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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Cuomo Caught In Moreland Mess? - David DiPietro

Cuomo Caught In Moreland Mess? - David DiPietro

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cuomo in the cross -- The governor's visit to buffalo today is the first public appearance for the governor since the New York Times report last Tuesday accusing him of interfering with the -- commission. New York State assemblyman -- DPH was with us on the WB and -- Dave good morning. Good morning. -- feel kind with capital New York with some -- us this morning he said that this is rapidly becoming a campaign issue. What does Cuomo need to say and what do you think he'll say when he's in buffalo today. Well first lesson in Australia and being necessary. To get out of that -- up most of people of the -- And then you know normal aren't trying to just dismiss it. I don't know what the -- is there are a more virtual unknown and the next seven bitter real critical metric if they if a mortgage note move and more information and it is it more damaging historical period but what happens. He's able to -- himself all of that but I was cute story. Well do you agree with our rob mastery you know David of those compares to Watergate. -- I do can be completely -- and Albany is so rampant. And so widespread. That tripped up the walls -- their. Are you can't walk in there without -- feeling that seemed. Bought the factors that they're able to hide it won't get away with that and -- for so long that there's among setup for. Merchant which is really disturbing that there are there's -- -- -- this and that they're able to do that and there are -- that's mr. What about the governor silenced. At least up until today there's been silence from him since this -- report came out last Tuesday. The other exit strategy that's it virtually not a bad strategy now whether he can become a blow away. The more you respond to a more people are gonna ask questions and more of the burden of trying not practical running his strategy so what there's just let it go. Not prevent burn or does he live -- just that drove itself. Well David sense discussion of this issue has reached this point me what do you suppose is gonna happen next I mean it is. To an extent under investigation do you have any issues with prosecutor -- Behar on in New York City. Well additional knowledge and look what he's going. You from all accounts that I've heard is a very straightforward individual who beat to a so called and he's not going to be intimidated much. Which frankly as a breath of fresh -- there. So what you're doing is great uncle Peter -- are -- preliminary report a couple of months ago to a lot of people's names on it. And article that this thing continues. Does he have the independents. It's not needed for this. Yeah he got -- very independent personal. Dave you know the summit saying that if indictments are handed up this could change things you know. Completely for the for the campaign how important is that you know that there could be handed up if it is going to if that's gonna happen before the election. Well here's the thing after reading them your kind support and no mother a number of older quote but I did it. I would think it is that one lady that I can't account name but one lady -- covering up for a man and not. Under one person out there -- I'm a bit of information and who should move exit overproduced. Good people I think she'll -- football -- and sports is to step is number one guy go get a slap on the wrist and I don't know all that stuff. Anything more than that though there have been a lot more. Information coming out it's just commute if they're -- and need to do some more and information and we'll. David woman governor first established. Boat Moreland commission to investigate Albany corruption. Didn't you say that his office would not be off limits. Well and then this is the government doing it -- open to step. We're -- we -- -- he said that in public but behind the doors. The very first part more than commission on that note sent. -- exempted pretty people consult Sheldon Silver. And well the attorney general snyderman her on the investigation and we all left -- opening. Well number what's left there because we've got -- replace you wanna go first. Political corruption mostly people and when you're exempt yourself sort provoked. Well a couple weeks when we heard there was some of -- we didn't know what that changed but he came on public emotion -- Again you don't assuring the public doesn't mean that's what you do behind closed doors. Well we'll see what -- what if anything he says about it today Dave thanks for the time this morning we appreciate it there -- -- New York State assemblyman Dave DPH room.

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