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7-28 The Financial Guys Hour 1

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I can site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of -- school. Or Ichi. It's life. -- -- It's local prevent this it's Tom hourly as you know the question. Trying to get this much this isn't real she's mostly -- He's a live here. -- -- So on news radio 930 and there really aren't aware of what it meant some personal things -- compliment. Was that members -- W. Welcome back you've got these financial guys when Michael Michael homers and Jay Blanchard informed -- vacationing Tom -- I love that intro of the best Pharmacia. Now that the defeat of school when it was corporate or Chucky cheese at the hangover and they -- the -- Seagram movie that was in Tikrit. Or the men persons as a stash stash. -- -- Well we are the financially guys always honored and privileged to use it in for Tom Lee thank -- time -- -- you liked him -- and they could -- -- for letting us have them like once again throughout the week we took Saturday off of course. At that Carl and now rocks and AD PH -- hosting guest guest hosting for us on Saturday it's that we -- guest host for town today that it's always fun to the end and always on the talk to all the different audiences we it's difficult and people we do different it's great to them money to -- -- that we. -- little bit better in. So he's known -- Saturday Monday through Friday managing money and it's school Biederman a little break from managing money -- shall there 49 minutes and so for the clothes will give you some updates throughout the show but we are actually gonna talk a little bit of politics today we will talk a little bit of money. Maybe towards you know visual property and I you know we certainly can't let the Obama comments on the attacks -- deal like to get some people's comments on that at some point we have the start of course. With the moral and commission and you know both Governor Cuomo and history you know in town today giving speeches. Article was this morning. Three astronauts security speaking now. You sometimes I collegial it's good to see you again this could mean it's been a -- that you never visit us on -- -- -- Mason her he retired from our show and he just walked out the dollar never came back that's right. I tried as. We -- When you know when did you actually try to stay in touch -- I've got this and I'll deal phone calls. About peace that it thought he was look at it and I could never have all -- are talking about me I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know obviously we had a great time -- -- do your very individually to show it now we have Tyler -- I was pleased. To and now he's easily blows you away gal I'm trying to -- -- I mean you're good but he's great he has he has got that mentality on the show and it's sometimes. -- He does that and more ideas of both trade and hats off to desiring here because you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The on the allegations came out of New York Times article last week in which. Carl Paladino has been jumping up and about for a -- your house and the disbanding of the more commission. But his comments you know to meet normally a whole lot of water is so -- you know that's -- that's Patrick Fitzmorris when Everest. He was shared you know he doesn't know corruption -- the story over the story on it and that typically is a response from. That we see all the -- nothing to see here it was a good commission but it was so good we're just -- -- mail yet it was it -- great things a lot of success -- you know. It was successful for what it was intended for and what it was intended for it was a political bludgeon them to get the legislature in New York to go along with his agenda under the threat of investigation. Much like to put an altogether much like the Obama administration is using the -- as a political bludgeon against his enemies as well. Two in his case silence them you're bombing case in the case Como is get lawmakers haggle Augmon. He basically said -- comments Monday and and it fits in line with all the other broken promises you know on the lower taxes. It's gonna be about a business environments. We're gonna improve the school district. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. -- that mister mister Jay Blanchard by the way answered in Utah it is like. Yeah what was that billion for buffalo right billion from buffalo that Netflix coming and his pockets -- -- -- first. They come from call. We're from so Collison the commission made its own decisions and that is not the only offer suggestions. Como Democrats would create the commission a year ago and dismantle the spring one of the commission's chairman. And and not county district attorney William Fitzpatrick said Monday nickles office not figured so let's. I guess that if he says they never feared that must be the case and then it's got nothing to see hear him just move on so called which is basically dismissing it. That he interfered has nothing to see here and -- an -- and by the way the mainstream media will do that right there this it will pass -- -- dot he's not gonna take -- hard questions and shirt today. Whenever interview we did. He was a little corners somewhere he had his picked hand picked media people in front of them. With a look skate out behind them so I'm sure I guess is lots and I haven't seen any of his interviews but I my guesses or some kind of a curtain behind them or something somewhere weakened state got out if he doesn't like the question becomes from somebody who accidentally got in there. He'll be able sneak out the back door just open the car doors open yeah it's like Italy yes it's running you know I'll answer that one that and I don't like that one got to go. Let me sneak out the -- -- so here's the question and I guess we want to -- for the first hour is do you think of this will impact the election mean do you think. That the revelation that in New York Times article that. Because of -- commission was getting a little bit too close to mr. Cuomo himself. And obviously now with the some further investigation is going. Do you in fact think that this will have an impact. I'm on this election am personally I don't think it. You know -- you know Kamal what my opinion I don't think it's a manner that I think it's going to be brushed under the -- Voters you know it is I think who's -- rush maybe. It's hard to beat the Santa clause and an in this state Governor Cuomo is that Santa Claus handing out goodies and things like that. All sorts of I. -- Mom. Who wants to open. Right it is the right so now you have a you have a federal prosecutor federal prosecutor's office that wants to basically take up where the state. Continue along some investigations. Will he be shot down in the collection and will he find the emails. Yeah. Footprint and will fit in that. Yes well well aren't traveling our drive went down. -- if the threat we just lost as is on the legal aid and would you would be amazing just grass yesterday carefully to shop. Can't find any of -- a lot more than just emails there's I think they have quite a bit of information and hopefully that the federal prosecute you wouldn't. To get some traction but do you personally think that is gonna have an impact in the -- you'd think. That this will change the outcome of of this up this next covers race. -- -- -- -- Now he's with the just. Or. It is so good. So maybe and it. This thing that it will affect the way. -- -- -- As an optimist who's the -- I I I I did I think -- end up happening is mr. Coleman -- before in Santa Claus who come up. -- -- a little money for Rochester will come a little money for buffalo don't forget we got the billion dollars we'll have another energy plan that probably is gonna -- waterfront. Meaning he'll he'll come up with some money somewhere then that -- -- pays enough people laugh and and win in landslide in the state and that's the shape and it you know it and unfortunately you know that there's so many people in the state now. There's more takers and givers and when you have more takers and givers to gamers are saying I'm sick and tired of paying for the stuff. We -- -- -- practice every day read the move to Florida the moved to Texas. The move and Carolina the moved to Tennessee. Not move in the western new market the shame of it is and as they're talking to some the other day who lives and I wasn't his type -- Houston Texas and it was. 9500. Degrees real high humidity either like all boy I wish I could spend one summer up in the northeast than I continue to say what it's so bad politically here. That people don't have they're still summer birds here and there should be there -- there's no reason why between may and October we shouldn't have summer -- people who. Are very wealthy grew up in Houston Texas and -- I love it in Houston but I just don't like the Summers in Italy but it doesn't happen. Why because of the political garbage it happens this you don't you know for the billion dollars from buffalo while the corporate welfare is just as bad. As the every day I'm gonna hand you your food stamps welfare. And that's -- -- in the state and he's gonna union -- Santa Claus is gonna come don't you worry he'll come out with some some other -- need to move it away from this. More than commission the mainstream media will have forgotten about it item when we got. -- -- The always gonna have that ours is is gonna have to out to our liberal friend Jon Bon Jovi died today at the good old liberal who. Who of that movie you know we shouldn't outsource -- jobs overseas. Everybody should learn a fair wage but yet he's gonna by the Buffalo Bills and move on to Toronto on -- -- -- label claim motives and it was I say that is idea absolutely. It just -- -- got the -- guys in for Tom borrow them Oakland went with Michael is -- retirement guide people injured in studio with us. And we're here for the area full time or at least duplicate -- opposite but hopefully till 7 o'clock. And we're asking the question do you think the revelation regarding the moral -- Governor Cuomo will have an impact on this election. In studio -- that the studio Paul I think now. Mike thinks no -- the optimists like the citizens phased out into the -- -- got -- public that feeling of maybe he's he's hopeful. Let's see what you have to say you wanna join us 8030930. Start 930 freak on itself. 106169236. Let's go to the phones for the -- -- welcome. Like on a cell phone and Mike what do you think you'd think this will have any impact whatsoever on governor called election. I'd know I'd the only way it why is this offense go up and all. You know and that ruptured they'd love up -- up again under go or -- nothing. But I'm sure -- -- started to go -- way I would probably be an executive order volume and soft. While but my understanding is that the federal offices of the Eric Holder pursue a has a lot of sway over the regional district attorneys are not. Federal but the district attorney's offices up. It's a good cool I don't know I -- I had my guesses is that you're right is that if it does at all begin to. You know blow up in the something bigger and analysts say that this federal prosecutor does begin to you know peel back the layers of the onion -- if he gets too close to the core. My guess is that will be a plea to the administration to call off the attack dog in an era cold will likely make that call. So. I think for Jack and Mike we appreciate it. 8030930. Start ninth there is a free commissar 106169236. And again do you think this will have an impact. I think most people would think now change. Yeah both king mr. More little anchor for political club over there it -- who looked. What was this morning was what people think about that at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you look at all this with that would be I mean if if that if the G if they don't win this year Wendy went right I mean it's a bit with the with the safe act right with. All the promises that this they promise promise promise promise. And it you know and it not for nothing in this is -- -- different topic but we have an office in South Florida. And Ian drew I am sick of seeing your computer commercials wrong about the tax free zones that are Betemit. -- what a waste of my tax money. And I write a check to the New York State text from my tax money. And the running commercials in a state that has no state taxes to try to bring people here ripe for ten years to be a competitor out SO two episodes they get ten years of -- -- all we've paid outright pretend that your eleven we -- -- -- I -- -- honestly if they said at the taxpayer makes is that if you can't win this year when do you win. When you ever -- its its numbers at a and you don't fortunately a lot of people -- that we we have an office in South Florida. Not because we said all we have them on somewhere because our clients are moving -- that's rather move up the snow -- did you stop playing back -- -- at. I think it's it's starts that way they go to the start with a couple months. And they go down for the winter and then eventually get past that six month of dale pays much taxes and then suddenly -- like home. Vacation home or just an all state hotel. Yeah -- wells and some of them are saying look I'm used to me instead of giving them five grand a year to your statement on the -- a living I need it I used to -- and a I'm gonna coming up a break here -- He foresaw wanna make sure we get this right -- if you wanna join us by the way 8030930. Or asking the question of course topic on everyone's mind Governor -- Tom speaking today. Esther reed Allentown speaking today will he could be -- revelation the -- commission had an impact on the elections -- 030 -- real and start 930 if you wanna join us you know -- ninth field starting thirty. He got the financial guys on Michael Michael almost along with Jay Blanchard and for time Barley or -- -- read united thirty WV. V yeah. So. Until we learn about. Together again the eighteenth time the -- yeah. Is going to be back -- get jealous and nobody yourself. But -- -- exactly almost exactly a year so they traded with -- Austin -- up to the peaks the big shots today. We get the sit in for the big shot Tom -- -- we are the funniest guys who have little -- -- and retirement IG pledges to do what is what our ratings have seen the shot right into the top dog last year and yes crazy because that's not. I'm not saying it's because you lasted just so happens that the same timing and it is an option reluctance to. We we thought about doing -- shield to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You like a cult leaders and that's our that's coming we didn't get invited -- like to sit in the back and every year I think debacle like they dishonestly. Eight as of the naturally a hundred years you know -- come as a guest bring your wife but whoever that -- -- it is. -- -- thought -- alcohol payment cuts on -- -- revenues collected about earlier beat added. They they got an invite they were there and it it it. And I learn a nice ties and suit like that have been really poorly on them and -- -- all -- it -- to its -- And tonight we are talking today at least for the first part of a show about the moral and commission asking the question do you think that the recent revelations regarding the New York Times article. Andy Sutton. Against his abandonment of the Moreland commission will have an impact. I'm the gubernatorial race and is this going to change the outcome is this a game changer. I don't know I don't think that we honestly I mean it independently of the. Don't look there's not -- -- up up selfish Patrick so there's nothing wrong here and I'd never -- that's those stories or sort. Numerous successful no charges brought and it was very successful in this light it was successful. Because Como was able to use it which was the intent from the get go and this is the thing folks call -- doesn't have any interest in. And -- looking under the hood does to root out corruption now. You know it's the same as it was Obama's saying there's not a smidgen of corruption in the area this right now snitch who has vision. I mean let's please this is the whole purpose of the -- commission. Was for governor -- to be able to use it as a political bludgeon against his enemies in the legislature to get them a goal along with his proposals. Pure and simple right when they would make kowtow to and they voted with them he disbanded the commission he got what he wanted. Now was it because he got water that it has been the commission. Or was it that he got tired of holding them off subpoena saying. People that we're close to him. Or potentially investigating things that we're close to him and I don't know that's another good question actually if you have a thought on outlook mean no but I guess the main question for at least just hours. You know do you think is gonna have an impact in the election I think -- studio. You've got a resounding no chasing may be. So -- the -- we have a a three knows I don't want maybe -- -- so you wanna join us today and voice your opinion 8030930. Start ninth third or free -- itself. 1800. 61690. -- it's really a shame that I'll try to put his name in the -- I mean with his name recognition his money you know. Right I mean this could have been and the credit he could -- that's very and that's that's exactly in between desks in the states that the state -- -- if you run just on the say that the number of registered gun owners in the state. If they all show up to vote you win. -- -- You win hands down -- -- Now and now -- and -- -- market stolen bike and since right for Roswell. In its just that people hissy fit science and her right. If they -- all of the vote. You won't let -- -- you when every time and the major show of the -- -- every -- how they don't -- the vote is beyond me that that blows my morning. How they don't chill of the vote just blows. This. Blows them I don't know and IE you know what would needs to happen to to really beat Nicole Wallace. It's not necessarily. You know -- a scandal like the -- sang or you know what it's gonna take is gonna take. Every person that has as in the Frontline -- and had other friends yet at ten of their family. And and pick up and taken to the polls and that's what it means yeah tell me exactly what you know the opposition is about. Tell them what they have to offer its that you need the vote. Because that's not happening and that's an unfortunate Democrats cited is yet the Democrats aren't great right there aren't great at getting out the -- they get to they you know there there are showing up in the in the bosses pick among the driver of the polling station. You know handed out community organizers not -- agreed agreed giving other people's money and org. As a community -- about that at this weekend maybe we should organize in the the -- -- -- -- tequila notable for months -- at all. Yes that everyone needs to do right now and every individual. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For twenty plus years. You know I I enjoy each. -- -- -- I enjoy the personal security that comes with having a loaded 45. In the -- and you know -- yes I have EDT. But guess what you know living in the country town we don't have little commissioners to Korea -- department. We -- your picture up. They're great folks but had those -- for an -- -- -- just a -- -- right -- so you know these guys aren't getting enough -- such a right to protect your freedom absolutely. Clinically but I mean executive against the -- past but I think those with logic recognize that even if you do have a police force -- still stretched from these guys have -- There there to investigate a crime after it happens. They're not there to prevent the crime and it's your responsibility as a citizen to protect yourself if that's how I feel. Now -- If everybody felt like -- went out and got ten of the friends that said I'm -- got a ride to the polling place you know we're going to get to -- -- We might have a shot overtaking the downstate liberals -- that's it they might but that's what it's gonna take on top of a bullet commissions scandal on top of something else on top of -- -- Reno running. A perfect race -- Car ran a great race but it was the perfect race. An answer you know whoever else you know they need to run a perfect race in this case history knows that perfect race before -- not be somebody else. Got to be perfect race it 030930 start at thirty do you think. That is the revelation of the the New York Times investigation. We'll have an impact on this election is because of phone calls before the break we'll go to. Stand out at Rochester Eli the bodily program -- the -- of the -- -- guys and gently into our. -- -- -- -- Now I am suspect that this whole darn thing and I'll tell you why when they said it was released back in New York Times. This tells me already. Yet they -- beating the ability to the punch -- probably saw a problem -- people whom. -- got problems down the line and they said let's drag it out in the open. And -- in the ground now we know that he Eric Holder the attorney general Bob Bob like this at this. Bottom -- nothing is gonna happen. And I'll be very honest with you pay attention span on American about to extremely. It and if the beginning of a lot of credit has to say those are aggressive and that in terms of minutes or days but. There but no matter which candidate go to try to -- people -- whatever anger after Garrett scandal I don't care to the expansion period nothing works okay. People just want to know what are suffering in western TV so they can -- thing over have a good time witnessed. And -- do it. Just put it right. They don't want it to pop up the last week of October yeah are you don't want that you want to do it now bringing out in the open give -- -- the other times. And let's put this thing direct now because like I said -- can't -- stand -- -- would -- Whether it's righteous -- just stinks theory stance so you think that this was intentionally leaked to the New York Times by -- but. I guess my question against that though is that why did call will go MIA for a week but it seems as if you know -- is bad now he's been a buffalo wild places but he's not talked at all responded at all. This sense I guess -- authors of the article came out yet so for days or so there was nothing from him what -- -- If you it. You don't have to mark things disease -- -- -- Or why inept at Talking -- take care of. Well maybe but I'm thinking if you actually planted the story you want to get -- out in the open even -- immediately prepared to address it I don't think he was I think he spent the last four days huddled with his -- site inner circle. Trying to figure out the best way to deal with it I think the best way to deal that is the only way to deal with that that's to pretend like there is nothing there and that's what he's doing -- to see -- move -- and if they can enlarge the mainstream media -- into that's right our. -- -- Cuomo who don't worry if people are not stupid and like a kid they want to address situation now -- out of the way it. A month from now who cares. As an -- I got to deal would Eric Holder -- forget it I mean consumers. Nothing good happen there. Strike -- points thanks for all stand up which in the no column thank you very much. I have a go at 8030930. And start at 930 or ask the question do you think. That the -- commission. Being disbanded the revelations coming on the New York Times will have an impact I mean do you think it's gonna change the outcome of the election so far. There's not a single yes. -- -- One may have missed throughout history that the that the -- -- have by the way we will answer your financial questions if you have financial questions you know filtering up -- -- -- three elements real answer those those while. A retirement idea glitch in studio with a solo will make sure we do our best to ultimately money questions at fifth that's which -- absolutely you know 39 real and -- 930 let's sneak it one more let's go to. Dan on the west side again how are a lot of time on -- speak. -- -- around you guys it stole my thunder with the first thing I was gonna say because. My bill was just that. Almost talking a little success the moral commitment on -- possibility opponents Rhonda. The opposition. They are now -- there was such as sued successfully and -- Democrats never and anything. They make them bigger they had pensions to -- they don't just -- -- -- what else and stuff yeah that's right that's and it's ridiculous I think it ran its course I think he got the purpose out of it that he -- but I mean he wanted to use that residents in the nation's school to get lawmakers to go along with the Europeans used it as -- -- like everything else to do -- doesn't make you feel good -- he's gonna win -- and he's ahead of the corruption and he's -- and the corruption. And then did that's right -- great job but I think god has yet to have a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We think about -- -- you -- ultimately rule which was that which no one talks about all the other. The machine politics I mean the date on the civil service so they've got to. Hold up so many votes they've got all these organizations other side so there one one. Voter turnout is down it's -- -- -- you know and and you can't be too cynical about these guys so people aren't going to be staying home a lot. And and it just. You know -- just -- on and -- like that for you so you look at these. You look at these these places that are in the grip of these machines lately. And well. By the loss dammit it's sorry -- I call back you know that I -- got a hold a case here's some have would've followed their were locked in this segment anyways so. We take a quick break and -- guess pay the bills look through traffic and weather all that good stuff so. If -- you wanna join us 8030930. Start ninth there is a free column itself. And 18061690. -- that you've got the funny to guys Clement Michael was -- -- -- in -- Tom Barley and he's reunited thirty. The medium. And your exclusive -- be an accurate forecast partly cloudy tonight low 55 cool tomorrow variable cloudiness. An afternoon thundershower in places high -- seventy. Mostly cloudy tomorrow night with a couple of showers bought 58 on Wednesday. -- of clouds and sunshine with a couple of showers highs 71 pretty much covers evident from Wednesday. The cloud song and some shouts. The funny to guys. Like Obama's in for. You there would be yeah. And I read an announcement just rent them while I couldn't find it and remember had to read it. It. Our solar and battery by the way is it marked down Monday at the ball park as the -- and -- and the Lehigh. And things. First pitch at 705 victory as in my area is an awesome name iron paid athlete and also forgot it sixty degrees. Where is that. They kill later Paul the second that's not on my sheet well. This place I less likely impact plus and it gets me under seventy in the month of July we don't talk about it like yeah I thought he brought fresh yet. You know you. -- sixty degrees right now. We really need it happened outside that's the it feels sixty as it drops below seventy in the month of July we just -- talk about it we just don't let the numeral eight and outside your house that's that new rule right we're talking about obviously the moral commissions like the the New York Times articles. But it looks like code in your time -- -- bit too close. To the inner circle of governor called most of them on the wrong areas so. They speculate that's why he's I don't know if that's the case Imus personally. I think key legality needed that moved -- it was it was duties got his usefulness you know the intense when it goes to use it as a political -- It but plus out there and investigate him. Cuomo. Barack Obama. You know -- -- dare you look at me out -- you got it yet there's nothing wrong in this audience at the past me. This option I can do it myself -- legacy here at -- response we got to. There's nothing to see here just move up. Seniors just let -- -- this commission doing great oust me out of here they'll have a show -- Spitzer before. I don't recall those Spitzer CNN crossfire crowds wherever prospers from -- gonna join -- 8030930. Start 930 were asking is do you think this will have an impact on the upcoming gubernatorial election. Did he ever -- is his house reprieve for the improvements and hear the quality what is it that you hear about now. Right so -- -- it is partner now you know on Mary. Oh lead -- that he's been gone with for a long long time they on -- house together. Yen -- major improvements to the inside and some people got to know about tea you and the appraiser actually mean an appointment to show up. And re appraised of the home and it would not let him inside and Cuomo's response that was I thought you were just here's a look at the outside. -- and they would not let him. And I have not heard the candidates if they actually at a reasonable evidence that you know they -- my house to praise my house yesterday evening and Tuesday tournament yet Mitchell. -- -- should -- and what does this -- -- That's like six sacks smidgen because we need to read -- Chinese well. -- and other refund not a smidgen of corruption assessment now. Not to call administration on how schools midget back to the phones in 030930 start 930 if you wanna weigh in will go to. Our old friend Rambo gem in FG page a night. Going back and you guys to be probably. Euro 300 hours morning watching it. I like they do it for me the I don't watch it. Much and I have that I prefer the duels of my I've as I've become part of the show what actually win what they accomplish these are. That's simply says I mean is -- like a prize like a surprise angry and -- you know there's a surprise -- you know the prizes. I don't know what it is but it's you're supporting what state. Think if they survived. I mean it's not I mean it's what guy one email completely naked. At all or Kevin is the big daddy of -- and live for -- -- dead yet. In other -- had I mean of a shot if Clinton out -- -- ago -- I Wear them capital oracle document right. I'm a survivalist but one of the things they can seem to never find this food right how could -- -- you're trained out the will mean where is it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well but I mean I I gotta tell you I'm not a survivalist but the first thing I would do is get -- try to go after some in the heat for days. I -- can be run -- I'd be out I wouldn't challenge that -- -- -- house if you look for food first that your dad because you don't have -- without water your fan so. You've got to know the survival which you have to get first and again it's it's it's water shelter prior possible. And now and then -- -- the last days. Bigger boat being start remembering -- -- -- -- middle Amazon rainforest. And what your buttons for your vote your surrounded by -- and it makes. Eight are also support also surrounded by some non poisonous snakes would be pretty easy to catch -- meet you maybe I mean outside and I frogs are. We as a kid that's -- exactly how well. Luckily a very high impact and sites like Russia and such a gem what do you think so just gonna has all of the night snakes they in my house but Davis at -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- you think is just to have any impact whatsoever Jim. I'm none garnered almost election I think it's -- -- it'll but it elect and what might have been a total and complete run away. It could maybe at Reno and out I hear. -- probably pulling. Like one of the greatest stops that's the history may. If not for the folder. And it got older would get off the six million gun owners so get off -- good in that. Jim I gotta mark it down for a maybe and it -- we had yet another break coming up and Joseph beamer is screaming at me waving his arms dealer room so thank you very much your -- let's go to. I'm glad you enjoyed the and make him afraid we -- the funny to guys in for Tom Barr would be right back -- was reunited thirty WB.

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