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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Moreland Fall-Out Fatal? - Jimmy Vielkind

Moreland Fall-Out Fatal? - Jimmy Vielkind

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WBM live line and welcome Jimmy real comment that -- is a political reporter with capital New York dot com -- good morning welcome to the show. According to -- for our listeners and quickly begin who's doing the shall simply as possible. Some of our listeners might need a quick refresher tell us about establishment of the Moreland commission. And the sudden decision by the governor to take it apart. Who would commission was published in July of last year country straight. -- at this stage. Capital involved should you walk sitting lawmakers. And governor. Proposed several reforms. Notably -- to the -- and after the legislatures to terror and currently done nothing. Can -- this war would commission which had the power that was supposed to look at the next this money and politics. And we would hold by the governor and by others what this action was set up that would be independent. That they mostly district attorney who stroke on it would have free -- to look at that -- -- Albany and that they would recommend. It would it have been over the course today you're. Was we saw published reports document in Kuwait Governor Cuomo sort of put it's finger on the skills. Whenever that commission started to look closely at -- his own political operation or so much it allies. In march of this year the commission was the result in exchange for a budget deal. Where injured although agreed to Q are very much between the leaders agreed to give or more additional enforcement. The board of elections. He can't -- the Iranians pilot program that only applies to the race for state comptroller. That put public matching funds available and outrage. As -- some changes to the bribery statute. Now we've heard about some of those interference that happened in the course of the commission but. A New York Times story published about why are we really leave -- there. Which he held between commissioner about our effort clearly document their concerns. So the last reached -- got a lot of political pressure on the governor. -- mentioned -- that you Reno's going to be the queen city and other upstate cities later -- ever the governor. God this is rapidly becoming a campaign issue in for the first -- -- Governor Cuomo has to worry about it. Do you expect that. They Cuomo will say anything while -- in buffalo today. Well if the government takes questions I don't see how he cannot say something they know that this is certainly on the mind of the crash in new York and Albany and I actually would not slow as they prepare our reporters are given the opportunity to point -- the governor what did you Indo. When you go. Whether you believe that his actions were proper -- whether he had any fear of -- ongoing legal consequences. We of course know that creep -- The US attorney in Manhattan has been probing the circumstances of the moral and commission to moderate and he's keeping indeed degree injury to look at certain aspects of the operations. You know the same -- kinds of questions that were asked of President Nixon during Watergate now speaking of Watergate. Rob mastering those comparing those two Watergate could it be that serious people drag before a special prosecutor sent to prison. Well I don't know if we're going to shoot it relates. But I do note that mr. Ferrari is out coached very thorough and pretty -- -- So political experts that we've been talking to say that this will certainly affect global. But it's unlikely critic put it out really damaged him in the context of the upcoming election. Somewhere -- don't have very significant legal purpose -- distressed Reno. As well as a strategic. Democratic primary opponent in -- -- and -- in public polling. What could change that is if there are indictments. If the governor's call to testify before a federal prosecutor. If some of the governor's aides are -- themselves being charged. That really could change this equation it's just a little bit too early to see are they going to count it out quickly it's going to play out. -- go the channel with a new thank you for all the information. -- -- always a pleasure and Jimmy -- kind political reporter with capital New York dot com.

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