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7-29 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of a it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. -- -- -- It's Tom -- and it's life. It's local mark. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly -- facts. On news radio 930 W. Hear that news radio 930 WB and it is re owed 9 PM. Brought new people in the county building. Just 51 more minutes until you can bolt out the door. Jump in your cards. And get out of that god forsaken place. This is Michael Caputo in for Tom Carla Thomas on vacation it seems to be vacation week here at WB and which is fine. I love being here you know I'm Obama. Just got in. It was in Washington yesterday which where it -- yesterday -- got me here Tuesday through Friday this week. -- back next week for vacation. -- actually in Washington yesterday. And a meeting with some points -- -- and end. Was actually really would much rather have been here aren't actually sitting there like I flew to Washington you know -- -- I lived there for long long long. A -- gets ten years or so for a move to Russia. And in some hits me every time ago there I just can't stand. I can be there about a -- eight and a half -- don't have to driving be durable and longer. Right about that the point four hour mark. It's dark it meant little creepy call feeling normal. She can ski here on the back next in the and I gotta get out there telling New York City does that to -- -- I go there a lot to visit my daughter who thankfully. Is with us and eastern world. Visiting for the summer east were by the way keeps you don't know. The finest place on the planet to live. But you know -- -- we in New York City to. I gotta tell you New York City and doesn't matter my driver not. The bad traffic just aren't crazy. But -- tied its its. It's one of those things you know I actually did not go into Washington DC proper at all -- flew into Washington Reagan airport which is in Arlington. Actually had meetings all in Arlington the next day -- managed to actually -- great place. If you can handle the traffic it's. Just far enough away from Washington would smell it's. Bearable. The smell of the corruption. -- insider trading and back rooms cigar smoke all kind of a little -- little bit. Weaker in the Arlington and they have the best. Vietnamese food. On the planet effect when I lived at Arlington. I went to a restaurant there and the owner. It's an older guy and a are we talked the bodies Vietnamese guy. -- Turns out this guy I was and that famous photograph where that -- bed that I was being shot. To the north Vietnamese. Regular was being shot by the south Vietnamese. General. He's actually the general on the total it's a very famous Inca Pulitzer Prize winning -- general food and it was an interest in character. But it -- Restaurants -- and a 78910 Vietnamese restaurants you can't give them but we've got a big news week this week you know. We have Moreland commission. All -- -- historic on the New York Times damning story which. Pointed out the fact the governor Andrew Cuomo created. The -- commission. To investigate. Corruption in Albany. And then promptly. Corrupted the anti corruption commission and then shut it down -- -- it was getting too close friends. That actually lasted through the weekend -- Cuomo did not show his face after the New York Times came out with two and a half. To a half pages. In the New York Times devoted to tearing down a politician. Almost always means it's a Republican this time. This time. It was going after them not just any Democrat the king dog Democrat in New York State Andrew Cuomo runs. The Democrat party with -- iron fist in nothing. Was clearer. Then back hired him back for -- -- -- clear very clear. End of the new story camera and your -- to the written and -- basically. When the commission he announced the commission said the commission would be able to investigate anyone everywhere -- Even meet anybody around they have free and do anything Anderson as he got close to him. He -- -- big New York Times -- -- proof that they forced them to stop. Again -- news. Subpoenas were being given to friends it is Carly is -- is advisors it is. And he demanded actually -- aid Hitler were to if -- if he -- if Andrew Cuomo were the godfather. Larry Schwartz would be local -- -- you know I've got brother himself doesn't go and ask for subpoenas to be pulled back. His man comes in doesn't work form. And they're being pulled back from his media buying firm and so on because. Too close to the actual. Dirt behind well. But. That story. He didn't speak. Suddenly became known on Friday in fact I got a tip on Friday while I was on the -- for for -- -- Bit that the governor was going to be in town on Monday. And I turned around it is I didn't really haven't haven't confirmed yet I -- about over Rus Thompson gets talked about Saturday. The governor was actually sending his people out around town. In particular. All of his cronies hearing in the buffalo and its advisors here in the buffalo area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their -- around trying to make sure if there's going to be protests and a sizable is going to be in trouble they need to switch the location. But. I'm not sure they have anything but it turns out that Sam -- was kind of -- around him which the governor. Here in here in Buffalo, New York. And our east he didn't act I guess it -- with four but I was unfortunate that leave town Washington. For that special smell. Composed of something so similar despite staying here in buffalo and Whitney for the governor to ride. We're he'd promptly. Made his story. Works. There was no apology there was no Mea culpa there was no I custom. Mistakes were made as they said in Watergate there was no. Not the -- and comprise AT and CEO. He charm he went right at the reports in fact we have reporters from New York City. Here in buffalo you're. In here was Washington couldn't even get around I loved the -- just to see the circuits. Just to watch them all stand there spoon fed the answer from king god Cuomo. But he -- answers actually. Made things worse form because he said at first it. When he announced the commission that it could investigative if you want to with an independent commission and then when the story was coming out. A thirteen page statement came out of his office saying it's. In fact they weren't into the rapidly be independent they're they're the governor's commission he appointed them nodded and that we can actually -- that of course we want for any reason. And then. Even though the memo came from the governor's office and I suspect from the governor's pen because he doesn't let anybody do his thinking for him. Than yesterday in buffalo he cited -- its -- -- independent I never said anything that of course the memo from my office. That was clearly written by means. Said completely different things but you know the governor has been going through portions have been through this have been through dozens and dozens of election campaigns. For independent sorry for incompetence as well as challengers. President governor congressman senators. Here in the United States Russia. Salvador anywhere -- work over the world stuff. And I could just see him twice in the in the winds. From the day the story can anonymously all the way through the weekend. The governor was what do what do this week that week probably taking nobody's council you know. And wrote that thirteen page memo toss that out there is -- answer and it didn't stick is it did not stick it's not a place up. Right. Instead. He turns around over the week and obvious twisting and turning didn't sleep sand will be probably companies lasagna. Using house just common household ingredients. And and that answer between them on their tax free -- were diverted to expand their home. Without paying taxes. -- this evening the ball -- -- He price at -- couldn't sleep at all. Then by Monday he was written into it -- to buffalo he won in the Kansas thing he wasn't going to be the guy who was running away from the New York Times. So he had a press conference here in buffalo to talk about the buffalo but the billion. Which we hear him speak about every time he's anywhere near buffalo I think buffalo is they're changing it. In Webster's buffalo was no longer be known as buffalo would be known as buffalo billion. Because that's all they talk about. -- committed while over the buffalo game here in buffalo billions. And dot couldn't get away from reporters from the New York Times pop their heads up and he went after -- said. But he basically was telling them that they got the story wrong. He said something on the lines of you should if you watched this movie all the way to the end mr. New York Times you would have known the title was independents. Instead. You called it. Depends. Instead. You called intrusion. For in fact if you in -- run this blog here. Politics and why dot net a few Durbin to a very DC politics that. We ever breaking call all the way to the left under underneath the logo. And I basically every morning I wake up with the sun now since I have 34. Hole darker. 34 days. She wakes me up. And I read about one point 31. Point four billion pages of news on the Internet before you week. And it was time I have one point three busy. One point four. Have another cup T. I take the most important articles. From bet that -- Of the world wide web and I put them up over on the breaking column on the left that but two or three up there every day. It's so if you really want to. Know about politics you don't wanna spend a lot of time like as political junkies consist of politics and read the stories. That are written there three or four everyday in the everything you need to know about politics from west prospective. And I woke up this morning about one point three billion pages in. I realize that everybody is still talking. About the moral mission the day after Cuomo couldn't get a word in about -- the Buffalo Bill it's hard to say -- -- -- at times. Could you worded it quite about the buffalo doing nobody cared -- -- net jobs that were Ari kind of happen announced. All they could get out of it worse dollar and what are your response this response that every story chimera press comes up the Moreland commission is nothing but. There really took the Buffalo News -- -- -- obliged. But he would not under any circumstances. In. That he and fear that's right that's what it's if you listen let's watch this movie to the end all the way to the end. You would know that it was called independents. And instead you name it interference. That's funny. He probably thought that up. After watching about six movies laying in bed quivering. And there are fine under textiles and Westchester County this beautiful. Globally known -- Girlfriend. Who lets -- of their entry. And he thought would agree line watch the movie to the end you needed an interference and imminent than it's ever. Real clever but in fact. Not clever enough. Every single story can look at politics and -- dominant 1234567. Today's a banner day in politics and while I actually -- seven articles. The relevant to western New Yorkers freedom. It would be much as you keep them for keep peace you don't have to do Easter. But boy oh boy did mean. One thing I want to talk about here. Today. Rock and -- 8030930. Star 930 so. Oh. What they wanna park here is some ways that they're trying to Deke him out of this. The governor is in trouble make no mistake he's probably not gonna be it's it's an uphill battle even with this blessing of the scandal. For Iraq mastery and up. But he's in trouble he didn't wanna be in. Governor didn't wanna be in the -- scandal. As the campaign season can you want that in. Didn't really wants to get over 60% of the vote so he can tell people it's handy to -- York. -- talk about how to dig him out these things yesterday. Yesterday. Rochester you know at a press conference where he said. That the governor. Read this article she left hand called politics and law. See here. That in. Ago. Are asked to Reno. It was actually comparing the governor. To. The godfather. When he he said that when that in the governor's man Larry Schwartz who is calling for these subpoenas to -- to be withdrawn. The Cuomo Cuomo style is like a mafia boss. Actually that would mafia boss. And he said. Basically to suggest that. And -- did that he was intimidating them into pushing back on these. On these subpoenas. That drew a lot of criticism from Italian Americans -- New York I wanna talk about that with you today. Little bit we're at 8030930. Start -- there in your cellphone. Will be right back after these messages. And we're back. 3:33. PM 333. And news radio 930 WP yet this is Michael but -- for Tom Bauerle. Arms operas this week you've got me you -- stuck with. Until Friday. I would back on Monday. Here's equities and I would. Grasping around four quietly trying to find it was talking to -- moment ago rob asked Reno said this makes your keys press conference. To suggest. That he Cuomo. To suggest that he was suggesting -- the commission members were they should go with the investigation is like a mafia boss. An important thing he wants to make a suggestion. It's an offer you can't refuse -- said that clearly is intimidation. Now that brought about a lot of criticism. A lot of critics. You know it's all completely by -- orchestrated. By the the the Cuomo every little bit not one self respecting Italian. Came out. And set a neat thing about this Perino whose comments as to re do lose comment with. Here that he's telling to. Not one of them came out because they felt duty bound -- Not one even. There's an -- Italian American organization. That came out and demanded an apology from Austrian and Italian American organization that has honored. Andrew Cuomo and his father and honored. For. So I mean the whole idea I'm really curious what you think when somebody rings up. A quotation. From a of the most popular movie of all time the godfather and -- you can't refuse. Is that some power and other disparaging. Of Italians. I find it hard to believe that anyone who is reasonable. Would consider that to be an insult. Whoever we had several times where from around the state coming out here. And saying things. You know here's one from practice Frank's idea Brooklyn democratic cheer. -- -- -- -- accent can do X. The candidate with a name like -- ought to know better than the throughout items like I around scares me terms like mafia -- What was he thinking retired Americans have been wrestling with that slur for so long he should be ashamed of himself and apologize. I don't know how they did it with a straight face it is hilarious. Hilarious. Have we become sole. Absolutely. Paralyzed by political correctness. We're a person an Italian. Person. -- Italian person. Can quote a movie about an Italian family who was in the mafia. In reference to the behavior of another man another person no it's not unreasonable. It's. Why not -- -- up so seriously. It's ridiculous. I wonder what you think about 8030930. Start 930 on yourself on I'm Italian ethnic. In a -- from clobber -- originally back in the day. Actually never been back there to column in my father news. But I financially nothing insulting piece. And a lot of Italian Americans here in buffalo. And maybe some of these tickets consulting with somebody brings up a movie that actually exists. I believe some of these. People who quoted. Would be capsule insulted by most movies he's. Starring -- Italian premier. Because I see what 6060% of them. Are about the mafia. But anyway I thought -- idea. I thought that this whole thing this whole pandering by these Italian American. Politically correct place. I thought it was Larry's. Absolutely. Also on on politics when the breaking column consider him run this way it's politics. And it's all about -- New York and federal Europeans. State and local national politics perspective. And everybody's talking about the moral -- It's just. It really is very negative story print Cuomo and I never thought that -- -- I think this is an historic opportunity. To expose what he's -- about Joseph and silver creek thanks for. -- -- Yeah I. I went by the only about the time and organization born after when this thing people probably pretty. The Sopranos and be -- is a great teacher ratio. And all the stereotypes or it would net you know. -- like me and Caldwell and you know what. I like when they talk about each other I think it's great you know that wears mostly -- -- I'd like to see some more. Really good much you know -- and I mean I mean everybody again and I'll watch channel port news. And all that talk about what the 669. Jobs site and I think you know it. From down here with -- PG cookies cared child you know while they're out. Called Berry plastics that make the bottles that they used in -- so many jobs early district and the state and you're worried about -- use a line from movie you know what they you know they're pole vault over -- Yeah. My Italian -- and and it's like. They prided themselves on the much involved. Well we also there you know their heritage was grateful that we've ever got -- You know all that there is an upright you know -- so a lot of side I did pride in Italian race and I think some things they've done. You know. We were forced to -- you know because you know they were treated -- There -- came United States but they overcame they did their thing and now allow spaghetti -- a sign that that there are definitely talk about themselves became. Right right here's the thing I mean when I might move to Russia. In 1993. Guys. At this I lived in Europe -- agree department. Is on him for. Got older -- it turned up right next door to vote. The head of the local mafia in that are all part of Moscow and that he had. A cafe right there right -- my apartment which my my arms on the third -- some might actually looked up like on the roof. The parking lot -- it was called east. AI ST. Which means claim the bird and Russia. And and all night long he would have been you know to meet that it would be his crowd with Mercedes six hundreds are all over the place guys holding. You know large weapons standing around cars and all these big -- guys mean there'd have drinks hookers everywhere I had no idea were moved. But everybody in the neighborhood. Paid this guy. What they call. Well basically they called him the roof the creation. The creation which is Russian for -- meaning he keeps the rate you pay to but he didn't pay him because. He said he said enemies is so are your Italian as I'm Italian American he says then you understand don't you. -- I think yes sir I do say about 500 bucks of -- Yeah I mean in this by this getting better these that you know they can't pick and choose. That you're gonna it's gonna say that a -- for them quote I'm sure you can Google where nexis lexis sort of economy. I'm sure mr. Cuomo is made. Used slurs or not Italian. Slang or whatnot that you. Well. I gotta I gotta tell you though you know. In 2010 when I was working with Carl Paladino. -- run for governor. And we had a at the same issue with Cuomo we were saying if you're basically our Karl talking point was if you wanna clean up Albany you have to start with Cuomo. And that we were trying to make that point it's hard to get noticed -- -- -- people care about that is the court nation looking Cuomo right. So were out there trying to make as much. As much Asia. Noise as possible so I went at a you know -- -- I'm I'm known for in politics. Aren't known for these. I do. PDF images that I make on Photoshop and kind of cart modern day political cartoons cut and paste pictures of Cuomo and writing or whatever it. And I put them in the economy something funny and I had I mean it's when it's that. Clean up Albany question -- start with Cuomo got a picture of guy shall right. I took Cuomo's head tonight's photo -- -- -- of the guy in the shower -- And and it got it had hit his head his hands up in his hair like each camp -- when his hair and here's Cuomo space like. You know. I've put a little gold chain around. Michelle. You know have a little bit of ethnicity to it you know edit it -- it -- -- little funny right. Put this thing out I sent it out to about a 100000 voters -- reporters. And they came back into the Cuomo people came packet they said. That's insulting that gold chain you know blah blah blah user interviewed shouldn't they should apologize. Andy and I I think you're trying to gin up the Italian American Association that's a place. I wish I told a joke I said look. I'm an Italian American calls an Italian American Cowell wears a gold chain I've probably Wear gold chain of the political scene and another I thank you very much. Well you know that this. -- -- -- not there yet but what's funny is I know I don't know why why they were gold chain because that's where they know we're at the option. You very much for holiday and we're gonna go pay some bills here after called in all the right back here. On the Israeli in my thirty WB. Here's your exclusive AccuWeather forecast partly to mostly cloudy cool my shower -- 57 degrees. Tomorrow variable clouds and cool a couple of showers and thunderstorms around. Good evening high of 71. Later tomorrow night rather cloudy with a spotty shower below 58 on Thursday. Intervals of clouds and sunshine with a spotty. Afternoon shower war funds. -- -- That's my kind of weather friends in and you know the reason why have -- where. There's a very good reason for I went around on very expensive air conditioner. That's why we had you -- told to do that earlier we actually had a hot weather I would have cooled off and in the group immediately. Cooled off for -- one south -- I can't possibly get value out of anything. He seemed to want to buy air conditioner you can -- that the weather cools off by invest in the stock. You need to go the other direction that's absolutely true. Well anyway we've got a lot of things going on today but for most of it at fifty were gonna go to break here. Because. CBS got some news out of the white. -- CBS news special report I'm Dan wrote the President Obama has just announced more sanctions against Russia. Because he says that country is not putting pressure on separatists inside Ukraine. To stop the violence that's been growing into so. -- war were blocking the exports of specific goods and technologies through the Russian energy sector. We're expanding our sanctions to more Russian banks and defense companies. There were formally suspending him credit that encourages exports to Russia and financing for economic development projects in Russia all discord. Made -- he says with the nations of the European Union the reasons Russia keeps helping the armed separatists and they are blocking an investigation. Of the shootdown of Malaysian airliner in eastern Ukraine. This follows up on steps taken by President Obama two weeks ago the sanctions. We're announcing today will have. An even bigger by mr. Obama just set on the South Lawn of the White House had an already weak Russian economy is suffering. And he hopes the Ukrainian people's -- that the US means what it sets and supports their right to sovereignty Ukraine being independent the president said. But not a threat to Russia CBS news special report I'm Dan -- The backyard and he's ready at 930 WBM Michael Caputo in for Tom hourly. You know -- down on vacation got me through Friday. But I did this best. There really turn up the heat on the set with the sanctions on -- and I am not an Obama fan I know quite a bit of -- rush that live there for most of the decade. But I've talked to those sanctions are working and they're they're doubling down on deadlines that they set I'm not fond of president Obama's. Foreign policy. But I don't want boots on the ground in Ukraine I don't wanna take chance -- issue war in the sanctions are taking a bite our Russian economy. And -- actually talk to people rush almost every single day that do a lot of work Russia. And -- -- take a look at who's actually covered by the sanctions what they're actually doing the one thing we know. Maybe he did at this there's one business or one bank in particular where Gordon -- what doesn't hide it he -- money. Regularly with -- impunity it's kind of when you get elected to public office especially President -- it's always the but he's got billions of dollars in a bank and nobody knows all the bankers know at Albany International community you know that every single one knows it. Well -- do is put sanctions on that one bank 1 minute I am. And you got to you've got a good. They have done that yet I guess that Mike might set him off. Are you pole several billion dollars up from under -- arc -- I mean certainly. An old York. Itself who will go nuts. I am on the west side thanks colony. -- our -- it in the all all the oil well. Well -- all the -- at -- Or -- Shall. The soaring Democrats and I'll. Another -- We. Look again acknowledge much. You know -- -- the big. In the hall where you look at -- -- and they've been there enough. Or perhaps right where they're at the other got the letter they were here in and out. And I'll while running well in pro stock and up all the -- In and under virtual lock it out. There are still want it bigger and I'll be all right. I'm I'm they're trying while you're talking to us and it's in the book just picked him the other it's called wrong on week. -- apple that just came out by partly wrong on race. It's by Bruce Bartlett a Democrat party's buried past because as we know. The Democrat party was that the longest in defense of slavery. And they were fighting civil rights is longer than any other political action. Whereas the Republican Party. Was the party that that freed the slaves the Republican Party. Was the party that that fought for our civil rights but some power another. -- so wrong on race the Democrat party. Is a master racial politics. That politics it what do you think of this whole. So you offended all of us in the Italian leaders what do you think. Well you know what -- shouldn't -- I personally that the school you know. -- -- people will remember the history. In all in Italy and the gulf the outfit that you know they -- the Irish again let them -- -- up right -- And -- -- quote it. Vote Democrat. You know what all created it and here's. All hit it is beautiful -- well while the city there aren't you know. People remember. -- well let me thank all the there are not grouped by a simple. Well one party Politburo for. Well you know we are they in -- to help outsiders. I'm not it all played that. Well you know fought. But let's hope that all of -- it's 00. Overall and alt. -- all public process. It's interesting because they're doing the same thing if you attack. The president there are many Democrats not all but many Democrats are up there. That will accuse -- of racism. Rather -- your criticism it doesn't make sense but there's certain is there's a certain tinge of racism to it. That kind of accusation. It's the it's the it's the final refuge of a coward in politics that go into this race and ethnicity stop. I mean I'm sure Cuomo's after it said all of them -- Quoted that god father go get him you know unleashed the hounds of hell. What are you. Oh I'm sure that we there's another -- outlook. And we'll be anything up for our side there on the left -- rates yeah it'll be a bit but if you. Do they eat out there it really agree that there are taxes and so -- absolutely adequately well we. But so. We're still so far are on the front of their eyes aren't great but that's what a beautiful thing -- -- -- -- comfortable ultimate quality people. All the credit outlook these the end and and their initial -- we're gonna picture will be race. Well listen birther talk I wanna talk about this accusation of anti Italian rhetoric with somebody who should know about that. After the this commercial break your camera to talk their Carl Paladino. About these comments will be right back here under these radio at 930 WB have.

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