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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Ownership Deadline Today - AP Sports Reporter John Wawrow

Bills Ownership Deadline Today - AP Sports Reporter John Wawrow

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about the sale of the Buffalo Bills. It's a benchmark date today John morrow AP sports reporter with us on the WB in my plan boarding John. Or -- 5 PM today the bills bids are due out Johns creek from the trying to -- told us this morning he's hearing it's likely between one and two dozen bidders or it could be considerably less. What do you think. From all indications. I mean there was there were between ten and sixteen. Respective groups that did submit non disclosure agreement for the trust. Would put them in the running to submit. You know make their submissions today. What is essentially a non binding non binding did and some of their own financial information that these these provided. I've expecting somewhere around that and number. You know I'm I'm not sure of all. Fifteen -- sixteen respective groups will submit bids. And in the way you reported this morning you're right we've -- we've we've. Got to know who go all the bidders are. Although it's it's very much expected. That there are capable of incapable of which all group. Don't trump and -- both federal will submit bids though. Based on -- -- or were not not even tweet speak about what Donald Trump told Fox News but I felt like he's. Backing -- nearly backing off almost giving up -- I'm getting the bills. Are you surprised that -- of that. Don't know it was it was expected the Donald Trump as a businessman who would like to make deals are but Smart deals at the right price and if once we want it it became apparent that the -- -- -- -- For all of for lightly over a billion dollars that's too expensive -- it is above market value and I believe in Donald trumps mine that doesn't make business sense. Now we're also told that these are expected to be low ball kids today so with that said. How does the trust and decide who the serious bidders are I mean it can't be too much of a low ball it right. I I I personally think that what -- nobody you can give yourself the trouble will be what was would be too little ball because you can get cut. You don't wanna get cut in the first cut with with the worst golfer. Especially if you want a bit more. People about it trouble in this process including the person world I've been cut. In this process with more money in the pocket and prepared to make a larger -- -- -- to be very strategic. I expect the public to come out very aggressive in this at this point. -- shelled the trust that they are very serious about buying the bills. I'm sure that for a group will more than likely do the same. Those -- are essentially the front runners would probably from private equity people. Both on the West Coast and the East Coast. Will be submitting bids I keep hearing. But at this point. A lot of things point towards the ability and a showdown between Arab rulers and the throttle group. Is that likely John that one of these groups might. My proposal to -- money and blow everybody else out of the water I mean like Steve Ballmer did with the LA clippers I mean two billion dollars for basketball team. It's not out of the realm -- possibility. Com. The financial structure of -- -- a little bit different. In comparison to the NBA. Where. Teams can -- you know marked it do a lot more freedom in marketing their own deals as far as TV contracts still. But that's not available for and it felt teams in the league does all of that. But it would be it would surprise me that this they have that have won the bills Phil is done they will still be the highest price. -- to be sold in the NFL. The current record at the Miami Dolphins to Stephen Ross if you -- five years ago for one point one billion dollars. Now with the trust under no obligation to tell -- the bidders -- Do you think we'll find out through the process of elimination from those who don't make the cut. Yes I'd I'd I'd legal what we're just I think things will start leaking out by the end of the week. If that. Early next week. Morgan Stanley will spend this week. Reviewing the bids at -- for a few more questions. And then vetting the candidate I mean about -- them but cutting down the candidate to a manageable group of finalists. I expect there to be booked for five finalists and not many not not very much more. And then you know I think things will start will be you know. Either late this week early next. OK John thanks for joining us and helping us out with us we appreciate it probably thank you let's -- world he covers the bills. He's an AP sports reporter.

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