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7-28 The Financial Guys Hour 2

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. And in them. And just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here to wasn't going to set a world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You go and do something like this then told. Yourself it's live it's local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. -- -- news radio 930 W. Already welcome back you've gotten the financial guys who have little -- -- and Jay Blanchard in for the vacationing Tom Barley and other great open. Some of those holes shows that they're so down there funny. Yeah the guy he's a lot from my father my father values like love the same stupid shows that I just dumb humor you know it's those funny you -- and Joseph dirt was our favorite. That if I remember my mother line in my life coming like what are you guys patchy like that it's stupid like yeah exactly that's the whole point and that's that's elect. Stupid humor with that apparently good. The financial guys we've been on here here at WB and four I guess fifteen years now all right so since 2000 usually heard every Saturday -- one until three console -- -- -- in the summer. Think it's a Saturdays off campus of folks fill in for a -- can rest tops and Carl Paladino table James answered our Social Security guys -- -- -- -- of we have an opportunity to -- for Tom Barley so things done things to -- and -- yen and two -- your prologue to -- we've been talking today. About the moral and -- so you know Monday through Friday typically be manage money Saturdays we sometimes talk about money but. You know obviously today give -- my question obviously feel for always on madness but we wanted to get your impression callable course in town today giving a speech saying nothing missing here and nothing the -- is you know Fitzpatrick says that there is no I didn't intend medal all of them. So that's up to move on the Obama next topic in a scandal here so. We'll see New York Times came out with a huge article it -- big big exposing print it out it's like twenty pages. It's not quite extensive they certainly looks like that to you know they did their homework and they talked to. You know interviewed a lot of folks and as a very extensive. Articles so. You know I got to believe that you know they they did a pretty good job of looking and things and and I got to believe there's something there I don't think the new York public not the twenty page type -- -- is a very liberal newspaper coming out with something that's -- come -- so. They're there so appointed -- -- -- -- -- and I think there's a lot more there is somebody's willing to do the digging is there's gotta be mean that the commission was only half it's lifetime old. And he terminates it because it's so successful so there's got to be more there. And think about the pomp and fanfare they started off right and I -- in China forgot to look at the company out on a fine it is. Original speech skills you can do little perusing on YouTube where. -- -- exploded right in there. It probably is but his originally when he came out he said. You know they're gonna have them and is -- be independent commission to uncover the corruption you know all the offices in the mine's owners or whatnot now -- not -- -- -- -- and I -- but I'm when he closes and it's like not to -- now there's no press conference there's no nothing it's it's it's you know was very successful assert its usefulness and now it's over. And of course I personally believe the usefulness. Was really -- you know as a as a political political -- -- -- where I mean really as a as a bludgeon against opponents to basically say either you vote the way I want you to support that legislation and legislative agenda war. I'm gonna have you investigated subpoenaed you know this commission's independent looking at the things and he's. I think -- client trust me he was in town today music you know but -- not look at back here and just will not old by the way. The start -- New York has created something like 659. Jody have that little little clip there this is big deal -- -- now. This is not this is look at this is Fuzzy math we're not taking with a 300 jobs that Tyson Foods that disclose the -- That the ConAgra plant and -- that disclosed not a mountain don't look at that. Couple -- there Remington leaving dog that's -- it -- -- a good bit look at this is just a 659. Probably small business owners that relocated from my camber to appeal. And what a joke that political. Italy is 500 jobs will see in other companies coming to the start of zoom. Well they're not here yet and they're coming -- in a 600. And new job all Bala 650 that does not I don't know what. It averaged it used to tax. -- -- -- -- I don't and that -- they're not losing jobs that. That positive rights not I don't 615 into the I don't know what he spent adjust the commercials in Florida yet. But I can tell you that just take I I commercials aren't cheap I know that right we know that because we advertise on radio -- not -- Does it I'm sure the math as you know some crazy number like we actually figured out of probably a million dollars for job or something like that is what. We spent by the way as taxpayers because it's not mr. Cuomo's money. And it you know and it would -- which I mean not as these folks at six. Well he's doing a good job look at these big building buffalo a billion dollars for buffalo. Each your money right again -- -- anything up as a result anything number one number two. He is deciding winners and losers just like Obama did. And he's got a really bad track record of being successful -- it. Really bad and this is gonna be another nightmare where we're gonna have another empty warehouse I don't know whether it's me five years from -- ten years from now where this quote. Energy efficient company is an energy efficient anymore wasn't in demand so they didn't make any money because they always liberals always forget about that. And here we go again read a bit billion dollars -- what exactly happened to a because the last time I heard billion it was we gonna build roads and bridges and as far as I know my roads and bridges around my house that is to roar and a are falling apart -- no not -- now. Shovel ready jobs were social -- after -- that's correct formula or ready apparently are ready as you last. Night 8030930. You're on account or asking the question. Will the latest revelation about the -- -- New York Times article will have any impact at all. I'm the gubernatorial races is gonna get -- an opening. Is it going to hurt governor -- dollars in going to be just to simply open road he's nine didn't miss them via. And the other question -- -- that is why is mister cobble so successful why is he so well liked. You know why does he have such high approval ratings when he really hasn't accomplished much of anything now in the state I mean let's be honest there's really not a whole lot he's done. In my mind as far as positive things to move this state right he has an a positive things in my mind. Would be things like. Make it right to work state so it's easier for people to work about having to be forced to join union money confiscated from the patient and -- vigorously lowering taxes. Lowering regulation. You know getting rid of things like the scaffolding law on antiquated Taylor law and things like that. They can actually make this a competitive state -- clearly clearly governor callable admits. Just based on his you know whatever the -- New York commercials are. What he's saying is we're making it easier for businesses to get started New York. By allowing in the paying taxes now I'm a business owner Mike your business -- your business. We've chosen to be here for a lot of reasons and we being top one of those reasons right. But if you're a business owner with no ties to Western New York -- just a business or floating out there somewhere -- running these commercials Tennessee. On second -- your tax free New York or taxed no state income tax at all for -- In Tennessee or taxes or a bad Florida Wyoming nor. You know a number of other states are -- to you know stating cut taxes. But they issue a call Melissa. If he's admitting that lower taxes or no state taxes are better for businesses right right and that is that what he's saying so that's a success. Then why not lower taxes for all business and what Largo what makes me the most things frosts me the most. Is the fact that we as business dollars are paying the taxes for the next ten years for a potential competitor or another business here. You know what those businesses that comes here is eighty. A window there's a lot of very good local window company right at what it windows on -- -- -- MB that are actually terrific. How they feel. You know or how would you feel if that was your window company that you've worked hard to build a -- on your advertising here -- -- spending money if you build a reputation of -- paying taxes for the last your name -- -- at 2030 years and now the Tennessee windows pour him opens up next door with ten years of having to pay no income taxes that your pain. To support the and they can be a direct competitors your business. That is not mr. -- how you Foster a competitive environment that creates more business it doesn't work. These gimmicks don't work they never. This is not gonna work in this Lucas's the new democratic strategy is to. Q fund the newbies you know that's exactly what's happening with -- immigration. Police. Some great audio from the blacks out of Chicago and Detroit saying hey yeah. What about us and the right. There apps -- right. Like wait where's where's our. Asylum and most of them to pick the most is gimmick -- -- -- New York there -- -- -- there's nobody coming down anybody with a brain is admissible in basic ten years there are coming anyway as that it yet attract democratic it was a company was going to expand their expanding across the country and inexperience here anyway so why not think it is in the country and -- take the freebie that's exactly but nobody's got. I'll like he immediate to these these people that the brightest people the world run their own companies you know a lot of people to do bright people do other stuff in Iraq but. Very brave people of -- to start your company be successful at a U2 years you gotta be a Smart person so hard working Smart person. Let's see in here what in -- eleven what happens do you think they're gonna ask that question. Yeah what happens when it opened the doors in the animal or could highest taxes in the country right all sign me up a sign up sign me up. And I love this series is such a beautiful area that human resource yours so great you you act -- -- couple weeks ago we were at Toledo. You know you go to Toledo which is an open town itself. And you see all these -- I saw her at their restaurant in these franchise I never heard of that -- Same thing you ground attacks if you go out -- Hugo and else it's like -- whole world because all those companies wanna go to those places they're gonna grow they're going to be. Taxes -- lower level they're gonna be regulated to lower level. -- gets it he gets it otherwise you wouldn't given tech tree they get a little why not further for us. Now I you know it's always about them making themselves feel good. They're gonna do they gotta do something today to make themselves feel good but it never actually works that's what's mind boggling to me he's liberals come up with -- strategies these ideas. And year after year after decade after decade after decade they never work and we continue to do the same things over and over and over and by the way I mentioned Tyson food leaving 300 jobs Tim Kennedy good news is gonna come up with a commission -- at. It's studied the CB could say that now. Excellence and perfect. We've -- and traffic weather here. We are well I guess that we will check in with Allan -- the other drivers gone -- particularly thank you Allan and your WB yen. AccuWeather forecast for today partly cloudy tonight. -- 55 cool tomorrow variable cloudiness afternoon thundershower in places. High around seventy. Mostly cloudy tomorrow night with a couple of showers low 58 and on Wednesday more of the same intervals of clouds and sunshine with a couple of showers high of 71. Right now the real feel is what you know sixty stock. It is still sixty. It is still sixty degrees feels like parents are you got defiance of the guys along with a Mike -- and we have another break coming -- -- but like two minutes now. Look at that. So that the hit that as well so just to stand -- the things that you wanna join us 8030 nine's real and starting -- Didn't mean to cut jobs that are. -- -- that -- -- -- -- on the lot and I'm -- who was for twenty years ago for what we have to retirement and when mr. -- to -- financial questions would be up in and take -- -- -- let's sneak it on his -- let's begin to actually get there Dan was the cut off the last -- impatiently waiting down the west -- my apologies I think it's. I think it was yourself Bono -- No actually -- I was on the land line area where -- And something went wrong with. I don't know I don't know Dan I know it's not the equipment here no that doesn't happen. There are so many people moving in the buffalo its taxing the phone -- it is you know you'll you'll get droplet that all the time it happens. Dan -- lifestyle -- notorious local we'll leave it there. Let's and I using an -- -- -- -- what let alone actually you don't OWs all these other than. All fooled you funds. There's this story about a mother governor who called law and instigation. And surely you get it -- for the first -- charming. Charismatic young governor. In Arkansas. And in every major -- -- magnate there you cannot. It got me being investigated earlier in New Orleans from being the biggest. Okay and importantly your program as well. And they have. Don't go all our investigation on the bank because they're -- multiple got welfare money was the best field. Candidate we. You know Democratic Convention will be you know. Dallas -- and Alice -- corruption and announcement. That select home and announcement. Yeah well to share it certainly seemed to lose 300 jobs here. You know but. I can't help but think the real problem to get these folks like Tim Kennedy -- that last minute let's get a commission together. Look in the mirror Tim you know why they're leaving Liberal Democrats charge him too much in taxes fuel prices are too high. In -- four dollars a gallon that -- -- three suddenly -- that's expensive to transport stuff when you own a company that's the problem was that's why they're getting smaller and that's why they're leaving it was like 34350. List -- weeks ago in you know I'll -- -- -- -- threat -- threat that is right taxes taxes regulations taxes taxes taxes that's the problem. Go for now. Do it I mean. Do you know I mean this whole thing Obama's. You know you are obviously incredible team we have the highest corporate fare -- and oral. You know -- if you eat them all where it was coming your old cars aren't. In other end and now now these companies are street. It's a great club we'll talk more about that second half of the show here but the taxes and all these companies leaving. Tax avoidance. And it's gonna continue by the way it's gonna get worse. And unfortunately the more that leave the more it's gonna come back to use the every -- Joseph taxpayer because somebody's gotta pay the bill that's right you know gone back to the so called immigration. What the definition of successes and not abstraction it's a little bit that I'm I'm really not. And we're talking about the bills -- To Iran now should we should be Trout in buffalo should be turn around. Right in the turn of the century. Buffalo was bigger than turnaround. Hit more production and turn around it was a central. Focus. A lot of trade. Mean what what happened. Liberal Democrats got it socialism -- and you can take the same case with Toledo. Mean with Cleveland Detroit to Chicago with Detroit. And you pick the liberal city that can run by Liberal Democrats and you'll have a carbon copy of bigger or smaller -- scale to western -- -- it got to take it like lots of welfare and lots of debt -- -- if you wanna join us in a three and I feel a starting -- got the financial guys and for Tom Barley and -- ready at 930 WB. It. -- welcome back. We asked the question about the moral and commission and the revelation coming out of the New York Times investigative articles regards to. The meddling by the -- administration when it got too close to home he decided to apparently allegedly according to New York Times article. You know had the subpoenas retracted. You know substantially -- fears of the commission so much so according to the New York Times article. That several of the people on the commission actually talked about potentially walking away at resign and because of the level of interference they are receiving from the for but apparently the -- administration now call wasn't out today saying and not the -- -- Fitzpatrick wanted to share peoples of -- there was no interference and then there was -- -- parents argue in my opinion here and there but -- certainly no interference and you know my opinion is that he displayed the whole idea all along with this commission was not to root out corruption that was not to investigate. You know you know funny dealings and in the legislature or the governor's office it was not any of that when it was four in my opinion. Was simply to be used as a political bludgeon against his opponents in the legislature to say you'll either go along with my legislative agenda. Especially in the upcoming election year. Or I'm going to have this commission make mincemeat out he would continue to investigate the legislature and everybody is guilty as far as I'm concerned we'll see what. And of course as soon as he got his way in the past his agenda what he wanted to as far as the budget -- goes. He disbanded the commission. So critics -- you know that's like me saying okay. Like I've got this you know I just style shooting in a gas you know can't gasoline I'm holding this match and just wanna know if you want this. The driving it just is absolutely. There is already moving on these articles back and start a New York that stuff about New York back at six in his six. Let's focus there try to get -- we're focusing on the 659. Jobs that we just that a billion dollars again that's. See -- vision thing sort of rest the question. Do you think this will impact the election so far it's pretty much resounding it's not an Andean pact is ours is concerned as far commented. No this is probably the most speedboat for -- we have a couple of eighties -- if the feds get more involved in picking up where the -- commission I'd be shocked if that happens. We have to vote for me. And my second question which of the task is why is why do you think college is so. It's so popular and so successful. You know to me. I Agassi and his legacy Obama that's nothing on me you know like your face and smiled. And get my -- and do my thing and Chuckie Schumer and today's his career politicians I have no idea how to run a company or how to work their way up the company. Or work nine to five for somebody but in Newton no clue no we just career politician noted that if you understand. That it would cost you five dollars to make solar panel you're selling them for three yet. That's not a good deal probably not a sustainable business. And yet you know consistently. Whether the you know 123. Energy your battery of their caller and a one or and it it ozolinsh or you know the list goes this is always holding on -- like I can I continued its. Well at least -- to -- he's fighting for buffalo he's what he's a billion dollars for bubble that's your money. First of all were Brock is not even your but it's your money that they are leveraged to borrow money so they can give some of that back. And then he gets to decide who it's gonna go to. And again they're track record has stunk this smells like -- one insulin drop it just thinks of it right but I just -- -- -- issues like guarantee. Reeks of them and the you know the mainstream media is illegal you wouldn't even know muscle injury Ener1 if you didn't listen the WB -- -- Fox News and guess -- even that's that's gone right now we're on to the -- scandal. Or over but we're not wearing the pass that. I mean at least the White House that there callable is is also very good at it. Is it's all about managing the media in this direction and it is soon as the -- scandal read least law is soon as the -- I start to really heat up. Into the VA -- You know those would be scandal and keep -- you know comes out. He forgets of the -- it's not the IRS. An -- he VA skills look pretty ugly so there are voted up or to actually go grab her daughter again changes the headlines right and that headline wasn't so good. So something else happened out -- that went out that the -- -- it worked out so let's try capturing the bad guys the guys again -- what got him. Right -- market. I think it was like ABC news what's the guy's house like a -- I have. I say about it I. I had an interview the guy and I did a -- What involvement but who believes it was it was not -- at a typical Democrat but they found a right and a -- administration is looking hard. The last what two years and miraculously just they just find him when. While against the pro golfing at work quick what else can we -- machine that headline today and he's a master at it and callable this greatest of -- and he's created two bush -- -- -- and we'll just let the vote would be if you don't like it does because gets a lot of people holding -- -- -- and you know three -- ninth -- -- ninth it was -- mark in Cheektowaga mark you -- alignment and approach our. In man that was actually synopsis thank you I think. Very concerned about what's going on here and what I consider. -- microcosm and the -- costs. The microcosm you can start where it armed about Welsh school board. Work up here at state level work up to the federal level. You understand how the market value and contract work. They've only asking him to explain. Ask that you know the present Smart you know yeah -- -- -- -- the -- -- what are we looking. And yet to explain enough -- -- On. What they've done. Everything is fair and -- war. Right. Right some people out -- some people have a different concept of up. It. Mr. some people that -- aspirations. I'll wait ethics. In an irony that they they look at things they're paradigm. Business and success for him and some farm and what is the definition of success. They really really really believe. That. Supply side works. They believe that in their hearts and they believe that the government can control it better than the free market cap when they believe that. They're they have no track record like zero wins but they still come to work everyday believing net. And they measure success very differently liquid to meet success would be when there was certainly we'll talk about economics would be folks for the job self reliant right. The success that his welfare free -- outlaw yes and let's take its order for it to be. Six just office would be then coming back saying X amount of people got off welfare we two last people on welfare to. Six asked to that is we have this many more people on welfare and that we're providing benefits to help your -- -- that's completely up ended level success and let's -- people and reward people for signing more people up and now -- proactive as -- -- -- -- hitting the fifty million people on food -- of that is success. Getting down to five million on food stamps because the people found a job it can support themselves to us in the Conservative Party that is its success. Marcus -- -- -- me just to be yes to six. Is creating much more than you consume. The creation of much for a while and that includes you from the actual. Invention and innovation. That pushers is the global economy as close local economy forward and do it with some surprise and honor. When you're talking about a place that's like. Henry Ford's -- her right changed the face of manufacturing you're talking about. Steve Jobs success right. I mean success were you employ thousands and thousands of people worldwide and change people's everyday habit. And create literally an entire industry. Of of of I touches iphones. You know. That now has spotted a Samsung with that are galaxy and the Google with that are whatever that thing called the -- And almost say yeah. You want to run a definition of success go back to buffalo in the 19100 to you know we were the city of light we were leading the world. John I want chairman carpet for you. -- stolen yeah Willis. Okay report to you the idea of the success and an idea you just look vision. Okay this is something you guys up and you guys at this stage at this stage. -- -- I'm a lot of people a lot of open lines out there are a lot of people that think that are critical thinkers but actually do pay attention ought to pick guys -- there. You got this stage. And -- appreciate Omar. I think I'd like just federal -- facility is that you probably like a point of not exactly sure he was going there with but I don't think I I will say this when you talk about the biggest success stories they've always not always but a big chunk of those success stories that have changed the way we do business the way we live. They've come at the hardest of times in America right usually some of the biggest Cummings home people -- start. They were started in a recession people lost their jobs didn't know how to feed their family they didn't turn to the government they said I've got an idea. I have nothing else to lose now's the time for me to fire on this thing they built -- great companies with with great ideas and people and and and money is part of that success it's not necessarily what drove some of those people but it ends up being that wolf was good view was it was the and product from all that hard work. And we have a legacy here again you have to go back over a hundred years but. In hybrid and I you know I see those greens -- and I just I just wonder would it look like one although huge ships were -- out of that last. In dump and all -- down there and we head General Mills and me you know -- -- -- all that stuff. You know the Great Lakes the what was it like when he lit up this city. No city would ever lit up like this yeah it must've been unbelievable the excitement. You know and now we have that we have to take it steal from taxpayers. To to provide for our our district act that. Then they didn't have any problem funding Shays and all that because there were mean you know. How these people that it was just unbelievable we could go back -- and I think that's kind of what he was thing. Yet to get back to that though you'd have to reward individual efforts not demonized right and we have. A liberal administration at the -- the state level and the federal level. That demonize Jews and lows six shots so individual success is frowned upon. It in at least by the liberals. That are leading us right now I mean if you are successful you are greedy. Your evil you did it on the backs of other people in less you have to be Michael Moore. In less you have to look at we're talking Obama is out there just give a speech over the weekend which I really wanna talk but the last -- I hope we get to about these these tax in versions of companies that are. Are buying other companies overseas and in making that company. Ultimately the the headquarters of the overall by the way. Again another life despite Obama's saying is difficult his -- just to avoid US to not natural. That's natural what's what they're avoiding his or avoiding paying double taxes OK so just to be clear on this as one of the financial guys. If a corporation has overseas let's take Novartis -- overseas corporation the artist makes things like Maalox and other sort of you know drugs and stuff like that. The artist is an overseas companies do a lot of business days the business that they do United States they pay United States taxes -- So let's take another example let's take apple apple has is a domestic company. That money that apple puts you know makes in this country they pay tax in this country. The problem is is that at more than 50% of Apple's gross revenues overseas so apple brings that money. That they've already paid Exxon in Britain or France or China or whatever. If they bring that money back -- -- states it's taxed again. At 35% with the only developed country in the world. That does that we'll talk more about that we got a little break here. And then I catch up with the traffic and want to get the funny to guys that Michael Mike Wallace along with Jay Blanchard and for -- -- be right back and he's reunited thirty. Media. UWB yen AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy tonight low 55 cool tomorrow variable cloudiness -- afternoon thundershower in places higher on Saturday. Mostly cloudy tomorrow night with a couple of showers around low 58 on Wednesday intervals of clouds and sunshine with a couple of showers high of 71. Your current temperature outside Adobe -- studio is sixty degrees as is the real feel temperature is also sixty degrees no wind out of it -- when. Doesn't the height 8030930. If you wanna join us -- We're back -- that they'll -- that they think they DOC just got my act. Yes it is marked down Mondays at the ballpark as the eyes and take on the Lehigh Valley. Iron pigs first pitch at 705 PM tonight so don't miss that game is -- yes. Revealed no rain delay or anything else obviously to judge Jose is -- -- -- -- guy so he's got his finger right Paul. A team behind the iron is hot hot player -- and you vote for iron things that your name my advisors I'd hazard is that you are they allowed to do that anymore I mean in August read the Redskins. I -- yeah I think to me about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But he thinks he'll bill's going to be good this year. Six and six in ten and Yakima Meehan -- really consider. The that I had asked me after the first receiving. Yeah I'm I'm looking forward to see -- Sunday we'll see -- equivalent of it when starters for -- -- you know Oakland. The starters the first drive at tipped a yet to be the bills actually -- a few years ago when it TO and -- stars after the first I think defense -- to. -- I if you wanna join us data through ninth you're starting thirtieth got the financial guys -- like Obama's team entered in for Tom Barley and thirty WB -- sneak in college or in Iceland has won a blessing B we talked about before the break about demonizing the people who actually he's a wealth and success. You know the other thing is we we we distance and applies them I mean elements in that -- but you know when you look at the tax structure of this the country. And a federal level the more you make the more you get penalized you know and it's nowhere else in the whole country can you find any other system like that. You go to college work hard you go from a B two and a you know you work hard and sports hopefully win the bills that they were a cardigan the right players to go from six wins depended. In the tax world in the in the real world you work hard you make more money they take more taxes they -- you and higher tax bracket they make it -- -- you say and people say this I don't wanna work anymore I don't wanna pay more taxes it's just not right. And that's that's really sad and express in the comes of this Stacy well. You know on top of that you can add another 10% while they're prepared to the luxury of being here so anyway we'll see would have an -- the exchange but the question we're asking is will the revelations of New York Times article regarding the -- commission impact Merkel chances for reelection. Everybody says no to may -- saying now we have the feds get heavily involved which it is unlikely that no question have we write -- ask anybody I guess when they call it showed it. Why I mean why do you think almost and so successful I mean he really hasn't accomplished much not even you know as as -- secretary. He biscuit out there and sued banks and forced them to. Give loans to people that couldn't afford to pay them back in fact. I will fight because of that before the next hour -- play that clip so you could hear him call was all the wars we've -- the maker and the question came to report. Do you think that. He's gonna have -- you know that these some of these people might have a higher default rate and that they're not you know. Yeah yeah and -- default -- but I think that's fair and a couple of banker but benevolence is his thing is you can you can have money is on -- registered Democrats -- Kennedy Cuomo problem Michael Moore Michael parlors in nine home yes and I that are created -- nine homes. Well it is long -- you're registered Democrat. And you say you feel good you're gonna help people yeah you know all the money want a lot if you're a Republican. In your building -- bad news that you can't do so if you're Clinton as you can be -- barely form a hole -- clock. It paid six million dollars in advance -- twelve million dollars speeches or he could barely afford the mortgage payments lifetime pensions -- lifetime kind must be healthier brutal -- -- -- -- Crowder we kind of take a break you're most welcome back in society are with me anymore your. Comments as far as well this more on commission. Revelations New York Times had any impact -- -- was Election Day and why do you think -- has been so successful is so popular appeal ninth VO. And star 930 you've got -- funny -- guys who have little Michaels will be right back in for Tom Barley and gave away at the time code you -- accurate treatment they're going to be.

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