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7-29 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- a way it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 WBE. And thank you Tony good morning everybody nice to -- with you on this last week of July it is -- Tuesday. And does not exactly the warmest summer day of the year however. I think we'll kind of get through an old looks a little better than yesterday and tomorrow looks a little bit better than today so I think we're. Moving in the right direction although if you're a golfer it's been kind of a frustrating season hasn't. And if you're a voter it's not been in the best of of seasons either but. When you look I think it's somebody places around the country right now between the forest fires in the flooding and tornadoes and and the severe weather and -- That's happened too -- -- bad -- good to have you with us this morning. Tony is taking care controls like your usual. Chris Johnson going to be taking your phone calls sandy is. Ian is sandy in Alaska now Tony you know I don't know if he's arrived yet it's okay. And a and B I guess he didn't ask you to go with them. I don't think there was an option wrong. It would have been nice my mother went to Alaska years ago she took one of those cruises. You take out I think out of Seattle or Vancouver and you take the -- up to Alaska and then you. Go inland and take a train ride to Denali national Parkinson she said it was the most magnificent vacation she ever took her like she'd never seen. Such beautiful country and said son. Some days. When I have passed I want you to take some money. And go to Alaska so Tony if you have any extra money is -- -- Outlast my son for a for a -- It we we haven't seen each other in a long time how is your son he's doing great he's in big -- celebrating his seventh or the seventh we have Samantha is twenty months. Wow so where does the tangle I mean it's -- this is the last week of July August starts next week. And the July beginning of August we think of football season I know you're a huge fan. You have watched a gamer to mentor. And a little bit. K what about their three day session we had when your wife kept calling -- -- we were there was talk about football yeah exactly she got a little upset that she was she loves talking football too since the great thing about the Mariners. Well the bills are played an extra game this year their plane in the hall of fame game. Andre reed is going to be inducted into the hall of fame Marv he's going to be as present her alternates greed and I wasn't aware of right now. K I saw where -- Jim Kelly is gonna flip -- coin yup he's going to be a special captain for the game. And and by the way I saw where the NFL network. Is going to do feature on Andre. It's I believe this Thursday at 10 o'clock at the -- correct so I DVR it. So idea because sometimes I have a tendency to forget things -- now. Don't don't know why that happens and it's a mystery here now I mean that's -- While I was here yesterday. Didn't affect it. As fact oh it's Tuesday okay yeah get it. But I'm looking forward to it does seem that. NFL network Thursday 10 o'clock there feature 10 AM right 10 PM 0:10 PM Oscars and Pia. Featuring Andre reed they're probably doing it went all the inductees I imagine yeah special so. Andre still looks like he can play does Cindy know a friend of Bahrain Jordan Hogan -- a wide receiver coach from Ball State. He recently attended I think it was at the -- camp. He posted a picture with himself and Andre in -- country still I mean ripped with muscles. Yet he he looks really good and we'll use I don't know what he had that you is kind of like a -- is seen what he was a pioneer. Does he was one of those first wide receivers and really spent time in the weight room. Yup you know him and I think Jerry Jerry Rice right. The two of them need to be commended because state. They didn't just play the position they didn't just study the position. They also looked at the physical aspect of it and how they could improve themselves to have to be a great star. And Andre was it its I I feel so good about him finally. Getting the recognition he deserves it it's funny Tony I don't know how far back you go with the bills but I was thinking the other day. About vanish off. Okay has stepped back at bats as at all there's a four letter word for your show all hot. But I remembered. I was thinking back on some of the bills games and some of the wide receivers we have over the years. There was a gentleman who played for the bills years ago who I think could have been a hall of Famer and was one of the nicest. NFL players I ever met in my like that was Gerry Butler now and as I recall. He got injured. Catching a touchdown pass and never played again. It was back in the eighties. Early eighties yeah be around eighty to 83. But he was a star he has fabulous he was so good he he really was how how you think do things silicon this year for the bills in Vegas. They are right now the most popular team to go over the over under picks of the year -- picked at six and a half game yeah. I saw that in my first came out I said wow how disrespectful but. In looking back I think they're probably correct I think it's going to be around six or seven wins then and now. Sure would be nice if they could excel little bit more but there you know it all depends on EJ Manuel. They're gonna go as far as as he takes them I believe they have the defense -- the defense fund to. To make some noise. Not sold on the offensive line just yet and they've got good are running backs with a big name decent receivers was -- gonna come -- EJ. I think -- right and I think Europe and I think Hackett how he plays the offense the type of play calling -- does this year I think his play calling last year was -- I don't think he utilized the players. The not so sure he could utilize them because of the growth and the lack of role in the speaking of shows that are going to be on like them and it -- featuring Andre reed. I don't know how much of -- history buff EUR. But. I believe in complementing. People or networks. If it's deserved and I think in this case it really is deserved and I've talked to a number of people about this. CNN. Has been doing a series. For a few weeks now called the sixties. Have you have heard about it I have seen Tony it's absolutely outstanding. I have watched the History Channel over the years I watched that. Men who built America. Series on the -- -- channel it was absolutely outstanding. And CNN is to be commended for the job they've been doing on a series called the sixties. They did one on The Beatles I haven't seen it yet I've got a record -- haven't seen yet. I watched the one with John F. Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban crisis. And some of the footage and and most of its black and white which is kind of -- it does take you back in time just watching black and white. But some of these details. And information and documents they showed you in the series is outstanding and I wish. Our. New York State education system would make it a requirement. For students to watch things like this because. They need to learn more about history and what has happened because and we've heard the same day if -- learn from your mistakes. If you don't you keep repeating there the same mistakes and as a nation and as people I think it's important to know. What is Protestant at this point in history and if if you're a teenager the sixties as is ancient history I mean it's it's fifty years ago. But goodness gracious. The sixties brought about so much. History in our nation and if you remember it was things like The Beatles and what they call the British musical invasion. It was so Elvis Presley getting out of the service. It was the election of the first Roman Catholic president John F. Kennedy. There was the assassination there was the Vietnam War there was the man go mountain. -- which you know today we we just accept putback then it was a magnificent. Accomplishment. So I believe it's it's on Thursday night's. On CNN but if you have a DVR might be something that you. Just wanna record in and check out later on because I think it's been absolutely outstanding if your history -- believe me you will love. Every second and I have learned it's I've learned more from watching that series. Then I I did in in high school believe me course I goofed off a -- school's commitment that. 60 minutes after 9 o'clock that morning it is the sandy beach on a Tuesday I'm Larry hunter sitting in today -- -- Will. Be taking your calls shortly on the topic win the -- commission and Governor Cuomo. A lot to its talk about there but first we'll take a break in the will be back -- who's ready and I'm thirty WB EM good morning Larry -- with you for sandy beach. Who is on his Alaska vacation to be honest I can't wait. To sandy comes back and hear about the strip and hope he send some pictures and Tony because it would be. Really nice to see what he is in join in his vacation well deserved. Vacation to talk a little bit about history and the fact that this CNN is doing a series. On the sixties. And I got to experience something in a couple of weeks ago. That I had never done it and I'm so glad I was able to do it. And I don't know of Chris her or Tony if you guys have had a chance to to go down to the naval park at all and go on any of the ships down there. But I had a chance to do little tour. Of the USS Little Rock that's one of these ships down at the naval harbor in downtown buffalo. And I was just astounded. And what I discovered when I did the tour of the ship let me tell you if if you have young kids. -- even teenagers. And you're thinking of something you'd like to do for an afternoon or her evening. Just go someplace different see something different learn something new. Take the kids down to the naval part and tour the US has little right now I'd I don't know. If you have to schedule appointments to do it to well or not. You may want to check into that won a magnificent. Facility. This is to tour. You have to remember these ships these World War II ships were built. When they didn't have computers like they do today. Men and women were were able to. Put together. These ships. And build these monstrosity. To fight in World War II. And when you go on this ship. It's kind of a a unique feeling -- when you go inside and start taking the tour and its -- where the servicemen lived. And the pound facilities that they had to work again. I believe. The ship is six stories high. The fact that this thing can even stay afloat it is incredible to me. But it's it's a magnificent thing to see it is has outstanding history. The pictures in there that they him and how -- document things. It really it is. A gift to our community and I would hope that some time all of you have an opportunity. Two to go down and and toward the ship and CE. One our servicemen. And a how they lived and how they survived. On the ships out in the ocean during World War II. I'm I'm so glad I got to do I have such appreciation. For. Let's put it this -- such an additional appreciation now. For the man who fought and served in the navy on the ships and in World War II. It's. Our waterfront is growing a lot of wonderful things are happening down there. And the fact that we have a part of this history and can actually touch it be up close and and see it and experience. I think is a tremendous gift to our community and I hope that they -- your family your kids. Would take a chance to it to do this someday I was so impressed. And and I think that you will be two in fact there were a couple times when now I just had to take a step back and now. This this really happened you'd see the pictures. All. I can go on for a long time and board you win it and I won't apologize. But I say I think if you have done it you know exactly what I'm talking about if you happen. It would be something that I think you would thoroughly enjoyed because it's not only. In pristine but it's educational and it's part of our our history. And speaking of history. Wasn't too long ago. That our governor Mario Cuomo. And I I I keep seeing Mario so many times it was like in it in mine -- for so long Andrew Cuomo. Said that out we're going to it to get to the bottom of this stuff -- we've had enough corruption. In our state. And it's time that we resolve this so you do. The taxpayers you the New York State resident you the voter. Can believe. In Albany. And your government. Andrew Cuomo. Looked into the camera and said weren't going to solve this problem. Were going to create the Moreland commission. Now the moral and commission was really created. Over a century ago in 1907 so let me share with you a little background. Before we get into this and that will be taking your calls at 8030930. And start -- thirty. The moral and commission. Now was an act it was the Moreland act and it was passed by the state legislature and signed into law. Back in 1907. It was introduced by Sherman -- he was a Republican leader in the assembly. At the urging of our governor at that time which was a Charles Hugh. Now basically the moral and commission authorizes the governor. Either in person or by one or or more persons appointed by him. For the purpose to examine. And investigate. The management in the affairs of any department. Any board -- bureau or any commission. Of the states so this moral and commission says if you got the power eight. The investigators. Were empowered to subpoena witnesses. Administer all its hold hearings and subpoenas. And any books or papers deemed relevant. Or material. So basically. They were given the power. To say hey look. We thinks is wrong here and we're gonna look into it and we want these documents we want these papers we won the phone records we want the recordings we -- Anything. I mean debate they are empowered. To investigate. Like no other commission and it's been in existence for over a century in New York State. Seoul last year our governor. Created. The moral and commission and gave people the power to investigate corruption. According to the New York Post state political editor he said quote. Cuomo was elected attorney general. And then governor pledging to end the corrupt culture. That had come to define the empire state. And now he's a symbol of it. The governor said you can do it and the governor said stop doing it because I don't like what you're doing. Let's talk about this this morning on the sandy beach it was Larry hunter from news radio 930 WPG and. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 and our toll free line is 1806169236. It started leading to him that -- adminstration and news cronies. And speak donors and the Democratic Party. Systematically cut it off. That's rob asked Reno talking about governor Cuomo's decision to stop. The investigations by the Moreland commission which he appointed. It enhanced to bring about the question is what is the governor Heidi. What is the governor afraid. Why is the governor. Stopping in an investigation. That he started. The governor basically. Set up a high powered commission called the moral and commission last summer to root out corruption the keyword was corruption here. In New York State politics. You think of corruption in politics you think of New Jersey at bank of Chicago. But. Folks our state is in the running. They they really are they are elected officials. And have done so much to upgrade the status of corruption. In our state that it's not only embarrassing but it's despicable. And it's frustrating. It's frustrating to me as a taxpayer. Because. Our government. Ends up spending money. To prosecute. People that week in trusted our tax dollars to in the last seven years in the last seven years. 29 state officeholders. Have been convicted of a crime censure or otherwise accused of wrongdoing. 29 state officials. Now. The average income. For a family in buffalo. He is below the national average income. And the average income. For an official working in Washington. Is a ball excuse me eight in Albany is above the national average. So we have people that we have in trusted. Our lives too. And our money to. To do the right thing. And they have not done so and I'm sure many of the names are familiar -- it doesn't matter. At least to me. Whether they're Democrat or Republican. Or an independent or libertarian it doesn't matter to me if there were a man or woman it doesn't matter to me if they're from Brooklyn. Or Montauk. Or Plattsburgh. Or governor world Watertown -- Binghamton are anywhere in the state all that should be irrelevant. What's important. Is that we see as individual taxpayers and workers and residents of the state. Haven't trusted. A number of individuals. To do what is in the best interest for us. And they have been doing. What appears to be in the best interest. For them. And -- less. We get a Moreland commission. That. Is allowed to truly investigate what's going nine. Discover this bring it out to the public. And stop it. And make sure those officials who go to Albany in the future know that if you trying get away with something we're gonna find out. And work ought to prosecute you and you're gonna pay the penalty. And while my questions this morning is. If a state elected or appointed official. Is found guilty. Of any kind of corruption or felony. Besides. The sentence. That they may have to serve in jail. One other penalties do you think should be given to them do you think. And this has been brought up before. Do you think. They should relinquish. Their pension. Do you think they deserve to be paid by the taxpayers. For years to com. After they have created. -- cute he's committed. A crime. Mean let's let's hit some of these people where it hurts. Because these people. Have basically. Said. You know at the people of New York State their stupid let's let's get away with this -- nobody's gonna find out c'mon let's let's do it. I -- our governor. Former governor Eliot Spitzer. A former state comptroller Alan Hevesi. Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Assemblyman William -- I could go down a list that that's unbelievable here and and there are others being investigated. For corruption. In Albany and in our state. And our governor. Who said he wants to resolve this matter. Has now prohibited it. Dismantled it. Said. And now you've gotten a little too close to for comfort. Here here's basically what started the whole problem and then we'll start taking your calls at 8030930. Start -- thirty free calling yourself and if you're outside a local calling her -- 18061692. 36. The governor appointed the high powered commission -- commission last summer to basically ruled out. Corruption in state politics. Shortly after that investigators. Who were hunting for violations of campaign finance laws. Issued a subpoena. To a media buying firm. Game now the investigators did not realize that that firm which was called by -- time buying time that's the name of the firm. As they were investigating this firm they were not aware that this firm also. Counted Governor Cuomo. Among its clients. So the moral and commission. Issues a subpoena. And they're looking for -- campaign finance problems. They did not know that the firm they subpoenaed. In that firm. Our governor was one of their clients. So when the word got out. The governor's most senior aide who was Lawrence Schwartz excuse me Schwartz Lawrence Schwartz. The governor's most senior aide called. One of the moral and commissioned. Coach years. And said to him. This is wrong pull it back. This is wrong but you cannot subpoena. The firm. In which the governor is a client. Right there the independence. And the investigation ability of the -- commission went right down the tubes because what happened. When the governor's -- Said pull it get rid of a subpoena. It was withdrawn. Is he had governor. Or is he a dictator. Do we have representation. Or do we have just corruption throughout Albany. We'll take a quick break we'll come back but your calls if you wanna join us. 8030930. Is our numbers star 930 is a free call on your cell as we talk about Governor Cuomo. And the corruption in Albany. That now. May never be discovered because the governor has dismantled. The Moreland commission I'm Larry -- for sandy beach on news radio 930 WBE. And -- this controlled -- opinions. And I rejected it. That's not proof of interference is proof of the exact opposite. It's total independence. I'm Larry hotter in for sandy beach sandy is vacationing. In beautiful downtown Alaska. This week looking forward to hearing about is wonderful vacation. When he gets back we'll be sitting in throughout the week today through Friday. And we're talking about the need Moreland commission it has been in the news now for quite a few days since the New York Times the big newspaper. Wrote an article. About the governor's appointment of the -- commission and then the dismantle. Of the moral and commission now I have read the New York Times. Editorial comment it was written by -- Susan Craig William rush -- and Thomas Kaplan. The three of them did this reporting the investigative reporting. It would probably take the normal person I would save. A good twenty minutes maybe thirty minutes to read the entire article I suspect you would be able to find it online somewhere. It took me a couple of hours to read it and the reason it took me so long to read it is because. I had to keep going back over. And over. To keep putting everything in chronological order in perspective and and who was who started underlying mean. And in reading and again because there was so much. If formation in this I mean the New York Times needs to be commended for their research in an effort. And bringing this knowledge to the public and no matter how the governor tries to spin that's and that's exactly. What he's trying to do. The New York time article. I don't see how after reading this you can. Think that the governor is not hiding something. I mean it's it's obvious. I think when you read this. That the moral and commission -- Executives on this commission the people pointed to this commission. Were finding things that the governor didn't want them to find. And so he stopped. He stopped. Which asked the question. You know how much corruption is going on and where is -- corruption. Coming from. -- it appears. That it's coming from the top. That this commission was getting too close. To finding out things. About our governor. That the governor didn't want found out. Which. Brings me back to the initial question how and why the heck duty even go about this process. And it appears. That it was so he could get some legislation passed in Albany. That would help him. Get re elected. So he was using. Taxpayer dollars your money your money. To have a commission. Start a process. Which he could dismantle. So he could get a legislative agenda passed. And say. I -- the governor look what I did. But the New York's New York Times has said. You're the governor. And were seen what you did. And we were finding out what she did. And what she did it. Was basically abused your power. For a personal agenda. For your political game. And if there is any crime. In government. It is the cry aim of using tax dollars for political gain. And that's where I think we need to take a stand as taxpayers and residents. Not just within our state but throughout government itself. We know that money corpse. That we we know that we've heard for years. If you don't learn it in school you eventually learn it when you start paying taxes. And start watching the news and start reading in the papers. Money corpse. And it appears that knows. Who were elected. To represent us. To use our money and are responsible beneficial way. Are the ones who arguing that corrupting now now you probably don't know this name William Boylan junior. Yeah you you probably don't know and and there's no reason you should know it was a New York State assemblyman from downstate. Few months ago he was convicted at a federal court in Brooklyn. 21. Felony counts. He didn't do want -- two or three or four things you shouldn't do. He was convicted found guilty on 21. Felony counts. Including bribery. Extortion. While you're for a -- -- That the sounds like something from a movie for -- And stealing public funding for the elderly. This is a New York State assemblyman. Should he get a pension. I don't think so. Let's let's start. Penalizing. Elected officials. Who abused the power. Let's not just slap them on the wrist but let's start really penalize him -- Let's get a state law that takes away their pension. How about. Double lane the fines and the penalties. For elected officials found guilty of a felony. Let's let's say to people who -- run for office. We're giving you who. Are trust. You have a responsibility. If you don't fulfill that responsibility. If if you turn your back on Hamas and try and break the law. You're gonna be penalized more than the average person. I don't know what that is legal. Or not but I certainly would try to make it legal. Mean if you want to represent people. Then we're gonna put little pressure on -- Because if you're caught doing something wrong we're gonna double your fines -- gonna double your penalties if you're given seven years by the courts it's fourteen. If -- find 200000 dollars it's 400000 dollars and we're gonna take away your penalties were going to let you know. That if you think you can get away with. And you get caught you're gonna pay you go to pay big time. I just think enough is enough. I think we. As people. Need to say. That. Corruption in politics corruption in government has to stop. Not show idea. But it has to stop. And Governor Cuomo. It needs to stop we do. Governor Cuomo. It appears. That now you who are symbol of corruption. What do you think do you trust your state official do you trust your local officials. The people that you elect to office do you trust them. 8030930. Is our number WB and start -- thirtieth recall on yourself. What do you think about Governor Cuomo. And the dismantled of the -- commission.

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