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7-28 The Financial Guys Hour 3

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. News. Welcome to the New York's. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one hung with an assault rifle. -- Tom hourly. Column in the road when the -- thing but you know what everybody mountain range and I've got covered up like to welcome. It's live its local capital. -- Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make it except for her recent. And 930 W yeah. Are you welcome back you've got the financial guys is let a little Mike -- Jay Blanchard and Ford Tom Barley hear a news radio 930 WB ENN our number three. Time just goes -- but I don't hear that intro and an opportunity to listeners -- stimulant that was captured it was just the others. And guy and I usually listen each and every week around this time you drive. Two in the B yen appointments are over. I get your -- it was so -- property. Here. Under the US it's very light eyes eyes eyes yes I actually has a rare Saturday show I did -- -- your -- shows the first opens may go talents. Partly. Two do we get out of that -- on -- network here I don't think. That amount has not -- because you've done there's an art just absolutely should talk to this week will -- -- Oh and number. And I don't have phones are two -- thing. We should seriously believe you have to have him you know just freshen -- we got some -- opening of the people. Keep -- pretty bad. Accident and if you wanna join us -- -- -- you -- talking about the -- -- -- a couple of collections which likes you know -- but -- -- -- -- times. And that is do you think that the recent revelations from the you have my clock that's 1 o'clock and -- -- questions do you think that the revelations in New York Times about the moral commission being shot down and investigating Cuomo. Starting to get too close to call what do you think that can have an impact. I'm an ankle was reelection or no impact and thus far today. Basically the overwhelming majority thinks mr. beamer -- when. -- yet shall -- -- -- with. -- so I broke thirty seconds early in the last hour goes you're early this. The Lexus 455. I was at 455 and change the sport that these. Machines. Notice sexy and that it yeah. Anyway so if you wanna -- let us know the other question is why is almost a populist. I mean. Let's face it the -- you know there's so BP just the hard -- along I mean that's safe sex should shouldn't think that the state that right there and it says. Alicia the folks that have a registered with a gun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lately more violence there and that's funny that works yes amazing. It's so you take the guns of the good people's hands and it gets more house and analog the only -- up until now of course -- I had deliberately apple still good their though they feel better the last statement country. You finally by force of the supreme you know Supreme Court case. Allow for concealed carry -- -- Illinois it was the only state in the country. That it now for some sort of still carry apartment and that's and that's and that's changed in the couple decisions -- as the ECB one Chicago. And in his -- start you out but. You know obviously you can it's a pretty to me it seems like common sense right you don't let people good people carry guns to protect themselves you have there. In places where you have a lot of concealed -- You have very low and it seems to me pretty basic or elation that probably most sixth graders can figure out -- Most liberals. And letters think folks by the way I'll put the special promotional there from the funny to guys like -- -- the bounty programs we have witnesses. I will prepare. -- free zone signs Mercer I'll pick for myself Mike you wanna I wanna get together and the financial doesn't pay for gun free zones signs. That you can put on your front lawn and your front door that's right. You -- put him in your business you can have your house I'll stick let's just give us a call the office I'll I'll I'll applaud our number here and be right about -- was not just our business the -- as you put it right next to the register everybody starts like I say I say right up front window that ultimately I would. You know I give them to sack that was a restaurant in Carolina that the baton I think rob they got robbed at gunpoint unfortunately I -- -- yeah I think those guys came back to it probably missed -- the alcohol in Boston -- -- -- sees what is certainly the YouTube clip -- funny. You with the countries on a I hit it out but some -- you so I -- a -- idea idea that's so funny we got a 50. That's a gun free zone. It probably opener based equity is going to be funny to guys slash FaceBook I don't -- what you consultancy design. Fall. Is so as anyone who wants those gun free -- signs feel free to calls that the office. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A charity left and all the proceeds go to some charity were involved a lot of them and we sell this kind of stuff. And all approach would ever -- at a cost two dollars you know what what a funny joke that would be for all conservatives with a brain. That'd take rapid -- give it to you know -- liberal friends are loud and ordered liberal relatives that you can't focus on that type stuff and so you know that -- that would be a good -- -- we -- makes -- so and be a diagnosis that the -- has that type of business. All the proceeds would go to some charity -- Altman and I think he would be great idea so -- -- unfreeze them gun free zones signs for free from the financial guys for you in your window which by the way it's a bumper sticker the other -- it signaled on the sticker here heading to work. I don't know I like that's a Saturday 8030930. Start ninth through different cause no 1806169236. I would love to be talking and control that we're talking about. The moral and commission and do you think it will have an impact on governor on election and so far overwhelmingly. The answers no it would not have an -- to people saying maybe that's heavily involved. And my other question is why it's almost a popular style between this if act between. You know unemployment rates in the -- was telling wishing all the promises all the promises I don't alive but what infuriates me the most about mr. Cuomo is the. Tax money being spent in business friendly states telling people to come to a state for ten years were the tax -- Whatever that's the worst state of the mafia magistrate that's the worst did it just tries mean not to be we have a business and office in -- tournament on their. And I am in the office and see these commercials running and just last -- it. I wanna puke and he expects free Green Day I think what this is my tax money genius that's my text I don't know what my commercial cost was a two -- fifty bucks three bucks I don't lie out it would be I want -- -- back -- be patriotic if companies actually move from Florida to New York the premarket. It'll that would and they according Obama's definition that would be exact so well in all a lot of those -- hit more patriotic at him more Texas. Got to see now now now we're building a whole -- lines aren't just your story. Let's go to the phone to get him about a Jon Bon Jovi -- and he would pick up every move up the holes left to China tells me that you know with a bit weakened got a few of them were present and on the border problem and people going over two -- yeah. I don't go to the -- look it's caught up in Lancaster. Tom thank you for very. Usually waiting in line under the B and good afternoon it's something that just might make it a little closer -- -- commission but it still think that the -- he's going to win. -- that goes with the in regards to what you said earlier in the show but and senator Tim Kennedy and and it's been a commission to would be Tyson Foods plant -- against him I would suggest that Senator Kennedy. Find out what's going on in the state being mean to have a clue letting go. There -- go. That's that's -- you're you're dead right that's exactly -- if these guys but they did that to me -- the world spent more time worrying about like fuel prices have doubled over the last four years. Or five years what the you know that's if they if they spent more time trying to figure out okay. Boy these companies are moving to where they -- moving or business friendly states. What that would do this differently about them. All that taxes are cheaper than last regulations if they spent the time doing that in -- trying to show up with a superhero cape after the jobs are all. And heading out here we'd be way better off I -- and these businesses all of mine 73 years and my family has been. Now let me just say you know we know -- and -- I believe Howard then it would mark and bill. That a lot of the things over there rated by -- the I believe has that position and that you would did you -- is with the city. Something about bringing jobs to New York State and economic development and you probably would know more about it. But you're familiar with that -- -- -- it is working for the states. These sort of Cuomo's by these. Well how would then he goes way back to the Russert -- and -- Perry and been -- Which was before that was put up by swift packing. Howard since he came to New York City bought out the roster trademarks of Rochester. And started making sausage over there. And in -- he had. Get rid the business to company called IBP independent beef processor. Which was purchased by Hudson. Foods now Europe as is financial people you know there was system bit battle where find out -- farms and Tyson was the winner in the so that -- excess capacities you know their plan was going to be close it was it was it was just -- conclusion -- play and be close but I would suggest to mr. Kennedy. Contact mr. and he has an intimate knowledge of that play he was before receive -- of -- he knows about the prisoners. Contact mr. Kaczynski. And seeing what he can do would preserve those you have. Good good question good point. You should call him Kennedy's office and ask him if you were going to do that. The other funny in real quick the story time IE I was I was. And for something I think it was to invite folks on the touched the show or Saturday afternoon show won the three and and we obviously we have politician Eliot. Everybody on -- You know I I twice tried to send an email. Through two. What's his name. You can -- -- thank you Brian Higgins. A -- via email address for -- And I you know auto response. If you're like I can I get so many emails I can only respond of those people with in my district. He's put in your address and years in your zip -- -- put zip code. He represents mothers multiple -- of the represent this district please zero value. So you're not his district just wanna hear from you know if you wanna know he won't even respond to -- team now. I least I can give. I can think his name the guy that does resign from the State's third in command. -- -- -- Local guy and light them up an account you know. Joseph -- leaders in yes and I lost my train of thought about it today and yes well let's invite him to. After I guess I let's -- now and again at least -- him I sent him an email I got an immediate response will look at our -- -- we India it wide eyed at the jump through hoops to try to contact. You know people like. You know -- Higgins and and the in the -- to talk to constituents -- -- -- as hard as possible he gets really really do and that's and that's what. And I -- -- -- -- thank you very much appreciate it. We are going to like Shaq and here with the weather and traffic will go to traffic -- -- on -- the roads looking out there. You exclusives. WB and accurately forecast partly cloudy tonight low 55 cool tomorrow -- variable cloudiness and afternoon thundershower in places highs seventy. Mostly cloudy tomorrow night with a -- Showers low around 58 on Wednesday. In intervals of clouds and sunshine with a couple showers high of 71. We've had a heat wave rally now to 65. Degrees. Which is actually in the last hours you know considering it's what 5 o'clock in the big move that's -- of the open sixty to sixty buys them cold but must pass through a partisan. Hopefully we'll CEO of high temperatures next couple times so. You've got the funny to guys like Michael Mike Lomas and Jay Blanchard in for Tom bodily we're talking about. Governor -- the moral and commission you know the New York Times article. Will this this have an impact. On his reelection campaign and why do you think that Governor Cuomo still has -- high approval or I mean you know -- well liked politician. I'd like to know why. You know your thoughts -- a -- ninth at -- and start right -- I'd love to hear from some of the people that support him to some of the people that are drinking the Kool -- you know now he's helping us you know. He's read reviving buffalo the buffalo billion public to hear from me what exactly. You know did I always -- you where did they think it from the money comes from. You know where they think -- come he's getting a civilian -- just like that -- Obama's -- I don't care comes from getting a billion because. I don't think they didn't understand it you know it's unfortunate but when you look at like you know we -- -- picking winners and losers Solyndra and want someone. Mean the reality of it is as look at you if you ran a business if you -- the let's see your business owner. And you were looking for someone to run your business lets you get to the point light -- you know wanted to start to retire. -- -- -- Would you tap somebody on the shoulders that you want you grow my business that has no experience whatsoever and who would you put somebody in that particular plan or or or ice cream shop hot -- standard financial practiced law for whatever it is. That's big guy who's never run a business and ultimately that's what these politicians are guys like Chuck Schumer guys like Brian Higgins guys like into formal. You know guys like Barack Obama yet none of these folks had ever spent really got his day in their lives in the private sector so. How does that how do you as somebody who is now have really zero experience in business how do you pick the winners and the losers who decides. Who's getting the grant and who isn't who's getting the buffalo billion and who isn't it who makes that decision. And based on what criteria and based on what personal business experience. Do they have to make that this. Asian and under that seems to matter by the way when they pick the winners and loser wow -- about to the active in winning it's about -- -- -- -- want. It's about where they see things going and if so. If there their agenda is clean energy while doesn't matter how much money you lose you know they're gonna get they're gonna get the buffalo but it has to -- to -- and like Solyndra Lincoln who -- -- in the business that taxpayers are the real losers in the old deal. And to be honest so are there. This or the clean energy folks because you know clean energy needs to support itself I mean if we if they want to we want solar planets than they've got to figure out a way to make money -- -- not gonna last long term. And it's not going to be you know a viable business model that's going to be here for the next 530 years so absolutely you got to let them survived eleven come up with their own product and run with it absolutely -- collection in a 39 real star -- thirty what you think about -- -- commission listening to phone -- here we can go to frank and Howland. Frank you're alive on the TV -- Tom Barley -- user. I'm doing good kudos to what you guys do thank those who goes who goes. And I remark on your point about against him it's seems answers than me that -- maverick Oliver email right. If you're not in his district you know the time -- -- you know what about almost a committee that he's not that affect the in the right here yeah. Frank I couldn't even get an email from -- I mean literally I I couldn't even get into -- and addition I gave up because at first it was like what you're in my district couldn't have put him for 22 walks -- this district. Well but there's. Although his offices and spoken -- his days. And try to talk to them about an issue and before I can you know finish the point where they hammered me about where I -- Right that's exactly we try to get a motor you don't matter frankly frankly try to get on their radio show bunch of times and folks in his district do listen. And he is non interest in coming that doesn't seem to be valued so. District. And unfortunately there's a lot of people drink in the -- Greg he's gonna bring home the bacon he's gonna bring on the money. Unfortunately they don't get as it's our money is the taxpayers' money. And and it's a huge filter right we send it off to Albany we beg for a back we get little back and everybody's happy with that I'm not. I'm not. And elegant in the first place. And then the politicians handed off to their bodies circle foreigners are promising incident with an idea right -- -- ever voted to give them that private business money what about the other private business. -- let. You know we got to -- we -- in this garbage today approved 659 jobs created Alitalia assigns it. Six. Hartmann dread it 59. -- but it always like waiting for thousand jobs. Actually when -- are yet no it's not a just society to not ended it at an 06 and had no zero snow the anyway thank you for the offering be appreciated immigrant. If communicates real and start browser isn't that knows it's always sent XX just -- -- And nine regular coming up in a couple minutes do we break for the -- aren't you got the funniest guys in for time Barley will be right back and -- receiving thirty WB. All right don't try to get as fired up for the last hour and a half of the -- -- for a -- you've gotten the financial guys. It's one legal Michael homeless people -- retirement in studio got to get that was just writes like you actually hear both ears there. -- but -- 8030930. You wanna join us on nine -- freak on so we're talking about the -- commission a couple of questions today. Will all the revelations from the New York Times article impact his reelection overwhelmingly everyone says no I wouldn't agree. The other question that would have had much response to lose why do you think Governor Cuomo has done so successful why do you think he's so popular. You know why is that had an answer to those where you -- kind of what we're talking about -- -- 39 -- and he's in town. Today along with that's Reno I don't know from the enemy clips from mystery -- Governor Cuomo was in town today. Talking about the success of start up New York. Now I just -- you know I was curious to find out what they spent on the TV commercials in the TV commercials. Running all over the country encouraging people to relocate here because of ten years' worth of tax free. Start up New York. What we're gonna though is that it has elected gentle little clip that you is that we spent a 140 mill in this in this -- set -- including thirteen -- -- Detroit thirteen 140 million dollars was set aside for advertising. So Joseph just for the advertising budget out of curiosity how many businesses relocated here. -- is 500. So in other companies. In -- -- who it can you back that a total of 700 new company was at 700000. In there just -- sub shop got a folks as well I didn't let up Le -- -- forty million dollars and 2013 running TV commercials and he kept -- summit summit summit sentence. And most worst numbers and -- public website seven -- do. -- this folks seventh -- late in the ball. Folks on the company's last last week for -- -- set -- the companies of yesterday -- Texas -- 700 club yesterday aesthetics and how those jobs you know how many what is it was like 650000. New jobs right number of jobs in a 659. Dollars well. -- back that I'm sorry can you with a 659. And zeros. Users run a 650. New jobs. And a lot of jokes what is absolutely sex. Hundred 59 we spent a 140 million to bring seven companies -- 649. Job that was New York on believable your tax dollars at work ladies -- you're not sick maybe we could. And now he'll line anger upward of here's the nexus -- at the theaters here now. Mean this is what's going -- he's got like grass which is measures votes tonight. One of the treasury campaign treachery and votes in another ten years there will be in our businesses and you're hi I go to any of this has. I mean if you don't win this year right when they -- and the GOP in the league and the Republicans in the if you're listening to look republic ready you've got to get this and I've been saying this for a long time. You've got to go after the people that work Mitt Romney lost the election probably because it was -- partially but. Speak but partially because he backed down from that 48% -- made. But there's a lot of people that don't go to war there's a lot of people to do. Your teachers your firefighters your CEO's and the company you worked on an assembly line. If you show up at work you pay New York State taxes and here's what it's going to -- that's a 140 million dollar set aside to create seven new jobs which buys all the -- companies which by the way we're probably coming here anyways and he should be absolutely ashamed of himself because seven just left yesterday for taxes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 88 like -- in jail the trio yet Yeltsin I love it. Seamlessly. It's easy to read them almost -- -- popular is the media carry water where they and they actually do for. Liberal Democrats that the media is really. They're there and yelled don't follow this country's they've brainwashed. Conservative people actually you know and of course being the brainwashing of -- the radicals and we figures there are why is that sells a lot recently you don't Cuomo. He's got so much propaganda what this campaign. All -- -- Which is new jobs -- and there's an example. Hockey 30400. Adult to. Correct an art course you could only -- armored -- for a long. Which -- try you know outcomes because you're -- run out of money if there is Margaret Thatcher's they're gonna run out of other people's money. It and estate you can just get up -- -- to go to Tuesday and and -- CNET you know content about the tax incursions. I think it was I couldn't find a clip but Obama sent over the weekend. You don't just could go out there and pick what you know is an individual what taxes you pay what you don't. What -- corporation could do that actually do. You can go to state and guess what it's still a free country this is not to climb the Berlin Wall to get out of the country you could move to -- and you can move to Singapore you couldn't wait it out you might of the club along to get out but not to get it not to yeah. But I think it yet but this isn't -- -- Russia where you can't leave yet that you're up to the fact you know. This is America and and guess what. We have record amounts -- pocket millions but you know several thousand people year mainly leftist movie stars. Will give up their US citizenship to avoid -- essentially the -- to do that essentially protect their tax rate by picking their country of choice. Yes you're right as individuals we don't get to do that is you know the working class to start and -- between between common core and that's a fact how does this guy how is -- leading by a landslide. Just common -- to sit back alone should have his numbers way upside down. -- -- more like commission now it's unbelievable what are the biggest scandals in the history of the governorship we -- states. And I remember Iraq ordered disperse -- out in and out. This is. And rear and this issue and that in thank our. Came around and everybody else got to jump on the bandwagon but I think it's -- Peter property -- Well issue is I think one of the reasons to New York I put this thing. That before fraud is there's really candidate running against all war in the democratic primary little left wing. Them. Well and yeah. Ichiro. Don't want -- think yes or no ending to slow we need to run states as the -- to become law professor should know everything about running a statement or Columbia business. One answer to actors in the primary it's if they can discredit global. Practically in the primary. That that could. That could be or it could be their actual plummeting poll numbers or subscription numbers and maybe they realize that there you know losing readership so quickly that they better actually at least put up front. And having some level of independence and unbiased news report. What I like and. Or is that we got a product we got a dilate that's my government whose -- -- really of the Democratic Party in. Policy -- morally commission investigation lowered the federal prosecutor out of new York and it takes care of it. Outside I'm very suspicious -- that because. Practically all there is spots right that's right yeah we talked to that are leaders that you know will go anywhere now shut down by now you know now we'll see but anyway they're gonna make -- think about it initially. I think it's step Peter out it's definitely huge scandal of corruption at its worse. Yep I'm great and thanks for the calls I actually -- don't appreciate it 8030930. Star 930 let's stick with the calls and -- another one here we'll go to Debbie in Amherst Debbie how are you. Good evening -- well. I'm not that. Explanation about the New York Times makes sense because I was going to hit me kind of who I think we can all agree it's pretty liberal. I was doing Cuomo then there must be something to that fact please help in the head at me they reasonable -- -- -- yeah. Could be heaven forbid we get somebody more liberal but I think Cuomo who didn't -- put it wouldn't vote for them. There's. Going to be like Teflon just like every other Democrat that gets into trouble you know it just. Nothing's gonna stick to have that would either extremely catastrophic just I agree but I think. And I'm. I know I agree with -- we look at Eliot Spitzer I mean certainly is politics similar but the -- I mean he was you know one of the colleges was paying him to run -- -- -- -- and he was something that she was touring the country giving speeches college's ethics and ethics as they look -- big money -- wasn't shown up for freight. -- no liberal would. And eat in you don't have that is just amazing -- system is sponsoring back. Well the other the other thing and Republicans gonna have to really galvanized behind somebody who could actually beat the Cuomo or that other purse well. They need to do that and think they need to start reaching out to people that work and that the party that the a weather weather -- it's true or not. They -- people think OK well that Democrats are for the corps and the Republicans are for the rich. And I'm telling that needs to change where we need to start focusing on people who want to go to work. Against people who don't because there's a lot of people out there that think you know what New York State -- pay me 42000 dollars to stay at home. That's what I'm gonna deal. And I'm telling you as a registered. A Republican. Conservative. Tax Payer I am sick of paying for. And I think there's a lot of teachers out there that are sick of paying for a I think there's a I think there's a lot of people that go to work worked very hard work for a local municipalities your paving roads that are sick of paying for. And I think of the massive changes they can went. I I don't let them as a registered conservative. All I wholeheartedly agree -- I've actually met at but I can't vote in the primary as a conservative -- muscles and he's actually running on the conservative line begin -- -- on the fan and I happen. I I tried to email Chris Collins even though he's not representative. At the same response that you guys -- vacant. And I didn't want to I didn't send an email to -- -- actually and he never. So maybe it's a federal website thing it's an oddity. I will say because after after you mentioned that we saw in the callers who we -- prescreen and we've called Chris all the time the commercial. And he's been awesome I mean he called us right back right away I'll I'll -- and the other folks have not so. As well. That's what I would hope encrypt with my guys it sometime very bad about them -- let it -- And thank you used to -- I would the timing is perfect as we argue for bracelet -- yet the financial guys moment in my publishing Blanchard. And for Tom Barley quick break be right back in his -- 930 WBZ. Yeah exclusive -- BEN AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy tonight low 55 cool tomorrow variable cloudiness afternoon thundershower in places highs seventy. Mostly cloudy tomorrow -- a couple of showers low 58 and on Wednesday intervals of clouds and sunshine a couple of showers around high of 71. Last I checked it was 65 degrees outside the BB Ian studios with a real feel about the same. And tonight let's see it's marked down Monday at the ballpark as the buys -- stake in the Lehigh Valley iron pigs first pitch. At 705 PM tonight so don't miss that looks like it's actually turn out to be -- have a nice night out there as snow's not raining any -- clouds are kind and there there but they're not ominously they were earlier. Access a little bit of -- over Joseph beavers head out to the production studio if you look out that way. That way would be north I believe. It was north where you're at a certain place it was a nice -- looks. Cut cut cut -- for the -- anyway. I you've got these financial guys that Michael Mike -- -- retirement allegedly entered in for advocating Tom warily thinking again Tom and -- and everyone at navy and the opportunity to step -- we're just listening to some clips over the break them by some of the speech this morning and quite honestly it's just amazing I'm almost speechless. Listing as some of those clips what was the what we -- -- in Philadelphia can play the he promised. So get people to believe again how do you get the league -- How do you get a couple of billion. I guess you skeptical you normally -- just a billion dollars I promise I brought a white guy coming out of his. First but yet he promises yet so how many jobs they create other companies coming to the start of zone and number of jobs in a 600. And. Things that are on fire. The hope and change is working. It's working -- is excellent of them left wing liberal playbook which is hope change organs spend. -- -- it gets hot you get people to believe I promise you just comment I promise you just drop a billion dollars that's -- I'm not politics if you were thinking about home. This stock. This. It's gonna get batter I think I'm on a man a million. Well reject right now when they have billion dollars in -- buffalo. It's gonna be Graham are you guys excite you another good news his Malibu home that. The seven the seven companies that relocated here which by the way I think the seven companies I guess an -- Beckett felt because he said that we created 500 jobs with up to 659. Jobs I believe the seven companies relocating here -- -- Taking credit for the 159 jobs right on the economy yet it 6665050. Yet how many companies was that show the good news is that the with a good -- of the newscast that was not out of the buffalo -- all that was out of a 140 million dollars we spent running TV commercials in does that -- We knowing it was deliberate well I don't that he probably goes under the -- like -- -- like it's his money on a profit sharing its. Your money I think is that your money folks it's not going anywhere okay but I like it back. To you directly -- let's put every -- friendly -- Let's come up with -- one vision. And one plan and then everybody put their shoulder did not mean and we moved this region forward finally because the united buffalo. -- committed below. Is unstoppable. This national started you'll have every. -- except for. Oh my god these liberals are just the -- I -- -- every guessing because I got -- except for her own cash you've taken it. You know I would get excited about it oh lord and I power bill yeah yeah -- That's a great candidates I did I can't somehow hole. Now I figured. Out there you go in Asia. I know mine you know we'll play more of those clips folks that next dollar -- you wanna join us if we -- ninth -- -- -- -- because of 106169236. And our ask the question. I think he's comment about fluent in the money when he comes and how he. And -- -- -- a vault like he comes he needs money put -- its gets money out of -- well think about this -- -- -- fact common -- now this -- commission. And you know and it well that is how scary -- promised to lower our taxes promise to lower taxes the only thing he's done. Is make it uncompetitive for the existing people airlines because now if you move your your competitor you get a better deal than if you were. -- to Texas for the last they're proud they're hopeless might come it. That's Iowa and I'd go that would potentially support though is if they change the program for two dollars so if your if your kid 125 years all. You just got to college and you wanna start a business. Okay we'll give you five years of knowing you ecstatic that I would do that I tell you why. Because we have the fewest number of business startups -- to -- that we've had in the last like forty years decided to them. Kids are coming at a school -- back it was their parents as opposed to going out and creating jobs. And creating businesses and there's no. There's not a lot of of teaching anymore and encouragement to be an entrepreneur or why. Because of demonize February immediately you know your business or your bad your greedy you're proud that your -- -- profit for you look. You know those kids out there and we need to be fostering and encouraging them to go out and becoming as we got a break folks be right back another hour -- he's -- 930.

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