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7-28 The Financial Guys Hour 4

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And welcome to New York. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No. Yeah. Mom hourly. Column in the whether to let them know what everybody mountain range -- that. -- -- got covered up -- welcome. It's life of its local capital. All mobile. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happened in Vegas stage didn't make the trip for -- and and -- and -- W yeah. Zone that separates the okay. That's awesome it has -- to go. I financial guys the little like home isn't Jay Blanchard is for -- Leone's reunited thirty WVD and been asking the question I'll show do you think that the revelations from the New York Times regarding the -- commission. And the probes getting close to governor -- will it impact. The reelection bid for America was gonna have any impact whatsoever -- -- -- by the way outlook new ad which is really good 32 -- we're trying to get a popular FaceBook page -- And in order FaceBook pages was FaceBook slash the financial guys are top of -- to -- -- -- asserts that I answer -- others -- the financial guys you'll find it we also put a link up there are lower or whatever it is reveal itself. To the that Garnett. That you sent to sites and that has never -- said that the camera Ford and missed it don't add that the -- the -- -- if consumers around is paying attention you'll get that up there. If not I'd be sure you know by tomorrow will be there but. -- Reno trying to capitalize. The Governor Cuomo and the New York Times article. Retailers to the impropriety there you know -- propriety is -- tomorrow commission. Just released this afternoon a very good 32 -- And that I just got the email from Carl Paladino -- power goes so. It's just out it will be up on FaceBook page Hampshire sometime this evening now are ready. And so go check that out -- and a Nancy Pelosi everybody's every. Things and ask everybody to order you know the shame of it is is that you just wish that good to a guy like trump who had them the resource is to run was there but everything. Between the safe act common core and now this. You know even even the governor of New Jersey Chris Christie coming out the other dancer I'm not gonna bother -- to me that's a positive that starts to say. Hey wait a minute when he didn't at least now of the rest of the country is talking about this race and maybe gets its name recognition. But. It you know he's got this seems like tough line you know I mean if your name is called -- If your name is Kennedy who doesn't really seem to matter what you do -- the results don't matter right Clinton -- Clinton's amending blog today I will pour on right right right to just charge you between fifty dollars to come talk for power that's up war. Or means you can't feed your frequently that's now 250 sorry I was going rate for that you know. What a joke but -- -- the get a -- regulate it and these mental -- show up year after year vote for. A year after her and they're gonna do it again with the right and I don't understand -- Carmelo and he's not apple but just remember that a lot of these folks are voting for -- are never going to read a twenty page New York Times story right -- happen but they're not gonna happen. Well it in less -- Reno like he did takes a sound bite out right and puts in a 32 spot -- which she did and and and now here's the track. Is does he have enough money to get the -- -- -- Friday to reach those Pete can you run it on American can you -- -- on American Idol tonight that's right and you run -- on Dancing With The Stars like literally can you run and on prime time garbage TV news that unfortunately. A lot of Americans -- stumbles across the -- quite frankly is Toronto party -- -- Haitian thing -- are more just you know there are more interested in in in more people you -- down the street tomorrow. More people can probably tell you with a finalists were for Dancing With The Stars that could tell you who's actually in the race. For whatever you know you that you pick berries and governor's seat whoever it is and that's that but that's troops and so it last year. You can take that article accused on you can put into an -- like he's done the trick is you got to have the money. To get on TV to get in those primetime spots and that's where Kabul. He's got him beat by like a hundred don't want him as far as the ability to get out his message and message however you want -- the Democrats are masters -- a question that they understand how to talk and sound like they understand. How to frame the argument you know there for the rich. That's for -- -- that's set that read Republicans are for the rich. That's framing in one little sound like you know something that if you put them like he has something that is. If somebody who is is not you know the rocket -- the world can grasp that they can and do. And Democrat to great job of beating that the people said Republicans for the rich Republicans for the rich. Republicans -- for everybody. As far as keeping more of your own money I mean do they do they help the -- -- doctorate. Doesn't don't the clintons -- the rich yeah I mean don't the Democrats helped the rich I mean isn't isn't President Obama -- in a -- of warm office and last I checked still -- the right. So he's a lot of money but why is Warren Buffett's wealth OK why is bill -- wealth. Okay because they're Democrats register -- you if you put it -- and it's okay it's okay yeah because they believe as we view that. There yet but that the that the -- other Michael Moore at -- -- nine houses everyone -- -- house is Michael -- here's the here's the amazing hypocrisy of right. Michael Moore goes down to the will Occupy Wall Street okay. Huge chanting with a group one gets one person. He's. Is that wait a minute that's. That's why. How talent not out of bounds on that that would either I own nine homes map is that not those a couple of tickets would that mean they keep on her hand out hundreds but -- he -- and apparently anybody and I used underdog. You know it reminds me of that scene from. Back to school known them. Now. -- blazing saddles. Where they dress up as Klansmen Angola and that is not enough but you never published in the have been placed on its. But I think I -- at 8039 realism that verdict is too old school yet he runs through a few ordinary witness. It Clinton that is about the only but he can play them that's when I but yeah as a reminder that he's Michael Moore is walking through the -- Well that's that's been active. -- -- -- We grew you know he's walking through the crowd of Occupy Wall Street -- -- you know the united beat you and I want to look not only is he the 1% cycle or one for us right exactly he has a point 1%. A lot of important I don't know if that is it because top via these -- the top. He's a top point one point one answer them -- -- commitment to go to done in Alden hi Daniel I've gotten the media to talk about it. Are you. To go yet to -- I've got a couple of couple could come home. First when his -- the fires assumption something about the law that whole economic talks could not is where the people in New York it creates a bag garbage. Just. Looks okay -- second thing is. I believe it got to its grubby little finger -- in the Gallup poll that city see you know god almighty at New York because I don't believe it. I think he's got some painful -- can hear these guys are talking to people here are reflected in electric too much bad about a bad thing is callable. Now backed it expects its priorities all sheriff department's. All the Erie county -- All the gun owners okay I'm gun -- but I'm not can't totally control. -- a -- what my white couple my -- come with a girlfriend uncle the late people like ten I'll try to keep its eighty dollar off. That's what it takes a politics that's a pretty good right that's exactly and and a and again I will go back and I continued to selling a broken record of the Republican Party needs to change the argument. And it needs to because as you said before that. The rule we said Republicans. On the looked at as their their only their for the rest Democrats for the pork. It needs to change the message needs to be if you want to work there's a lot of people by the way that are unemployed right now that want to work they're good people they don't wanna sit at home. But there's a huge group of people and they moved here from other states to sit here and collect 42000 dollars a year and have no intentions are going to work they want me to go to work they wanted to go to work that went clinic that worked what you to go to work and you'd pay taxes and wanna sit at all. That's the message and did you need is that the message need to change you want to go to I don't care if your police officer a fighter players teacher a CEO a widget maker you're going to work you're paying taxes and guess what. A 140 million dollars just want to run ridiculous TV commercials in tax friendly states they wasted your money. And if they do that -- things can change but until they did -- get that's -- it. The right the gun owners can change -- election everybody shows up. Every registered gun owner in the New York shows up to vote. Ago Cuomo goes my hands out he gets he -- the last of six million registered dollars in state they'll show the votes over. A ballot that they are starting OK and everything it's a export -- walked out because they -- New York State. That's what the highest at -- for unlike. In the country. Yet what it -- what does that -- that people are here. 8 o'clock on and off yet they got a shot them well Donna still don't and bring nine runs with a -- we are different it fairly chamber that's right that's right people people on the -- artistry brother and a good or. That's that commitment threat document and it worked out at the right idea and see it pulls it did you Israel either pull in the -- and you're in the leg since president could be. People of that by the but it's true I mean you reserve unit -- unit part of the -- -- the part of the group that's pulling -- wagon do you or your part of the group that's riding in -- way right now look we all need rides at some point right at some point in our life there's going to be a time that everyone at some point maybe not everyone but. A lot of people didn't need to take a breaking get in the way okay that's no problem but if you rest up after a couple weeks or couple months away and you're expected to get back and poll. And be part of the polar. The wagon is there for people the -- it's not there for people to ride the whole way you know and and that's unfortunately what we've gotten to a -- back to success what your definition of success as a like -- -- -- but Wagoner just a thought that a but the definition of success for liberals that is getting built up to fifty million people want footsteps. Well success for conservative is. Is getting everybody awful food stamps because they've gotten good paying jobs and they have these self respect them the satisfaction of going to work every day. And earning their own way of life and being a productive member of society. That is success for conservatives. If if you know if if liberal policies were so successful and take of a line from Ronald Reagan should we hear the success count every year. Should they be coming back to -- should look how many blessed people on poverty we have. Due to the policies that we put forth but that's not -- yeah well we have every year his liberals coming back saying our politicians in general could you can't put the liberals as politicians in general. Heavier coming back -- We've got so many more pour out there we need more money we got to spend more money is not market what happened to the four trillion dollars is -- of the last forty years well wasn't enough. Is -- -- do what you do you think that you here's some success and you know at the time we don't Ronald Reagan was talking about. You know that you like honestly 5000. Single mothers of one nonchalant if you broke down the money were proposing to spend here. That would take every one of those folks that are make it six -- here and we'll double their income of we just divvied up the money amongst them again to Libya told Brent here. But yet somehow that's six -- here only turn in the seventh grand a year so somewhere there must've been some over where to get -- -- and that's a great speech but. Anyway -- we got to we got a ticket quick break for traffic here I believe and check in with -- -- final check of the traffic -- -- -- gone out there. You're exclusive Dunleavy -- with a forecast partly cloudy tonight low 55 cool tomorrow variable cloudiness and an afternoon thundershower in places high around seventy. Mostly cloudy tomorrow night with a couple of showers around little 58 now Wednesday intervals of clouds and sunshine with a couple of showers around high of 71. Right now it is still. 65 aren't they huge -- 65 -- and -- -- studios. And yes warm ups I think we've seen below that right and sixty probably it was I mean Michael overnight but as far as daytime temperature. -- by surprise walked out today and it was. Was actually a locked -- -- -- more. And then it dropped by noon it was probably like 60 fives on this morning drop to sixty minutes with a lower back up so. As a pastor. Hey we've got the financial guys the legal Mike -- and Jay Blanchard retired guy is studio for Tom Barley onions reunited thirty WB you know. To return the -- 126 years so when we go. -- salmon. So that the joke. How many companies wasn't. Sam and -- -- Seventy SX and how many jobs I don't know seven new companies that hundreds of thousands or tens of thousand jobs in a -- -- 659. New job. -- -- -- -- My hair's done but and that's not even including. Buffalo 1000000000 U economically. I am honored to break is that what it looked -- not -- from -- to spend the money I mean. Commit no ideas so. Evident now. It's common David Robinson of the billion package if we're hopeless about it -- listening at all it's our money. He acts like it's that -- I promise. It's what -- equity got a -- it's your money it's not going anywhere. Now I have your attention. There you go you gotta find that clip though we'll direct the -- you find that separates you I promise I promise I promise it's not going anywhere Seattle -- did -- my wallet and it's -- -- in Albany and Nokia -- we also we've played this clip before -- Saturday programs of those of the news that finals on Saturday moved over. -- but he also find the dumb and -- one of the suitcase element the use an -- -- -- -- acute as the for this for a -- -- sentiment you keep all the ports -- the -- -- Kevin Pendleton you lied about -- Program and is reunited thirty than Indiana Kevin Howard you -- -- musketeers were so they -- this is guy got a shot to win as terino. Man on the speaker that vote eighty issuing New York State lose and I I. You know arm out toward loans. From the start even the people who -- him right now. Said that shouldn't bar around noted try to convince me that he's gonna win. I don't know the current acquittal could be court in BP and then Stephen -- pocketbook quiet Kitna beat and new bootable. That's what that's what they are doing now right -- -- -- that's exactly what they're kissing babies say -- zillion dollar reserves called up by the way I know I promise to reduce your taxes but as far as I know my taxes aren't any lower. My property taxes -- new -- I stated income taxes and lower my theory Tony sales -- is in the Lawler. What exactly did he lower while that would be nothing else up all unless there's a competitive financial firm that wants to move next door to me. That has never played in your state taxes than they can get a -- and it's -- news. Exactly and you know I I wanna know as -- school. Or me or do what I mean just a -- right now. From -- -- they we have as well educationally we -- to -- -- agriculture here come look me up the open our GRR and older they'll do well books. Okay I'll be there next Thursday that. Will be up and there's definitely. Out -- out this weekend but next there's Leo Leo. Okay. -- is that this -- wasn't stars of the biggest boosters DC Houston of the Niagara county -- an actor or you or your account and I won't Niagara county you know I've never been Alan Parker. Now I don't is not your time is different that's a different country yes -- Not just him and I just can't. Guys still did any -- them doing the Pentagon town is just for buffalo. -- didn't article shouldn't you hear. That the oh here at least I think status of -- mile per. Title 30930 start answered if you wanna join us and asked in this to all show me do you think it's gonna had any impact the the Moreland. Commission this abandonment and now investigation by the New York Times and the revelation that. It got things got a little bit too closely -- administration at least that's the allegation from the New York Times article or the inference I should say. We'll have an effect mean is -- gonna have any impact at all. Overwhelmingly. To everybody thinks it was a great commission had just you know was so good that you just and into evidence that was -- we had apple already we've had success. But you're right we expect a very very quick success and -- that's what you're looking for self and hopeless people yeah I utilized hopeless on this -- long term good game plan that you know -- If if he can only delivered about a billion Mac quick -- -- -- -- bielsa but there -- and and night I'd rather than I was like you would expect that. We combat -- -- -- very short break here folks were combatant the F final segments of today's program he -- in the financial guys when Michael Michael Armisen Jane Blanchard and for Tom Barley. If you wanna join us we have a couple of open fault lines 8030930. Start ninth there is a free consol 1800. 6169236. Will be right back and is reunited thirty WB. -- -- Like kids or something. -- -- got anywhere in 1981. Argument why all of them yeah that's when he'll. True I didn't do I think you're shocked noticing just exploded. All it -- currently shocker correctional -- note intelligence. I swear again. I'll like fix the equipment. Hope the show the the -- They are sticking with us we are back for the last half -- today's program Michael Mike -- and -- the -- you guys filling in for -- and thank -- to -- think its way you'd think you'd be be -- everybody here so it as we've been here for fifteen years. The folks at Davy analyst Stanley now. Templates he of course he's on his family like the you know you know. This -- child or remove the an irony here is just actually terrific and you know from from our sales rep Debbie all the way down to account and card. You know the engineers and production staff everyone's going to be and is really she'll have to do reunion show on a Saturday game show planned -- out union -- -- -- -- to pay to be there but not it would be -- have. I really need to be here now is all right so much -- -- -- -- are you my -- Last five minutes a point truly 803930 start answers for -- costs of 100. 6169236. If you get a chance folks never heard or Saturday program again we've got to be since 2001 o'clock to 3 o'clock. Every Saturday afternoon and did you know long long time a great time doing it a chance. -- listen and if you would like. Your gun free zone sticker. Or lawn sign to give to your liberal liberal friend. I'll get those sell order tomorrow have meant by Friday. You can call us next week at the office I'll have those 6331515. And of course anytime you like a freak -- station purchases as a resource folks here. -- you sit at home you get a statement looks funny question you get solicited by somebody across the country. And just wanna double checked things. We've been around town a long long time -- at Howland -- to pick up the phone and give one of our best professionals call the office. And will give -- honest opinion you can always just from like and I directly we take a lot of personal calls from from a listeners of folks that we had never met and sometimes will never meet -- You know we can help you and you get to the -- -- -- or attraction were always more than happy to do it you know of course our office number again. Is 6331515. Or just Google us the financial guys. And I'm sure he'll -- -- sort and unlike most local politicians -- -- we will respond to your you don't have to be our district and we'll figure -- -- -- nighttime light -- you know I'd be happy to we have Peter responded that you can also email -- what would it be funny to guys dot com don't -- THE funny to guys and friend us on FaceBook friend -- faced a lot of stuff we talk about other shows a lot of articles we'll talk about and -- -- -- -- friends it is absolutely I'd go back the phone. We'll go to. Rain Man in buffalo they Raymond how are you very boat and got a good. It. The order. For Obama while may be -- truly up to Obama. What he wants to that was supposed to expect this year but he decided next -- would have been more appropriate and and you know as king. He can change any longer -- it finally on an LC where it's gone -- -- -- -- -- court decisions two weeks ago so now. And -- yes so if Obama. If Obama decrees ready man then yes as he's betrayed right now the employer mandate is set to kick in in that when he. -- after the mid term elections. -- that happens now. Are how will this affect the position moving. It'll cross country and -- New York State or quick. -- -- What should have any impact mission really have any impact right it's a federal law so you know you're gonna have to offer health insurance the only impact it might have is depending on state to state rates if you know certain states it cheaper insurance rates in New York which I'm sure that they do. Then that's just one more benefits for business that is over fifty employees it's gonna be forced to provide health care to their to their point that where where you'll see the negative is where we're seeing it now which is. An economy growing at one maybe 2% a year when we should be growing at five or six or 7% per year because. You know that -- let's face it there's a lot of businesses other than every successful that can afford health insurance. Guess what there's a lot that can't and there's a lot of businesses out there that employs fifty a hundred people that are barely barely making ends meet. And they just can't afford two two to pay for insurance and a lot of those companies the more regulations the more you say you have to pay for the ship to give that -- -- shut their course. And does and that's -- that's a big reason why we're not growing the way we should be -- and when you look at. Other recessions this country has been through and the bounce back from those recessions. You know the one in the room the one in the early eighties were growing and that have 11% one point 910%. You know we'd be lucky to get 90% Q&A from the sky. -- ship saying is that. It's you know -- bad as you know it is now or -- is here. It is going to be much worse when this happened because it's not gonna impact. Arm. 3% you know companies that are looking at all right you know moved -- that is is better -- them. You know they're gonna know this and -- forget apartment -- probably -- California did well aren't all they're losing. All kinds of people and businesses to actually up or moving. That's okay texas' shipping to California the illegal immigrants are sticking to the country so it'll probably level off at some point you thing you. Well you know something else. Ask about another point about our -- could -- man mentioned. Packaging and messaging. Between via different political spectrum. And I'd wander into a big point about taxation and why why don't. Conservatives. The point that okay what is pretty you know expectation and the port four. It's not punitive it's not to go ahead. And shall and you know shops and businesses and the ridge and as a triple that's not gonna do think it's for revenue. Actually it's of course but he -- revenue. It and not to give them what they either didn't vote debate a Payer built and that -- and we have won any of purple means we have access. Backstage. As radical -- So let me right now if you simply pushed appointed like okay. We want from the -- for sure what they are actually to -- the highest corporate -- -- in the world and we don't have the ultimate bit. Coming here from you know our other countries as well. -- nucleus -- they voice -- -- You know what we need. What is. Great hang out to -- his value as a -- that color of the board would -- Not me not me. Or an outside agreement. Pocket but I mean it's not that that's the especially when all that we hear from the left and -- -- -- It's never enough from memory it's never enough. And again they're they're not teaching history anymore and and and educational class through. But it it's totally flipped remember it was patriotic. Not to pay taxes. You know I'm saying back that's what we we lost on a bullet for that's what that's what independents -- was about. So now they've got it flipped and then met my question is. Well like ultimately be the most pitcher can thank you view on my money. And it just doesn't make any sense of patriotism has nothing to do with the amount of taxes you pay. -- and that they have this this message at all it takes. Is Spurrier forward you know Republican report directions markers that's an -- right exactly and I have power to defend against. Well but here's but here's a problem brave men as they come -- and expanded to defend it with the Paul Ryan budget plan. You know that Paul -- Kimberly point. Right so it's like well they say that the them the Republicans for the rich. But take a look at this 2000 page budget plan for Paul Ryan has genius here's -- take it just doesn't fly its of -- there. It's it's almost as if it's unfair fight you know Democrats are masters of manipulation and and media message. And the Republicans are all that was the end than it is when it. When you look at the sheer numbers mean you're talking about 1% of the population to -- in the population fit into that rich category right so it's really easy to say well. They're they're for the rich right gets it and then you're excluding 90% of the people out there so. And that we do have to educate people you know values little personal experience in the office my assistant. Who's you know gone from basically done very menial tasks now I can trust through just about everything including payroll. Yeah and she's like explain me how this works I can't figure out where all this money is gone set up. Now watch this -- the and I said now here's here's used to you getting didn't. Do you know how much I have to put in. Had to make that happen because they're getting both of us. If she couldn't believe it and I and I did it out for -- a shorter and it okay. Here's a factor that I have to factor in every time I hire somebody because it's not just the -- your game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In and we his business owners we need to educate people on here here's what's happening the billion for buffalo was very easy for call Marty yeah he just took it. He took it on the employee like Mike says you know we got to appeal to that working person he took a firm you. Yeah that's right now he's writing and his wife hollers at play here in the accident -- your money is not going anywhere on hold for one that I just didn't roll it -- not. I guess thanks to the car payment that -- an idyllic. -- one more hitter with a normal go to -- in Sloan John Howard at central and we appreciate it. No problem. -- I was I was listening. Who. You guys I was you guys a lot and I am I 100% agree what a lot of us thought you guys have to say the only thing where we had a disagreement was. What about talking about making this -- outright to work must -- and a lot of people don't realize this is happy to be. -- -- come back the ball well in the last few years. It is I'm -- construction. That's what I do. And at my last job. It came down to the point that we were so slow quite yet hiring so many more guys because abortions is drawing more more guys are smaller jobs. That it came down to the point where I would have to pay my employer just to have insurance. Now -- Santa Claus there in the White House give it away you know. Health insurance what the right I was actually told by downtown that I no longer qualify for failing health care plus making eleven dollars an hour. Now -- recently just join -- you -- and I only got to fifty cent raise but I've got health care now that I don't have to worry about. Right okay -- so if the so here's the thing -- okay. The union in this case is a huge benefit to you right. OK so if you had the choice it was a right to work state and you have the choice whether or not you want to join the union -- not -- union. You probably joining union because it's got a benefit to your right. -- and that's all Mike and I are saying is a right to work states -- does that unions have to basically compete on the merit of the benefits in the value that they bring to the members. As opposed to forcing anybody. That joints that particular trade to join you. I would say one other thing -- John you said something and I'm not blaming unions because I think. There's a big misunderstanding that somebody like me is against unions and what I'm against this how they vote. I'm against the unions getting together and saying well let's vote for Democrats because you know we talk about New York State the biggest problem your state is the mass of them on welfare. And let's face -- that the Republicans have not had a backbone to stop it but the Democrats are the ones that are adding to -- in voting for. And I have a reflect the living you said was that it's slow around here. And I would encourage you to look at the states that a -- rate to work states and see that slow around their for the construction people. Do yourself a favor and go to a place like taxes and see if they have construction North Dakota North Dakota and I think you might find that. You know that and again not that there's not a values some of these unions but some of those states have a lot of jobs good paying jobs and they give people health care benefits but there's there's jobs -- Joseph Biden says it's a hearing can feel better -- your construction right now I've that you could go to North Dakota. In in probably get 3540. Party because the North Dakota and make sixteen box and dollar in a McDonald yes thing would you like Fries with that. I mean is this the tension. It's well know right. Now when I crossed into the union -- mostly I mean they do residential but they're more commercial. -- off like that looked like right now I'm working on I don't hotel. Across. Walden galleria mall. I've got forty hours plus until April the other stole all the other work that's going at a downtown to projects or five years. You know they're going to be award and have for awhile. So that I'm excited here in and I really I respect your opinion. But this is pathetic and not you but the idea that that buffalo is on this big huge rebound this is not thing. You know go down to Houston. Put around Houston showing you could compete you could have employers competing for you 4567. -- break. We don't need one Terry Pakula we need -- -- Google is in this town. You know I I've traveled around the world had the privilege in the -- -- -- -- around the world and see what works and what we've done here the last hundred years has not worked. And we we needed me to figure out what that big picture is and that's what we need to move. Torts this could be a great city. Thanks for the -- that. Thank god and I think that particular case if he has it right. Let let everything else that is it every every business every entity needs to compete on its own merit tempering that one of the unions in this particular case. Can they can show intrinsic value of the now being a maverick and you'd -- if the members think that the leadership is wasting the money particularly its. Content how much pressure's there and hit unions in the Dakotas there. -- The growth is they error as there you don't need any gotta get these -- system but it is the argued this guy goes to war he works are at least I'm sure he's worked -- he's sending money to Albany mr. and and and you voting with concern mr. Cuomo is taxing he's -- promises -- -- -- on the attack it we should all be upset anybody go to work anybody. Anybody showing up in the morning in a paycheck and in the -- state should be mad men itself via what Morton with the -- at the funny to guys for Tom -- -- -- -- Are welcome back she got the financial guys -- little Michael almost retirement -- Jay Blanchard in the studio for Tom Barley hear on news radio 930 WB and only a few minutes left in today's programs on the legal right to the phones and welcome pat on a cellphone. Pat you are alive -- -- recognized thirty WV. -- you know I love listening to the radio I loved O I charity of the liberal and conservative. Oh what drives me crazy is that this information -- Somalis couple minutes. Here's talking by union membership but it felt to qualify that by saying that. You don't have to be union member you can actually create an agency shall we were not here Monica so opening. Please look at charged you -- to charges of a shock to you can disagree with the union membership altogether and instill competitor -- and that's OK. And again here here. Sorted -- that are not not due of the money goes Albany what are we stealing. Our. -- money out for political purposes of. And we wanted to. Union dues so you go to work so let's review. Arctic boats which are heard or saw what would what would a good idea I don't want us out a second -- opposite. They're pulling fees -- now. Terry thank you very much for your call and we'll move up a and it -- -- appalling feet if my daughter goes to work for -- tomorrow Brett and bags groceries. She is forced to join the union right she does not get a choice but what I used for political plot garbage -- -- -- yardage book. OK okay -- -- garbage that is a case let's -- candidates best statement is based. It's not used for political right OK she's still doesn't have the choice to opt out to say I don't eat as union provides benefits she mean she earned I don't wanna -- should be able -- what she wants to write that she doesn't have had a very late for the day she should be able on the money here is the fact -- She doesn't have the right in this state okay in this state she must join unions that -- what they believe in choice a -- disagree because -- -- a perfect that's exactly it. Clearly -- clearly he's at this communion -- Hampshire must go out and that's all going for buffalo he doesn't believe in the choice I would make them at least is that when -- and by the way -- union leadership -- you guys -- car. My I've met many I've got lots of friends that are -- -- they work work -- Your tax dollars are going to your tax dollars just 140 million dollars yeah mr. Cuomo spent two run commercials in Florida. Guess what nobody left Florida and relocated the Buffalo, New York they didn't do it not not for the -- New -- didn't happen often happen our last call. Carl Paladino we have from like thirty seconds now I'm sorry today to -- easily here. But first I -- -- Australia I enjoyed the show the other day. We had a lot of fun. Also thank you for calling us appreciate we enjoyed a Saturday off yeah. That. I I didn't know I heard you guys say you enjoyed it I said and that tells me that he'll fill in for more shows a great you visit and thought a look -- -- Well it when John earlier was talking about. Great work that you were you brought up wired extolled the Democratic Party. Yeah I was struck in the -- the other day and show that that everybody. A possible symptoms the problems that are created. This. Nonsense that goes in Albany this there's tension and state that we. Nobody has a plan. Well there's a plan in place right now what's called the reelection well. And that and here's a guy and he -- off -- if you're -- in a billion dollars. But maybe the you know expect power authority over the last four years money designated for economic development. In Western New York. Okay on the -- -- -- -- -- power yet you're still in that billion dollars each company's sudden gonna put the billion dollars or in the morning paper he admitted. He only spent eighty million so far -- disappear for three years we had your problem Ali's here isn't enough buffalo almost every week. And mounting another another. Plan yeah in Somalia magical -- ever going to actually and we just -- forty million dollars of our money right down national campaign to tell people that. Don't creating jobs is -- creating -- not. Because he's good but for a thirteen million dollars with this solar plant took to get make a thousand jobs aren't this tour 50000 dollars -- yeah. It really paid 75 million dollars okay two too about Tyson Foods trade that 300 that he's taken now. Because the -- didn't make any sense at all and that subsidize your way. In to a successful economy absolutely. And and investigate indebted to callables plain and have to tell her. What. Won't yet. Be -- I Belichick nobody -- -- to cut short legs and we are out of time in today's brought him it's been a lot of fun things in the gambling here I'm -- I'm -- -- Mike -- to Atlanta with a throw -- to -- team anybody particularly -- appreciate it. Listening to -- I was brought him to -- the.

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