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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Cuomo-Moreland Analysis - Alan Chartock

Cuomo-Moreland Analysis - Alan Chartock

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the live line and welcome Alan -- doc Allen as CEO and president of WA AMC Albany where he is a commentator. We're talking about the latest problems. Facing governor Andrew Cuomo. Mr. -- -- good morning. -- -- -- I opened the the -- you'd pick to buffalo yesterday obviously to make his pronouncements because it's far away from. You know New York City where the problem has been festering and you know it doesn't make it it doesn't make a lot of sense he's really taken down. That the I -- -- journalistic establishment of New York Times which really particular piece on him as you know. But even more important -- that was The Daily Show I don't know if you remember as a poll showed half of people of other people under 21 got all their news from The Daily Show and putt -- -- that's something and hope that anybody who hasn't seen it -- open. And and looked up his you know his bit of political because it was really devastating. -- -- how how big a problem. Is this for Governor Cuomo in in your opinion. Well it's not a big problem you know -- the -- -- 35% and they'll have 50000 dollars going into the election. That is. Propelled to what do I say. No if you're -- quite right. Could be million dollars going into the election. And that's a lot of money -- -- -- and he gave it could hardly -- three quarters together. And they're on -- in the air all the time. Putting it at -- Dan and Spain you know -- -- Played favorite -- as buddies that he does this and that. An end and that money is gonna talk that this only one thing as Susan in response to your question. That could really kill and that is if we Ferrara. Who is the come hard at fighting. US attorney and doesn't take any baloney. Indict somebody. And that they indict somebody and cool little dance they do that they convened a grand jury's going to be asking all the questions. Because remember the big allegation here is to quote little bird. That album and that it and the quote people heard they were going after silently on top. Contributor to -- low and -- the with subpoenas. From the Moreland act summation and that the -- people that poem back. Now that we've done as a sort of quid pro quo that could be very dangerous obstacle otherwise grueling election going away. -- so unless there is then indictment. For the governor this is just a bump in the road not even a -- Will there in the answer is. I know him pretty well and I can tell a day yes and take criticism well. And when they called out his father Marriott was 82 years old to testify that. And who was a better man that he was there were a lot of raised eyebrows and you may not notice that I had to show -- marry over eighteen years. And I know. Then. And he knows it Mario Cuomo. It has been leading all of -- and -- And hasn't -- anything. For the fact that they called them out and they. And then -- stuff I think indicates that and who feels that this is a really bad for him remember this a guy who thinks. Believe me I notice that can be president of the United States. And it went something like that happens -- press comes after him united the New York Post the daily news New York Times. You know it all comes out to be very bad for him. Wolf. -- what about Eric Schneider and and the attorney general. That the guys on this commission were deputized by him he's not talking. They were look we all noted to Cuomo doesn't get along and play well that is the second box. It is and that means come to Napoli the wonderful controller. Really has made a lot of one of decisions. And Eric snyderman. Who who he got to go along and deputize all of the members of the commission so that they could look at the legislature that's the only way you could have been done. So ocean item has been very violent. Nobody wants to take on Andrew if you can if you can avoid it he had the reputation of being. Very tough guy and you don't want to make an enemy edit them and Eric Schneider minister guy who almost nobody knows all the polls say who's -- I have no reason. I don't know. So. So he's best adamant according to hit I'm sure is precepts. -- Always glad to channel what do you think until it -- thank -- electric -- -- Allen Chuck Todd is in Albany commentator.

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