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Reporter Ken Lovett, and Gov. Candidate's Teachout & Astorino on Cuomo

Jul 27, 2014|

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And thirty WB here and this is Dave the bell. Coming up we'll have his effort teach out -- Democrat trying to challenge Governor Cuomo and a primary. Coming up we'll have rob -- Reno the Republican challenger who's looking at challenging Governor Cuomo in November both of them this week talking a lot about the Moreland commission so are we. That's the governor's anti corruption commission. That according to a lot of new road I don't wanna -- new. A new reports may -- but not new reports from you get to I mean in the second here. The New York Times on Tuesday came out with a big piece that looked at all the different times. That perhaps governor Cuomo's administration. Tried to steer the Moreland commission. Away from certain areas certain areas that it's alleged actually would result in some sort of investigation of the governor. Ken -- is here from New York Daily News can never before. Business segment started I said it's almost as if the the New York Times took some of your bullets put him in a machine gun and now the public is noticing the damage from all the gunfire. You've reported a lot of this stuff before. Is in fact the governor and his defensive all the says it's not news Ken Lovett had this nothing to see here folks move along move along. Does that mean it's not news it is it does mean that you're -- you're the guy that had a before. Back. And you know it's been out there and September I think what the New York Times did. Well as they did an excellent job and 7000 words nearly. Front page story. Putting -- out there and narrative. And what they were able to do was. They came up we lived by emails and and that particular team out that more or less co operated. What had been previously reported book since September. We have reported a lot of the foundations of that article which was. The following its that the governor's people Larry Schwartz as secretary to the governor and my -- asking the council. -- heavily involved in the actions of the commission and that there were subpoenaed that we're gonna go out and -- these close to the governor including the real estate port of New York. Couldn't some other entity the Democratic Party that he controls the state Democratic Party. That we're not sent out on the orders of the governor's office. In addition another subpoena we had reported actually went out to an ad buying firm that both Cuomo and the Democratic Party used last year. To do ads promoting the governor's agenda. When Cuomo -- heard about that Larry Schwartz the immediately pulled back the subpoenas. You know we've reported that there was a lot of distrust. Among the commission and the staff that the Cuomo put in charge particularly the executive director Regina capital. Who most commission is believed. Was a -- and then no matter what they said it would automatically go back with in real kind to the governor's office so there was no trust there. There was still a lot of dysfunction in the -- and the governor. Trying to control what brought the same time and they actually saying this was going to be an independent panel. I'm I'm glad you got to that because his defense says as outlined in thirteen pages to New York Times is. This isn't independent. This was my commission if it's my commission and I control it. Then I get to say where its focus should be I could have staffers sympathetic to me on that. It doesn't become the independent commission that everyone is so outraged isn't independent. That's his defense. Is that an adequate one from your measure. No I think it shows a certain amount of hypocrisy on the governor's part. You know -- he put this thing together you know you gotta go back to that still I'd have to -- last July. When -- put it together it came after several months after a number of lawmakers were indicted yet again. And the governor has put together an ethics package that he won the legislature to pass. Before the end of the session last year. They basically told them compelled salt. He had threatened that if they didn't capacity would from the moment commission he did at that press conference. He and and particularly the co chair of the commission that he picked out and doesn't count me out. The district attorney William Fitzpatrick and Kathleen rice the national academy BA. They all doubt it was going to be independent. And -- the governor says that they wanna look at the governor's office they wanna look at you know be lieutenant governor the eighteenth they can do it. And down Fitzpatrick said we're gonna follow the money but in the -- they did not follow the money could most of the money goes to the governor. And to what degree was this really just a lever or club to get the legislature to move on ethics reform. Could put it they've ever been a real probe of that's what he just wanted to do anyway. That's about what that was suppose to be the probable that the governor never really committed. To this as an investigative panel. He basically want the user that the -- told to get some kind of ethics reform that he could help going into an election year. In the end the legislature was fighting it in court they were fighting subpoenas that they got that the law firms got that employed them. And the governor did not want to go to war and an election here on March during the budget process at the end of the budget process he basically. Accepted age but most people think you -- small ethics reform packet. Didn't include a lot of this Gupta had been pushing for a and then he'd be -- basically totally pull the plug on the panel. But part of his defense now is also. That no I didn't created to to extort the legislature I wouldn't be allowed to do that. Yeah all over the map on that until because on the one hand he said. You know I I made it very clear that my whole purpose was to get a deal but I in the other hand he said that when it came to campaign finance reform. I can't they do that or you know you're going to be investigated. -- kind of been on both sides of that issue at all what right now a lot of experts don't necessarily see any criminality on the part of the governor has made. You know people -- the US attorney. The hard charging US attorney is looking into it but at the very least it shows how -- Cuomo administration that operated for the past four years. It showed a certain amount of hypocrisy would politically hurt -- more than even if they can and I think. I mean obviously indictment would hurt but but you know what's worse than a politician who promised to clean up Albany who made ethics is number one issue. Going into his election four years ago and now. You know he's he's basically showed that the hypocrite on top of that probably the most devastating thing outside the conference report last week. Was Jon Stewart obliterated them on the on The Daily Show. And that we can laugh about that but the reality is. That that brings the issue out to the general public it becomes more than just the political chattering class and and Cuomo had made it a point when he used to talk about clean up Albany that -- Barrett who -- New York could become became the father of the late night. Late night comedians. In fact in fact can we have a clip of that from Jon Stewart Comedy Central daily show earlier this week. The Daily Show was a barometer of certain things his audience is extremely liberal and he I'm sorry that was not what I am I thought it would be. That was commentary on the way it played out on The Daily Show. He's taking a lot of heat is I guess the point here overall. At the same time once the commission was folded and you mentioned this the US attorney's office. For the southern district of New York -- our our. Collected all the stuff from the -- commission. These heat looking at what the commission found or is he looking at what they might have been shooed away for a. Well led to believe both. He did say he would he would look in any unresolved. -- -- One of the reasons we're seeing you know up in that revolves George and AP come under fire and he's under investigation. That's all part of that but he's also looking at what unfolded and whether there was. Any kind of obstruction of justice in the a government of you know investigations. And so that's what they're looking at a lot of people think it's going to be a hard charge to prove that there was any obstruction and and one key point we should point out and after my original round of stories -- last September. A lot of those subpoenas that not all went out. Felt that you can question whether there was an obstruction anyway because in the end subpoenas went out. And you also reported -- your paper had this week something that was another component of the is it independent or wasn't not independent debate. The investigators. For the Moreland commission from what I understand were deputized by the attorney general in order to give them the extra subpoena power. Is that something that that could then be later used perhaps by the US attorney or at least is governor Cuomo's political foes to say look. This wasn't it a a creature of the governor this wasn't something that he could legitimately control this was also something the AG was. That is the key here at this desk with a quote unquote regular Mollen Commission under the K club the more and act. The governor -- more on commission to look at the executive branch. And he can do whatever he -- pretty much within legal battles of course we backed commission. However the fact that he had the attorney general deputize. All qualified members. Maybe a hybrid -- commission as littered throughout his former assemblyman he's also a lawyer. By making a hybrid. You made it -- -- give it a lot more -- -- law enforcement capabilities. And then it becomes well in the hotel law enforcement body that you've been trying to interfere with -- Which do you think borrowed -- rather will be able to argue here. -- without knowing exactly everything we have but from talking to a lot of legal expert with what we know right now and act beyond next Sunday after the first. So after the indictment drops. But without without knowing what we know right now I think it would be hard to find a criminal target it would -- Hard to say -- again particularly because the indictment did go out. He was seen as an I'm the -- -- could go out you know perhaps they can say well. They tried to block some investigation that we're gonna be referred to the federal government. You would have to promote we know now it would be a hard thing to indict -- But you know people aren't very politically ambitious and very aggressive to get politically but also the very aggressive -- that's quite prosecuted. He's the one that took on. Let like -- previous governor said he would he's the one -- that sort of became the real sheriff of Wall Street. Took out a lot of corruption cases down in the Manhattan area there with big business. Yeah exactly. Exactly he looked funny I was talking to someone who worked with them -- -- -- office he used to be counsel for yes senator Chuck Schumer. And the -- -- never thought of this guy is that Elliott an excruciating prosecuted -- of the nicest guy but he's sort of settled into the romantically didn't that the for the Yucatan both. All right -- coming up in the next hour we have -- both zephyr teach out and rob -- Reno coming up here there the two candidates that are challenging Cuomo. That day this week at a joint news conference following usual was that it. Grueling neutral. Also so -- help but -- they are written. That you don't mind the enemy of my enemy is my enemy. Look they're trying to do whatever damage. They can do to the governor and that was a unique way of getting publicity. For two people had trouble doing that. You know not many people at the polls show no you know no -- that's Leno brought viewers know that strategic out. And they try to get publicity that trying to raise awareness of their campaign certainly this we can help that. The problem is and and the one saving grace for the governor's. Had he's had rather actually you know. Had ten million already in the bank he could have gone up on the air immediately would have been you know all around the state try to take advantage of that. But without that it's going to be hard for him so I think it could hurt the governor in the polls but don't get the governor is up 37 wouldn't. Even if you look ten point which is not going to presumably -- way -- -- -- that he would still be up one except. Yes he -- -- CNN this week on Monday revenue for the New York Times -- 60% for Cuomo 23% pressed Reno. It's that. I I hate to say it's over but do you think it's over. Look yeah. -- will with the US attorney looking into something and you know yeah it would be hard to declared dead but it's certainly even -- the week that the governor had. It's certainly going to be difficult to rob actually know extremely difficult to overcome that kind of deficit because he's got a -- deficit he's got a poll deficit. And brought them together hard the Republican Governors Association. We'll give them money because Chris Christie. Calls lost cause yet. And you know that's I -- look at the weeks started off really badly perhaps doing you know. -- him being dubbed by Christie would the poll last week put the money coming out and showing them so far behind. But he got a boot -- and he and the other Republicans are energized particularly. The attorney general candidate Jon K you know who's to know we have to Schneider meant. Accusing him of doing nothing while all the an appearance was going -- And we're late were way out of time we were at a time about a minute ago thanks for this. That's that's Ken -- from the New York Daily News. WBE. And 9:30 AM as buffalo as wings. -- news radio 930 WVU and good morning this is -- depot. Zephyr teach out is with -- she's running for governor of New York State. She's a Democrat working to challenge Governor Cuomo in a democratic primary coming up. And she was one of those that stood side by side this week with Republican rob best to Reno to talk a lot about Governor Cuomo. And the Moreland commission and the possibility that they squelched certain subpoenas. Against groups that were closed Governor Cuomo. She's with us now for another fifteen minutes or so people like to join us on the way we would love to have you aboard which -- about the -- commission and so much more. 8030930s. Number. His effort teach -- thanks for being here. -- -- -- -- Do you with. By any part of the Cuomo defense in all of this on Tuesday the New York Times put out that big piece that says subpoenas were squelched that there was a lot of bickering over. Whether or not the Mormon mission was independent. He basically said and let me read from the the rebuttal that he gave the New York Times. The question about the commission's independence or lack thereof is not new or novel. It was legislators central Simon from the inception against the commission. And one of the reasons they asked the court to quash the subpoenas because the mission was a pure creature of the executive the governor argues that hey this is my commission. I can't be accused of wrongly controlling it. When I was the one the creative when it operated out of my office when it's something act -- control in the first place. What's wrong with that argument for your point of you. There's so many things wrong with that argument the first is that you know he's getting part of the racquet to the ground the people in new York and that we have a problem of corruption. I'm -- except. He -- that many time -- he. Are said he was gonna clean up Albany is a Corbett campaign but -- particular -- commission set up he said. This is gonna be independent and excitement that it any -- I had a question he. Promised the people that it New York. That he -- opening -- and administration. And didn't elegant investigation. And that and that and reset. -- and well. -- All right appears as if we're having problem with that line. And I'm not sure exactly how soon making its effort to jump back with us. She again is the -- the democratic candidate for governor. She's running against Andrew Cuomo in and their primary -- -- she's trying to and this is an interesting part of the equation too. Not only can we talk more about the -- commission but she this week had a couple of things happen she had Cuomo's office. Challenged her right to run saying that she is not necessarily. A a resident of New York State. The New York State constitution says you have to in order to run for governor. Be a resident of the state for five years before the election. Cuomo's office is looking at some of her driver's license records from other states looking at the time she was appointed to Fordham University. And they -- they're basically trying to Muster the argument there that she shouldn't be allowed to run because of that. Some of repetitions are also being challenged again primary process -- got to get the signatures. And there is a lawsuit out there to try and throw a couple of those signatures off the ballot. All of this comes at a time when she stand side by side. With Republican rob best Reno talking a little bit more about the Moreland commission and all of the efforts they have underway to try and get that going. We're gonna try and connect back up with her I figured by now if they -- you know stretching when he here will continue then the conversation with those effort teach out. I'm not sure what happened there but before we lost you were saying. That there is a lot besides the legal arguments here when it comes to governor Cuomo's defense of the -- -- yeah. Yeah I mean the first that he broke that promise. His commitment. When he did that a new -- and said it'll be independent and can investigate me. Now he's saying what I that wasn't true so that that's a pretty basic violation that's the first problem. But what else do you see with that that you don't like. Well that that -- About how serious accusation. This is evidence that his top aide was protect and Governor Cuomo has closed business associates from anti corruption on. That -- fundamental violation public. As of -- Go ahead. I mean that's saying that -- that the laws and it. Democracy has any principle it's that everybody even the rich and powerful subject to anti corruption law so. If governor Coleman you're directed. -- -- short and doing Matt. He should resign and we don't know yet but that's -- that's the most basic violation of public trust. Ultimately although subpoenas that so whom the governor secretary Larry Schwartz talked about discouraged. They ultimately all got -- how can -- prosecutors say. That he's quash subpoenas and ultimately they went out. Let you know why I am a lot professor and I'm not gonna make a separate judgment on the legality of this understate -- federal law. But you're looking is a moral issue. In a moral issue and the leadership issue and actually you know when you look at governor Cuomo's twelve page response that's had a -- -- like. It has that component. Well I I called the letter of the law. You know I think an open question about whether that's true but didn't question here. That that question here is is it something that would keep serving the people at new Yorker which serving his business associate -- -- Again that's an important question -- leadership. I'm the corruption scholar -- a -- slot where am I right study corruption. And I won't tell you that when the founding fathers wrote the constitution -- said that the big protection against corruption and kind of behavior is elections. So because people have a right to say be stopped serving the public and there's a strong allegation here and then you don't deserve to be a leader. Does does the political nature of all of this the fact that -- student side Republican rob -- Reno. I think you're guaranteed some extra publicity during that you're obviously a challenger that that not a lot of people know about. Does this strategic. Nature of this in context of a campaign. But once you're sort a little bit can't people just dismiss this as though campaign mudslinging politics as usual. I think anybody who knows me knows that I in my life fighting against corruption fighting for a more democratic. State. The more democratic country. I've been working on changing the way campaigns are funded opera over eleven years now. I just heard -- bot called corruption and America and the reelection is to stand with -- actually on the one thing we disagree on just about every. And everything else right mode talking gets rid of this time. It because I think -- every issue. I think that the root problem right now in New York is that we actually have. You know we have a vibrant abundance egalitarian. State. And we haven't government with an overly powerful governor who is not certain interest the people of the state. So I I think of anybody who knows me knows that this is comes from a very deep moral commitment to democracy. I'm concerned about. Certainly the Democratic Party and politics in general getting corrupt. To make sure we're not talking too much about just the Moreland commission I want you to elaborate on that. What do you disagree with rob best Reno most on. Well personal I don't think we can talk much about the moral and commission could -- happy I'll be apoplectic at. You know I think Governor Cuomo want to go way he's been quiet at her over four days now I believe refusing to answer any questions about the -- commission. And I think he's hoping that people just stop asking yeah everybody -- -- actually on Monday yeah you never know he's been changing schedule recently truck. I hope people there it does show up ask him what he knew and when he knew it. But I disagree with after Reno on fracking I support of fracking ban -- going -- it fracking in New York. I disagree with him on the general attitude towards fund -- I think that we should be. -- tax thing that the financial services industry at a much higher level. And I bring a lot more funding into our schools and infrastructure. Those that those that that that the big area. All right let let's try to bring in a couple quick phone calls here 830930s. The numbers effort teach out running for governor in New York State. At least trying to talk about the petition challenges in just a bit but let's bring in stand in Rochester hey you're on the air thanks for joining us this morning. Good morning folks. My own good morning I -- sound like I have a conspiracy theory but. Almost a very shrewd in -- I wouldn't be surprised if hate people hate people. Let this out to the New York Times. Because Americans have a attention span of about 34 gates there's definitely some people are on vacation. Nobody -- you're preaching to acquire. That they would have. They're saying -- that just came in October. I mean there could be some serious damage. And and would run out but. He probably -- actors and it just it just so what do it doesn't come out and do any damage will will put you into the ground right now that's my feeling. All right zephyr I'm guessing you say it -- -- damage regardless of the timing. Well I'd I'd like your point is well taken you know -- acting governor Mike and he can survive -- -- -- -- gonna pay attention. And it's our job to pay attention. But I'll tell you you know I also look at the timing of this gradually to my sense is that you're not a story he ever wanted to come out. I'd say -- interesting. Release on July 3. Before the July 4 of July 4 yeah again and that's. That's when the news that beat Port Authority report that -- spoke to come out in early July 11 and come out until after January. And I that they thought I thought well you know he's probably putting it out July 3 because. Nobody is reading the news on July 3 and I. I think we still another a lot of corruption can turn around a Cuomo administration and another one is why hasn't. I'm governor Andrew quickly taken more believe it. In in investigating. And calling out Chris Christie Kerr challenges of using the power of governor -- -- him. Here's to you echo a little bit of rob best Reno let's take another called John also in Rochester hello. 8888. You know I don't know up. -- -- that they they. Went through the subpoena which are reputed to criminality. Somewhat putter but I maintain. That they also stuck. The gold medal of the investigation. I think that's right you agree that OK let's. The problems with their way to monitor port commission was set up maybe given that we need a little bit they had you know report before they get their investigations. They came out of their pretty powerful report in December and then we're just starting to do investigations really just getting up the ground and it was shut down within a few months. They didn't and it would shut down just as. I'm more willing condition was starting to look into business relationship and the relationship between. Outside incumbent legislators and the relationship between business associate of Governor Cuomo so we. We have not at a public had an opportunity to learn what they would have come up -- Had they had they really been able. It really and truly independently. -- pursue an investigation into a corruption in New York politics. I'm gonna regret this is I still wanna talk a little bit about petitions and the residency issue the let's try at least squeeze another call pat on a cell -- go ahead. Let me I'm really surprised I mean it cleaned it up a little and -- SE but that you all are adding. I'm not sure we don't -- I can't imagine their one moment the US attorney's office shared and that -- not that anybody yet been -- and candidate for governor. And a lawyer. It's so important that we -- the lead -- could be something wrong. Which you know achieved wouldn't be able to get into court with unsubstantiated. Comment remark -- allegations. What you want the public should -- -- it -- Should try to believe that there should fire where there's smoke know what's gone -- yeah. All right thirty seconds effort. We don't know any attempts. I'd say they somebody who looks at corruption -- my whole life most of the problems and corruption -- what we call legal corruption not. Illegal corruption. And right now everything that I'm saying it concerned me as a matter of legal not illegal corruption and I'm not making any judgment on the illegality but I am saying. I have yet heard good explanation. For why Serbs that people of New York. -- Serbs that the public. To have top -- interfere with investigation. And that the matter public morality not a matter of criminal law. And twenty quick second here what is the status of your campaign. A challenge to your residency challenge your petitions do you still picture yourself on the primary ballot coming up in September. Out now we're getting on the ballot where and as far as we understand they're actually not going to be challenged or are reported -- content petitions. There's the challenge to my residency which did every lawyer who looked at as we're gonna win and I'm actually looking for a cure is an opportunity to you that. Introduce myself to New Yorkers to a lot of people don't know there's a woman challenging. Andrew Cuomo on the democratic primary. So little -- court date looks like it'll be early August and down. I lived in New York one years so it's a pretty open and shut case. All right very good great stuff thanks for joining us this morning. That's. My that's is effort teach out Fordham university law professor running against Governor Cuomo at least -- believe she will be in the September primary. Let's dive right back into the conversation about Albany. And Governor Cuomo and the Moreland commission and a lot more Republican rob asked to Reno running for governor is with us on the line thanks for coming program coming on answer. It I wanna talk more specifically about the -- commission we have been a stalling a lot of that out all morning long. And one of the callers in the last segment was raising the idea that. There is no indictment here none of us can know what US attorney pre Ferrara has its tabloid journalism at this point it's politicians trying to make a rebut that. That's ridiculous at at the beginning of that statement and at the end of the statements even do better here's why. First well we can call the moral and commission and I'll tell you why because the moral and act. Up 1907. Specifically. And only gives the governor of the power the executive -- That right to investigate the executive branch. And it -- the case then maybe you have some. -- -- have legs to stand on here. But it's not it is a hybrid that was set up with the attorney general's office to. Absolutely deputized. As assistant attorney -- point five members of this panel. Tenet which by the way were assistant. This group of people was told by the governor publicly. Statement all over the place in the executive order. You can investigate wherever and whoever lights including the executive branch which this has the authority to do with or without is now. -- -- So when the governor steps then. Using the power to his office. Like the IRS by the way. Too sick that this group or suggest or order this group or intimidate the -- to go after particular people. Whether legislators -- groups. And conversely. Tell them no do not go after this group is there -- supporters of the Democratic Party. Pull back subpoenas. Do away with these documents and don't you dare to close to the governor the governor's office. That very well may be. Obstruction of justice civil rights violations there could be a lot of issues here now for anyone to suggest otherwise is just purely partisan. You look at every editorial board now you look at the national stories this is the beginning potentially of Watergate. There are their federal crimes that have been committed here I don't know I would say this though we definitely need a special prosecutor. To be set up to look at what they hate crimes may have all been committed and I think that's just as important. Because if for some reason. Federal crimes were not broken the state crimes were -- to get off on that. The Albany County district attorney David -- would be the guy that would have to bring that forward is -- am -- right. No not necessarily. Be. District attorney could however it also could be the attorney general who was obviously compromised here. The attorney general was part of this with the governor. The attorney general used his authority. To deputize these people the attorney general argued in court. That this was an independent commission. And therefore could not be civil list. So I think what the governor has stated from the beginning and many times publicly. What the attorney general stated publicly and argued in court there's no question there's no question. That this is hybrid Moreland war war more how much more powerful -- -- -- -- commission. So does that say that it is tabloid journalism or politicians is just -- The attorney general Eric Schneider man is obviously a Democrat running on a slate of Democrats statewide with the governor. But there's also not a lot of love lost between the two of them do you see him actually moving ahead and doing something like this. Well I think he has to if nothing else and try to protect himself. You know because. At what point is -- taking place and taking part of this. Because if he is also covering up for the governor. If he permit. The governor to basically take over the investigation. To take over and assume the powers of the attorney general which is what the governor tried to do. Then. He's obviously complicit in this I think the only fair thing to do is to set up -- special prosecutors he obviously has a conflict of interest. And done and let the special prosecutor do -- here she deems necessary so we can get to the bottom of this. A related note and it's kind of connected to this -- commission. You earlier this week had a reaction when governor Chris Christie that the Republicans governors association. That governor of New Jersey said he won't campaign for what he considers lost causes. You connect the two in a little bit the way don't you. Well there's no question about it I think again I think it's like everyone was whispering. You know what is the handshake agreement -- the weak -- not not driven nonaggression pact. That the governors of these two state -- with each other a look I know that the deal with one another as governors and they should be. They certainly control. Deep by state commission that the Port Authority that runs the Port Authority bridges and tunnels. The point they have to cheer and -- -- director. So. It's something that Governor Cuomo knows and not think he does but is he knows. And anything about bridge -- and he's using it to almost hold it over Governor Christie said. Then governor Christie's and would be compromised and door if he's unable or unwilling. To do his job as DRG chair. Then he should step down. And that's what I that I -- that it and I will stand by that. Governor Christie has gone to California. To campaign for the gubernatorial candidate who's thirty points down. Two New Hampshire for the gubernatorial candidate who is thirty points down. And Governor Christie came to light this week except that almost two million dollars from the RG eight last year is. It is run away where 120 points so he's inconsistent and all we're saying to him is look. We can win this race and more so than what he knew the following day when the New York Times came out this race has changed overnight. You have a governor now that he is. Rightfully being looked at as potentially. The government could be indicted this is far worse than Eliot Spitzer is just followed the -- it by the way. Talk to me a little bit about Christine on the national scene when anyone speaks of his presidential aspirations. There is. Some reluctance may be to put him fourth on the national stage because he's not as conservative as a lot of other Republicans out there. Would you have a problem if he supported you because he's less of conservative and you. Now absolutely not looking DRG chair I've got. And governors who are committed to coming in and governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal. Governor of Texas Rick Perry the governor of Indiana Mike Pence. So they might even be more governors who have come in to help because they feel that part of their job as members of the RJ. And it is and I'm grateful that whether Chris Christie decides to come over the at George Washington Bridge or through the Holland Tunnel is up Dan. And he's here quite often in New York City raising money. Which he should be doing either for himself or for the RJ. But I welcome the other governor's support. 8030930s and number if you'd like to get in on the conversation rob mastering it was here. Republican running against Andrew Cuomo for governor. We will get to a lot of issues besides the moral commission and feather them and along the way if there are some you'd like to raise now's the time to maybe jump on the phones. Rob the Siena poll earlier this week said that. There's basically 60% support for Cuomo. Compared to 23%. For you hit the -- that I know I know you probably have some issue with that you need you -- is just an issue of name recognition to you. All that's definitely the case at this point and you know they've obviously. And it is not something I'm concerned about at this stage. For a lot of reasons number one. In 2009 when I was running for Westchester County executive I've heard the same narrative you can't win -- Republican. And the county that's 49% Democrat 24% Republican. Against. You know an incumbent who was quote popular. Who had even some Republicans raising money for more of the unions consider etc. And we were down thirty points in the polls in the summer and it wasn't a concern of ours because. The timing was right the political climate was right -- says it is now we had issues on our side and if we raised enough money to get her message out we were going to be in a position to win this same old we were outspent 5215. -- In it to one democratic county thirty point down and we won by thirteen points when it was all said and done now look at the other day. And it -- in this campaign has changed overnight with this. You know exposes the New York Times -- can't say what the conservative theory and and the conservatives conspiracy. That is the New York Times MSNBC the other night. Was delving into this for twenty minutes and really hitting governor almost hard. So it is now I think that hit today or the six day we haven't heard Pete for me into formal. I think he owes the people of this state an explanation of what he knew why Larry Schwartz is chief of staff who. Was threatening people to pull back subpoenas. Why she's still employed by the State of New York I think it is a lot of questions that Andrew Cuomo needs to answer. It was in the field before the New York Times piece and came out on Monday before before. The times piece but that same -- Paul said that there is really little resonance on this whole -- -- commission issue. Well we'll say I mean this is now going to take weeks. Before people start. To really understand it it certainly has a lot of coverage now. But this is just scratching the surface this story is unfolding. -- forget that and it's like Watergate took you know took months before people started getting into the consciousness. So. This is something that is just starting to unfold. I think people when they see it our understanding is a very different -- -- call not a good side. And this corruption by the way -- it is not something that is just there in Albany you know couple politicians get perp walks. This corruption is endemic in all of new York and everything we do it's why we have the highest taxes in the country. It's why we have the worst business climate in the worst economic recovery. It's why people are moving out in droves because. The average person doesn't almost have a fair shake in this state anymore. And you gotta ask yourself. One Andrew Cuomo and how did he raised 35 million dollars. He got a lot of dirty money these corrupt deals. Why one of the groups that was shielded. Literally told pull back a subpoena on this group that spent. About sixteen million dollars. In their money supporting governor Cuomo's agenda. So he now has 200 million dollars in state money. That he's using on the start -- New York campaign's. Forty million of which by the way he took from hurricane relief Monday for sandy victims who were still homeless. And he has no shame but so when you look at where his numbers are well if you had 200 million and state money. It gets sixteen million from a group that he's protecting from. Investigation. And forty million from hurricane relief money it's no wonder why he's got a lead. I wanted to touch on a couple of other issues numbering in the phone calls are starting to pile up here. -- you've been critical in the past of the buffalo billion what are your thoughts on state involvement in a new stadium possibly for the Buffalo Bills. Well you know again let me clarify the buffalo billion what I said was. You cannot continuously just throw around government money because eventually you don't change the policies that led to people leaving. That led to the worst business climate. You're gonna continue with that cycle no matter how many buildings do you build. Eventually people and they keep those buildings just like they've been doing for decades. Because it will be impossible to do business in the state as measured against other states the monies allocated take the money bill what you got to build. I think -- mr. Burkle is doing a great job with -- don't money. But I think again. That's the point I'm making that the issue the issue is in Albany. And lets you change the policies we're gonna go for the same cycle in western new York and elsewhere. And that is continuously high taxes nickel and dime people adapt all the regulations and a business climate that just scares people away. Do you see. State funding of a possible stadium keep the bills in town is corporate welfare. You know to some extent depending but I think the bills -- obviously very important to Western New York -- Jon Bon Jovi buys it. -- said that he would keep them here but. He or whoever buys it at five years to decide that because of the -- in the contract. So I think it's premature because we need to know how this is moving along who's gonna buy it and where they'll look to put it. All right talk to me about the -- fact earlier this week the democratic committee of New York State. We did something out that said in an earlier interview you were against criminals having guns but at the same time you say you will appeal the safe act. How much of a conflict is that it they just sort of take step out of context on. You know that the old democratic quote truth squad which by the way was exposed last week. As just an -- Andrew Cuomo's campaign where would they were pretending it was independent. What to -- back casting -- it was a bad law that was put in place in the middle of the night. It may criminals. Out of ordinary good citizens. Who had who writes not only the constitution but here in New York as well. We need to look at the components that. Our -- through the cracks and that is the mental health system it's what we look at here in Westchester right after. New account so Andrew Cuomo went a different way he went after the law abiding citizens we went after the people who need help. And this is not by the way this statement ties this is to get people help. Especially kids. Who may be on the path of life for violence or drugs or gains. We've been working without school districts who brought these Centers for Disease Control up to treat. Violence as the deceased. And says that's where we chose to put our effort and our money and it's paying dividends here. You know we're going after with Yonkers and Mount Vernon very large school districts identifying children who are absentees. You know prone and when you're not schools you're doing bad things so getting that back in the classroom. We're we're talking with not only parents and guardians also coaches and others who come into contact with kids. To identify kids who truly need help and to get them those services. All right let's bring in a call marked in buffalo hello. Although he has governor Rick Perry and Governor Christie of New Jersey. Do not think gay Americans are equal to non gay Americans that both on the court. Because they do not want gay Americans to be treated equally under the law they do not -- through equal amount the American why would you want their support. Because there -- a lot of Republicans with different. Use that I welcome their support just as I'm sure. And Governor Cuomo would welcome different Democrats with different views as well. So I -- I think you know. It's important that we move on on this issue in New York State it is law I reckon I understand that not an issue technique going forward because the law's the law here. I'm focusing on making sure people can actually get back to work. And whether it's Western New York or anywhere in New York. We got a crisis on our hands if we don't actually change the policies. That are so detrimental that Governor Cuomo right wrong or different focused his first term mainly on social issues that this choice. I need to focus in January on getting this state back on its feet so people actually go to war. And live in this state as opposed choosing to move to other states. And -- but we have about thirty seconds left here real briefly that tell me and I've I've heard you give this map out before. You don't picture this a lost cause you think it's possible to win. Absolutely and you know it just changed on a -- this past week two but look the here's the -- have to vote for this race is coming out of upstate. And we can and should do very well and we're very organized -- people war. Are energized. We've got to win about 30% of the New York City vote don't you think about it I can -- New York City about 7030. The battle and it's gonna be right where I wanted to be it's going to be in Westchester. Where it's not my Achilles -- it might base -- we won twice by thirteen points with a two to one democratic -- you know. Disadvantaged. And and Long Island where we should do very well so when you break it down this is absolutely winnable race in this kind of political climate. And I asked people to go to Rochester Reno dot com look at the issues beyond FaceBook follows and Twitter and feel free to donate money that's relevant indeed Andrew Cuomo. We are thoroughly out of time thanks for spending -- thanks for spending some of -- with us. -- best Reno Republican for governor.