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7-25 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. -- bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do -- Com hourly -- -- -- must be within 200 feet of the school. Fortunately -- its life. It's local -- that this -- it's Tom hourly ask another question. Trying to get this -- this isn't real she's toast wouldn't. He's -- live here. Now. So on news radio 930 and there really aren't aware of what that meant some personal things that a lot of confidence. -- staff members coast W. And we're back here under is reunited thirty WP EN 6:0. Dana PM. Welcome to the Tom Barrow -- Thomas out today on vacation beyond next week -- I'm Michael would you got me until 7 o'clock today again next week. Tuesday through Friday IMAP account on Monday but we have this financial -- what -- treat that's going to be having them in here during Tom hourly show. They're great guys easily here months batteries over am on Monday. During prime time here on WP yen the beach or not to miss that Monday 37. But you know the bills are the topic of Davis and I I read a story. Earlier in the week where that they said that that is un named. Of sorts with saying that Bon -- had no plans no plans. To move the Buffalo Bills the runner ever he really was never do it and and you know they really are oil to the buffalo camp basically keep the bills year you know and then they go ahead and put their put in their bid. Bon Jovi in the two biggest billionaires in Ontario the biggest. Right end with -- in the days and in fact this morning. We saw a story at least I sought on The Washington Times I don't know where else it was. That there is a company that specializes in site selection for stadiums. That went on the record in quotation marks -- that they had been hired by the same Toronto group. To investigate Toronto locations. For the Buffalo Bills. Now I called out then were and they're absolutely lying absolute lie. And now we find out that that's confirm their -- and I couldn't think of anyone better to talk to about that. Then Charles -- of bills -- founder of the fan group that was started in May to stop. The the bills from being moved out of town Charles thanks for coming on I appreciated. I have to work. Oh actually work of art at all related you I thought that sent. -- -- -- -- Right right see you in the guise of -- in -- by the way I'm gonna be perfectly honest everybody here. I like this both stand -- group so much that I have volunteered my time any time they needed to help them with their public relations especially after. At Texas a and M. I got to do it is is a disagreement with you guys over that. The trademark. For twelve -- -- your initial name was tall man thunder and how are you guys with and am now. We'd been working with lawyers. Negotiating all out then we'll have a statement out that we thought -- it would be out by now. You know. The negotiated back for -- will come out as we explain it all when it came out well for all of us. Well when I spoke it. Our initial action. Well about your your focused on -- percent on Bon Jovi. I think -- where you are is that these fans are fired up I don't know you guys. Brown based broker not FaceBook group called -- ban on their. There's another FaceBook group called -- -- -- and not a lot of our a lot of discussion there are all optional -- now. Well I always I would speak in a FaceBook rice on FaceBook and couldn't help re posting in all over the place. -- we have that audio John of the audio of there's a local band here that tried to play Bon Jovi music. At festival last weekend at the queen of heaven festival. A local. Label that audio here's what happened here's the -- that. I'm very happy. They actually ran about -- of people would leave them the tent as firms might hurt that was. What's your -- that band Charles. They're probably didn't run. Actually are well -- look there -- sitting here and ask them that joined with the right. The bills and -- all the that it would gain them a lot of respect than a lot of support. Now on the road and agency or you stop playing but you'll be in their and the bridge for also people learn our -- Well I noticed on it runs web site they they're very proud of photos of them with Bon Jovi. They put them out there in in I I I feel bad for it and I mean. They're stuck Ers are that -- in Iraq hurt for it and -- opened up -- until the few years ago -- that's why -- -- optional and that. You know. Oh yeah and it. They're catching hell -- -- -- what about jewelry that when they don't expect help from there along parts orders not like that it is thought that. In Iraq are well that's right now on the are way more built stance that there are poncho and so on lopsided but he. Well you were telling me offline about the story that's coming out in New York magazine. And MI in my right here they actually New York magazine sent a reporter to buffalo a 21 of your events to a bills fan thunder event. At buffalo sports grow in Hamburg. -- And they they actually found the Bon Jovi fans here. That the only life. They bought them or not. Not somebody else until. Based on what is that. That are shooter but that it vote in the -- whack job. Ordered out oh we what. He's. All evening and indoor that the taxpayer. I'll be following Monday at. Most extreme. Brands that. You'll party. That -- at. Orchard. Now this story in packet. -- and I are here all. -- out well in Europe. -- -- -- That's a really got a -- Easier to an -- one of the best of one of the most dedicated and literacy but there's more right we have a guy that dresses like bills man Batman or something. How pills and -- at -- and I -- but all of bill's lead at another guy and it he's. Current -- now. I like it went all but he got sick. Water awful act that it really -- and that of that very thing they're out there for every one of these try and -- it. Well let me tell you. You want to do. That the listeners don't know New York magazine he's running a features such a feature that they. They sent a professional portrait photographer. From New York City to buffalo. Set up a studio invited all those characters to the studio and took portraits of them. Professional orchards and say you know immediate but actually -- -- baseball professional portraits of these guys. That's should be really interesting story now the other we know that Jon Bon Jovi and his billionaire buddies. Are planning to move the bills to Toronto. What I mean you've got 111000. Hardcourt bill fans in your group. And it's you've got to go and an action right. That we're gonna order well -- -- Trouble if the bill and so on that this trust. Clips on the in the pot GOP I am not in the leader of an -- But from what -- -- here is -- -- -- trouble -- -- -- market situation. That typically on this football or these people. And I could see. And right -- -- the Arctic. But at the orchard -- or out now. I don't want. Are we don't want that but I thought it would what these people are -- and out of the ordinary now. We're trying to go out and and professional matter and you know -- on with -- GOP and what we. But nobody like here it. That's that's some serious emotion on. While speaking of some serious emotion you were co-founder. -- -- sontag who runs hockey east parking out on the stadium. I understand. You guys and he's -- -- party this week if there's a fund raiser for him this weekend right. It is he was struggling Gotti he lost one -- but one years ago. If you outlast the other body parts you answer and just back in March they have they've wondered -- So he's always dealing with medical bills and lived out social security and have a hard time it buys so. -- -- benefit or amounts Saturday at 3 o'clock. And it's always a great party it's not just your book that -- that it took action you don't get too bad and there are great food on. There's always some. People there that aren't aren't always there are forward chuck. You know a lot of what will still that you always stop fighting it -- that you normally walk away stadium. Well what's what's you know the address or whether it's on the -- The party is that 43. Wrote it -- well. Tree road just any. Each side road. Are you party app you can let our our. Right of the benefits it's that this party benefits day expenses and yet I remember I went to the party two years ago I'm going to be here for this one too. But the -- Bennett the proceeds of the party two years ago with two. Putting in a chairlift form on the stairs in his home -- the when he put that chair lift in he told me he hadn't seen the upstairs of his house in four years. I'll -- side you have that one -- results in the second floor ready to accept that but they are so we had this and the fact that they wouldn't of let. Chair -- it is they're now in use. The rest -- out east so that -- Hillary bodily needs to make it more compatible for a handicapped birds and he really spell that -- article one dollar smoke about a Mercury in more or are you that that. It's great for our great party whether or better that are ready at a party you're gonna have -- and we -- sealer. And all the guys from bill's fans -- beater I'm sure it's it's what are your co founders is the person in front of congress were listened. Charles thank you very much for called endless and I'm gonna be very interested next week I'll be on the air for Tom next week I'm gonna wanna hear what you guys -- up to. I know you're kicking off some big project to address this Bon -- problem next week. So are our I beyond next week okay. We've got some church -- sleep or not we're not going now about. The best slightly put -- and I appreciate our hero by their very much. My boys are you bigotry boys are you guys are tough as nails he -- -- put up the good fight this and we're gonna go to traffic right here. Under review by thirty WB yeah sunny and 72 here at buffalo as we start off eight tremendous. Weekend. Another -- those of us in the incredible village of -- are going to be at the annual. Chamber of commerce. Sidewalk sale it's a it's a great time all the people and our ability we all walk to mean street with arcades are strollers and end wagons. And we take them all up there and you know -- sidewalk. Our chalk drawing contests. There's all kinds of great things on their rent a great weekend as we can all across Western New York Kevin and John Bolton thank you for -- not so much appreciated. Here Perry might -- might they don't know what do you see what -- -- with the New York Times problem I write this smoke contending campus because to cool bowl. Com. I actually I think. That's there are you saying that person needs here are great -- to be easier ever and they're trying to clear. All our attendance. It's Hillary so cheaply well there was nobody here you know -- I was -- -- you get. So I think that's what we don't hear. -- because we've been very marketing content wary. And that's we we can't keep what do you think. I don't know you know listen if if Andrew Cuomo wasn't. A Clinton -- I would agree with you. And even though he's a Clinton night he's he's a snake so even though he said. It on the record I think that if mrs. Clinton runs best bets that she's she should be president. I think even off the record he's been reported on background saying he's not considered running she does. In listen I would not put it past Clinton ink to be eliminating the alternative for -- here's the thing can. If mrs. Clinton if Hillary Clinton. Is stumbling. Ago a train water not make him of them that number she wanted to not make him the moves that people wanted to make. And and and and if Cuomo is in the wings maybe they do over aside. Even if he doesn't want to rank. So you may be right of the Bill Clinton give me wanna move everybody out of the wings the matter if they support the Murdoch. Via a certain area the level he never attribute -- yesterday. The it VP short yesterday. Because bigger boat this entire and they don't want a commission. Inquiry here in relation to vote cheers and well what I -- or repair record. This. Corrupt out here. There. Arm -- what oil or watch Q superior student so. I I really think that -- -- here is futile although I you know David has been tensions and all that but. He's getting technical order and in order and no you know to like no confidence. -- or something wonderful in the governor. You know. I think that -- -- we're folk rock arch ways and what what what -- -- -- -- -- It abuse in giving their opinions you'd think it's really kind of orchestrated that we count if appear ready. You know thicker stronger and are exempt stronger action against you know that that that if north treatment in the -- program. Yeah I get that end in outs and no -- well he's mine assemblyman tonight I opened his reelection I'm very fond of spam were very close. That's speaking in the media. The bully pulpit the of the public relations. It's all the people in the minority have all the Republicans have in the assembly if David DPH wants to go to the bathroom. He has he practically has to get permission from the speaker. So I -- over a -- that Republicans can do nothing they can not bring up a bill they cannot propose. A no confidence vote they can't even speak up. Until -- called upon by the hours or from the Democrat party in the Republican the Republicans in the senate. Right now there -- -- in cahoots with the with an independent Democrat coalition but it doesn't look like that's gonna survive. They're going to be in the -- to and there are going to be the same spot David DiPietro in fact Kevin all they have is the bully pulpit. End of a public statements and I hope they keep making them. But listen to -- Kevin I'm gonna have to go to pay some bills here thank you for calling him. And I will be right back here on news radio in my thirty WB again. -- Think instant -- Back here on news radio 930 to -- in at 6:34. PM on Friday night. Not Saturday night that I'm not going to be around on Saturday so I thought to have John play one more -- for him. Should be a good one it looks like we're gonna have a little bit scattered thunderstorms this weekend about always breaks up. That oppressive heat in our house in the finest village in the world. East -- New York. In our house we didn't have air conditioning in -- just recently in the downstairs on the in the baby's room upstairs because in East Aurora. The finest -- on the planet we have a nice breeze a breeze that blows the scent of wild flowers. And families. And good schools. And great restaurants. But we don't this year that desperately couple weeks and it's hot I had a breakdown chief Michael. And by a media. -- Huge huge air conditioner. So big I needed to be -- he picked up and put in the wind. But now we don't you get to use it because we're having these nice balances scattered thunderstorms here and there. Which Inco makes it a great place to live and I was out voters went on the beach a little bit of rain to purchase specially when. We have 7778. Degree whether it's incredible. You know -- the time this time you're you wanna live in New York you don't wanna live in Florida. I can -- I've moved back home in 2010 from Miami. I was there every summer for. Those seven years all year long Summers too and it is -- -- It is awful mean you'll you'll lose 23 pounds in the day if you don't. Entry onto water. But anyway listen this has been one hell of a week for news one how -- we have Andrew Cuomo. That don't. Or do you work who promised to clean up all who formed a Moreland commission to even look into his own organization. Into his own administration. And then disbanded them when we got close to a after. Ordering them behind the scenes to pull back subpoenas of his allies. And now we have to quote was hiding. We tell you something. This guy has heard the word balls on the power ratio before -- again he's got balls the size of -- it's gone well. -- -- -- right to your face he will come action with everything he's got and he's hiding. He's -- that's a problem. If he is hiding he's in trouble he's in real trouble -- he'd be beaten I don't know. Were you need somebody to do that but you also need. A little scandal here and there and I can tell you when I was worked for Carl Paladino won in 2010. Tried to beat him beat Andrew Cuomo for governor. I would have loved to have -- that's -- for a state of course but if you're running against someone to have this kind of scandal balloon is a blessing. It also helps us understand what goes on -- should we know that things are not a -- -- -- about just about every. And then we find more law race we just talked to Charles mean. Bill -- under more lives from Bon Jovi the hair band pop star. Who I just have never met a Bon Jovi for that I thought relief at all -- There Bream. I mean it's that he's he's terrible. With music he's an awful pursued by the way a friend of mine who actually wizard off who has produced many life shows. Told be the Jon Bon Jovi is an absolute. Primadonna. When he's in Wendy's in town in concert he treats people like crap. He demands things -- people he yells at people he's at it costs about five foot tall he's a tiny little guy writes at this. Little man complex that happens but also he's there he's prima Donna because a lot of let's say you know. That's a minute fifty something overweight women really put a lot of time -- -- amount of autumn time and money and his concerts music. But this guy -- has leaked through -- friends in the media the he has no intention of the Buffalo Bills to run out -- it's not gonna happen. -- -- never. But he and his billionaire buddies from Toronto of the two biggest billionaires and Ontario. I've joined forces to put it up. -- bid for the Buffalo Bills let me tell you why that's bat. -- -- Which of us here at the -- who I think would be a great owner I I work for Donald Trump he would be a great owner. You know I think -- many the other people who were lining up from the buffalo area to get involved in this may -- even been on the team. They would be great owners but they're all -- going to pay enough for the team to make it a reasonable. Investment. It's they're not -- just burned their money. In buffalo the team was worth about one point one bill. If you paid one point one billion for the Buffalo Bills and kept them in buffalo you would be able to make money. Just like the Wilson completed from you would be able to make money. Right and be a nice healthy pay out. For the Wilson to -- mean. Five figure investment fifty years ago now one point one billion of that some profit. Right but the problem we have with on Joseph billionaire buddies. Is that they are paying a price not to not to have a team in buffalo but to have a team in Toronto weather -- our. Are more people there's far more television money to be made it's a much bigger market and -- -- they can make a lot more money. The the people were bidding on the bills and keep in buffalo. Camp who will not pay that kind of money. They will not match that it I think some of them cannot Mensa candidate I bet. If -- if the average if the asking price summer on one point one billion dollars. The Bon Jovi group. Will pay far more than that it could be one point five you know that's that's not just a decimal point off for. That's 400. Billion dollars more. That's enough to build the stadium in Toronto. That's up to build a stated we find out this week they're actually investigating. Where. The stadium that for a fact it's on the record at a Washington times article that I actually put up on my FaceBook. And the guys over at twelve in the current bill spent under these. Have put up on their FaceBook and Twitter feeds. A Washington times article quoting -- game a fellow who works for a it's a stadium citing group who has done -- investigation. For the -- for Bon Jovi is billionaire buddies. So this is going down money for. And if you loved the Buffalo Bills as much as being on my buddies do those of us who grew up in the shadow. Of Ralph Wilson Stadium there in -- Those who parked cars on the weekends because that's what we do if you love the Buffalo Bills and you have not signed that petition. At the bills fan -- dot com that I have nothing more disease. Because when the Buffalo Bills leave. It's going to be argue. Because here's what I think and I mean when -- talk about the Buffalo Bills on the radio. I get criticized here and there are people who looked as you know the governor election going on Obama is doing that obamacare is collapsing. He's talked about the Arnett and NFL team. It's important. It's important I'm not gonna apologize for being upset about the I'm extremely upset here's the deal. Jon Bon Jovi is on the error. He's a liar. An absolute lie you're. Now he has not himself personally said he will not move the team to pop out of -- Nobody has gone on the record to say that the team will not be moved out of -- nobody -- Right nobody -- That's why we've we've seen this source quoted saying it's never gonna happen to -- it with the non interest. Here's my challenge to Jon Bon Jovi and his billionaire buddies in Ontario. Here's my challenge to you if you're not gonna move the team out of buffalo that go on the record like men. But -- balls. And safe yet. All be hiding behind your spokesman or Ron Jaworski over on ESP and who says he's our best buddy of Jon Bon Jovi who by the way is eight jerk to people. Little people like you -- me. Don't believe it. I wanna hear it out of somebody's mouth who puts their name on it put your name on of people. -- at trial what's your name on are you gonna move -- to are you not tenable out of buffalo that's -- what's your name on it. If you don't put your name on it then nobody here is gonna believe nobody at all. Now we take a commercial break here. While we're ready right tackle callers please hold on this is Michael but with the top early here on news radio 930 WP year. And it all morning news good. Moments that made me. Homes. We're back here three you'll 930 WB Ian Tom -- show. This is Michael -- for Tommy is off on vacation. We just got a few more minutes here -- going to be back actually pays off next week to all be in for him Tuesday through Friday. We've got a funny to guys in for him Monday which would be really a lot of foreign. -- missed the Monday show but also don't forget that tomorrow on the financial guys -- Rus Thompson Carl Paladino and assemblyman David DiPietro looks assemblyman. David DiPietro fraud goes have you. Who don't think he should be some -- let me just say one more time for you assemblyman. David DPH -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But right now we've got Steve from Amherst. On the line Steve -- -- Michael you don't. Joke until I would make it quick I've been here all the comic he'd been making about Jon Bon Jovi -- Canadian people. You know one thing net. But I wanted to bring out. That just because he's offering all the money. And probably he will be the top veterans group will be the topic. You know it will but it -- word that he wants to keep seeing -- They don't have the except that they did they can accept the bid from a cool and it can accept a bid from golf sonic at the bit from trump. If -- really want to keep detained here a couple because he he'll be you know because -- -- is the most money and take it. No you're right you're absolutely right -- a lot of hopes and prayers behind Mary Wilson. In this regard. On that plate that's what they -- just one thing you know bring a -- that let it settle a lot of people. You know our our thinking about -- and concerned about a but both look so I just wanted to bring up another revenue. To say that you know it did more than just. -- what meets the -- here. You know would it could be some going on behind the scenes that if you don't know about it -- of this may be -- that if these guys wanted to three guys -- keeping global. I mean he can all -- 20201. Point one billion -- for the built. But if you -- truck that's gonna come along the table from one point five million for the -- OK and he's gonna keep -- yet. What are you gonna do. So it's just I just thought -- bring up that point may be maybe help a little people oppressed people. I get that but here's the problem with that Steve the first well I'd I'd love. The Wilson family we all do here in buffalo. I think Mary Wilson's. A great moment I I count on her doing the right thing. But here's the thing they don't live in buffalo. Where anywhere near awful. Right and -- and and mr. Wilson is gone if somebody offers 400. Million dollars more for the team. 400 million dollars more. I mean that's his legacy that's we're talking about providing for generations. Of Wilson's with 400. You know and it might be a bitter -- pill to swallow -- say oh got it's awful but. Our great great great grandchildren will -- cuts. But what about honoring his integrity when he turned around and when he was still alive saying that he you know the team will not -- buffalo. What about that issue. Steve from your mouth from your mouth to God's ears and more importantly from your mountain Mary Wilson -- I think it's an important. I hope you like it and I'm not a Buffalo Bills fan but I can understand like it when the team moved and so forth. And you know likened -- sympathize with -- -- -- -- that you know it depends on what happens you know hopefully he'll get you know shield -- -- get the duplicate the let people know that just because. One person -- Molly you know in the the most money in a point that you bring out about certain polite. Yep what I think that you know them always money they want it if they want so appalled. I'll Ralph integrity then he'll probably do what's best for the -- yeah you know keep the team here. I hope you're right Steven and I'm with you right because I really want that to happen. But I name a cynical guy I'm very cynical person and and I've been in politics and a little bit too long to be is trusting you you you're probably. Got a more pristine sold -- I do and I wish you all the best and you have a great weekend okay. Thanks for -- and now ladies and gentlemen. I do not want with signs cynical. Ideas and cynical plans to Mary Wilson because I think she's going to do the right thing I hope she does. But the one -- the one group who can make her. Understand that. -- -- -- Perhaps should be reminded how important team starts. May be. But I can't tell you this Bon Jovi -- move the team to Toronto he buys it and if he buys this team. Every single day we wake up we will wonder and worry about moving it until he does -- -- Have a great weekend -- is Michael -- and for Tom -- here on news radio. 930 WB ENN. Mean -- I am okay. Now -- way beyond his name. Navy's that's. -- -- Really didn't. Okay. -- rise I mean anything. Yeah Ron Branson right. My head and he. Okay. And and -- Am I you. Com and leave -- alone. Away. Well then came I'm spin off laying on. They will sing -- and anger and phony name. In all the wrong. I day rain will be gone. In mind now man behind me. Any. Okay. -- -- I know.

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