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7-28 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes the next governor of the senate New Yorkers in town weather is Andrew Cuomo of another -- rob mastery over the first shot at it. -- we're not sure because we have had the election yet. But that there every once in awhile something happens an election which turns it around we don't know offices that are not always like your opinion. Regarding the governor dissolving the -- commission when they got too close sniffing around there. His friends associates and and he himself and his administration we don't know exactly. But what spoke to but something did -- dissolve the commission. Now he's in town so I would ask you at his press conference which if it was on time should've started a few minutes ago. Your question for the governor what alternatives we have of course the big alternative is to vote for rob asked the rain -- Do we have any other alternatives that depends on what of the feds fine the the feds have an interest in this apparently with the US attorney. Downstate and how much will this hurt him cast album. I don't think how much will it hurt made a 309301 and under its excellence at odds -- -- six -- and thirty you can also go to our FaceBook page. This would be Pete Pete Iran WB yen. I dare you don't he had no longer are a few people -- -- -- be. An attorney -- Up in -- got caught up you know what it's a Republican. He got a Republican governors that that was -- -- now it that it. -- it. Is to be a lot. And I think it's -- -- go back. When that ought to get it. Coroner now -- happening in the church and -- -- back up like sure. Yet know -- it's everybody ignore the -- apart but it ought. Although not a cop out to be OR OO. Could trot out the money is all day. -- You can -- you know. You should not. Caught against. You should be you know where. He -- good character he should elect trump period. -- -- -- if you don't have via the big dogs stay on the porch thank you being appreciated. That's a I I hope that's not true -- Oprah because you know why look what I'm holding this news. What does -- say Tony impeach squall -- does -- says now. It would depend on what the US attorney. -- fines up freed -- -- car US attorney for the southern district of New York has all the records of the commission. And it depends though on on what they find if they do further investigation. What was the commission getting new year a true that the governor was nervous about. Because it seems pretty obvious he wouldn't dissolve the commission a year later. If there wasn't some danger to either him or his associates if something couldn't be brought back and -- at the audio feed of of the governor. So we don't know what it is nobody really knows what it is. For the for the New York Times -- front page -- -- like this is incredible and it could be it could be that poison filled. I wouldn't count on. I just hope whatever it is it's something big it's something that sticks. You do you see a lot of rumors obviously I am lying you know Cuomo did this and he's sneaky this way. So you really don't know why. I'm curious -- cares I'm curious to know and I think the curiosity of a thing I don't like this -- US attorney. Think about it if he digs up something that is really important. Something that has some way to. He would make him on national name for himself to a don't think that Eagles on the ball with something like that. We have. Have to be something that is illegal here in other words it can't be somewhat while he used campaign finances for this sort of. That I think if you if you got into that you're in the weeds and most people -- so wide everybody knows that. And whether that's true or not it would have to be a legal right thing for sure or something that just. Looks awful. You know. But it would have to be something of substance I think it was something about using campaign funds or whatever most people's eyes would glaze over. And they say next do you have anything more than that. Let's go to stand should be on line two and Rochester -- on WB and -- I didn't I. I agree would you nothing is gonna happen. I agree with the request -- that Cuomo was a conservative he'd be gone by the end of the week. You kept seeing New York Times. Okay. Now convicted he wondered. This thing was in a pipe -- people knew that they've brought to shout now. Gave it to the New York Times. Because people are on vacation people are privileged people don't care. They didn't want justice -- missed the last week of October. They got plenty of -- -- of plaguing. The American every American. Their train of thought is about a -- who. And then they have no more -- Spam at all. Look at Benghazi people were saying no forget about it a month after it happened it depends on what it -- still if it leads to do some thing that is really startling I think it would have more legs. As I said if it's something with campaign fund money being misused his moment. I don't -- Well the only thing I can tell you it has seemed so many times. The conservatives try to incite people -- anger and get amended and they used to send them back in this position. They're attention span of about a week -- two. It's not gonna work. Like I did give out that people really are pathetic when it comes to protecting their own interest. What they do is an issue put a sharp stick MRI they don't want to know about it they don't wanna be bothered about a big at their own problems thanks and I agree I agree -- was there and the attention span here. Isn't very good it would have to have legs although if if you just look at the facts of Watergate the facts. You would think that would not cause the president to step down it was a second rate burglary. Bungled by the way it was. It wasn't that you know that's a gigantic -- cause because they administrations say bye bye and that that you -- we don't know what this is. He could be big maybe it's not. But he was getting nervous or he would -- dissolved it and why did he if he knew there was some skeletons there why would he appoint. The commission in the first place that's easy -- down. That's really easy. Oh he's appointed a commission to a dead day rowed out and eliminate corruption. He's our guy Emanuel shouted -- you don't even thinking about any corruption after that right. -- the governor appointed a commission I guess that's that shows he's not afraid of anything. In a year later as the -- But he was counting on you to be as you usually are not -- you don't want to spend too much brain. And something that's. -- 030 Montreal 10616. Kinds of music star and on the governor Andrew Cuomo's press coverage -- begun by now scheduled them begin at 10 o'clock. He's in town. In your press conference question for him what would you ask him if you have an opportunity what alternatives we have two of the governor. If we find something is not Kosher in his administration and certainly of the of the thought of him. This. Policy what what's the tournament before. Taken dismembering his -- organ -- dismembering after a year his corruption group known as the the Morlon commission. There was also worked for corruption but apparently when they are close to him or close to his people are closely -- associates. The a disbanded them that was gone and history. And now the US attorneys looking into it in the New York Times Romania a bit of very big investigative piece on their front page. What alternatives do we have. A besides the big one of not voting for him how much will this hurt them -- -- her remote little willow heard from some bullet not hurt him at all. In 03093018061692. Through six and thirty. Go to Sean and -- Sean your on WB. -- you are shot what's gonna. I wanted to -- won many questions for any about it as Caremark today. I'd say -- it on YouTube. It's titled are your and more important than -- and -- governor and it's about and the taking 45 million dollars by the hurricanes Andy -- and very personal -- it's not the Obama -- the old that would be true. That's a good question. -- don't imagine that too that's all over the Internet will see where that goes boo -- leave me something like that if it had the legs of that -- vacation. I think would be very harmful what else -- That -- -- -- never -- just about doubled in Aldridge. So that's that's discussed what everybody ought to be distinct and money in most what is. Okay thank you good good question good good question Tony is that you're seeing that I never you'll notice that I almost never bring up stuff. On the Internet until I was verification of something. Obviously because anybody can charge anything on the Internet and the Internet -- bloggers. People who Wear three point and hats and some of Grand Island area around the world and so I don't have a lot of but. I'm sorry not buying into that I need some verification flows from some real people. People who have experienced people with credibility people -- -- grab a top us. As you know because my new motto is I'm using my power for good. I have to stand up for truth. Justice. And the American way I'm Superman thank you very much the Chris will have a FaceBook. This comes from Kevin says I have a couple questions first up. What positive things have you done for New York State's second when he -- running for president and third when will you resign as our governor I'll call. I don't ask him an inverse proportions of as the last 11. For the last one now later refers to the times are changing model. But anyway yeah out I wouldn't ask the first question is -- life. He we would talk for two hours OK -- take up the whole time. Well we got this or remember this and how about this and that's going there and here we got and clean water and as a -- -- And that's what politicians do the second one is interest thing -- run for president he would he would dodged that. The third one is the one I'd use a vote when he going to resign. Because. I don't know -- get under his skin is easily is as it looks like you might be able to or not but that would be -- first question -- is doing. The editorial MB of Buffalo News just amazing talking about. So shameful meddling by Cuomo's office short circuited corruption investigation. Same old same -- Wal-Mart pitched himself as something new campaign or for reform on whom voters to realize. A predecessor Eliot Spitzer promised something similar but decided he'd rather play with prostitutes. Cuomo was supposedly different he was focused details relentless. Plus he wasn't good enough to play were prostitutes they were to Republican as I said say not even if you -- -- New Yorkers have reason to believe that finally somebody was going to do something about a cesspool that is Albany now that's personal that's pretty strong language right there. Iran says the commission Cuomo said will be totally independent and he'd. He'd tell us about this mission a year ago when it was here at the bubbles a School of Law. I said -- -- totally independent able to look even within his own office. Anything they want to look at they gonna look at me. The lieutenant governor the attorney general the controller. The senate any assemblyman. He could hardly have been more declarative so here they -- he says that they can even look at him and all of the other people. And the update now is he says there Cuomo's office said. To the New York Times that the commission can quote cannot investigate the executive. And they're doing so would be a -- conflict of interest. So how do you say when you set it up that they can investigate me meaning the governor. And now they saying no he can't because will be a conflict of interest because he appointed them I think it would be -- hold more water because he appointed them if we have been appointed. By somebody in the other party ave via an -- chairmanship of some committee looking into it. You would understand. Why they might point to say that strictly political let's not real. I think it would hold more water seeing that he appointed them for them to investigate them to any campaign and being transparent the SE dead. It seems -- big campaign 01 thing and hope they never got caught and even if they do. A what I would call -- brain dead voters either don't care or don't know. So when he appointed them a year ago said they can investigate anybody including him. And now they say no they can't investigate him. Because he appointed them Soviet conflict of interest and that's wrong that's why for instance you have boards of directors. At companies they oversee the operation aren't. But but they have to be pretty independent thinking they have that -- what's best for. The company even if it means getting rid of the president of a company they have to do they have the bill. But would this if you appoint the board to seek out corruption and they start sniffing around you know and you dissolve them what does that look like. I mean tell me because if as they're getting as their homing in on issues. Wouldn't you love to have that if you're the guy that appointed them shows that your commission is doing the right thing. That they're digging up the corruption and you'll be able to run for president with a clean slate saying. Not only did I do this -- New York safe regarding gun writes. I did this and I appointed a commission and they rooted out corruption wouldn't that be great on your -- viewers if you're gonna run for president of course it would. So instead of encouraging them to keep going keep -- we want to root out corruption he says stop. Not only am I selling unit did not do that I'm going to dissolve deal. I mean come law. How apparent is this. I don't know what it's gonna lead to but I'm anxious to find out. 80309301806. On 6926. 930. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB EN call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star Nigeria -- our toll free line is 1806169236. And I know our state and that's a measure of male and so investigate anyone including myself. Hello I'm the spokesperson for the governor know they can investigate the governor of the conflict of interest. To have things go together that's exactly what happened. A year ago Andy Cuomo said they can go they -- -- -- orbiter wanna look and see what video vacancy. Because we want to root out corruption of -- when he didn't do was put the asterisk in there except for. Because apparently there were exceptions that he didn't he didn't tell us about a year ago and they are except for me. Except from my friends except for my associates now we don't know. What the -- commission was getting close to or was investigating we have no idea but it had to be important enough to. Obviously publicly dissolve them. I mean what did it have to have been because if it was something minor you can always wiggle your way out of it talk your way out of it but. If you don't think you can I guess dissolve them and hope it goes away. And I'd like to know -- at the press conference today with the governors in the south campus. Your your question of the governor and what alternatives we have the big alternative of course is the vote for somebody else. And that's coming up -- may be rob -- in a little gain your vote may be long but at least it could be somebody besides Cuomo how much will this hurt him. I think if it can't help them I don't think you can album but -- and such of upside down world know who knows. Let's go to who was Steve on a cell phones behavior on WB him. I'm sending the my question to the governor would be how do you intend to keep intelligent people like me. From moving to Texas for job no income tax no I told no bottle deposit no limit -- and a better Clement lifestyle. I wish you were asking and that's a great question. I don't know how we would answer that because you brought up good substantial points meaningful points and I would love to see -- space when he asked that question Steve. I don't know what -- -- that -- that's a good question. See that's the kind of question I like to see. Because what happens is the press often times. -- softball. At the person them that the press -- holding a press conference and what they do then is they killed time. President Obama if you could ask -- what time laws he was spent twenty minutes telling you history of the watch. And time and and songs with time in the title but time is on my side and I mean just killing time that's always going. It's like a campaign mode speech. That's the difference -- press conference is supposed to be to get information to disseminate information. That kind of thing but they use that. And they stretch it out to kill time so the question that was just presented it was a while I was -- question. It's got to nail let's go to dead and block port. -- on WB again. I. RK -- A better way after questions -- dares talk show host. Who would date. Promote -- for replacement for him if -- to name may end up having to do was. Well would be the lieutenant governor until until the next election. -- my -- -- who didn't have the worst enemy in the democratic primary. Oh OK but not. Everybody was so well -- -- be that -- couldn't -- that now now. Maybe we tried it out that the they're gonna take them now. And you know what goes where it -- -- narrow it down it goes. Arrogance. Doesn't that because if you behavior arrogant enough to know that there's something there could be harmful to you. Yeah -- you appoint a commission just before a year before via election. And then you have to take the commission -- that took a lot of arrogance to believe that they couldn't have found anything in the allotted time and gives you extra points -- you're right on the -- Yeah I've been I've been ground have been wondering what shall we gonna come up. -- -- -- give him feel bad case are. Well it's so yeah let's hope there's is that thank you read tiger reminds. I got how are you would you have to be -- no cause obviously if the commission found out something. They probably found out something that Cuomo already knew. And if you already knew it would you have these big the gall to appoint a commission to investigate something that if they found that could be harmful -- It shows me you know gets in trouble the people who are smartest in the Rome ego the other people think of the smartest in the room those -- -- a given the trouble. But of course a lot of them. Use their power for good and so we we have to make sure. That we let him do that -- be -- back. Just kidding of course of the combat. A week after or care to make a total and follow the same rules everybody else follows Chris are we have FaceBook entries go to -- alone please. This is from like these that I would hammer him for answers on the -- commission Kweisi obstructing. What does he have to hide and why does he keep avoiding the issue that's a good point I mean if you talk to anybody in authority. In any kind of authority. Whether it's a judge. Whether it's a policeman whether it's a public of a you know politician. The one thing they they try to avoid at all costs is not only impropriety. Which is obvious. But the image of impropriety. For somebody looking at something saying it doesn't look right even if it's not illegal all right. Well it it would have to have been something substantial for the governor to shut down on the commission. Because he'd do the questions would come up didn't you just come that you just commission the commission and like a year ago. It just say they don't look at anything it and say except. And now a spokesperson you'll notice it wasn't even Cuomo. A spokesperson. Said that it would be a conflict of interest. They -- commission I cannot quote cannot investigate the executive though big Cuomo. And that doing so would be quote a pure conflict of interest close. I would like to know why it would be a conflict of interest. Obviously if they found something detrimental to the guy they appoint them. And that's not a conflict of interest it would only be a conflict of interest if if they didn't report if if you said well this commission. Is not an empowered did to report that an air and so it would be a conflict of interest because they wouldn't say they wouldn't do it. We want somebody that -- and well they are ready to say and do it or at least proceed along that road and then they got shut down and there's only reason. There's only one reason they are shut down is because it would've been helpful to a governor. Because if it was though about anything else it would probably would have gone on and he would have taken credit for say I told you we're gonna root out corruption. But when -- the year ago. It's a same thing is the same thing I'm Gary Hart remember Gary Hart was running for president. Good looking guy had a reputation. Of being a woman's man and he said at a press. Go ahead investigate me. And they did. And they cut the monkey shines bowl which is what he owned ended what was -- Donna Rice was rename I think it was. Was and so as the president I do that and it was notarized so they cut him what his girlfriend -- -- -- called monkey business. And he was out of the race. But he had the gall to say and a and the balls assay investigate me follow me around and -- -- Well if Cuomo has enough against the believe that he can appoint a commission but they're not gonna find out what he doesn't want to find out tell you something. So I think there's only one reason that it is because it was -- going to be good for him. The only thing that surprises me as it came up this this much ahead well there's actually time to investigate this the kind of story usually comes out the day after he wins. But this time New York Times front page there it is look at certain and a make a drama. They don't trailed Montreal 1806009. Tumors that start I'm thirty three questions. Your press conference question we've had some good ones of that. One alternatives. Watt alternatives. Do we besides not voting for him which is the big alternative. And how much will this -- We'll be back after this it is a beach in company of sandy beach and I of the editorial on the buffalo on those same old same old talking about Andrew Cuomo. Of these sub had shameful meddling by Cuomo's office short circuited corruption investigation. It's hard out of a good point off fear. He said he imagined how Christy you'll feel if this suddenly becomes a race remember -- last week said he would not. A campaign for us to Reno because he want him in the summer -- win. At that time it was a 37 point lead for formal. And my point was that anything can happen in the campaign and -- one primal scream away from irrelevance. And that primal scream may be what we heard. When the -- commission was disbanded after only a year because it looked like they were getting too close to Cuomo and his aides associates and and friends. And so back could be that are near primal scream imagine how Krista you'll feel if this becomes a very competitive race. And he and I and you all know that he could've helped in New York but didn't want to. That's certainly would not help his presidential aspirations at all either so there you got that there you have it. We like your opinion as to what you'd asked the government today that press conference was balls started eleven we are covering it sometimes they're late usually rarely. Europe and Europe press conference question and what alternatives. Do we have any alternatives. Burn regarding -- Cuomo and how much will this hurt him. Let's go to -- John in Hamburg John there on WB in. The job. The -- about taking my call on. My question is regarding our. Well it starts with a local politicians Steve pigeon. I know he has been investigated and best of my knowledge -- being investigated by a few things. Also all speed has contributed 100000 dollars out of his own pocket critical role. Campaign. According to the Buffalo News. So my question would be to ask mr. Cold War how would he would define usual relationship which Steve did you. Well good question especially since the of his very prominent in politics around here -- his name comes up a lot good question there -- -- -- as severely as assay. Let's go to Georgian gas board George on WB in. I have to agree to a sure. -- -- Remote errors this scam -- legal. Sure it or any questions regarding. The investigation. But I would talk with the outcome. You feel now. About going to read a lot of our. -- -- -- -- -- I would I would love to -- or -- necessary to about that because he was kind of cavalier and throwing a as straight onto the bus like. You know he didn't have any chance of all local almost not impenetrable alarming had a big lead but who knows what this investigation by the US -- gonna bring up. I would -- quite that if they actually cultural and I really don't see. I really don't see the federal attorney general. Joining -- through -- Obama are. Yeah RB US a US attorney three about our run. For the southern district. If he indicted if there was an indictment coming out of this thing I think it couldn't as earlier guests on the radio new -- as of this morning. Then it would be very very serious if if it doesn't go if it doesn't get to that level. I think that even though we may not like at we may find it distasteful. Whatever unethical I don't think it would it would be a poison pill thank you. -- -- what would agree we don't know because we don't know what they were investigating but think about it like this. Cuomo had to have to come to the decision. That they and he would have to know. How close they award anything that could be potentially either damaging certainly fatal to his campaign. Especially since we know is running for two things. He's running for this office and he wants to win big in this office and if that happened who knows what happens when Hillary should make bumper ahead on an airplane or something and decide not to run. Then he would be one of the candidates that might run for president I mean it's possible. It's not out of the realm of possibility. So he has to be confident enough to know. That this is is going to hit the fan before the election the elections like two months away. So they had to be pretty close to something and he'll wind of it and shut him down. However their records. Are now in the hands of the US attorney. US attorney is just that US. Federal OK where is hopefully no allegiance. Two. To the governor. Just as if -- -- say we had a problem and here we don't but say we did the RUS attorney investigating them the mayor horror rogue. Or the and Erie county executive for instance. They are independent bodies independent groups so they the you do have a certain freedom there which is which is good but he would have that thing. They're gonna get through this before the election and this could hurt me maybe not calm but her. And so that's why dissolved that there is no other reason to dissolve and is there. Except that it tie him to something that he doesn't want tied to it might be good friends and family kind of deal we've seen many times. I doubt very much of -- hooker lights via his predecessor. Didn't seem like the style via. So I don't know what it is but. He doesn't arsenal artist Chris another entry pleas from the FaceBook. This is from Paul he says -- ask why you didn't sign the casino bill until the anti corruption clauses were removed and why didn't the casino bill legalized gambling state wide. All right well we got some good questions people are asking good questions it'll be just thing to see for instance he's here. And he's doing his press conference that might be going on now it was supposed to start at an hour ago at 10 o'clock. The C which reporters asked which questions. Are they local reporters are they statewide reporters it would follow him around anyway are they are they national reporters. The interest and see if they can smell chum in the water in arms are -- about I would say that if you see any national reporters here asking questions. That there is more -- more fire then that we expect if the nationals are not here yet. I think -- can use that almost is a gauge that that he is not hot enough via. I expect there certainly will be local and maybe stay why reporters but will say. If there are familiar faces standing there pressing questions. You know these on the -- will be back tomorrow we're region governor give us call it -- Montreal wanted to under 61692 of the six are -- and there.

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