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7-29 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying -- of the world. Tom -- just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You don't do something like this they have told. I felt when it's live it's local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. And we're back here on Tom -- and radio 930 WB he had it is 509. PM. 509. Yes indeed. What Newsweek this moral and commission is really quite something I ever the more I read that more embarrassed him for -- well. It's hard to be embarrassed for tyrant but I am because. He just keeps embarrassing himself. Very interesting stuff going to meet up here and Western New York we hear about the static eruption and it's -- -- -- because we don't see it every day. This kind of stuff news. All act in the city of New York where Tammany hall set the set the bar for corruption. But in the -- of New York Times. Was. Many of -- New York Times investigated them -- -- -- corruption -- -- anti corruption commission. -- I -- three months before. Are they wrote the story in Cuomo knew all along because in politics and those views known ignore bin. In politics for thirty years served on the of the campaign when. When somebody is calling around like the New York Times and doing research that in depth on your campaign. Candidate you know it. Because somebody who and a neighbor -- -- and inevitably called EU. And tell you that somebody from the New York Times -- so for most that three months the Cuomo operation knew this was coming. And the more. Things. The Morton the more things. Came out the more people being interviewed. The more. People called Cuomo that you were to tell him. That that the near term -- to -- in fact when they when they get the story down. When they get the story done. They have to ask Cuomo for comment they have to ask him to have for confirmation on this I mean that's just that at that ethical journalists so when they did ask him. What. If it if they win if they didn't ask going to be breaking albeit the locals -- the -- -- -- so they asked him these questions. That was when you know when the stories imminent that's what you know. That it's coming any day so that meanwhile the governor both down -- will be the governor himself with certainties that participated in the production of a thirteen page. A rebuttal for the story all complete. Horse. You know horse manure in fact. What's his name -- and Jon Stewart of -- Daily Show. Basically used every swear word in the book saying you know pretty much that that sounds stupid right Governor Cuomo and it does sound stupid but. They were coming up. On this opportunity out of his New York Times is coming up and and and everybody in the Cuomo camp knew. I according to capital New York camp from New York dot com story written by will Brunell. And they came out today. Interesting story it with the date line of Albany if you wanna see -- it's on a politics and white dot net in the left margin. Where I actually slugged it the -- Launch probe Cuomo and bullets. In Albany the state Democratic Party launched a probe Cuomo pro Andrew Cuomo -- -- as the governor's office braced for an embarrassing. New York Times story about the governor's handling of the -- and commission on public corruption. The New York State democratic campaign committee began purchasing. 281655. Dollars worth of advertising time. On July 191 day after Cuomo's office and a convoluted thirteen page response to the times reporters. Working on the article this was some days 34 days. Before the article came out. The advertising spots were run between July 19 August 1. In the times story was actually published on July 23 in Cuomo did not hold public event for five days before surfacing in buffalo on Monday morning. In buffalo we are so close to the agricultural areas that we know help highs when we smelled them. We can't help ourselves -- go to -- in late August alum you know you have to -- up to Canada you're gonna you're gonna run through some agriculture and help eyes have a significant. Stick to them. And we know when somebody's -- when that's the wraparound. So in buffalo when he said that stuff. Yesterday claiming 00 would nobody was manipulating nobody was interfering this was always. There that what happened what -- what they accomplished was tremendous they accomplished nothing. Was cut because he cut their legs out from under them. Halfway through their eighteen month stint I know how it plays in buffalo because I've listened to my friends and family scoff. Edgar at the governor in the state he's -- now but I'm real real curious how this is playing. Down in New York City because. From my perspective what we think up here it matters and it certainly matters to us but -- the people in New York City. Are not -- wind icy wind that stinky win. Andrew Cuomo's manipulation. Of the Moreland commission the corruption of the anti corruption panel if they don't get that smell pickets if they can't recognize the -- the -- stories -- -- that's why I called. Frank Murano enough frank. Is well I think. The best. Talk show host out of New York City out of AM nine celebrity frank joins us now from Staten Island frank -- thanks for colony. Michael good afternoon thank you very kind to say that but you know I think you hit on all the viewpoints both substantively. And in terms of -- there perceived by the public you know. I have no idea how the public. If you at times in New York City into Libyan -- at the they have the attention span of and that. I'll tell you one guy who don't get -- -- character's situation and that the US attorney here in the southern district they're in Europe -- are. And the fact that he's not gonna let the scandal goes away kind of guaranteeing that. The practice. And the public -- gonna have to face -- what they want to or not yeah you're right. Now another thing of it is. It's so deep dark blue in New York City in the environs now you're in the island of red. There on Staten Island where people are actually quite normal impact when I was down there I actually met you with Carl Paladino when we were campaigning there. And thank you guys is that I don't know how to be hoax you are good people you remind me a lot of the folks appear in Western New York. When I -- -- irons so many ways there's much more. Indicated representative of the country -- holes then make an -- here yet. Sure you know they're Democrats care about it would change it -- in the basement. The northern part that I was very Democrat the southern part of stand around that are published it. The middle kind of swing swing area. That people voted Democrat Republican or independent which I am by the way you know I'm not a part of any the party. They tele art -- folks understand comments that when they see you governor. Industry -- in that supposedly independent investigation. When they see it governor and top -- hasn't. Going out of the way to stop and limit after they've been an issue I mean shortened the glitz and glamour and Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal but. It doesn't sit well with said the folks here that are. Now it doesn't it end. -- call about I know you do anatomy an -- there're some strong. A conservative voices in the city right. Yeah there are not that many years there where 25 or thirty years ago but sure. That myelin and probably -- Governor Cuomo in terms of -- loyal opposition Michael that you propping up better than most is that. -- governor will do whatever it take shall scratched whatever age. Any constituent Jean meet in order -- stop the criticism so when you look when you talk about people who want to be publicly critical to governor. That you really limited to only assembly member in New York City. Assembly member -- morality -- assembly member -- Molly socket spoke stat I want everybody else. Is so I'll let me. Because they know exactly how vindictive the governor and his staff are because boat people that I just gave it gave you -- -- They haven't gotten excluded it whatever Governor Cuomo and any sort of an event on Staten Island because of their very critical. Are now in. I -- of Joseph was actually very supportive very interested in the trump -- back when that was. On people's minds I got that -- spent some time with him when we visiting with mr. trump he's a sharp guy aces -- -- they get in fact I would compare him to. -- date DiPietro here in Western New York right. You know I think that's a fair comparison. Certainly when it comes to gun rights when it comes to work things like abortion when it comes to social welfare spending he certainly probably it's a lot better in Western New York any that -- New York City that you know that's how are bad that's -- it constituent mile. It really bespeaks site. The fact that they went out of their way to exclude him from kind of a benign of that and just because he was critical. Speaks to who. Control freak nation of Governor Cuomo and his staff I -- Who would care what other governor it would Chara look we are among networks so much so. They're gonna go out of their way to not invite him to an event that supposedly non part of it right right. Now it's interesting because we have this kind of yeah I'd say site showed Democrat primary with zephyr teach count a name that. Boy -- I think. A books to be written just a battered -- effort teach -- she's kind of a left wing professor correct. -- to law professor Portland and very left wing cute part of that Howard Dean campaign. He's got to work with president Obama's campaign cheer her democratic on the PD nobody. I was having a conversation with a reporter from Politico. Man a new. York and and -- I said it is separate teach -- gonna do any damage to the Gartner which is now courts not the general should be long gone. But with this scandal in the fact that she's -- highlight the fact he she he has turned his back on the far left of his party. That two people in New York City start staying in home on Election Day. -- Partner in the general I mean obviously should not win the primary but she could take that message. And and deliberate well enough were -- it. You know disappear you know basically get people you know bit disappointed in the governor drive home -- messages and then general elections and -- -- that is this. Any impact. Back then Governor Cuomo is doing every and effort each who nobody thinks credible threat to renomination. China grow we're off the ballot really think how much about his -- in security. And that it's. Willing to use a bazooka to destroy and on. In the impact on the general election and using it very interesting bipartisan. Nonpartisan. Coalition Cuomo critics being willing to speak out obviously that -- real interest in not speaking out in terms of Governor Cuomo doing but the fact. Eight press conference with -- teacher just a few days ago. You know it is -- I think. Unlikely partnership coming together to call the governor talks but unpopular in the crimes investigation what many other. Is that I think it does. Remove the -- that the media has placed on Governor Cuomo you know report albeit just days ago Michael that. He or she would -- the governor question and that was a critical question about an ongoing story. That we're working on and gotten the neglect the reporter's question and the governor. An editor and has historically. -- That's that is used to requests in the New York Post empire state. -- now that the New York Times Atlanta a couple of body blows on the direction is that I think -- -- to -- the media. You can investigative reporting and they'll keep -- Democrat. Stick around. I think you I mean just for no other reason -- -- interpret our. These are politically ambitious that the governor and you know we'll never -- it might be it Democrat becomes Schumer -- side democratic politics -- Chuck Schumer and Andrew Cuomo. Not I -- a whole host of -- substantive and political. I think is important remember. For anybody out there who might agree with the governor's politics or even be an interview. You know what you might be conservative you have many Democrats would you rate -- -- -- in your -- important thing to remember it. And Cuomo is a guy that had no whole problem and no hesitation. Leaving a vicious smear campaign. Bring -- -- against two men he perceived to be in his way. I wouldn't Spitzer and David Packers people can think whatever they want about those well certainly I'm sure they're very amused by. And Andrew Cuomo was responsible. The newspaper article in newspaper article we after the leak at an indictment that it had an indictment from both of those guys. I think it is to really just eight textbook example of harm in my book. Oh it's karma -- it is karma and I tell you the way he disassembled. The reality you know Carl Paladino and his spam the brutal things they needed to us. Especially to Carl and his family he is that what the hardest court most most. Difficult most most I got it I can use the words I want to get them on the radio he is brutal. Is absolutely brutal. You know the thing that -- that Carl Paladino and the things that he said about -- center the we know when he was running for governor I think that the -- -- record speaks for itself I think Eliot Spitzer record in the integrity speaks for itself. I think now that should be and could be -- of Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo's record or lack thereof. -- popular Western New York frank we're worried because you know for everyone of us who votes against. Cuomo there is you know 56 in New York City were on form. And if this doesn't doesn't help. Dampened that turn out in New York City got what will. Well you know that's a great question and I am not sure. That it's a question -- can't be articulate the moment but. I think this is not. An isolated incident that pattern of interfering in this one more than commission. I spoke with Mark Green on my radio show on a lifelong Democrat liberal as can be. He actually ran against Governor Cuomo in 2006 for example and green -- yeah. By Cuomo to serve on his first Moreland commission. That was symbolic commission investigating superstar obscenity which hurt us you're in step Myles Brand New York City quite a bit and they -- -- and publicly the government. Guarantee you -- with the anti corruption Mollen Commission guarantee. This is going to be an independent commission. But I'm -- commission from around the state and mark wouldn't publicly -- -- -- are trying to interfere in that condition and direct a finding that their commission and they all stop. When green and the other members of that Mollen Commission threatened to resign publicly. The one shot deal up there. Of a control -- Well in this market by many -- is only who -- that the -- What's gonna vote for this guy who had a paranoia. And any disregard for the rule out the likes of which Richard Nixon could only dream about -- At the end of the day I think it was hope they'll lose that eventually get the government we desire. Well speaking of voting. Frank. You're you're it's. Like I said you're my favorite -- premier -- you do all the -- analysts and in two. And you get this stuff in fact that the things he taught me and Carl Paladino about New York City were very hopeful point. An argument for New York Carl storming very close. You speaking of votes and by the way we get that we are so tired of the people in New York City voting. And determining our lives I think it's time that western New Yorkers voted a little bit in something. And help determine the outcome that you are up for an award. At Staten Island Staten Island newspaper right as our readers' choice award for the your favorite the girls' favorite radio percent rate. That right Matt -- and you mentioned. And these Staten Island advance with -- in the daily newspapers serving the art community. -- -- reading this online. Tall and now I'm glad I'm one of the finalists were Staten Island favorite radio personality. An alum you know. -- behind. These and talk shows the -- and DJ whose you know whole bunch of stations so. Anything you'll have your listeners can do to go to SI live dot com and corporate -- I would certainly be greatly appreciated by yet. So that it -- good -- to see that I don't there actually get there there's been. Exactly you know I exists for the readers edification urban listeners their vacation right. I posted the link to. Staten Island advances contest the reader's choice award. On my FaceBook which is under Michael archipelago but also on my Twitter Michael Michael archipelago. Again on the air. Vote and vote often vote for frank or Otto Frank listen thanks for help us understand how New York city's look at -- this and we wish you all the best. Michael you're very kind to invite -- thank you for being so generous and I appreciate the supporting that -- but you're looking at what do you didn't go to Thailand back come as well. Yeah I just did that I would do it again. Everybody thank you very much frank Rondo would be right back after these messages here -- news -- 930 WB and. Welcome back with Tom Barrow -- show here on news radio 930 WB BN. But Grateful -- Korea. Finest music ever recorded announcement that it would disagree with that not very many of you but. Just a few. I can't help but laugh at this this this New York story. You have to take. It's incredibly -- It's it's very well written I just -- affected the buffalo makes national news in ways speakers. Scrappy place. I just call here at 8030930. I'm really wondering. What do you think about this whole -- thing do you think that despite all of this attention to the corruption of the anti corruption unit. That even if -- who we up here in Western New York believe it and and and make it and a deciding. Factor in our votes will it affect anybody down -- -- frank Brando from up from the answer united seventy. In the New York City came on east. He didn't answer that directly but he he basically said this is not going away anytime soon. And there's a lot of loyal Democrats in New York City and you know for everyone of us who will come out vote because you wanna get rid of the fake anti corruption governor. Different one of us who vote against it searchers have people on form. In New York City it's it's a juggernaut I ever went Carl Paladino was running in 2010. There were people who aren't they have a -- DiPietro actually who later became assemblyman. They've DP -- regards Karl to just moved to New York City. Grand apartment and stayed there. You know -- family back to buffalo and keys Dave -- basically. For that for a time pull up stakes and moved to New York City because you'd have to have that much exposure of New York voters. In order to. To even have a chance to -- that many long you know crowded do that I I would do that I could never stand your city. As a place residents I have to go down a lot because of business and because my daughter who lives in the upper east side. But I can never stand live -- -- bit if we don't get these issues to stick to the walls of Manhattan's. Apartments. And if people in Manhattan's little -- lawn parties are not talking about this if -- hipster is a Brooklyn. Aren't talking about the corrupt governor over there -- achieve those. Then it doesn't matter were just gonna have art Cuomo back again anyway. I know that sounds terrible but the one thing that's come out of this and and I think this is significant. Is most -- there's -- there's a story written a bit that I read this week that national. Democrats are saying this absolutely kills. Cuomo is. Chances at running for governor absolutely kills. You know if he cannot get out on this story which I frankly think even the media is not giving a pass on this if the New York Times is the one that -- yeah. The rest of the media is going to be just taken swat say yeah like your pinata. I think he gets in my opinion got a. For the rest of this campaign. He still you know likely to win it's an uphill battle for rob restaurant who would make a much better governor a much much much better governor. But. It's an uphill battle to -- the likely according to -- with the win this race. But he'll never appear on the national stage because you can't beat manipulating the law enforcement. With political power. If you wanna be running for for for our present as -- -- would have Chris Christie he just manipulated the bridge authority. And his chances of running for president -- him slam I'm like him. And none he has very few chances I would vote for Chris Christie if if there was if it was against Barack Obama I think it probably not vote. Especially after what Chris Christie it last week. When he was restive east and by the way Chris Christie governor of New Jersey is in charge of the Republican Governors Association the place where governors candidates go to get money from the Republican Party. In order run into some reporter asked the governor. If he was intended to give any money to rob mastery you know he -- to recover reporter that I do not give money to lost causes. Which caused the real flat. Among politicians he basically the rule. For all of these chairman of the different Republican committees like Kristi. Is you do not disappeared under any circumstances. Any Republican candidate you don't talk about the McClintock and give them money maybe -- change the topic if you want to. But you do not spared them because they had it is not gonna give him money there already have an uphill battle you wanna make it worse for key -- and incredibly worse. And our rob back Serena suggested that there might be some kind of a brutal. Backroom deal between Cuomo and Christie because both of them -- you remember on the board debate you know it's the via Port Authority which runs of averages one of which. The governor is people shut down. Traffic. Though is that the two gentlemen the two governors are in charge of it and you know there's an insinuation out of the -- pastor at a camp that you know maybe Cuomo -- open in and he's. -- And Christie's try to help now by disparaging the Republican candidate. How you look at. This is going to be difficult race for a 30. Especially when people like. Chris Christie a leading Republican. Is basically using its name in pain you have of course. From. Senator pothole Alfonse D'Amato who is out their pimping. Four for. For Korea for Cuomo every chance he gets. You have significantly. High ranking Republicans. On Long Island -- in Cuomo's pocket. Chairman of the party out there. Some say the -- -- the head of the senate for for now it's going Democrat they say deeds doses even kowtowing to the governor. So with so many Republicans. Stabbing him in the back and make a mistake there are many. -- street has a slim chance well replace the this whole thing. With the with the -- -- commission I don't think it levels things now. But I do think it helps him helps S three to a bit I think. If things turn around in New York City a little bit it could help him as well. But. This near times for this moral commission this thing is not going away this is gonna be and other issues gonna drop every day it's like caterpillar. With a thousand shoes every day of issues dropped his feet Ferrara the US attorney. In New York not to let -- ago. We have to pay some bills here on these -- but he WP it will be right back. If we're back. Here of the Tom Barrow Lisa Thomas out on -- And this is Michael doing photography and for him until Friday. And that's the musical -- Of Joseph the -- if I did not put that all the but I enjoyed it Michael but at the time hourly now we're talking about immoral and commission. Today. I've got a couple of college watched and on -- right TI promised that though. A -- -- here a few seconds that I want to understand one thing. It's extremely important. If this story. It's still being updated let's say for example pre Ferrari now. -- -- -- -- -- I spoke today to a state senator former state senator. Who said that the word is the borrowers actually going to be dropping some subpoenas on this situation. Now that's just a rumor but let's say what's Wickman -- that takes. Until Labor Day for them. This story that's the shoes on the story if they keep drop it to be like Chinese water torture on the -- -- -- got hurt his campaign don't know if he's gonna if he's gonna lose. Very tough race for rob mastery. But it's this could make it tougher on Andrew Cuomo. Right now we're gonna check traffic -- it. And your -- with a forecast here on WP yen partly it was cloudy and cold I wish our lower 57 degrees and tomorrow variable clouds and cool with a couple of showers and thunderstorm round. And the evening high of 71 later tomorrow night rather cloudy with a spotty -- low 58 Thursday. Intervals of clouds and sunshine with a spotty afternoon shower thunderstorm. Our high of 74. As Michael with Tom -- the news radio 930 WP -- aren't telephone number -- 803. 0930. That's star 930 vendors often that's a free call. I'll tell us what you think about this whole Moreland -- path. On yourself on thanks for -- Are well prepared and more. I'm hoping -- but aren't sure then either stop. We're at a local media -- specially than -- -- are cautioned against. Shouldn't let because he could simply looking -- affect the Republicans. In the assembly. Are complaining bitterly. -- -- Paul talk to expand -- share or so and -- -- point out. That according to the newspaper. Smoke our local. Republican. -- top -- a question all and I'm sure. Reported our Portland. Righted and they both its of those shards I think one of them is it mean that the users people what are you answered church and our great. Slow down a little bit I'm trying to answer your question right. -- we we know that. That senator amazing -- as retire early and -- to deal with this he has not answered the question of the charges he said. That he will find his way through them. I I mean I happened to Vietnamese here it's -- and I think he probably will. We also have pat Galvin. Out in. Out in the -- Ludwick out of the east end. He has said that each one of these charges that were the considered questionable will be answered with a receipt and it was it's actually rather than comparable to a major the smaller number. I believe he will coverage one with a receipt. The law itself is well written a -- Gucci fashion allows for these guys they have on receded expenses on their campaign books at the real problem here. The -- I'm only looking at are suited expenditures -- They're want to know what they're connected to the actual campaign. One could argue that something in him cigars -- may not be connected at the -- It's -- but I imagine this though I imagine that's what if you had gift baskets. At a campaign event in and there was a and one of the bags was. Gift certificate for -- tanning bed another one. A gift certificate for four four cigars or a box of ours and -- mean. There are a lot of things that are that are expensive bowl in campaign account. I would agree -- both sacred and then and then send token. They're a lot of things about the Mormon mission and we don't know except for that they're there at the Republicans. I think you'll have to concede screamed at -- that they were being targeted and that's when the commission poll. Well -- actually bet we'll find out what the truth behind that is the timing your your timing is an awful I think probably. In -- hot spot on your pretty close but the complaints began. According to the New York Times -- become the complaints began very early and they were shut down before they've really got to the assembly I mean they were investigating a significant at forty they they recommended. That the panel looking into questionable campaign expenses on 40%. Of the New York State Senate and they haven't even really gotten to subpoena saying -- going in -- looking into the campaign -- the of the assembly. That was coming soon which includes elements over and a vast majority of Democrats are within that 40% are Democrats as well Republicans and certainly would have been in the assembly to. Right and and we don't know the outcome of -- -- because we don't know anything except what's being written -- vacated by the media. Do you attorneys opposite and to -- as one of the information they want one. Exactly so that the media -- investigation right now. I'd like I think that I -- and ask your question have you ever heard of an investigation. Of politicians that was not media group. Are now. Haven't but they're they're the point -- Michael as he keeps saying that this could be catastrophic. They're young lady who's running for governor the other date made it pretty clear -- -- people -- that you don't the leaders and criminal conduct their fitness to just be morally questionable. Yeah I'd -- -- she may not be wrong. Nightclub Cuomo is too Smart. To do something illegal on this -- in March to a or not no no no not at all ethics -- an issue. -- -- -- -- But it might recommend they a lot of stimulus. I don't wanna I wanna I wanna hold you over as we got to go to some answers yet toppled over to right after the break. -- time. Good please hold on -- right now where to go to some commercials here -- news radio 930. WP.

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