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7-25 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. -- welcome you. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No one. -- -- -- -- -- -- Com hourly. Column in the road went to. Now with the -- mountain range. Coming up right look -- it's life these local -- Home it's like it's huge it's Tom -- remember what happens in Vegas stage didn't make the trip for her -- And 930. We're back here on radio I'm thirty double. He -- 511511. PM ladies and gentlemen. I can hear you get in your car's. Speed where I can hear your cookies. Reagan I get it I know you're going away for the weekend. To him here at WB yen for the rest your ride where it's are you more. About the moral and commission. The corruption commission that governor Andrew Cuomo put a stop to -- is -- might have found some corruption. Hell no I'm not happy about that either but I'm very happy to have. On the European right now Jessica proud Jessica is a spokesman. For rob mastery -- the Republican and conservative candidate for governor running against Andrew Cuomo Jessica thanks for joining us and know your busy. Hi Michael great to be -- give thanks for having me. Well thanks for coming on you know we've heard about the -- -- time first -- -- You you're in this media relations business just like aria with the last time he sought to and a half pages of the New York Times. Dedicated. To -- a liberal. In the air -- is remarkable and we had been hearing rumors are current story for quite awhile you know he never he never really and frankly never wanna put too much faith in the times are going out there I'll teach you are a liberal Democrat here or skate. You know I am happy to get -- I'm kudos because they've really. Did spend a lot of time investigate and I became really get a very thoughtful and aero piece and you know I have to give credit where credit is -- Gates three month investigation. Cracked the -- if you wanna take a -- the story I've got it in on politics and white dot -- in the left column. The the the key word they use is that global hobbled the investigation that's a polite way -- -- cut the legs out from under ranked. Right I see it and this story itself with devastating. It's it's incredibly serious I think could possibly lead to criminal charge you know big governors -- and switched. We've -- a ball he had a thirteen page response. But what he's -- Anke is a very different than what he told the public appetite and he basically -- at school a lot of New Yorkers like -- one bank. That he was going after corruption and and it was this whole PR stunt and then behind the scenes doing something completely get. But the important thing I think you know here a switched. Basically undercut his entire argument. And that this was never a purely -- connection Orlando can only investigate the executive chamber. And that's not what he created he had to go to the attorney general attorney general had deputized and members. Of the Mormon connection and to give them additional authorities. -- for him to say now it was my commission and I can't interfere with that it was lying is just not actual. Because the AG got and -- and stated that the use and abuse that power and I think that's where you know the US attorneys create prayer content and because this is what they're looking at -- he never had those authorities to begin at. Well I've sat where you are and 2010 election and and Andrew Cuomo and he's a formidable opponent is. Absolutely I'm. You know he days. I think he's -- a lot of money he's up I'm. The air and igniting the dollar attack and rob factory now ironically I'm I'm corruption and which. It just you know I think a tactic psychologists that he. You know evaluating him they would call that protection and yeah no question. My. The fact that I think. You know it's been a little bit frustrated and you sort of see some of the process is coming out from the -- right now it. You know cannot factory make this you know I think he and you can -- actually lose -- All of these cracks and are questions that need to be happening down the line I -- -- the only question oppression -- acting right now are and while they should be act the end. What did he know did he ought to try and Adam -- what investigation and was he aware that the time I think these are -- your question. And he's been in hiding since this story broke. Refusing to come out before the practice and by and large the public. Well I think all these questions about -- that and we don't elect -- 39 dollar at this -- he could wind up being tight and Eric senior members of his administration could be indicted and go to the questions. But the track needs to be acting. It and I you know I've been I've been you know I've said in the past you -- a lot of money to run run run against Andrew Cuomo but I did not know what I said those things. That he would be stepping all over himself like this I mean you have. And window of opportunity that nobody thought was possible. You really do. Yes and I think you know they're there and money a he has a long history of this kind of behavior and -- seen Hugh Grant -- down. Other politicians before and you know certainly it's. He's demonstrating. Great how he handled one Atlantic. You know appeal lies all the time he lied about that the independent party nomination and he lied about getting work done on its long that he never had building -- out or. And he did and that -- conveyed very disturbing pattern. The line into the public and that is obviously what he -- with Marlon -- the most egregious example of that. But this is someone that has not been challenged and you know -- -- -- time. He's been able to govern for the last for years that he opposition and and rob mastering that it credit for daylight started talking about these issues and you know it'd -- -- an uphill battle but this is certainly an opening that we can't even back and we will be making it -- focus of the campaign where. That was -- match you know obviously. Do you think that's that's question I mean that's issue number one corruption. -- I don't think that -- necessarily would you ask voters where they don't care about. But but the -- me questionable this is not do you care about the corruption. But it what how it's corruption in the -- gang. Every day -- -- you know wrap up and talk about that we are -- out corruption tax at all these deals. That are being -- Wind up raising taxes you know it's every day New Yorkers have to pay -- -- -- -- it's -- -- -- politicians -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight it permeates throughout you know everyday life because. That's why people are leaving the job unity deal that you read about the times story with. Pay to play in any special favorite -- Actel Corp. and who gave a hundred million dollars in the governor got a huge tax incentive. Either. Very serious thing and need to be investigated and it apple culture of back and Albany. It would actually backs and reading your group arrived at the -- their job and their pocketbook and patient care. So we're back to this paper placed his corporate well first Indonesians. That are linked to -- tax credits that is plain as day yours. Played Tuesday I mean. Even. Which have Comedy Central character. Good job about just Jon Johnston were obviously last that we played in the showed it today yeah it was an incredibly damning. But Steven -- bear even got a tax credit after Comedy Central or Viacom gave more than 50000 box. Ago. It is got Egypt with the eighty ST the late show. Yeah that date it is essentially money laundering and they had given governor 50000 dollars in campaign contribution and and that a short time later they get I think it was sixty. Million dollars total and tax incentives. And -- TV use the proper product money that -- against. Tax incentives to businesses he kept it out and some other cop out. It since it went off state and it doesn't back the average person because you know -- There may hike taxes to get those deals -- and other people. Restaurants I I love talking to you Jessica that's why we're gonna skip traffic just so you know -- very all the listeners traffic -- of Jessica. I've got I've got to ask you this. What is the plan to win. What is the plant when I mean these are on the fourteenth circumstances and I I I would have guessed that there was corruption going on I wouldn't have guessed that the New York Times -- spending. -- 02 and a half pages on it and and the governor by the we would go directly into hiding how do you go from here to victory in November. Well I would say that we you know despite what the public polls show right now com. We have had a plan for victory regard and when you look at the breakdown. State is a huge factor and relax and a state count for 50% of the about New York City is not deciding the election and and we need -- -- -- -- make it may well you know could take early in the big issue for you look at the state act and the economy. You know we're ranked dead last and every important category at the highest taxes in the country we have the worst economic outlook. I'm with the most people -- state to be there are issues that well wolf -- into the race regard last. But certainly you know raising money. This is going to be huge school how we've had a lot of great outreach in the past -- -- people call thing how can I how well you know they see that crack and this thing like this governor and he threatens everybody and eat govern through fear and intimidation and there's not some log out there for and your -- while -- people that have been scared of and try to eat out at AB of vulnerability. People will be more allowing it to come out of the shadows so it certainly without regard this can be very helpful because it's. People thinking that you can -- the ball and I and getting threatening phone call from this administration and has -- -- and there's no question and you know rape anybody get a awareness out there rob going to be barnstorming the state with his lieutenant governor. Who happens to be and share and you have that -- rabbit and there's no better person to help clean up lobbying on a new sheriff in town. So we're certainly going to be any easy issue to alert the public. This is just began saying it's not over this story just broke its communicate from time to -- People are you know it's summer people are on vacation and not necessarily -- into the -- -- But it is something that is just beginning and we'll see and where the investigation would be an attorney we -- They have said they're gonna do that they can be grand jury I believe they're gonna start testimony in the next couple of weeks. So it is not going away anytime you and the governor can keep hiding out and eventually and -- -- question. Right and that's he's -- we found that people -- even aware he is the. Yep you've been completely and I -- and it's funny because his opposite and pumping out all these press releases you know -- be paid -- twenty Q yesterday and it even baby or. And that the lovely thing -- and they're silly and you know that this that he acted scandal rocking their administration right now. And they're talking about sending buyer Rangers then. You know announcing that little anger about little things out I think it's a very bizarre strategy I think it's I don't know how it there. Actually cute and that's how serious it says that they think they can get. Beast -- Arie ended and that eventually. It'll die down but it it really adds up to that Kraft Foods that supposed to be the court that they. To hold him accountable and you know we'll do our our these questions need to be answered. You know I I've got to ask you this -- you know nine known people who work in politics now that. Andrew Cuomo actually. Is one of the most difficult micro managers and government and in -- you when those same stories. He writes his own speeches he often writes his own press releases he's he takes some of the drafts that people do for him and actually ripped them up and throws away from the let me ask you that's what you -- it. Do you think he broke that thirteen page answer to the times story. Al well either -- -- whatever he it's infinitely and bottle and I don't believe are one back at. That he was not aware of everything going on every step of the right. And a year right people are great for the background without getting shouted I'm Larry Schwartz and about an hour it. The level of control. Over at the agencies over every adapt -- -- -- -- at this stage and I just saw something on Twitter. Earlier that. A new crew trying to balance secret then that. Actually that close and had no need -- connect and anywhere stopped and looked -- said. By the police that you have to go to Albany to get permission and I -- You hear from from a reporter all over the stay how they can't get any information at the start at New York add it -- and over a year. To respond. To. A legal oil requests. To release information about how 209 dollars and taxpayers' money was being back it's just that -- Well -- but it. Ask him I wonder you know. You know the county executives. Planned to address corruption. Is to pass real laws to attack corruption right. And we laid out bait and we ethics plan. That you know frankly awful a lot of other credit related out and goes beyond. I'm boats and and you know rob as -- Beckett -- limits on Al when he was elected. And he feels very strongly that that is needed in Albany -- the turnover is essential. For the listeners were talking about term limits which is based appeared a number of terms that you're allowed to have before your forced. To retire from politics in via the theory to areas that if you're not if you don't stick around too long you don't get corrupt and it's you know by the way. Am pretty sound theory and then to caddie you know adding to conquer Boller. Indemnity. To the approaching the line on things then. Unfortunately what you are not as long time there are a lot of people you see it happened to turn lament on. Into one of his top priority and and he'd he'd get it can hang out -- county executive I think it shows. That he you know -- if you can talk about it credibly. But I'm here -- so bad that convicted. Politicians convicted of that -- should have their pensions stripped from that there's no reason why they should. Can you get taxpayer funded pension actor. You know -- betraying the public trust. There's a lot of heat I think and what he proposed and you know it will be difficult to edit group but there's other ways you know through budget saying he. And it the executive that you can and not on the -- measures it's something he is very serious about and I and our will make a top priority -- reluctant. Well before we take a break here for commercial messages I wanna ask you what's your opinion. Of the governor Chris Christie mind changed dramatically this week. Yeah you know my head you like her. I just for the listeners benefited government governor Chris Christie had nothing good to say. About the answer Reno campaign he said he called it something while ago. A lot of cars of -- and you know I it smells a lot like some kind of Cuomo that. Yeah yeah now I mean it's very and it's very unfortunate you have. And why that is ahead of the Republican governor this speech in their only. Job is he elect Republican governors. And you know. There's a million other weight that he credits equity and he said Barry. Poignant remark and you know we have been hearing for a long time that. His cozy relationship with pick up back there were rumors circulating last week that he could be. Attending his Whitewater rafting -- -- action and -- size of that now. And -- out and they and they I heard it can't last and that you know I think that it's rotten. He. He's acting badly need to diet and -- I Akron. You know I think a lot of people would have just you know take it and moved on back. You know he he called out for it rightfully so. And you know we have a lot of other governors better. A chance and very willing to support -- and someone becoming the -- and others will be. You know helpful another raid back in that really unfortunate what he did but I think. You know I think he's been on that is suffering from all that I think he got a lot of low -- For Egypt and by the way his first election government was an uphill battle. Exactly on the right one that their national Republican Party was reticent to invest. Right and you know he's gone and -- Hampshire and California have both eat -- the Republican challenger. -- you know very far behind so it's it's you know his statement by the -- at it since the end it was inconvenient for him to come here. -- ever read and great skater on the right now. You know we have other governors. Well and cannot tell you that getting an endorsement from Chris Christie nowadays is worth all that much anyway so. If not close to an -- and I I've lost faith and I've lost a relief than. And this and I I would buyer what you do what you guys have accomplished since the spring. Please give our best regards to -- county executive -- you know and at a great okay. Thank you Jessica particular time -- -- that's Jessica proud of this spokesman. Four county executive Westchester County executive progress meter running against. Andrew Cuomo the moral and buster work for me right backyard is reduced by thirty WB and after read these messages. Yeah. Thanks yeah. Yeah. And gathering. Yeah. Here. Yeah. And we're back here yeah. I'm not only -- he's reunited thirty WB yet it is 5:38. PM -- 538 on Friday night I hope you're knee deep in. Your first or second gear. I will be at around 715. Earlier that was legal to drink and drive. Luckily pre. But Friday night at a wonderful weekend here in Buffalo, New York. I get she got some great plants. My family and I -- gonna go to the sidewalk sale in the eastern or tomorrow. That's a big deal at least were to chamber of commerce project. My idea public relations firm is actually. Are where office in east -- remembers the chamber of congress it's a great. Event with kids stuff my daughter who's now twelve for years has been. Participating in the of that chalk -- the sidewalk chalk drawing contest and if -- just that alone either. Oh gosh 1520 groups of kids who were drawing these right there on the on the middle mystery meat treated which closed down. For the sidewalks -- and some of the work that goes on there is really really impressive. But anyway that's the sidewalk sale on east war in New York tomorrow. Our families -- ago there first thing in the morning that Clark were on the well at the top of my daughter wants to some of the -- -- -- -- But. These guys have a great week in this week and we've got some great -- I hope you do too we've been talking about Andrew Cuomo news. But shut down of the -- and commissioned his corruption of the anti corruption commission. I'd like -- -- -- call at 8030930. Star 930 on your cellphone if your interest in giving us your comments on this listen. I don't know what you think. But I'm very frustrated by the fact that no matter what he does the matter what Governor Cuomo does. It's gonna be very very difficult to knock him very difficult. This state is so blue it's almost black. And you know that even the red fringes appear in the in upstate New York aren't ready enough to -- Serbs to offset. I'm Jessica proud of the spokeswoman for. Rob -- Reno's campaign. Says that. West and upstate New York is incredibly important to be your victory plant uses 50%. -- exit regular -- 50%. Of the vote. For governor of this state wide vote is upstate the world doesn't come close to you to New York City where -- the New York City. Get a -- I mean bad at places as Democrats will rule as it can get. That's the thing Andrew Cuomo who has been trying to protect the years Z probe business. Moderate Democrats. Was suddenly has collapsed. Everything that he promised everything. I just to try to. Bring. The endorsement for the working families party. In his call. I think it's incredible if economic parties represented everything. That is against business everything. And now suddenly he is -- sebek with the were beat him with party -- in -- has given them commitments that makes him are just about as laughed. Has of the mayor of New York. I don't think he's taken his orders from the mayor of New York. It's just it's it's outrageous. That he shut this of this whole thing down -- adjustment was about to find some some ways just when they were passing out. And. A subpoenas -- to public officials. But it's interesting and there's also in this New York Times story which. Is on politics and white dot net and the breaking call the breaking -- -- the left hand side of my whips that politics have wider net. The title of the article -- Cuomo's office hobbled at ethics inquiries by the -- commission. It's an incredible story that you really need to read you absolutely need three its long. Between printed out our audio app by eleven paper it is 21 ages. Of one and a half hour space. 21 pages of damning criticism. Of Andrew Cuomo's handling of this anti corruption commission damning every if he were Republican he would have to resign today. But of course he's a Democrat in dark Lou. New York and so he's. East he's got nothing I mean what he's doing as we know now is he's hiding. He's not answering any telephone calls not talking to any reporters. Not to. Responding to any questions not not I mean he's good people even know where ES. They know where he is. This guy it was ubiquitous in Albany he's got his fingers in everything they do -- no Aureus. I suppose practiced working on the kitchen in his girlfriend's house the one you voided taxes he she'd vote awarded taxes. But we're gonna take a break your pay some bills here on news radio 930 WB here. Checking. Here on top barrel as soon -- reunited thirty WP Ian Thomas off today and next week. On a well deserved vacation. My name is Michael Goodwin and for Tom today and I'm in Tuesday through Friday next week I'm actually. Off to Washington on Monday for meetings I don't do is review -- time on the -- and armor sandy news the Indian or sit in will fill -- again. Since were actually sitting. But let's have a right to the -- is we've got some callers. -- Mormon and I urge you at 8030930. To give -- call here at news radio 930 WP yen. We've got a lot talk about what you think about this whole scandal or are wrapping around. And home right now right now Kathy. In Somerset thank you very much for calling but we -- I'm let's take a quick break while you are talking so don't go anywhere -- we're gonna to go to traffic in the middle of our discussion okay. So -- so tell me what's going on out there Wyoming county. OK I'm I personally. Had witnessed and I had I have of the town of -- of sending neither the government -- -- while we watched. I'll multi million dollar win company's takeover -- town. Are we had town board members -- Odd kind -- with context. On their real estate with the wind companies we actually went to court we were told there's no conflict. We built by -- little lack Karrie pound torn apart and we put it in it was total. Indicting. Our county officials. With multimillion dollar corporation at the expense of the citizen forced out many of -- out of our homes such as myself. And many of my friend -- our property values and people are suffering health effects. We actually have hired a lawyer also for what's going on now by. It's disgusting I can tell you how many letters we wrote to the ethics committee. But are you. The let me ask you think this is a statewide issue. Oh yeah I think this country -- starts right up at the top obviously look what's going on. And now. Wouldn't see in Obama. Debts of the got the wind turbines from my -- -- so much corruption suckers right down to that but it actually started at the local level in my town. Melissa Mueller talked about that right after traffic OK Kathy standbys. Here back on these reunited thirty WPN at 5:51. PM -- him and that's 551. On Friday night. And Barack -- in Somerset you're talking about that you're fighting. The wind the wind generators out in the Wyoming county and you think that that. There's corruption surrounding. Definitely definitely yeah I don't take it I know it. So I we had very many things going on in our local power board level that waste. Illegally and -- how bad treatment from that sunshine lies I was videotaping that town meetings sobbed. He would agree with me on the phone that what was going on was illegal -- You know it write letters -- attorney general I wasn't the only one there were many people in my group we established a preservation group to try to. Stop you know bill affects environmentally of these things they don't work you know there I mean we we had all types that Eagles. Things like that which you probably -- -- -- -- like I'm it was it was definitely corruption and -- I I'm going to get in contact with. That gentleman -- this investigation and see if we can reopen take a look at some of what we we have facts we have documented Exley wrote letters to the editors. You talk about reaper are down in New York City. Attorney at the US attorney you know happy. It's it's a tough one because you're talking about you know there there -- your opponents. Idea is that it's their land they can do with what they want to you saw some of that down and I saw some of that down in Pennsylvania where. There was a lot you know even some town and county officials. Were -- having wells put up on there on their land wind when they were actually voting on me and they found their that it wasn't illegal while so. The problem is that when that what you do it here landed directly affects your neighbors. There is mandate McCann who is the real estate appraiser out Illinois and you know up there where there were ill effects to property values because of the conference's abuse but also. There's been profound effects. Affecting healthy -- wind turbine syndrome by Nina pierpont. What happened in Malone New York come all over the United States to get on to -- watched dot org. You would find many of the same stories that are exactly what happened in Wyoming county. You know it when companies going they've got themselves with the town officials say -- -- officials skipped contacts. The one -- unofficial in my town was. I don't I don't want to be used in the games. No no no no no but there were three out of -- bomb that had -- than the other one had some. You know the -- -- these you know some financial gave no I'm not -- -- -- day yeah of them in particular. Well I understand it in and I wish you the best of -- we got a full port calls at the thank you for taking the time the -- from one -- really -- some market. Exchange rate or retired state trooper were you promised him. Our great thanks equality and -- were called in about Mario on. It. Mario Cuomo by the weight to those if you were listening who weren't old enough to remember the governor's father. Who would rival any corrupt public officials. And I just say no. It's rather on. What I remember. It was always -- unpunished let me. Go on. And detonate you know. -- Being mr. people you know -- right though. Period tiger. Only. Rightly. -- right now -- and it is intent -- -- well Quechua. You know -- show aren't aren't a lot of news if -- the majority of our order. They're -- Well equipped. Well all of quote. I am just saying that were the younger. Operating generation. And I think we need to do more help people pull away. Well you know let's say it's very interesting. You say something. To talk -- of you very -- art I think anybody who's involved in politics. On the Republican side is very frustrated by the fact. Bit people vote with absolutely no information. And in fact our you know we have an embarrassingly low level of voter participation are elections especially. When there's not a President Obama. You know in New York State. We -- up in Western New York especially and certainly in other areas but state are more let's say a moderate to Republicans than those downstate. But downstate holy god argue. They are absolutely. Off the off the edge of the planet. I can only take about two days there in New York so yeah I was down there this week for a meeting. On Tuesday. And by the time I got out of there on Wednesday morning I was rated ago could you see it Holler out yeah I mean with a new mayor in New York City in the new mayor. It's going to drive that city into the ground and -- something. His. Politics the politics of New York City. Are absolutely opposite of yours and mine actually -- I can tell you. When I would have been bought out when a person not a. It was -- SA let him get favor could you stick around for a few minutes I -- -- with Ricky do that and August. 930 WB ENN.

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