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Commentator Mitch Wolfe on Ford Fest& Ford Nation in Toronto

Jul 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So a lot to do about state politics and more -- that -- and one topic area I say to myself Dave you know -- you have to be diverse you've got to get something else in on the program here. And no matter how interesting a political story is geographical boundaries don't really matter I I set myself today that this is so interesting. That we gotta talk about what happened up in Canada. Let's bring back in -- wolf you might have heard him on the program probably about a year ago. When the rob Ford scandal first broke out he's a commentator he's written pieces nationally he's a merchant banker a former director of Lionsgate entertainment. He's a study politics at Harvard university and the University of Toronto law school. He writes on a lot of these different topics and -- yesterday was at Ford. Fast now Ford -- I guess and -- -- can explain to us better than I can't part political rally part rock concert almost. Despite all the very public and obvious troubles the rob Fortis had. You tell me the thousands showed up for this thing thanks for joining us through what did you see while you're there. Gave them -- well thanks for having me back in the show we'll look at -- two days ago. -- Is. There have been it's sort of the barbecue. And go on double annually for a final eighteen years which brought forward. And the now -- the middle but he -- or campaign which. Election will be October. And at -- let that -- in a park in Scarborough which is a suburb. North of trouble but part of the city of tropical. And it was an amazing event I was that the event last year are blown away and this year was even better. And more I think. I'd say there were 121000 to 151000. People there could be great people came out. To meet with dropped four. And they were quality -- -- supporters. And -- that boosted the demographic of the group is really in fort the fort nation. Who stuck with -- forward. Inflicted there in the Arctic and then the opening all the troubles. The crack smoking alcohol abuse inappropriate language. He -- came back from rehab and and all the -- all the news. Paper think he should resign he's terrible and the embarrassment but this group. And in many parts of the nation or even even down here. He's almost become a laughing stock and yet USA. Well let me I'd I'd like to talk about the quality of the true that it crippled old British view I don't tribute that played like it. He has to come into the lap it up well below the -- you aren't well. You have an interest 121000 people show up and didn't really without that you -- -- -- bought rock for. He is that kept the white walked a guy. From affluent family. But yet cracked the majority of the people who were attractive or the the vehicle in nonwhite communities. In in Toronto we have very. Flourishing community -- -- large -- in black community so they couldn't. He's in a Filipino -- eastern European Middle Eastern Persian. All of them young old family they all came out. Two party. -- -- party whip that was at the barbecue there were free hot dog. But people -- For our -- for five hours to have to meet with him have a -- with the to get you know of fort nascent peace shirt I think for a thousand we're headed out and garlic in -- -- -- like amazing event for an individual who -- a -- truckers pulled but the group distinguish -- it's sort of I -- find -- distinct is that this group. Relate to him they they feel that he represent there interest. Politically and they've sticking by the bargain and I entered for good reason because they compete in the World Bank is. Personal -- been noted for nature like at what they'll afford they should supporter. Nor condolences he -- his drug use sort of alcohol abuse or something inappropriate comment. But they they'd like and for his policies of the Rico critical to shouldn't care. About people he represents them and he's done some good work and as the mayor elect any. You don't all the criticism by the threat internationally. And that group is speaking and because they're the poll which I -- you're aware of where -- pay you to wait for two months. He's been a dead heat with -- two million opponents who. You know who've been bashing him. Four per month than they need to you know you'd be circuit around -- mounted the bears didn't laughingstock. And -- and then the all the criticism he saw the shot to -- now it's it's a long shot. Because of a 60% of the population will double -- but he still the shark would. Talk about his opponents though. Talk about his opponent who's he running against. We'll look at that report. The try to make it an elegant -- with the American politics. Is bigger opponent to -- -- one Olivia chow. Who to go to people -- Nonpartisan. And she is if you get councilwoman. Four of the left wing if you will you don't Democratic Party -- That's a party in Canada established party -- they -- -- -- for the Democrats rhetorical level though that people. Entry if you with a palpable in the -- there was a car because she was in parliament or federal department which could -- congress orbit and now she's. Let her roll their true running for the -- And she. Had been leading because well respected and no. But recently and people should take a 29%. And important point that I would rather than the other opponent is twenty she's service pack and then. You also leftists you know and a lot of people are concerned that you'll be a rerun of the previous. Mir who we viewed as a -- downtown harbor leaders. A compartment but. You know who who ignored the -- the very people who look for represent their local. -- down trailed. Group ignoring the suburbs that you will pretty difficult. Tropical north York and Scarborough which trip and then maybe one point five million people. Toward one on the basis of the board of the suburbs looking server would turn to -- of the downturn in the -- The second opponent is John Torre who used to be. I get what will be the Conservative Party eventually which would be considered. Republicans and they don't territory. Which is like a compassionate Republican is like a liberal Republican a dying breed in the state of what was if you Canada you know left liberal corporate articles like -- -- rock control. Still don't worry at -- were represented the downtrodden -- -- -- guy. Again he does that relate it to. The suburban nonwhite communities who -- responded represents. Old greens so that you I think trial and warrior -- -- after the -- deep down panel. As opposed to forty in the suburbs that they look around this sort of clarify for your viewers. We'll know it's more like meeting Manhattan as opposed to buffalo -- -- the downtown area of very well throughout links. And the suburbs -- the principles about -- a little reaction to. The suburbs in trouble -- -- let outlook. And that cheaper. But the working class people live there are cheaper to live and per year they obeyed the neglected by the down -- Affluent -- and -- that the politicians who represented what is really an urban suburban divide -- he -- all the and port captain to a when he won last -- twenty and 2010. They feel happy you did that there's still that would block the plate still hasn't -- because -- still represent. These suburban interest who feel neglected by the don't count well pure apple -- -- just -- -- part where. You are. Here's the -- find it interesting because I know you said. That there are some parallels to US politics I'm gonna get into that. But that the the area where to me it doesn't resonate as much as perhaps the politics down here. See rob Ford is basically if fiscal conservative -- am -- right. And yet at the same time down here there's sort of a divide you have your fiscal conservatives and you have those on the left to say government needs to do more. For the downtrodden. Government needs to embrace the underclass embrace diversity embraced the minority communities. It sounds like you're saying that rob Ford has built success. By being sort of a hybrid. Yes say fiscal conservative but one that also has this this move underclass peeled as this diversity appeal. Yet he that we hit the curb -- look -- you. As but he appealed to Egypt sequels to the minority schools but what do as specific on the big issue here in. -- pulpit I'm not sure resonate in buffalo or political it's transit. And the belt now elected to build an actual leak have a lot of subway. A benefit I mean I'm -- -- on that don't count either street that the subway lines. People could use the refer to the borderline universally Lauren. Young -- You know if you -- quite what to do you could walk to work your banker you -- for you could drive you can control for you because he could pick up what. The poor people poor people mean -- Italy beat but the -- the working class people or unfortunately have been sober and our way don't have the same. Mass transit benefits so that -- so what fork with credit that book. These and we never cold winter cold in -- from buffalo -- people are part of waiting for our porch or -- For Italy -- but a lot of -- but to go look for a way to get downtown they also want. The subway -- mass transit underground. And -- -- so he would credit. In the last two years has. Three levels of government. The city the province -- grim state and the federal government. To back he probably expected subway line in Scarborough. For all working class family and they love that in the fort within corporal and they love them for the ironically. The -- the leftist that you will be. In order -- to Democrats -- concern over the downtrodden in the vulnerable. They are the people to -- or in the center of the city and they voted against. Having the you know carb beer into the called the work have a subway they won't want to give a second rate. President Clinton called a war -- you know over ground street -- over ground let -- because they -- cold winter. Break down east of the week the cool though he. -- appealed to the people's interest he listens to what they want and you think and that I mean it could be a fiscal conservative public. Typical -- doesn't mean the work that people feel they are being ignored or he basically they're also taxpayers. We're building of old businesses and they don't like he's their money partner being wasted minute that he won last Wednesday that. I get rid the gravy train because the -- of -- option down panel we're wasting money on projects that had no relevant. Which we Arab -- but we're late for a break we're almost out of time here but before we go like I wanted to try and draw the parallel. Okay he he's different than some of the fiscal conservatives down here because he does seem to have that. That mass appeal from the that the underclass or the that the diverse communities out there. Is there -- any of this rob Ford saga. A lesson for the people of the Tea Party or other grassroots. Groups down here. How do you see him as an example of something we can learn from perhaps. Excellent question. -- big that the PP party. You know I get threatening you know -- white collar blue color interest. I think local conservative Republicans. Have to embrace. Or non non white community as. We do in Canada. We're multicultural so you know embraced and and -- you know people you know -- feel very comfortable with all these -- communities. He goes to bigger events where they have problems in their local communities whether it's security role are awful pork. -- -- -- the Rico so you've got a -- you know deal with. Problem motivating the these beautiful trying machine -- isn't it deal basically problem. And all who have a certain -- the to a great. Diversity political hopeful with diversity and you know you have to have a European open personality and the policies. That didn't attracted. These minority community to you know BC depiction of the forecast. He'll probably black -- -- and Philippine. The Republicans. Have to do the same thing they have to get outside their. Narrow interest and he'll -- there and do or die because you can because. Just because you're that the concern that the -- -- that doesn't mean you cut out. Vocal minority group. Of what concerned that they don't want their tax ultimately it. So he you know but he you know he also targets programs that help. But the big trend that which is costly to that somewhat more -- -- the subway that the kind of -- -- boxes. So target -- programs that help out these communities. But but it here -- here -- where here's where I get lost and maybe it's just because I'm American and and the difference is that great. Down here when you target the issues of the underclass. That left oftentimes follows up by saying and government can help you by doing a or B or C therefore big government. The idea of him being a fiscal conservative and it's still growing bones is a -- to this group that supports him. I have a hard time picturing how that works. Well I guess he's physical -- but maybe -- you know he's also folded that and I get many of our. Quick rate that minority. Communities are small business companies. All you'll have. Beautiful. Restaurants. And you don't have children who don't want to go on to university in the lake and he's very -- business. And what should and respects that but the but the -- pay taxes and respects the tactical. Yet he not for your big government -- a difference but -- but there are. They get program. Without a big big government curing everything -- the debts and he's been there bankers. A Porter which at the downtown. Don't want to puke everywhere just not be -- everyone wants better served better and that serve better security. Well you know the union people. -- like him because of the personnel. So used to the union people with state so our you know or pro Democrat. They party unity the -- -- union guys like war. -- -- the trend to go to the police department likable witty stands for because you don't Erica. So yet they're you know he's not a laughing stock evidently you know if you look beyond the superficial. Jimmy Kimmel you know and Stewart. Attacks the I think. You know the political -- almost an American can learn from if you look at if you're Smart -- -- look deep what does he have bit. Appeal to groups normally Republicans. A lot of the equipment land and don't want or need to look if they want to. Get secure power political power. Mitch we are all out of time we're late for our break Jack thank you for all of your insight and interesting stuff and we will chat again thanks for that. Thank you so much I look forward to coming back on your children. Mitch wolf as a merchant banker he's a graduate of Harvard university and government. He's a graduate of the University of Toronto lost -- he's a national writer around both the United States and up there. Commenting on Canadian politics from the little bit of a conservative perspective but I think you realize that started out.

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