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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Williamsville Cat Plan Gives Some Pause - Chris DuQuin

Williamsville Cat Plan Gives Some Pause - Chris DuQuin

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on WB in -- planned this morning as the deputy mayor of the village of Williams still Christie Clinton. We're talking about Williams Phil and cats and Chris I guess the question is does -- is still have a calf problem. Well think just wind though that the cap problem I think that. Throw -- spirits throughout the country you what happens is the number of -- that. I've been abandoned or have grown up you know in and around the community without an owner. And so the city of buffalo actually -- this problem. And proactive about treating the county humane way of making sure that we control the population. Who stayed in neutering them vaccine -- and put them putting them back in the community as opposed to keeping them and you've got to feed and shelter. And ultimately they don't have adopted -- killed so. What we wanna do it when we subsidy of up we'll do this ordinance back in June. And take a look and -- There was an issue here in our community. And look and see if there's if this was a possible solution. To the issue of what they -- community care. Okay people would normally would be in favor of trapping they would be in favor of neutering they would be in favor of vaccinated and but do you think generally. And mask that people would be in favor of returning all these cats to the community if there are too many of them Chris. Well I'm I think the question of too many of them I'm not sure how that happened and you know they get into the story that. There are kept in around the communities somebody probably does what he's done. On somebody gave them up and then during the winter. But ultimately they live in the community. What what they're trying to do with the flow are what they do in the city of buffalo. And what we're looking at is that it you do trapped if you spay and neuter them. And then release them back in the community then you control the population and so and you just do what you do to cut down on the what. The normal nuisance problem is that that you hear about so it kept screaming and crying and lighting and night. On the -- getting into him and you know having a -- here Roger woman like that those sort of knew the problems go away because. You know the -- been stated neutered and they've been active and then. They're brought back into the community and they they don't fit into the landscape. And I cute cat lover Italian and I'm not only just think that Kepler -- -- -- But they've given the landscape from their neighborhood in the same way as the rabbits and squirrels do it's it's kind of there and -- cause a lot of trouble there are spayed or neutered in an accident. Are they doing any other damage like getting up the garbage cans of thinking things like that. You know mostly restrictions from what we heard -- I -- I didn't know a lot of that they had numerous experts the suggestion is is that no. They will go to find food that they need to put a lot of these kids are being taken care of the most the time when something's in their garbage. It's a raccoon. Or you know pop some or some other animal that in there and not necessarily -- Is there support for this ordinance. You know I think the board wanted to listen to a public comment and so our processes is going to be -- the next step that we agreed to I think it will hold a public hearing. -- folks committed and talked about it. On the one of the things that the group that came in last night which is what they're they're called in the local group and try to find ways to deal with that cat and dog population. That -- more human way. What they've -- is that we're going to be surprised at how many people there are in the village. Are already doing. And there are already trapping cats they're taking into announced today there are a number veterinarians that are that are doing this pro Bono work for small but he. I'm and then they're bringing those -- back in the communities so. We meet -- -- reflecting was already happening in the community changing our. Local law that kind of reflect. So there definitely will be a proposed ordinance and a public hearing that's for sure. There will be yeah we're gonna all the public hearing that's what the village went aboard agree left side that we would hold a public hearing. I sometimes probably had -- good looks really approve pushed over a -- but we will hold a public hearing on the elliptical commended talk about it. Chris thanks for joining us thanks for the -- That's the Williams -- village mayor a deputy mayor Chris to --

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