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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Moreland Fall-Out - Dr Bruce Bryski

Moreland Fall-Out - Dr Bruce Bryski

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor Bruce Bruschi professor of communications at SUNY buffalo state college. He's our next live line guest we're gonna talk more about Governor Cuomo in the Moreland commissioned. Morning -- got -- good morning is so far Governor Cuomo has been mostly silent about one of the -- commission was this medal is he doing the right thing British. Well not anymore I'm lining bar he remains how he's gonna have to say something today -- PR perspective that he's says nothing it's gonna look like he's. Trying to whitewash this entire thing so with all the press and all the reporters there idol the first question. Deals with this scandal because he now have to address and he has no choice whatsoever on. Bruce could this be a turning point in the campaign. It might be -- a couple of I hesitate when I hear of all political scandal. And then the next thing you hear is Watergate. I think people tend to jump the gun. However. You know this is done this comment in the really in the what I consider the beginning of late summer early fall when this gubernatorial. Are racist and it starts to heat up. So which is really great timing for anybody who's running against the governor right now and you know there's nothing like. A good scandal that you up a political -- Well with that said Bruce. Shouldn't the governor and his advisors of seeing this coming. You know John I think they're sitting back and going overall their strategies over the last well what we now really -- heard anything from him. Are you hearing things like he's been hiding he's not saying anything all that and today is stripped the -- -- and Western New York so. I think what they're really trying to do is to map out a strategy that's gonna beat damage control nothing else. Bruce US attorney preached -- Horrow is handling -- does he have the independence. To investigate this. You get these 100000 dollar question -- in what I'd -- I'd been wondering who's gonna handle it who's gonna take care of that and how independent. Is this commission going to be. I think that it needs to be addressed the needs to be looked at I just wonder how much. -- and how much power any investigating body's gonna have. Well the when the governor dismantled the Moreland a commission which was investigating Albany corruption. The governor made a deal a state lawmakers back and about the new budget that took effect back in April now. While many Republicans are questioning in the governor's motives there have to be Republicans who went along with this is not right. But I would imagine coach John -- political expediency if nothing else. However this is the new ballgame today. We have -- -- the media I'm running against the governor right now especially mr. Esther -- health. This is the one thing I've been looking for one thing I've been hoping for. And this could really energize his campaign. It's got to help with fundraising for -- in all right no doubt about it. How much is gonna come out before the election is the other key point I mean I'm sure Cuomo -- gonna try to to stifle this is as far as you can. Why I think that's up to good investigative journalist or reporters I mean how much are they going to be able to one covering here before things really they had. I I think the governor is gonna go a long way in dictating where this story go will it just -- -- debt. I'll -- pick up some -- speed hard to say whatever he does that -- is going to be crucial either way. -- your remarks are always interest and thank you. -- doctor Bruce -- professor of communications at SUNY buffalo state college.

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