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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Cuomo Defends Moreland Work - Dave Levinthal

Cuomo Defends Moreland Work - Dave Levinthal

Jul 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB in line -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity according days. It did Governor Cuomo made his first comments about the -- commission during a stop in buffalo yesterday the anti corruption panel under fire. While Cuomo defended it as a phenomenal success what's your read on this and with his remarks yesterday did he help or hurt his case. What got pretty -- pretty quickly effectively what he's saying and what he sent. What you created the last year that estimates it will go and do anything but I want to thank you look at I think once the government they can even look at. Republicans -- He has attorney general BP lieutenant governor -- -- pretty much if you work for state government. You are somebody who can be in the -- here and that of course New York Times about the the bombshell article that called into question the validity of the commission. In the first place sandbags in the response to the New York Times that article the -- lament straight since that. Well it would be laughable for a commission that was created by the governor to investigate the government. As they investigate a couple of bottom line there's there's credibility gap here there's really considered part as to whether that's with a game from the get go or what it is truly an independent mission. And beat former Portsmouth in the -- at this point. Dave I was about to ask of this could spread to other elected leaders particularly the -- state attorney general and you did mention. I thought of it like it's going to be getting anything out of commission of course the that's been the standard today and anything that goes forward in regards here. Ethics investigation buried in the investigation. Of the commission itself but I would be big hand in the camps there is definitely he is the liaison officer -- says it's opposite central Iowa but the actively looking -- is. Something where that commissioners say it is going to. Go away and form but it's not going to go away and optic and -- going to be talked about. A whole lot of course is going to be a major political aspect to all those slot that you know the Republican gubernatorial candidate. It's already been talking about it I'm expecting to be talking about it a whole lot more. What is the next step when will we know this has legs. It well -- if you -- it to them at the party does have -- the fact that the governor is taking time from its schedule. During a campaign is sent regrets about these issues. And indicates that very clear indication that this is that the problem you identified that as a problem he's trying to get a head of the criticism he's trying to get ahead. Of the story although really at this. The -- as well well all hear it now that it is now like getting around that it does point out. There are going to be lingering questions absolutely this is probably not the first -- is going to address during the campaign so although it remains to be and whether that actually have an effect. On AM. Whether they'll have an effect on his reelection hopes look at this point are very very good if you look at any polls are out there. Is that it's an open where right now it's what it does have. That's a big -- there or something that the vocal. We know the investigative. Aren't the US attorney general's office in the New York City area has led by. Prequel Horrow. Is investigating this. Now. Who knows who knows what this man is going to do he's noted to be a mean of very serious and honest investigator mean. This couldn't develop into something politically damaging for the governor's commitment. You're absolutely right -- and you think that app and not -- but the fact that it has gone to the US attorney's office and that they're pursuing as at least to some degree. -- an indication that that people are taking it's seriously and that and that's that's under Cuomo's. Far from being out the -- -- with this particular situation itself and it really -- because look at the statement that he made it went that this was first created. In the statements that are being made by the Obama administration now either they're cute very very different that statement says there there's a very different tone and tenor. The what was being said at the outset that was being said that right now -- sale is going to be very curious to and out it's there's going to be. Any investigation and they truly independent independent investigation. Into the organization and that this group that was supposed to be an independent investigator. Ethics problems all throughout the state I don't think anyone. Republican Democrat liberal conservative. -- that this is a truly bad idea trying to beat up option and Albany. But the same time to it that was -- -- that's going to be uses a political tool to go after for example Republicans are people who are not friends of the Obama administration. And nothing else that that seems to be a problem. -- the governor almost talking about visiting Israel is this maybe a sign that. He's jockeying for those 2016 presidential nomination. It's society that make you maybe got -- something down the road although when you talked of a hearing in DC and we do all the time I ever Cuomo is not what the name that's coming Tuesday at the top of the list four curious sixteen. Presidential contenders it's all Hillary Clinton. All the time and let something major happened with Hillary Clinton IE -- -- top -- she decided that achieve what you're going to do it. -- help -- or something else. That that of course doesn't seem to be the case at this point and then Andrew Cuomo is very unlikely it's seek out an outpatient. And 116 but I think -- putting him from looking toward. Funny or even beyond the end is -- a lot of time left say here in the the New York State the governor thought that -- if it doesn't he win reelection and twenty it would. But he fourteen at pepper many more years very I'm not an. Okay Dave we're glad you could join us this morning thanks. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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