives he can be relied upon. Coming through for them when he needs to. Because. When the when they need him because he wants to go to their parties she's. Variant but listen you know I want that I've got to jump here Tim thanks for Coleman really appreciated. How well -- second year. To be back tomorrow at 3 o'clock and -- -- through Friday. Thank you very much for. Common in and will be back tomorrow and news radio 930 WB yen. Would you know the my first -- this week I blew it well my clothes came off folks I'm sorry about that. But I I I ended a little bit early. But. I apologize. You you can always know when there's an amateur sitting -- -- Tom Bauer earlier or sandy beach and I'm definitely one of this is tough stuff. Very difficult in these ins and outs in times in being able to talk for four hours my wife Victoria. I can talk for much longer but it had to do it for much longer and give ins and outs selector and toss it back to my wife every fifteen minutes. I'd fail miserably. -- -- we got a one Mormon and -- want to remind you. To take a look at New York magazine feature called Jon Bon Jovi is the most hated man in buffalo. Has to be. The best story I've read. About bill's fans and their devotion to the team and what they'll do to stop the team from going to Toronto. I I -- it's a long story I know the photographs that are coming out in the magazine are going to be incredible. Because. Via the photographer -- and in with top notch. End I've -- reports it's great to see buffalo featured especially be enthusiastic supporters. Of the Buffalo Bills. And we're going to be back tomorrow also makes you tune in threesome tomorrow I'll probably show your news radio 930. WB. -- I have heard my SO. She didn't. This season for us. Do. Full -- And only thing. The only. The illegal. Terrorists go home. Fuel. Thing. It's rather chilly it. -- little lithium. We'll remember it's. News things. -- -- Unless we do. -- -- -- -- -- The okay. There. Okay. You stayed away from me. Where -- this crowd. -- -- -- home. -- your. Share. People love. -- it's. Love. Didn't need first day news. Of time. -- -- Here. You are so long you know. Time. Road here. Well. We. My eyes and sprint. -- really long. You know. Okay. -- News. It'll Moody's.

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