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7-29 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And he's a way it's Larry I'm. News radio 930 WBE. And good morning at 7 minutes after 10 o'clock from WB -- we're talking about Governor Cuomo in the Moreland commission. Which he decommissioned. Just the other day. Or more recently. -- that -- it did its job. Interestingly enough there are number of people on the -- commission who were reported to that committee. Who say. We did not complete our job we were not able to finish our work that the governor prevented us from doing the job. That he asked us to do because. We got too close. To the governor. Does this change the race for governor in New York could this be a turning point for the upcoming gubernatorial race. Does this change your thoughts. About Governor Cuomo. Is he a wounded governor. Is is there -- race now would you still vote for the governor. Even though there appears to be corruption now coming from his office in Albany. Here's your opportunity to voice your opinion at WBE and 8030930s. Are -- -- 930 is a free call. On your -- and if you're outside a local calling area it's 180616. 923. Sets lots to talk about this morning coming out Albany in the governor. And we'll start with Tom in Orchard Park this morning good morning Tom. Morning I got I've got something until you hear. When Mario. -- all the fun and get that obviously. When he was the governor. If you recall. When he threw his pandering. He stepped into the front and your teachers federation and he says you make me governor of this fine state now making the high -- because in the country. And those were the exact words. As Hillary said when cheaper hectoring for senator over Rochester. Inside the teachers federation I have a distant it was sort of let distant. Battle with distant relatives. And this woman was buried in this guy who. Stop rather than it departments. Was a big shot -- -- New York federation. Union. Picture. With the you don't hear -- Well this guy hit job. He worked only three days on -- He would go from buffalo like Rochester. And then solved. The PA line and what did you -- didn't have a title with a guy was he he he. It would go to that your State's. Transportation delete you know what -- -- felt well and everything. And they would have a they would have been that we have come. And they would do and regulatory and he would go out and just pick up Q what is known fact that he was just pick up an inventory. How many tire company trucks they have it would look at anything it was just and the piece of paper. And that it would go to an excellent or what that many -- in this area but it could do that easily into days you know. He's got a 150000. Dollars a year plus. 7200. Dollars a year for him to rent a vehicle. AM Connecticut was 600 part. So he could write his own vehicle every wanted and the and I thought all that it could -- -- -- -- mileage. And then it wound up little overt tension. And I -- to where do maybe after or break it into two days. But it didn't -- and have opposite the have a title. But it would. -- -- -- brother what -- big shot what does it now let teachers federation. And course you know in this state. You don't get elected to state job unless you're unless you have the teachers left. Just about impossible. How powerful teachers' union. I mean of course like I just mentioned. There when Hillary mentioned that exactly the same thing at the teacher's convention. But. I think the old man was even more crooked and the kids. But you know I wouldn't I wouldn't vote for either I pulled away. I'm surprised the guy is behind. I I don't know anything the kids did I don't know actions say I don't know. But I I know that the old man looked dropped it because. Someone get a job that I took explains he. I've often wondered that and myself and I often wondered why. We don't find out more about jobs and positions like that because. Let's be honest here people are leaving New York State they are leaving New York State because of jobs now the governor was in town yesterday to promote. -- I think 600 new job 650 new jobs and whatever coming to the area a 140 million dollars. Has been spent. To promote. This start up a New York thing where you can comment and work here is a company and and not pay taxes. To me. They can be here for ten years and not pay taxes there's no guarantee after ten years they'll stay here. We are basically. Giving away the baby in the bath water here. And we are not really. Finding a way to help our state grow and prosper if we can afford a 140 million dollars. To promote a tax free program for out of state businesses. Why don't we take money like that. And give a million dollars each to a 140 New York State businesses. To grow and expand with in our state that will pay more taxes. Where is the mentality. That we have to give things away. Two out of state companies. While we have businesses. Leaving New York State anyway it was that -- the Remington company was at the company down in the Mohawk valley there. That after the so New York State's safe gun baloney. The excitement of the new York and moved to Ohio I don't know programming and much. Yet that they're leaving the state what is Tyson Foods is is. Leaving. I mean we we we were losing thousands of jobs. And we're spending a 140 million dollars to create hundreds of jobs the this. Commercial and in Florida and -- Florida. Just recently I saw I saw that commercial a number -- -- at primetime. In a major market in Tampa saint Peter's. I sought in Las Vegas. I think they were advertising -- in Las Vegas a state where there's no state tax are you kidding me. Eight exactly. Exactly. I mean here is money that I think can be utilized. In a much more effective efficient manner. For current New York State businesses. Instead of trying to bring out of state companies here there won't pay and any taxes. The fact that work radio -- hundred jobs while we're losing thousands of jobs is not worth a 140 million taxpayer dollars. Well. I'm not disappear like you and tell you that if someone offered me a job like I just described. That I would turn it down. Because I have to sit and think about it I really let you know I don't know I don't -- it my -- would be very happy certificate. But it would be. It's an excellent job that you could justify it in your mind that you were doing something right. I don't think any reasonable person would turn down. A patsy job like that especially in this state. I mean 150000. Dollars a year plus benefits I've -- my goodness me 50000 dollars a year. In this area it it is a pretty damn good salary. And work it didn't work at two days on the lot. And that they otherwise. Have anybody overlook. All he had no -- if nobody says that buyout I'm sick of it had to be because his brother had such a big position with the teachers union that. And had to be kickbacks between the Brothers stepbrother. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How could he not be doing well Tom I got to break it thanks for your time this morning MWP and the sandy beach show would Larry -- and we are taking your calls concerning the dismantling of the moral and commission the New York State times. Had a a scathing. Comments concerning. -- the governor and what he has done. And what he has prevented. The -- commission. From doing the governor in buffalo yesterday talking about how successful the -- commission was the New York Times says. It wasn't successful. That basically you corrupt a corruption that it was trying to discover. Join us under conversation. About Governor Cuomo in your thoughts at 8030930. -- 930 a free call on yourself. It is it took almost -- it is just the beginning of what -- old and not yet. And use and contradictory statements today are likable and it will not put an end to this story because people operate in our. At Tony's going around the building asking for some additional funds for a putting in -- bids for the bills how what how how short are you Tony from you think re reaching your goal how how much yeah. He's just a couple box just couple okay and it may merely. And yet you know I think some here quarters those quarter pound -- there Nichols anyway. Governor Cuomo. Would you still vote for him. If you did vote for him is what is going on right now. And the information that is coming out from the New York Times is that changing your mind at all about the governor is. The governor. More of a dictator. Than a leader. We've been playing a number of blah comments by the governor. And by the challenger in the gubernatorial race -- master Reno. The governor basically saying yesterday here in buffalo. That the -- commission did its job. It did its job well let's take a look at this. As we will be taking your calls again shortly at 803 on 930 okay. It was last August. Mr. Cuomo said this I'm going to quote. The governor said. Any thing they want to look at he's referring to the Moreland commission that he appointed -- Anything they want to look at they can look at meet. The lieutenant governor the attorney general the controller any senator any assemblyman. That's the governor said. Now. This is what the New York Times is set. A three month examination by the New York Times found that the governor's office deeply Crumpler brought -- he's -- compromised. The panel's work objecting when ever the commission focused on groups with ties to mr. Cuomo. Or on issues that might reflect poorly on him. -- -- The governor basically. Looked into the camera. And lie. He said there. We're going to investigate. And you can look at me you can look at lieutenant governor you can look at anybody. And then when they did that when they started to do their job. And they began to get close. To the governor. The governor. Said all right we got stopped us we we can't have this. What is going on. How can we as taxpayers as residents. Put up. -- this type of corruption in Albany. I made it. Timmy it almost boggles the mind it's like. It's like -- burka OK I don't have an aunt -- But but let's take an aunt Bertha and it if if you're name is birth and year and and I I apologize for -- aunt Bertha says. Yes. I've had a drug problem. And I realize it now and I'm going to the Betty Ford clinic. And so all of us remember -- leads in three days later she's back. And you say to aunt Bertha what do man. You -- you told me you had a drug problem you said you were going to the Betty Ford clinic and Bertha says yeah I didn't say I was going to. Stay there just weren't I wanted to visited. It this is what's going on in Albany. The governor says I'm going to the clinic but I'm not Steve error. I'm going to keep doing what I can get away with. What does this race this is an embarrassment. To all of us. And it's time as taxpayers. As as Republicans and Democrats it's time we stand up and say. You know it doesn't matter if we think you're a nice guy it doesn't matter if if we feel you're trying to do some good things. The corruption has to stop. You said you would do it and you lie. You you lied again if it is a rare for a politician aligned -- But when we have an opportunity. To clean up our state. To turn things around more people are leaving our state. Than any other state. We are losing people. To other areas. And I'm sure that politics has to be a part of it because. Why because one. Were taxed so much. You and me and businesses. Were were taxed -- too much. We we have a dis functional state we have a state that doesn't understand why taxes is booming. Even though they have extensive. Border problems. Texas is me. Texas is creating. More jobs. Per day. Then we create. In a week or a month. Texas is flourishing. People are going to Texas businesses are going to taxes. People. Are not. For arriving to come to New York so we can pay more taxes. So our governor can look you in the guy and say we're going to end corruption. And then say I'm going to stop the investigation -- and corruption because it appears. That yours may be stepping on some toes and they may be the Telus that are in my shoes. This is this is embarrassing. This is inappropriate. And I think. This could be a turning point for this election do you think so do you think this could be a turning point do you think this could be a downfall for our governor. He's lied and the New York Thai names. As proven they have the evidence if you haven't read the New York Times article you need to do so it'll take -- -- but it is well worth the read. Larry daughter for sandy beach on news radio 930 WBE. End. You're hearing the voice of buffalo W. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line 1806169236. It's almost walk. Just giving us what a hole. Nothing yet and it is -- victory statement today laughable. And it will be presented this story that people go right there. That's a Republican candidate for governor rob master Reno commenting on the governor's statements. Yesterday here in buffalo. Concerning the elimination dismantling of the Moreland commission. Short sweet and simple. Governor Cuomo points a commission to look in the corruption. In New York State and Albany. The commission starts to look at corruption but gets too close to the governor so the governor dismantles the commission and and the government governor says. The commission was -- success. If you you can't make this. I mean to look into a camera. And say the commission wasn't success. Oh my goodness I'm just I'm just flabbergasted. Just absolutely flabbergasted. Wanna hear from bill in north tunnel onto this morning bill thanks for -- and. Departing figure out there thank you very much. Apartment by forty sure where you were. Restored and so. Our current. Holder wrote so. -- -- no incumbent. This -- with all -- is out of control of -- community. Most of got the -- I've ever. Matt Light brought after. I mean it just out of the car. They say coming your money away what little bunny or apologies to all the lines. The don't think the New York State the people leave and enter. In New York they'd be in that -- -- I act and quiet out there they are afraid of -- But it's -- Let me -- high taxes. All ball -- -- -- -- Art. -- colonial patronage. Well. Lie after lie in July Alec after Wednesday as you know hit light. Of it yet -- -- -- Hired the same thing. Then there's there's the old joke how can you tell when a politician is line is it's his lips are moving. -- -- in debt but have been. And. And I don't mean to insinuate. Because I I do follow up politics probable Leo a little bit more than the average individual. But and I don't mean to insinuate. That if you're an elected official. Your corrupt you lie you're you're not a good person IA I have met with and worked with a number of elected officials. From the democratic side from the Republican side people who I like people who I think are good honest people people who were caring. And it and are trying to do a any respectable responsible job their are good elected people out there so I I don't want to group. All of these people it into one category because there are people who care of their people. Who run for the school boards. And because they care they're they're good people there there are local legislators on on town boards. I mean -- let's be fair. To people who run for office. But let's also be honest about the people who Ron. And -- elected. And our corrupt or are trying. To. Basically make sure things benefit themselves. Before they benefit the people who we elected them -- the people who are paying taxes. You're correct there in the work here that work for is the sheer read Tuesday. Yeah like. -- and -- you know for those who don't. It means that you didn't need. Of other people I had appeared. And these people that are in office -- Albany or Washington at all. Are taken and they're there they're not gonna try and -- Well have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it seniors who can afford medical but hey you folks down and want our pocket and wonderfully here at New York. Well throughout this picture. There I I am. Okay what we have here is image in reality I think we we have a governor who was created and image. I loved buffalo love upstate New York I'm I'm going to do all these things work for you to help you I'm. Basically. Went when you look at those words what he is saying I'm going to try to undo what my dad did to screw upstate New York. OK I'm I mean to let let's let's get a little bit of truth out here let's let's remember when his father was governor. And -- -- and how bad. Things were and how bad they got. And what the Pataki administration tried to change. Although I was not thrilled with a lot of things with the governor Pataki but he did make an effort to to do some things to counter some things that. That Mario Cuomo had done. But here is is an elected governor. From -- and extremely. Strong political background the Kennedy background of the Cuomo background. Who has worked day in federal housing who basically did an abominable job there. And that basically now is trying to follow in his father's footsteps who has aspirations to be president. Nothing wrong -- that. Nothing wrong with following in your father's footsteps. Nothing wrong with having aspirations to be president of the United States I think when I was in sixth grade I had aspirations. For that too. The fact that I expect that yeah well and sixth grade I. I have learned an awful lot says that plot. That might point is here when you say you're going to do something. And then you prevent. People from -- mean something Kate the -- it to -- year two faced liar. It. So I had it to the camera MB. That about. Him and he had ever noticed. Positions. Itself differently. From what like mr. Obama positions so yeah Eric. Here click here to Kenya and being. Little questioning it wouldn't say even though I'm gonna -- National right. -- in the -- to continue to sort of trite but it it or something New York right quick return to Washington and -- insurance. Well let's let's give credit where credit is due bill and Barack Obama our our our president. Is. Probably does a better job. Of reading the teleprompter speaking to the public and Bill Clinton did. I mean he's he's outstanding at that gentleman is. He he knows how to look into the camera. And and resonate. These words to make people believe absolutely everything Mario Cuomo is is very good at -- and there's nothing wrong with being good at that. OK I mean I I talked on the radio I have the ability yet to speak out I think in any fairly. Reasonable way -- -- it's just a gift that I have and many politicians -- there's there's nothing wrong with that what's wrong with it -- when you. Take that ability when you use that that talent or initiative. To benefit yourself. And lied to people. At their expense and and that's what I see going on when -- governor says. That you know you can investigate me you can investigate the lieutenant governor didn't go after anybody. And then he turns around says you're getting too close to me you're getting too close Google lieutenant governor. You you've done your job -- it's -- -- it. Let me just quickly bill and now happily to go but I want a quote. I'm Barbara Barbara Levy Barbara battle -- Is the legislative director for the League of Women Voters of New York State okay here's a woman who has some respect. -- and she says and I quote. The thing that bothered me the most is we were created with all this fanfare and the governor was going to clean up Albany. And it became purely a vehicle for the governor to get legislation. Another notch for his reelection campaign. That was it. You know. And here. By yours you know what bothered me about the whole thing. -- Well hi how to elect. Follow up are out there as well all. Here is highly bank okay him barrier and there -- They have I could bring. Governor -- users. Sitting quietly and lying and he. I want a lot of campus here -- about -- -- And -- they play mr. -- acts of terror. Change it and change their lying lying -- that they are. You'd be -- above all she could proper. See that's where radio so beneficial and you don't have to look at that bill thanks for your time today appreciate your -- You have a good Dana sandy beach show Larry diversity in this morning on WB and we'll take a quick break be back with more of your calls at 8030930. Dutch troops appear intimidation and bullying just like he -- the members of the independent or -- commission. All alone did not report it and not -- -- Eight were independent they were deputized by the attorney general. Powers you know. And much more and yet it took almost a case -- in the business. And try to shut down the investigations that led to him. We're talking about Governor Cuomo and the dismantling of the moral and commission the commission that he commissioned. To. Get rid of corruption in Albany. And as the commission began to get close to possible corruption. In the Cuomo administration. The Cuomo administration. Abolished the commission. I mean that that's basically yet so we're asking does this change your opinion of Governor Cuomo. Or does it just reinforce your opinion of some elected officials. And and -- elected or appointed officials convicted of a felony should they lose their pension. I mean there needs to be something to do it -- people. Who have elected or appointed offices and government from from. Committing felonies I mean we really ice think sincerely. Need to make the penalties so much stronger than they are -- listen Snyder this morning thanks for calling WB yen -- Thank you Larry for taking my call on without question. There have to be -- certainty of punishment. Offer state officials that betrayed the public trough. A lot of attention and full restitution explosion from ever holding office again are becoming a lobbyist or anything like that. Beyond that. There isn't ugly -- after paralleled that of going out and our national government that I'm sure I don't have to tell you that anybody else listening. And that is that the checks and balances that. Are supposedly built into our system has been circumvented. -- our president. Who is. He's filed a co conspirator in the Department of Justice with Eric Holder and I'm thinking about the ire at. Scandal. And -- the national press that normally would sound the alarm on it I guess my question is. That there have to be -- fail safe way to intervene on corruption. Have unfettered access to records so we commend prosecutes. These individuals whether it be state or a national level. And affect the integrity in government that should be there we block that it -- circumvent that we've been hijacked. Integrity. Like the fact that you use that word -- we have lost that it in so many ways and the issues you bring up. With the attorney general older is a very strong point. One of the problems here is as in in politics. If you were. One side or the other. You have a tendency to have a blind guy in in many instances well. They did it before so what what's the big deal well under George Bush they did this. So I mean the blame the others incident take responsibility. For your own which we see it today with parents who have teenagers who arrested. For serious crimes. As severe as murder. He he's a good kid. Kate -- tell the tell and you if you kill somebody you're not good -- I in the can may have -- you. But obviously he's not a good kid. Do don't tell me that all he had a tough or Kirschke you don't understand what it's like to be. The excuses within our society and the excuse is within our political suicide. Hit it just got it out of control. You're right we've lowered the bar so far in the country it's not even recognizable anymore but and I think that welcome thanks for taking my call him Europe great health thanks again -- Thank you Neil nice to hear from you today in WB and Larry hotter in for sandy beach will be in. For the remainder of the week tomorrow Thursday and Friday looking forward to talking to you 8030930. Is our number if you like to get down and discuss some politics today with the governor. I'm glad you brought up the word integrity because it is an important word that we seem to. Loose side -- within our our government. And though not just our government but within many things today. Public trust you mentioned that public trust is important. We don't force as a society anyone to run for office -- There may be a group of people who want to encourage. Hillary Clinton -- there may be a group of people who want to encourage romance to Reno to two run hey nothing wrong with that. But we don't force. Anyone. To run for a political office. It is fair decision to do sell and if they do so and if they are elected. There there is a responsibility. Here to say hey OK I've I decided to do this now I'm here. I have this responsibility. To you for the public trust. And in New York State. I mean it it it's like we're in competition. Here to reach is that the top spot. In corruption. By elected officials I mean I have a list and in front of me out unbelievable the people Republicans and Democrats I'm. Trying to point out one party or the other I'm I'm not making this. A Democrat Republican issue I'm making this. A political issue. People who don't do what they say they will do and then people look in the camera and YT 803 on 930 is our number WB and start -- thirty. Is a free call on your cell Larry -- for sandy beach will be back after news.

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