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7-28 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward Beijing governor I'd have thought that because Cuomo put the commission together it would be a conflict of interest. If they brought out anything it was a that was detrimental to him that's ridiculous. It's like saying the chief of police who hired a policeman. The policeman couldn't stop them for DW lies or couldn't arrest him for some crime. It's ridiculous and that and that's the thinking because remember a year ago Andrew Cuomo was in town and put the -- commission together. He said they -- be totally independent. His quote anything they want to look at they can look at me. The lieutenant governor the attorney general the controller. Any senator or assemblyman. That's what he said a year ago what they're saying now is first he's not saying him his spokesperson said. That's the they cannot quote investigate the executive close quote. And by doing so albeit fewer conflicts of interest. I find that preposterous. I mean I I I would take more. Gravitas from a charge from that commission because he didn't point them. If if indeed there -- soft pedal it. And and look the other way then that's a problem. But going the other way because he appointed them and they find something wrong or him or his associates or people close to him. That gives more credibility. And that'll less credibility so I don't probably come up with that put. Politics is very strange times -- -- -- west Seneca -- -- WB. I'm doing okay what -- -- Well I tell you what I'll that the press conference I would ask governor formal question I'm not a reporter but as as a constituent. Of the state. And I'll bet I'd jog -- memory by basketball by reminded them. Bet he's back in. Back on Tuesday September or is -- 112. Through executive order the governor and acted at the end deregulation. For stricter guidelines when it comes to repeat. Try to -- it but he made it retroactive. As opposed perspective. And I'll ask him why because personally inspected -- OK so you. A yeah okay I'd I'd not heard that many things done retroactively go ahead yes. And then. Our our -- Eagles I ordered I'm a conservative Bible appellate penal the last time I looked certain people for after Reno this fine. And the article so all I you have that you had a -- not too long it was saying that some older term memory I'm not one of them. And I'm I'm a curtain that I remember. What a politician day throughout its -- -- this term and what excited. With formal at the -- regulation and might say -- lack -- -- the casino thing. I don't forget boasting a Michael well this year formal gonna get my ankle. I wish more voters were like you know most people have a very short memory. And especially if it's convenient to have a short memory they don't wanna get involved as long as they're getting what they're getting their happy with the status quo. It's people like you know who have the memory that we have to count on and a good bills would have been good questions thank you very good questions. I wish our callers were in a press conference we are covering it and own and it's obviously still going on. Because usually goes thinks Hartley that was supposed to start at 10 o'clock but. -- will have the audio for -- as a stand by for that it'll be interesting as I said before the break I hadn't thought about this aspect. I you know how the godfathers said he US for the meeting will be the trader. Watch to see who the reporters are if you can if their national reporters. Maybe they you know they -- something and they wanna get him on the ground floor. This surely will be local reporters and their might even be statewide reporters who follow -- all the time but. I'm saying national reporters if all of a sudden you see familiar faces and names. And whatever. You think that Tony I think that's a good indicator that maybe there are sensing something could start right here. Eat normally I would say yes but the fact that we've seen so many times what mainstream media just embed with the Democrats. Maybe they wouldn't want to walk. Well maybe it is a fox reporter. Couldn't could they never can tell I'll -- -- of Sony brought -- great point dull. Chris Chris is gonna feel like an idiot if this if this race gets closer -- different would have been winnable with his help. And then he will be further down the list of desirable. Candidates in the Republican party for president that -- He certainly won't look good in the eyes of conservatives. Who you know obviously wanted to guest reader to win they're gonna look at Christie is a joke. Yeah out exactly all right let's go to a pat on the cell phone. Pat you're on WB in. -- an. Employer with. It's sort of -- -- back. If I'm runners in court when -- so what Chris Christie because he told the truth so a politician outlook for. That's what are my fingers. Now want to work listening tour supporting them. You know what goes and here here's what that goes into just so you know and I'm sure you do. When your wife or your girlfriend -- do I look fat in this dress sometimes the truth as the -- across -- -- Or older brother go to the relationship -- go ahead. I don't agree I -- in your latest out yet it says -- you see no conflict because. A much of course this commercial salt oh and then that would be -- But yet exactly why it would be complex because you know Hewitt at the perception. That the courts are adult that you -- upset with. Except for the fact that here I don't I don't think they -- -- spokesperson made a compelling argument because if you appointed them. The natural feeling would be that they would have some allegiance to you but you gave them a mission statement to go after it or not go after but talking investigate -- anybody so that's what they did so if they came back then was something negative deal I don't think the public would be he's a suspect of -- -- he appointed them that's why they're going after him will be the exact opposite. If they came -- with nothing negative that went public would be. I'm suspicious so pure assumption that there has to be something negative there. No my assumption is there has to be a reason he dissolve the commission now he didn't dissolve the commission because he didn't think they were doing any work. -- -- That's the point I'm making -- appropriate -- -- -- the commission. And I'm surprised that more people -- It's picking up Imus is because. Republicans and assembly are -- accused the copper are getting. Dams that separately saying it's important to witness barely -- -- work was hard. So they struck a deal for better or worse to. Get rid collaboration and take a look at campaign finance reforms again and other. Well all I can say is look at the people okay look at the tune newspapers. Involve the New York Times certainly -- you can't be considered a friend of conservatives or Republicans. The Buffalo -- same thing so what would their motivation be I'm sure both of them would love to see Andrew Cuomo -- another term. They're only report on what's being reported on the net so -- -- -- is -- a woman who's running for governor pointed out and -- equals. Our show yesterday there were -- electric and there's been no large company all alleged criminal conduct your. No no no we don't know but that's that's the whole point we wanted to commission to to continue their work it seemed like. The of the year it was a very short time and he didn't announce that at the beginning that he would appoint them for year is just suddenly and abruptly ended. Bright and -- I would say is that I I suspect what. Trade. What it is thought you know Behar. Is looking -- is one appeal was made to kill as mentioned. -- the Republican restrict a lot of. Well I think I think it'll be interesting to find out but seeing that the Republicans didn't appoint victim of the people on the commission. I think that the commission actually holds more gravitas than if they had a split Padilla picks and or if the of the picks have been totally a bipartisan OK -- you bring up some good points of patent subbing for us that the -- on thank you. Lets you take a break over backward more Beijing company under Israel I'm thirty WB yeah it is beach company. Say -- am -- -- all that's what B of editorial says in the buffalo knows. Shameful meddling by Cuomo's office short circuited corruption investigation. Keep in mind he appointed the panel. He told everybody they gonna look at whatever they want orca. He said today anything they wanna look at they gonna look at me the lieutenant governor the attorney general the comptroller. Any senator any assemblyman. So he was quite explicit about everything is open to them. But he didn't mention except me as he did say you could investigate me now his office is saying they can investigate. The governor because it's a conflict of interest. And I find that to be amazing they citizens a pure -- wonderment -- interest they cannot investigate the executive or rarely. The executive said that they go to investigate the executive. And why can't play. I would find it as I said even more serious if the people he appointed found something wrong in his administration. Of that afterwards split between Democrats and Republicans or or whatever. And so that does make any sesame. I'm asking how much will this charitable have heard about all what are the alternatives and your presidential press conference question. Let's go to -- and so buffalo dinner on WB. Good morning candy log in Albany emblematic of what is wrong where a bit of federal government. And if we -- New Yorkers. -- -- -- -- And the federal government is forced. To look into. Racketeering Puerto Rico laws and forcing them against the Republican and the Democratic Party. And the board of elections. Because that's really where the sources. Because the Democrats and the Republicans all agreed. That they would push side this investigation. They allowed Governor Cuomo ordered -- -- because I. You are -- speaker over the weekend saying there. 45%. On the politicians. In Albany were being investigated. This is not nothing bought one big mafia conspiracy that's going -- in Albany. And they chargers make money can't go out there and there is no regard to walk just this or even -- true. Well I would I do I'd love what you're saying however a dose of reality is this. The US attorney who is investigating this now down on the southern section of the state. You know his bosses Eric Holder. Eric Holder doesn't investigate everything a little won't miss anything of any consequence that there is a to his party so I he would need to -- from Eric Holder to proceed and I don't think that's gonna happen. And it finally about time that some of these media outlet. And you guys have been on top of the where -- they are finally. Realizing. That what they've been raging. Has been nothing but lies. And they better get back to work and start learning the truth and doing some investigative journalism in this state. Because what's happened to this state is criminal. Well I agree or -- it's too bad because we have a magnet for a magnificent state but as you said. It has been before and maybe is now full of corruption and and this could be another example of. Western New York for hoosiers all of the power -- nor the and water getting in return were getting. Criminals any office. And Natalie that what the Justice Department is justice. Our I damn well said thank you very much guys on his idea if if you drop the the lineage here the US attorney is federal. The problems our state that's fine federal rules would still have jurisdiction. Except that when he picks up the phone. The next person he talks to is Eric Holder. Attorney general holder you think that any chance of all any chance in -- holder would government on what is going on now. Now specially since he's a high profile Democrat and holder. It's just been ridiculous in the worst attorney general I can remember what I was a Republican obviously we've already the national toast that. Post -- that arrows that absolutely. So I think Eric Holder is not the kind of guy is yes let's root out corruption was the governor. A prominent Democrat. And -- -- a way to let it. I mean this guy -- doesn't prosecute any of the high profile stuff that were aware of he goes after when he goes after safe targets and a non political usually or political in the degree that there Republican and in origin. So I would regret that although I I would love to see -- because this state has been mismanaged for a long long time. Let's go to new line one this is rich in -- and a -- that Libya enrich. -- I haven't been in this thank you for taking my -- -- I wish you well thank you hate is a Cuomo. All four vote for media and the best democratic tradition because without a hint of contrition I shut down the corruption commission. And you'd like. Very rich who aren't singer for a par excellence. In magazines are now. I hope so and have a good feel happy yeah I mean this is the liberal New York Times. And you know when they when -- labeling him I mean I haven't been so happy and I saw the New York Times two but. In an investigating. Eliot Spitzer. Not only the New York Times locally buffalo and goes as this big -- editorial that is very unusual yeah what are well C word dredge -- I don't mind. Yeah I it's not like you -- you know it's some right wing organization. Just was a right wing organization. It could still be truthful but the bottom line is people would dismiss it as a right wing organization. Or remember what I said about positioning now. Positioning. If this were a paper that normally would be right wing oriented. That's exactly what they do what was it well what do you do you believe that. There's just political enemies as its political witch hunt that's what it is but they can't position themselves against the New York Times and they. No because usually there's no need for them to position themselves against an -- time -- at times comes out with this. And now on -- you know local agree the buffalo and those who expects editorials like this or information like -- the times article. To come out from those of from those media outlets. Probably not many of us. So I think we have to pay attention so you you add those two up and you have up the fact that there has to be. A legitimate reason why. The committee. The Moreland commission. Was. Was this -- Was it because they had done so much work they were exhaust that. Wasn't because all corruption have been rooted out. Now probably not as -- of a governor who put them together took him apart. And would like to know why. A conflict of interest thing is ridiculous. I mean that that stranger credibility totally will be back with more after the. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free agents -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. However aggravation come on they have set -- vision I found curious. And I wasn't paying a lot of attention when it came on I didn't realize -- -- I was already maybe. 1015 seconds and the others commercial into the spot. There's a spot being run against asked the Reno claiming. Improprieties. In Westchester County okay. Now I did not get to see who paid for a commercial. Now the bottom of the little disclaimer. But this could very well Betty I mean if you use some common sense all of a sudden this breaks. Above Cuomo. And then remember. As -- wasn't the buffalo and those that said it's very strange. They're Cuomo with a 37 point lead. Is running a attack ads against festering -- Now -- may have may have been one of our political consultants the news I heard it somewhere saying that with 37 points ahead. You just sit on the late. I hate that in football. -- prevent the France I hate it I hated I -- it. And then become the political person said. While it depends whether Andrew Cuomo just wants to win or if he wants to win big. And the surmise that maybe wants to win big and that's whether attack yet okay now we get to the point where over the weekend as I said I saw an attack. Against -- -- -- but I don't know bought it. IE I did not notice that on the on the TV set so my suggestion might be that it might want those things. Where your -- We have a missile shield the kind of program work. If somebody sends a missile up we send up all these faults targets just to distract the missiles or doesn't hit its target. Maybe this is one of those things filled the Airways with accusations. In innuendoes. Suggestions that might some might be wrong to draw the public's attention. Away from the consideration that this saga. This panel the Moreland commission. Was finding something or have already found something I don't know but there is a question as -- maybe they knew at that time. This first came out a couple of weeks ago that the this was going to happen and they wanted to do a little a little sleight of hand. Okay look at this note don't look over there don't don't pay attention to them. So we'll see where this goals let's go to hang in Denmark anchor on W via. It's good morning I just but -- to -- Governor Cuomo struck carpet then about an interest on the against that is that get tax breaks I'd like to -- that more often here in Western New York because they miserably. We get to pop up the economy but we're not a whatever mentioned about. Property taxes lowering our taxes. Because somewhere down the line is we have the make up the different troubled corporation. Larger -- liaison. That don't have to pay taxes we epidemic debt up. Have you heard anything so our taxes as far but we got the award. No the last time I heard anything about property taxes -- an appointment -- buffalo teachers. Not the buffalo of the teacher's union and the statewide one. -- some of the state government for the property tax free. That's the last time I heard and I have not heard any disposition. Of that lawsuit but that's the last thing I heard about property taxes. It's just really believe that we are popping all the money into the economy which I have no problem but because. As a business -- had been in the corporate world for thirty plus years. Sometimes you need debt but there really really need a -- For the people that -- -- -- property taxes because after a while how much more can you take. I I agree with the move by the way -- were questions I asked about this more on commission. -- about New York all law. Well because based on -- so they restrict that okay. Well I wish I had an answer for you as I said the last thing a property taxes was that lawsuit and I've not heard anything since but with we go get it to you thanks Hank thank you very much. So it was all about here this is for you missed this video and this is the use the candy man here. He's giving you your own money bio pavement. That's okay. There beer you know places that W -- he succeed and there's a certain amount of that that's necessary I'm sure but when the K man. Comes to town and hands out the candy. And nobody asks them about the other it tells me there were restricted because I can't believe. That reporters would not ask about that that's the story right now. Not that we're gonna get biz break or that that grant or whatever. Can you believe that that that they would they who they would have asked that very good yeah I'm stunned me too. -- really ammo find out because we are covering a true. I'm sure we'll have audio in the because he said he just K government in the at 12 o'clock knows so we'll -- Lego. Yeah I remember I've I've pointed out that the the state federation of teachers forget the name under exact name union had sued the state government. Because they said the property tax freeze. -- wasn't wasn't a fair and right thing to do simply because that's where again most of that money. They didn't like the thought that they didn't have unlimited access to the law. And so iPhone that reprehensible. And that's what we brought it up we can and evidence show on a bright -- did mention it more than once. But that's the last thing and the only thing I've heard about property taxes let's go to -- mark inching the auto mart your on WB again. Yes sir mark what did you floors. I am trying to make as brief as possible I was. This was brought the -- that the governor. I would say lieutenant with the department of corrections and we had to use of force in the frame to me put the blame on me. Yet statement workforce because everything and tell you was documented and sort and so forth. I submitted my paperwork to the I tried to get the governor to look at if you refuse to look at it -- I -- -- commissioner corrections to look at it I try to get the desk to commissioner -- commissioner told me like that help you but we've been disbanded. I called the office of public integrity they said they can't help me I've contacted every New York agency that could possibly think of nobody wants to go against the governor. What have you been fire. You were fired and and under just cause of these and Kennedy had him buy out anything they -- Jim. No that is correct you claim that just caused but what it boils down to what is that. The arbitration panels have been and this is document that I have the paperwork I have the lawsuit paperwork. The arbitration panels have been corrupted by the labor relations board it's a known fact and built an election this document it. Well I would I -- I wish I wish we could help you we don't have any information about your situation. But I will alert our news department and see what they can dig up for your thank you. After two let's there was a little late may break because we have -- wire on a cellphone and that's Emmy award the governor's press conference. Basically actually it is just wrapping up right now obviously did go downstairs after -- so that hurt her previous collar. On the actual event was all about just start up New York. I'm in a local company named liaison but right afterwards he could go downstairs in the basement impairment all your QBs out. I'm Andy did address almost exclusively via the -- commission. I'm albeit a relatively date but really every questioned basically came back to. The fact that the only person that would know whether there was any interference whatsoever. With the more -- commission is the cattlemen who edited the the via prosecutor Fitzpatrick. And Fitzpatrick has openly said that there has never been and in your appearance and regardless of request was passed. Pretty much governor came right back to. The only person that would notice mr. Fitzpatrick and that's that's how he's playing -- he did that wraps it openly but. You know I would say. Lengthy commentary but it was all. Pretty much. Stake in the end. It was a it was -- a lot 11 thought I had in my mind is to see if the national press worth I was thinking that this could be a very newsworthy. Event and this is the beginning out of it if they showed up at today's press conference was a mentally local and some state reporters -- did you see any national people there. Mainly -- local however there was some national presence in the New York Times they were there are so there will be you know national. A publication presence as far as they're concerned Iraq mr. television station that of course all the local. Western New York normal media outlets as well. If you write him a headline for the Marlins are part of this a press conference call with a headline beat them. Governor Cuomo all independent not interfere in our good will expect your reports and public partners thank you. Obama so he did their little dancing here there and everywhere there is so it is right now -- what -- just said. The chairman of the -- commission and the New York Times seem to be on different wave points will sue tobacco under Israeli and I'm thirty W -- So we just heard from Tim Moyer who was at these press conference. The the first part was all about. Economic situations and what was going to via. Aided in buffalo to try and keep things going and actually accelerate the pace so that's good. And Tim mentioned that the the governor went downstairs. And as some of the questions regarding. The -- commission. Where were posed -- the governor. In -- characterization. Didn't it was very vague didn't really answer -- thinks essentially. But via the focal point now seems to be that the the head of the commission. And the New York Times seem to have different views as too aware aware of the commission was going. Before it was disbanded. But when the New York Times and like the buffalo -- get on the food yet on the same. Not bandwagon but on the same page regarding a democratic man governor. That's amazing to me and especially since some of it is obviously conflicted there's not much question and not what they say is important. A year ago when the governor was in town to form the commission it was at UB. And he said they can go look into everything including his own office he said quote. Anything they want a look at they can look at me the lieutenant governor. The attorney general the controller. Any senator and any assemblyman that's what he said a year ago now and now that he is disbanded the commission. He is office not him. His office said. That a big -- reminded times report comes amid a federal investigation by the US attorney in Manhattan. But what his office said is that they cannot investigate the executive. It would be a a conflict of interest. I don't get that at all. If they did investigate him and they had evidence that there was some. Some wrongdoing. I could understand Matt. But if they investigate the person that up at them. To me I would think they were they would have double triple and quadruple checked everything them because there is naturally as human beings as some kind of -- Allegiance of alliance even if you take your jobs seriously. To a person that reported you. But it's it's like a somebody appoints euphoria a new position and you shoot them in -- and it's so revered him -- Then I would listen very closely to what you have to say. And as a shutting him down like that would have -- something from the New York Times which is not exactly a bastion of right wing politics. I say. They should have continued their investigation and now the US attorney down there has. The follow up information except the problem as I said about checks imbalances. Checks and balances in government was designed. To make it as fair as possible. But sometimes when -- checks and balances aren't there we've seen it certainly -- President Obama. Then it's a detrimental. Soul when you look at two of the US attorney having that information and continuing investigating. Of the situation. Suppose suddenly he comes up what what he considers a credible case for an indictment or something like we're just surmised in -- as we don't know. We do not known -- not alleging anything. Well where would be gone next. You'd think he'd just do it unilaterally. I don't think so he is a federal. It's a US attorney as the federal position he would go to. Eric Holder Department of Justice attorney general. Who doesn't investigate any thing short of a slam -- things that make them look good. And so to me if Wear out if where are waiting around for something to show up. Through the US attorneys. I would be very surprised. Of one thing I don't know. Is how much -- independents it has from the department of justice and Eric Holder. He might have the authority but does he have the -- part of do it. A unilaterally without that I would think that most of the times anything that -- of that kind of consequence. Gets up goes up the ladder and you find out in the information flows up and down I don't think anybody would do it by themselves but I could be wrong. We'll see where that bills. Go to Jeff in Batavia Jeff you're on WBN. Any good morning LL one big real quick the subpoenas that were issued apparently they in the direction of some of his people constituent. Deeply affecting. Those can be squashed but you -- Corel word normally what a motion to do every action -- what the monitor well aware of the city is using record paper. Yes good point -- point something about -- -- yeah allies brings a good line. The government article by Shawn Campbell -- Announces the same kind of thing where we're talking about but -- -- in town now. And -- a maker of Europe or you'll make his presence known later in the day. The governor -- -- the same time of the Seagram co face defaced by accident -- the interest thing. But -- meanwhile. The big 800 pound gorilla -- this isn't a bad joke. Is governor Chris Christie. -- if this race becomes competitive and it may. We really don't know until we find out more what's going on with a -- commission. But if indeed it becomes competitive. How popular is -- going to be by refusing to come here -- to campaign for somebody says can't win. What if it what if it's close race and an answering -- doesn't win and and and -- -- made a difference. Then how is he going to be held on a national stage four of four passing up opportunities as big as this. Well as something comes out if -- -- you know we start seeing some fire. After the smoke may be that he'll change his mind call western society you know -- -- that I commend -- -- few good words for you. -- out in a brawl. AI combined -- they'd. Give. And use your power to do good to be good to. You know -- anyway that about us and thank you for all of that that we had good lively conversation today. On -- and I'm thirty WB yeah. English they never dreamed could be used.

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