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7-29 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever I can take up. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Tom hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of us. Or cheese and it's life. You can say. It's local -- that this -- it's Tom hourly ask another question and try to get this -- this isn't real she's mostly wooden. -- -- -- -- So on news radio 930. Everywhere and where what it meant. For a moment things feel confident. Listen members -- W. And welcome back. -- early show on. WN. Com is out of -- -- this is Mike who import Tom. I'm in -- phone -- Friday you're stuck with me today it's 4:10. PM 4:10 PM. And -- Arab. I want to read something from capitol New York. On line oil only publication that's -- solid news coverage of the State's politics. This story written by -- -- kind who's on the show quite a bit. Italian American Democrats have one prominent Italian American group -- pouncing on Westchester County executive. Rob pastor knows comparison of governor Andrew Cuomo to a mafia boss. To suggest that he was suggesting to the commission members were they should go with an investigation. Is like a mafia boss coming forward. -- say that he wants to make a suggestion. And offer you can't refuse Streeter told reporters here accuse. Reference -- Cuomo is interaction with the moral and commission to investigate public corruption. That clearly is intimidation. Both -- to Reno and Cuomo or Italian Americans within Al worse. Statements condemning -- you know ported to reporters mailboxes from assemblyman Joseph -- Former buffalo mayor Tony -- LO. Brooklyn democratic chairman frank -- and Philip. He got -- dollar OP to doubt the executive director of the order sons of Italy in America who said he was appalled. And outraged. Appalled and outraged. Carl Paladino thanks for joining us on the year what do you think of all that time. Obama didn't. They're all drama queens every single wanna. -- in. Election campaign Cuomo can so. If you law. -- jail. -- -- let's see what happens on this. Right. You know you you're talking morally. Sealed these wrong guys that are part of the feeding trough in the Albany all of -- -- Was it would be the complicit who runs all of them. -- -- You know having that are there remarks come over I mean shouldn't they get tapes. -- marxism to Cuomo's office or exceed what favors to inform. The works OK. Obviously Reno has every right to use whatever commentary he thinks necessary to. Two illustrates in the people. What tyrant. Andrew Cuomo is doing. And this is a little stuff. They won a marginal. One of them want to say all along you know they wanted to divert attention. Mr. regional and remarks resident. The focus -- -- attention to focus on Cuomo. Obviously the into -- people want to be more than two days three days story this story has Igawa. And obviously to the people of the state. It'll be distracted didn't want to know what we can now actions okay why is they want to be confident. That they have leadership in Albany. Trying to take advantage. And the Andrew Cuomo can spend all this time. He'll lean on the net -- the mean green areas I think to spend a little time recognizing that he gave back in upstate New York. He would be taking an additional billions of dollars in taxes from the oil and gas industry. That could help lower taxes then you have to walk thousand dollars for a job. He's getting these these missile company from all. Californian. And. He's he's given 250 billion dollars. It -- -- time OK because -- horrible act structure because of difficulty in doing business in New York. Patients who did not subject only 300 jets now. That is just it is a debatable here's here's Tyson Foods struggling -- to maintain a. Actually it would have been here for ages. And and and and and now they're gonna pull it out in the -- because they just can't do business surely can't make a profit and their business. And that all has to do somewhere with with the. Being highest taxed state in America. Well Andrew Cuomo would -- do about that. Right now because there's an election year you're running off to Western New York every every hour. All right coming out here with -- another another -- billion announcement but you admitted the other day you only gave -- eighty million dollars. Right distort or billion dollars from Western New York an economic development money that you took out of the New York State power authority. We have to squabble you know get a -- -- go someplace else in Portland terrorize other people were sick and tired of being terrorized new York at a Cuomo administration. You know these guys who stepped forward. From the Italian American community. Every one of them to a man every single one of them in some way or another the pace DOT Andrew Cuomo right -- the. You're talking about lobbyists and legislators -- -- -- are you. Of their. Little tribute to the it to McCain okay and that's what to do. -- my -- makes a good income vehicle obviously having access Andrew Cuomo. If if he doesn't come out and do these things and say these things she's not -- quite yet this same access to anymore. He's gotten a phone call from Larry Schwarzenegger or. But those other cronies go global or whatever his name is he but he got a well obviously compensating Andrew Cuomo the best thing since water. Right right so basically these statements this. The statement like from from -- yellow on the others these are ordered up by the by the governor's office. Does all the political chicanery is -- stated that running back. And that's why weren't such a mass that's why we're where we're circling the drain rate island and upstate New York. -- all because of the Hannity and in this powered answers that goes down in Albany. We have Freeman and run our government it was like at 25 years ago and it still. Was the most corrupt government in in in American life without question. The Florida governor commented -- that Cuomo's national ads about. About European highest job producing state in America all right -- fraudulent. Because they wore. On her forty million dollars okay of taxpayer money to promote himself during an election year. Forty million came out in the money which he's holding up 500 million of standing money from the fumbles for homeowners. That they haven't been able to replace their houses and belongings after after the hurricane -- -- You can you call this and it's you know it's it's it's the political games and -- -- just go and they highlight all of my he called on the god all night. Parliament -- file problems got worse than the -- about it. Do you have idea that the but we were you what I am and our our whole team in 2010. This would happen all the time the Cuomo people would order a surrogate to come out and and didn't degrade comments that you had made in some way shape or form just to distract from the general message that's all -- Hopefully. This the beginning and you fix well Carl I mean he really -- hope for you want to hope that -- -- catches a break you think this -- a break. I think I think. I think a lot of us can depend upon the stamina on the backbone of people are. I really admire what this man has done in the past in the recent past with with the number of legislators and and I admire Meyer's actions here at -- -- commission. We are appears to emerge from his own drummer. And as long as it. Is. Long as an attitude continues. Hopefully we're gonna see some changes in the way our government works in new York and hopefully. People will not have to start keeping -- out of our state that would and we won't have to keep losing 300 jobs like -- types of food guys. -- -- off arms of arms doesn't -- solar company. What have paid 75 million which -- be a thousand dollars a job for 300 workers and Tyson Foods. And what is it and when you're subsidizing create jobs it's all part of it's all part of the illusions. That they want to. Put up in front of people in the people of the pollution the past except. I don't care if a Democrat Republican whatever -- it doesn't matter. All right it's upstate -- -- downstate that the way it is in my book right now I look at Lama urged the Long Island. Those four people out there's still wait for 500 million dollars and C and the aid. That this Creighton refuses to release two of them just terrible. That's terrible for the people of Long Island in this terrible for the people on Long Island and in upstate New York would suffer with this basic nonsense. Right -- yeah I don't want it. Take away their guns and for sure -- Cuomo gets reelected -- in good shape it too which is get a deal with confiscation because he wants to beat -- -- little. And Obama or Hillary. All right well Carl I really appreciate you taking time out to help us with this. You have a great night and will be talking to you again real soon -- take a quick break here on news radio 930. WB yen. In your exclusive accurately forecast partly -- cloudy and cool tonight. With a shower low 57 tomorrow variable clouds and cool with a couple of showers and thunderstorms. Into the evening a high of 71 later tomorrow night rather cloudy with a spotty shower low fifty game Thursday. Intervals of clouds and sunshine with a spotty afternoon shower or thunderstorm. -- high of 74. I'll tell you -- got it spot on and and I'm. Really. Disappointed in former buffalo mayors told -- now. -- as yellow is. A lobbyist. He has leveraged is public life news. This is public service in to a very lucrative very lucrative. Lobbying career he has access. To the legislature because. The in the assembly is controlled by Democrats in the senate will be -- He has access. To the governor because. Andrew Cuomo wisdom is that at the Democrat party. And I can tell -- because I've been in this world in this political wife. For thirty years I've done dozens and dozens and dozens of campaigns. When. When you -- debate is in trouble. And you find any opening at all any opening little chink in the armor of the guy who. -- who's run against you get all your surrogates you can't deport all. Whatever it is -- series -- -- circuits can wipe that thing on fire. And he's got all these Democrat that Democrats with fouls at the end of name going out there -- rain there and single -- good news from softened. But there's some kind of queen. Of England. Now buffalo mayor Tony as yellow as a lobbyist and he needs access to the governor's office he needs it badly in order to get paid. So we got this call and they said. Well if you wanna help us out to be really great if you put out a statement saying you really don't why take what the governor said in oh. You know whatever you can do to help the governor and well you know what what what will appreciate that the future as -- goes ahead. And dutifully. Without wiping the brown held off of his nose. Dutifully. Goes out and calls mastery you know some kind of idea for quoting the most popular movie ever made. That is the most ridiculous. Ridiculous. Our use of tie game. Mr. as you know I invited the mayor on that former mayor on the show tonight. In order to defend or at least try to convince I cameras to be -- something media stream has been added since dependency. But. The former mayor Johnson and he said his statement and and negative statements stand for itself which is very difficult to do since -- the only statement on his knees. With his nose pressed as far as he could up -- the Cuomo is backside. I am just disgusted by and I'll tell you what anybody out their I have to. Remind you. That this this ethnic politics this division that they sold the Democrats are guilty guilty guilty. They seize any kind of thing that can it can divide us anything rates they do it all the time the federal army in the White House does it all the time. And anything down to ethnicity. You know pretty soon to be tried to divide -- by what animals would prefer the zoo. Problem mayor of buffalo mayor when he met you or I really hope this gets you what you need out of the Cuomo administration. Are really two. Because you look like a jerk doing this and I wonder. I wondered just by looking at UN CAA which got under chin there I'd give the anchor -- and ask your question. How you get underneath by high in the governor and it -- -- room. At the same time will be right back here on news radio 9:30 WB -- Then we're back here on the Tom -- show -- news radio 930 WB EN it is 4:33. PM that's 4330434. People. This is -- deployment for Tom Tom is out until next meets Friday. Real proud to be here. I think. This moral of the story is something I really like it I'm enjoying it as Republicans. Like watching Andrew Cuomo and ports. -- -- -- Trying to obfuscate. Move the opinion. -- move look look look over here into the corruption look over their work -- -- sets -- about the most popular movie ever made in America. Over the quick quick quick -- each year. But boy -- what I like a lot I love this story. That was just reported on WBN news in one you can see on our website. WB EN dot com. This Bon Jovi story that is India. Are of the New York magazine. It is. Absolutely priceless. Just absolutely. Priceless if you haven't seen it yet go to NY -- dot com. Actually go to our WP yen dot com. There's a link right to the story if you go to it and -- in New York magazine's website you get lost and stories about your city you don't want any of that. Jon Bon Jovi is the most hated man in buffalo all because he wants to buy its football team over these guys dead bodies. Reeves we will -- -- him as the writer and I gotta tell you that this is the best story icy and written. About the fans struggled to keep their NFL team in buffalo by far. Hands down the best we've got some great writers out there who were covering the summit date date basis some of them every day. But this writer was able to take some tie game he actually flew in town from New York City. From New York City where he resides. And I spent a couple of days with a whole different kinds of groups that I actually spent some time with him as well. This week reads we use and actually. If he has started achieving I'd be surprised very. And very Smart. But he really got the gist of what it what it's about to be -- -- -- what it means to keep our team. Go to WPN dot com and read history -- you will thank me later it is in its long it's a feature. In New York magazine one of the top magazines in the country. And I believe I can't help we may have. The front cover if we don't have the front -- it's certainly a feature in the print edition of New York magazine. I got -- -- our medical data. Actual print edition I don't. You know I get one copy of the Buffalo News every week on Sunday because they're really just use the online -- They make it's you have to subscribe to at least one print copy and tickets on the people which is great gives. It's on the -- got some great and and by the way you live in buffalo and you don't subscribe to the Buffalo News I don't I don't know what to do with so. You know like their coverage but it. It's tough to get along in this in this city with -- known the news. From major news or I don't want that point it's I read everything. But anyway this this story. The interesting thing about that is because I was kind of involvement in Dayton the guy flew in to be at a party. That was held by the guys and bills -- under -- spam -- dot com. These guys who were formed right after our Ralph Wilson died. In order to unite all the fans behind keeping the team in buffalo and in particular. Giving stance -- A an online petition. And -- -- under dot com bit that it says they will never ever go to a game in Toronto and already the eleventh opposite which is getting more every day. That's 111000 hardcore bulls fans were members of those bills fan -- dot com they got a lot of ink in this story. I actually got quoted in ways that I can't read on tell on on radio it would not be this family station. And the things I said in this story are not for family consumption. Because it's pretty serious business win. Your blow dry -- bad. Pops. Music star. And you decided to screw buffalo gonna take the -- and -- -- But it should think about the story and -- -- gonna pick up the print copy of it is because. In New York magazine's editors were so interested. Air wind this guy who reads we demand went back. To New York to talk about what he'd seen. That that they actually hired a top notch very high end portrait photographer out of Manhattan. And sent them into buffalo where they at least the studio rented it for the day. And they invited him all the crazy characters the EC at the stadium were dressed up in their costumes everything from. Jake bills put the guy who's -- I think he's six foot five huge. And he dresses like bigfoot but in bills collars. There's another guy who dresses like Fred Flintstones. -- -- -- and another guy -- man who looks like Batman in the blue suit however. With Beers and utility ego. All these guys they invited him into the studio and they took actually. You know this kind of portrait photography cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. These three guys who go to every game cheap -- that you really. Jake is I think the hardest work there are bad. He parts of my friends park on in as prime apartments have been parked cars they're in and hang out with those guys in the lot since our kids in big tree. But. They actually set them and it took photos of all three of these fellows is of a problem there I didn't recognize. And the -- they have one photo on my and it's a picture of them in this crazy -- name. That. That signals it would drive round. And there it's these photos are going to be incredible -- I'm gonna buy the magazine not just because it's an epic article in national magazine about bill's fans. But also because that's the talk he's got to be incredibly -- and the magazine comes out of the stands. This week. -- on trying to -- -- to come on the show this week is this young guy it was if you read it he's really into the kind of gets. With fans -- -- -- out from the he's actually out from out west. -- Saint Louis actually. The end. And he. And he gets he he actually got in two. What bills fans are all about and you know he spent a lot of time around the stadium in the offseason time. You know -- know. The bills -- thunder guys are all from most of them from. The big tree area most of them have parking lot -- they partner Barca fans cars and for a little bit extra money. And and he spent I think I saw him at the party would end end end her talk and all these guys over at. At the buffalo sports rule on in Hamburg at the headquarters of these guys bills in thunder especially for a week games. And I I just. I knew this kid -- they sat there and talked about it. -- gave him an idea what the Buffalo Bills fans are all about I really encouraged to read it. There's that there's a short part. That you really need to hear it I mean if you don't know much about bought big treat the -- via. The the area where the where the bills stadium is. Disagree agree that this is greater effectiveness the national credible. For all of us who attended orchard park high school this is really good stuff. Most of the bills -- thunder leadership group and Orchard Park within a few blocks of the stadium and still spends game days. Parking cars in their front yards for which they had earned as much as 30000 dollars a year under the table until some years ago when iris came round and audited every one. When I mentioned to Mike at what that means hard. Out of those and -- PR group yeah yeah I'm here. That Max -- -- from the both the buffalo -- alliance was also from Orchard Park he explained to me the difference between quakers who grew up in the ritzy part of the suburb. Where many of the bills actually have homes and launches the derogatory term. He's described kids like them who grew up on the wrong side but little rare -- -- the cut through town. The quicker way of solving things is to raise 100 million dollars per cent the -- solution is to kick somebody in the balls. -- -- -- -- -- -- NC calls I've -- -- is able to meet you earned. We have -- opens its OK that's him on the exit the FCC -- special. -- -- menu I don't know let me just to repeat that sentence NC with more. -- the quicker we're solving things is to raise 100 million dollars per -- -- -- -- solution is to kick somebody in the balls. Well Rick got back here just a few minutes I -- -- you've got to read that article in New York -- get a piece of those here on news radio 930 WBU. You have -- news. Item like a waters. Hearing these regular thirty cup. And yet it's my. We come hourly. Hometown -- duties for 49. In the afternoon 449. Welcome back. I'm not -- of what to believe about and Bon Jovi actually you know I know exactly -- to -- not a word. -- they're here to move the team. Injured have to do a lot more than. Off the record comments about -- opportunities that. Get to a lot more than eight Franken column thank you for calling him. I got an idea you don't forget these rich profit mongers like trump and by Joey. I -- by the bills for a hundred dollars 67 and I will keep all the profit. Right here but we'll keep the built here Bob well. -- hunger back that cheerleader. And you'll get a lot more community involvement and participation in the bill. And you know all the investment dollars will come from players businesses and local communities that you know already. Detectives for the stadium and the bills. Yeah remain armed -- 100 dollars. An album Arctic getting more than. Upper middle class income for the entire life that on the bills. Topic goes back to the community in the both slope. Oh I'm gonna pass out on to. To the Wilson family I think Mary might be. Might be a look at for a little more than a widget dollar 67. A -- if -- profit out of all the millions and millions millions that they party. You know what I'll make a payment plan. And let. You know all these profit moderate and well done -- early exercise their right. Mom they don't. My -- and -- -- hundred dollars and 67 cents. Well here's thing here's thing -- the ghosts trapped in her second but here's thing. Mr. Wilson invested all his life the family's entire legacy is in this money. And -- he wants to take care his family not just for this generation for many generations hence. I totally understand that I don't thinking do that for box 67 but I think it's it's something went on a passed on it at the thanks. Thanks frank are directed traffic hero -- second and your exclusive AccuWeather forecast partly it was cloudy and cold -- -- low of 57 degrees. Tomorrow clouds and cool a couple of showers and thunderstorms. Into the evening time. I have 71 degrees later tomorrow night. Cloudy with a spotty shower low 58 degrees -- Thursday but some clouds and -- time with a -- afternoon shower or thunderstorm -- 74. Year war. The weather folks. Yes indeed. Yes indeed. That this story yeah I mean -- water in my view if if you don't get. New York magazine pick it up. And go to WB EN dot com the easiest way to get historic trying to find a major magazine reps like that it's it's a -- I don't think it is on the cover page. New York magazine. But go to WV EN dot com and look up the New York magazine story. Because it's something you can't you cannot miss and I know there are some people out there tend to be an out of the university crowd of the intellectual and exports. Who art in two -- who preferred shoe company. I -- Barack I know they get a little embarrassed when buffalo was labeled as a sports town instead of an arts pound. The Richard. Pound of music and -- But this is a sports town and boy does look like it Ian that buffalo India in the New York magazine. Arbiter of WBM dot com check that out it is incredible I think one of the best stories I read all -- you know. I read those who've heard on the radio report -- the incident on -- I read more than a billion page -- every single morning for -- week. And I read everything. That's required -- -- work it's where do for a living waterways. And more than anything else I am Jewish stories about this whole bond movie -- sales situation. -- beginning Sama. Some emails and some back channel social media stuff. Because people out there know that I have done work with the Donald Trump them that. -- -- in spent time in his office in new York. And work with the wind projects. Myself and a couple of guys here in buffalo. We're trying to help him with his move toward by in the Buffalo Bills you notice that he announced. In -- way -- -- in Birtley in a Fox News story that's the way that works of mr. trump news comes out to speakers. People cover everything he says. And I he said he's gonna put a bit but he doesn't think he's gonna win I here's the situation that the trump cities. There are people who were going to pay more than the team is worth on a pure investment perspective. But the people in Toronto. Are buying this team and they'll probably inflate the price. Because. Their buying a team that they're going to move to Ron. And and I value it according to the Toronto numbers that Toronto numbers are much higher there're more people there a more expensive TV market. Everything about the team will be more lucrative and more profitable. So instead of paying what the -- teams valued at between 900 billion dollars people say that the the bills will go for probably a billion. They'll pay more than a bill. And then you have. Our whole group of hometown folks I'm most hopeful about Terry put gore but you also have. The former. Owner of the of the sabres. Tom Golisano interested. There are some people who have hometown tie days who you know have the mode of buffalo between the -- -- And those people were gonna pay a little bit more as well it -- to try to keep the bills here the one person that's really committed to well this is Mary wells. Because there's people on here that are paid more than the teams were and I'm afraid I don't think -- Donald Trump is gonna do that he won't pay more than anything -- But we got to pay a few bills here and WP yen so we'll be right back -- these messages. --

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