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7-28 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh yeah. Region -- upsetting me agent and make sure all is totally different than any show I've ever done before and I'll tell you why over the weekend I had an epiphany I really did. Voice came demands that sandy. You talked to a lot of people on an everyday basis you'll must if you lose your power -- god. And so I'm I'm -- I've changed I'm -- no fly -- you're going to enjoy this item being. Why I had the epiphany. I think I might know why Tom said that and the best on Sunday night that. He was going to use his power. For good. And I'm thinking you know personal kind of -- yet because whatever power as I must have disembarked and and how about Daniel -- -- my -- Have I've been casually using it have I've been using it for -- Have I've been using it for evil and thinking of I have to chose it was more fun I mean it really is like about you get the better food. -- hopeful order food that's good -- somebody on vacation and sent me a picture of it was so excited. Of -- of -- breakfasts. Are scrambled. Tofu. I'm not because you can make that -- that's obviously good. Not not me -- -- -- I want bacon. Give me -- and I give me cinnamon toes give me a juice I gotta have gotta have that so if you're gonna choose between a naval. Though is definitely a better choice for eagle on effect I agree. -- friends. And friends that's nice you know you're in -- Sharon nice person and evil friend -- works comforting so so far in France where wanna be on the side of evil stand the dark sides and yes I well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good emotional wearing something resembles like Spiderman. Superman yeah all ranger Ellis apartment. That's that now here's the deal this -- I left the studio last time on Wednesday. It was Wednesday because I had. A remote that Thursday at north counselor. And -- mercy flight on Friday so when I'm leaving Wednesday and the elevator was not working here -- But I'm saying to myself a lot. I'm going to be -- wins it was a Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday by the time monthly payrolls around. Elevator -- be fine -- certainly good as what. It isn't is broken not a robbers stayed broken out -- now -- Had to come up these stairs and I know it's not climbing the statue of liberty or anything like out of Washington monument. I'm coming up these there's just trying to survive. And kiss our sister station is doing a promotional event. Where the stairs. Which I have to take our lying with twelve year old girls who brought in posters okay. They probably bound up the stairs in my two -- there up the stairs right I'm just trying to get up there. Without dying that was my network you know if I can make it -- -- coronary that's going to be really really good and here. People are when -- elevator wasn't working and I went up the stairs I could do best soon. Women's girls lined up from the top of the bottom they can't do that he got to kind of just hope you get oxygen to get to the top in my heart Cummings went just kept it going blue dome bloom bottom. But I made it you know why committed. Because I stand for good. That's the reason if bites everybody I would've made it out of I have been halfway up the staircase and twelve year old girls would have been calling 911 on their little Barbie cellphones. That's what would happen. But I'm here. And fitness and I don't know the elevator going down the big building in the elevator. Without the elevators easier as you guessed. So I made it up this there is gasping for air. But it's gonna -- me midst a minute for our you know that's that standard it's the end of the show shows over. I was dying going up the stairs on Saturday. While fighting an idea like Canadians had decided to clean my front Carter's like capital the latter out. There's not go for my knees so I came it's Saturday morning all this is impossible and the sign was still there on the on the elevator. Yup and I go an extra flights and so it's not easy. -- when I on Wednesday when I left -- push the button and it says. It's at one and then be. And then one and NB CE I've figuring out unless they've arranged this chronologically. The elevator and -- And you don't wanna be stuck in the elevator -- less Jemison. -- -- worthwhile then they can take their time fixing elevator but we're -- -- -- I'd get -- or something you know. I'd be stuck in the elevator with -- can you think of anything worse than that I know I can you maybe nick. Maybe -- might be worse but I'm just saying if I am stuck. I'm back I voted we grow our most likely go -- to be stuck in the elevator where yet that hit -- -- good. Now meanwhile what are they thinking a Johnny rockets. I mean really why are they thinking. Aretha Franklin was in town for concert of free stuff -- are. Not only is she fabulous but she has roots in buffalo. Well she was in Ontario. Johnny rockets. And -- ID IDA snotty -- little punk kid told her she couldn't sit where she was sitting because she ordered ago. And does she says that according to this press release he said via -- server was very rude unprofessional and nasty. Now first of all it shouldn't matter whether you were -- the Franklin not. But. And I mean give me a break even in Canada must have heard of Aretha Franklin you know I I tell you this but he hasn't had a hit a long time and -- let her sit there. But anyway so a -- that was cool about it. It was Aretha Franklin. And not know Aretha Franklin is show some respect exactly RE SPE CT she's a broken and that. Just like in The Blues Brothers. -- man was on or about Brothers she should've broken right into our ESP EC would have been its. -- -- -- But anyway show respect for -- -- You know I'm diabetic and when you're diabetic you have regular access on ars oh on a regular regiment it's time. And that's fine. And as you know. Go to class to get my bluntness. And I have lower. Fifteen years maybe I'm I'm I'm trying to put a timeframe on it. And they are very good I everytime I come back from having my blood on a quest. I tell you how good the air as they really are you never feel the -- going and there always blow on the gets in and no problem they get the stuff down your doctors so I'd love quests. -- Tyson yesterday I expand and how war trying to schedule an appointment. Online okay. I would put everything in there and then I'd I'd put -- -- one lies that's submit. Reject with the lines are kind of like -- -- lines room. And when you press one the other one comes on through so every time I push submit it would rejected and go blind market. After about twenty minutes -- that I gave up. I decide a -- -- on the phone. Like all of on the phone doesn't accept and the thing I've put eight. Dates and there in which none of them were acceptable either either the entire world is getting -- blood -- that or they just don't accept anything more than a day or two at a time. So okay. I'd -- waste and an hour in my life here I have a friend of mine does it do me a favor go to -- women's open 6 AM. And and get me an appointment just walk in and get an appointment as as he is the list of dates I can goal. There's seven of them there OK -- -- to get in this week Wendell. On any day -- any time on -- seven days. And she'd set it's set up an appointment -- as we take appointments. Of course you take appointments no no we don't take appointments you do take appointments you have a web site. To set up an appointment she said no we don't take them and we never have time. And you're not have a web site you have a mine that you're supposed to be able to call and gas. You see that signing -- this and she when you get you sign and put the -- out it's as do you have an appointment. So in order for them to ask do you have an appointment. I'm guessing even though I stand for good I am beginning to lose whatever -- you what does that because it's as governor and that somebody must have -- -- what ever other day so now I don't have an appointment. And they said they don't take appointments but website they -- Celtic appointments. On the phone they take appointments. And if -- look down on machine when he got their big it appointments which he said no appointments this was like this Nazi except for blood is the blood Nazi. -- -- -- -- And my front left shaken not stirred so that's that. So what is not my isn't working the twelve year old girls -- mean nearly end of my life with. I'm Melissa sure -- -- and that's how we -- the torch now. We don't take appointments other than Matt I'm feeling because I'd have to govern -- hide Stan Ford hood. Boy -- Tony leaves a lot more exciting life and I do mean I got an email. From a friend on vacation showed me a picture of scrambled tofu for breakfast you gotta you -- trash email from Canada company's stock and. -- yet the they just issued new toe loops in Niagara Falls garbage and largely notes okay and Kenny has posted one on the -- community form web page at FaceBook and there's a brand new one that's already been chewed through it's got this section. Taken out of the corner of the trashed well. Insurer electronic ease -- eavesdropping devices and and place them there because I'm bank and the animals as pretty thick plastic communal as the bearers. In the neighborhood. I know ours are pretty you know pretty secure so you we have cheaper to -- there they must meet with these have tracking devices these tell. That'll be good -- -- yes but the mayor and one Romeo Aureus. That's -- -- -- -- -- technically he jokes that notes now in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Person called complaining that the music was too loud. The problem was the music was musical theater in a neighboring. And it was -- there -- flowing out the window. The cop that replied said I'm not going to give a ticket to Schourek. Because Shrek the musical was still -- A couple walking on a stage can keep it down the neighbors are blaming but that's it and you would think if you live close enough to hear this. This is probably not the first time you heard music. Or some kind of noise coming from -- to get over it so picky picky picky as. Now this are you got to applaud because once they get the full measure this his name is Kyle -- and -- he's twelve. He's going back to school next month as a matter fact. The college. Two college she's going to mirror cost college. In Oceanside California. He is the youngest full time student in the history of -- cost the county college. When he and rolls next month about that good for at least twelve when I was twelve I didn't even walk by a college level on -- -- -- -- -- that's program. I meanwhile a couple of things that our our news worthy. The in DC you know DC until a court rulings are coming down had a strictest. Gun regulations. DC and Chicago Chicago is the last state to finally give in -- this is not a DC. A federal judge declared that the city's prohibition against carrying a pistol in public. Is unconstitutional. And ordered that'd the enforcement be halted. So big Kerry is legal apparently now and in DC as the federal judge rules. Meanwhile this is. You know people don't understand my position on habitat for humanity because they -- it is a good thing. And I'm just not a fan of remember -- even members of our own staff -- I don't know it's a great thing. It's not that great thing ultimately -- here's another example of something that happened here and now it's happened in Dubuque Iowa. Habitat for humanity has received a donation to offset a theft. Of 3800. Dollars and power tools the telegraph herald reported that the Dubuque farm supply business. Donated tools to a group to replace those recently stolen. So I hear they're building a house for people who need a house. And obviously some people came and stole all the tools wedge which remember that happened here. So if you wonder -- I'm not a fan that's nothing to do with them is to do with the mindset. Of helping people that not only don't wanna help themselves. -- basically will steal from you while you're trying to help them revel in the storm trucks were here. There was stealing GPS units they're shooting at -- adamant one time so. And that's maybe why am not all warm and -- In -- saying sandy. Take that position -- obviously we know you're going to usual powerful would. I say yeah. Yes I still am going to use my our -- And the truth is that for at least give me some vacation. Will take a break will be back -- more with the agent company under his -- and I'm thirty WB yeah. You can pay for yesterday's news in -- or get today's news Brady just use WB At as a major governing -- sandy beach. Anybody out there does weather forecasting for a living I'm telling you called Tony and he'll tell you when it's going to rain for shore. And that will be the exact hour that his son's birthday party outdoors is scheduled. It'll rain for sure and you'll be driven inside right Tony another another birth and other rainstorm. Yeah exactly that's how it works we scared -- -- and I was broke from party and you can almost guarantee it's going to rain he's only had one nice day for a partner -- he seven yeah he -- he's had six bad days. And ethnic and who -- what good that I'm laughing because it's fun it's fun to get it get all the food inside me kids got to get inside whatever. And then the sun came out was bring all of back outside. Yeah it's great time he put -- so much work to get this thing ready and you know everything that goes with that. They start out nice and then lo and behold there comes -- drop city every dumb that you have a good Burton he did he have a lot of fun getaway car. I know not a car not officially -- Mine get whether that will will will -- you know I would call armoire and Drexel -- cars appropriate for seven. So a lot of things are happening over the weekend including some some on and off whether I heard -- this morning's they were approaching four inches of rain. Yikes that's a lottery. I don't I he rain in parts of my house but -- the bedroom is one that the you can hear Hillary and and so I was not even aware until I turn on a five. How much rain we had accumulated over overnight the forecast is don't know yesterday was supposed to rain all day in it didn't you know before there's sometimes there -- a little bit of I'm meanwhile. You're getting an up Johnny man's out guys where I am so sick of him or how sick of -- when it came out of college -- policy and -- upon. When an aggressive too much I have already. I don't understand the fascination yet I know he's done some stupid things but to cover him. To such an extent it seems like zero win on a guy as. Necessarily a guy that has some problems it's just a guy we pick a guy like Tim Tebow the diamonds -- exactly and devote. Everything's of that individual so the point where everybody. You know maybe that's not a fan of those two just can't stand him anymore about it. Yeah they overdo it and it sometimes is not the person's fault. If you know they don't -- with a man zealot might be because he loves publicity about a lot of them. They just generate publicity you know all like Alec Baldwin. It's obviously Alec Baldwin hates the stuff there goes not. But they follow all the time anyway they're volleys are popping lights in his face and stuff like that it's easy Pickens. Meanwhile that's a story a little bit of an update on the superintendent on there and Hamburg. After I read the account over the weekend in the month alone goes. Obviously he was he was that it he was at a bar okay. That's good for. Subordinate. And and then he went to it administrators house probably to figure out you know -- -- plans for magic yeah. He's Z stayed there five hours five hours. Because he was too drunk to drive so so far this looks like a real. -- enhancer for your resume so he was staying or five hours. Who is to sober up and that apparently when he when he went to -- via a pool our -- or some thing. So I'm thinking we you know I can take a negative make it into a positive it it makes a good math problem for kids at school. If they have. If the superintendent. Was too drunk to drive. And he walked a total of and you'd feel that in X amount of of of the feet. -- to go to our house and he weighed X amount of pounds and he was there for five hours. Where did you have five times how many how many minutes in an hour. When would he be sober enough to not drive his car into maturity. So see this can be an educational learning. Opportunity. Accusing Edwards I think you have an associate five drinks remark yeah so I I'm thinking that you know to make it -- maybe a little prize involved like. The guy who gets the next job -- superintendent. Five hours -- he was -- ministers. Probable William points rebels fear that your innocent innocent absolutely want to thank -- I don't know I don't -- never been approach I would as mine is need for evil exactly but not me. Oh you're good I I'm using my powers for you do it's not like Kramer on its. As in Kramer -- it yeah. Jerry Jerry I'm using my powerful. This speech. Justice in the American -- -- Superman got a mixed. Lone Rangers -- news is mask for all OK okay try that at three. I'll call time to put on this baskets -- good. It's remind good. It's no good. -- who's in town today and doughnut hole -- known mafia former president of China. This is actually the governor who is in a town today. Seasons now -- long -- rob answering all the man wants to be the next governor they're both in town they're in different places today. But rim term. Was -- or -- ago worm. I went after Chris Christie governor of New Jersey and presumed presidential candidate. Cool and campaign for -- Reno because. He said he doesn't campaign for people it can't win at that point I thought he threw -- Reno under the bus. I thought it was a Oprah pretty literally delivered to be honest review. For him to say that even the thought that he -- come up with some other reason you know it's too busy he's going to be out of town. He's visiting administrators home are there ahead of -- some thing. As a good reason not to campaign besides the fact he can't win. He's a fellow Republican and you're trying to you're trying to get people in office they wouldn't get government the way you see it. And one of the things that I mentioned is that you go at that time Cuomo. At a 37 point. And I think that's the last survey we've seen. -- last week. 37 points so I said you know here's the deal. Anything can happen in a campaign anything. And all it takes is one -- you know primal scream as dean about that one okay and your campaigns over. You're one primal scream away from not winning even though you may be way ahead. Having said that. I've heard -- primal scream and it is the fact that the Moreland commission has been dissolved. And now the New York Times wrote a big big big parties saying that one of the things that happened a big a big thing that happened is. As the the governor was here last year. And he announced at -- at the School of Law. That he was putting -- Moreland commission together. And they would investigate. Dirty details bad things sordid doings in Albany. They would get to the bottom of the corruption was that was over this was a new day in the State of New York. Even though you heard people say it's dripping with corruption. So he said he was going through form this commission now at that point. Lots of people who are very ill informed would you say OK that locks and a man this guy is against corruption. And he says that and he's going to rooted out wherever it is. And will tell you that isn't quite what happened when we come back on news radio and I'm thirty WB yet. So as you're caught up a week or so ago when governor Chris Christie said he wouldn't campaign rob -- you know. Because he doesn't campaign for Google can't win. I thought he threw him under the bus I also thought he was shortsighted. Because. It was a 37 point lead which is you know a big big lead obviously we understand that but anything can happen during a campaign you never know. As I said we -- one primal scream away from you know he's just being out of -- does giving it up. And maybe. Part of that empire primal scream may have been heard would be. Dissolution. Of the Moreland commission a year ago when the governor came to town and he's in town today these claws -- press conference it's seven minutes. At the south campus that would be the one on main street. And -- while he's here at the -- gold a year ago he announced with great fanfare. That he was putting get a commission together. And they would investigate. Corruption and things happening and that's what he stood for this is a new day for New York. Well it turned out the new -- in last that long because the commission that he appointed started took there it took their oath seriously. And decided to relate goal where the information led them in apparently they were getting too close to the governor here he applauded them. And they were getting close to him or his friends are here is. Fellow workers and what any true. He -- them. So for you for you thought early on that while he's appointing a commission to get rid of corruption. That makes him claim because who would do that if you were the sponsor of corruption. The answer is maybe it could be maybe you'd never know could be handled well. And so what's happening now is even though the commission has been design of the US attorney down there is taking this seriously. He. Subpoenaed all of the or ask for the subpoena but he got him anyway. All the files and he is looking into it and he's going to be an independent voice so my questions are before getting into and and this is a sure fire. Would you believe I -- holy picture of it as a victim may keep her from my scrapbook. The buffalo knows what they flow editorial. Things same old same old decrying the effect of what Cuomo now. Can't believe this would happen now maybe when Cuomo appointed the commission he figured. You know there's enough Republican corruption I'm appointing this. This committee either gonna go up with really good stuff and it's gonna make you make me look even better on -- president. Little did he know that they they found stuff that maybe that. -- I've found stuff that maybe it was out of what he thought they would fine. But they found it and were investigating it and he dissolve them I mean that would give me an idea. So so if you were paying just minor attention you'd think he stood up for. A better government cleaner government when in reality what you find out is he's in favor of that as long as it only applies to the other party. If it -- that his party is now we don't filming now. And -- so we have we have some questions. If you are at the press conference that starts in five minutes if he's on time. What question would you ask Andy Cuomo governor Andrew Cuomo -- what question which US. He calls on you you stand up. And US -- question. What alternatives. Do we have. Now the big alternative we have to him doing this. Is still vote for somebody else as to Reno would probably be alive logical candidate. But how many of you who planned to vote for Cuomo have change your plans because of this audiences that don't know. If you're a vote form already this kind of reinforces your decision. Not to love not to vote for about a few honorable form what -- though. And if if that alternative was gone. What other alternatives we have. I'm really not sure the the biggest thing hanging over his head would be something that would -- him now and it's definitely -- him. If he had any presidential aspirations. As -- one alternatives that we have how much will this hurt him. I think it might hurt him somber and depends on how far this goes. Whether indeed it's another Watergate I don't know if you think about it president resigned over Watergate Nixon stepped down over Watergate. We've had things since Watergate. There -- Watergate seem like small change. Invasions of privacy. The things that and are Kosher. IRS can go all kinds of things. That reality on the face of it are worse than Watergate. But nobody stepped down in this president's. This president wouldn't have gone over any of those. For shore so buddy of Watergate got a president to step down what does it take to get a governance that apparently a couple of hawkers. I don't think Andrew Cuomo's been with a hooker because their attitude would be not even if you paid me. Which is what they do I don't remember a totally out and not a but yeah out so we would have to wonder what would make him step down and if if the obvious answer of -- as an applicable one else maybe something like this maybe something by the Moreland commission. And it depends of the fans get involved to keep in mind. This -- day was by the New York Times. This was not a newspaper you would think would be anti Cuomo or out to get him. If the times publishes that that carries a lot of weight whether we like it or not. Most of -- time we don't but occasionally we don't. See gotta wonder will this be enough to get him to step down I don't think so. Deal Tony believe -- -- alternatives that we have besides not voting for him. Take that I mean that's a big alternative but if you're not gonna use that. I don't know other alternatives we have maybe a federal probe. Now there are no alternatives is really nothing. On this -- happened basically is long -- New York City and Long Island love Andy Cuomo Indy Cuomo's and. He got and that that's the point and it lasts we find out what made him. -- closed down Moreland commissioned some specifics. They say okay this is what they were investigating and where the feds are picking it up there with the US attorney down there. And we're going to see exactly what they're looking at and then they find something you know a real poison pill. And that might do it but even soul I'm thinking of it would have to be pretty pretty big. I think the worst that'll happen to him I hope I'm wrong is. He'll cut down on his margin of victory let's hope he's wrong so he has no margin of victory but we we can't count -- at 37 points. And a brain dead voters. As a bad combination of trying to overcome. So basic questions and we'll take your calls -- yet so on the other side of the newscast governor Andrew Cuomo -- A your press questions for him -- press conference starts in less than a minute. And we're covering -- by the way we will have audio for you and what alternatives we have besides not voting for him and how much will this hurt him. And if you are Cuomo fan and you portable form is still gonna vote for -- gonna say well maybe -- ever give this some consideration. Don't trailed Montreal 1806 on six -- of the six are -- --

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