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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Wet Overnight Weather - Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

Wet Overnight Weather - Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

Jul 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live -- of the National Weather Service although buffalo -- report on the line meteorologist Jon Hitchcock good morning John long time no talk good morning. Boy you know usually we've been talking -- in the middle of lender but here we are in mid summer. And we've been getting us some torrential downpours are -- on -- these thunderstorms. The last one that hit here that what happened she was like shortly before midnight. It would be generous some very heavy rain just east of buffalo one of the more distant eastern suburbs. Those were the heaviest rain fell overnight from gorilla after all the and Akron. And portions of the eastern Niagara western or leave -- western Genesee County but -- heavy strain been so far but. There's a very large area heavy rain -- -- -- turn of the will be fitted for the southeast across all Western New York during the mid morning -- early to mid afternoon. So while the heavy rain overnight was early body I think -- become more widespread today. How much rain have we received so far John Anne and how much were you expecting. Well radar estimates would indicate to decreases of rain fell on a few small areas over eastern Jiri county overnight. Biker -- -- -- -- a lot of heavy rain so far -- had roughly a third evidence so far. For hobby airport much in Manchuria. But today as we go through this period of heavy rain. We expect additional amounts of one to two -- maybe locally higher -- that. Where do we stand only a flood watch situation right now. There's a flood watch for all Western New York through late afternoon. Under no warning in effect right now but as that period of modern heavy rain could -- the -- We may begin to experience of flooding issue later this morning. What's on the other side of all this -- I'd much cooler captures that -- the big story for this week today with all the rain. And clouds around rolling -- to reach the mid upper sixties for highs so more like late September and in the middle of summer. And tomorrow even with. -- -- on China Rowling make it to the very low seventies and expect the very -- warming trend after that. We hear some of the your weather spotters yesterday's cited a waterspout over the lake. Petraeus goes way down near the Pennsylvania State line offshore replete. There were a -- three waterspout spotted. But can't thanks for your service sir John good to chat with you. Our problem here on meteorologist. Jon Hitchcock and the National Weather Service buffalo report office.

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