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7-25 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything to over. You can go and do something like it's there and told. Yourself and it's live these local Applebee's neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. And we're back here on -- review by thirty WB and this is the Tom -- show. Top off on vacation this is Michael do it for sound. It's 4:10 PM. Here in western new York and we're talking about Governor Cuomo and how he got is. Well foot caught and a bear trap this week I think it's another body part while the six -- wood chips for. Story after story after story is emerging since this New York Times exclusive earlier in the week. Blew the doors off the government's office. And in fact. More than commission to investigate public corruption was poised to issue subpoenas. To the treasures of several state senate campaign committees. When governor Andrew Cuomo abruptly shut down on the panel at the end of march. According to a story that was so published. In the Albany times union in fact the -- -- hairy. Who was the chief investigators -- of the -- commission prepared detailed report category outlining questionable campaign -- expenditures. By 28. States editors that we shared with the panel in February. 28 states centers that is 45%. Of the states and we've only heard of one of them here -- Mets -- -- meters who. Retired. And rather than have to deal with the bird bird negative publicity that's. 45%. Of the New York State Senate was being investigated by the -- commission. -- Andrew -- shut it down. -- you feel kind from capitol New York thank you very much for for joining us here on WB Ian Jimmy water is going on when 45%. Of the -- of the legislative bodies under investigation. Well I think it's who a couple of things the first thing was that you regard to these campaign characters -- you talked about I think it was last week. Is there. But law is scary and very grave it's very very and no one we ever had. Force it. So these campaign accounts by state legislators state assemblyman and state senators stripped me if you aren't interconnect. -- for very long hard being used to people current expenses -- -- Anything that could be -- the people who needed to a campaign. And for the first time will be so so we're trying to take a hard look at that spending. And believe he would do you was looking at what would be on itemized spending has just declared on itemized. For some campaigns this was a very very -- amount of money it's been reported for some of the majors it was a 140000. Dollars over the course of years. The templates it was a war there. With the couple but you know we're talking about -- -- talking about Troy Ellis didn't catch that you bought a packet come in a cup of coffee what you're talking about. Potentially serious -- with a serious potential for abuse. So what's going on is apparently distribute that was on the -- in private moral and commission. Stopped what the commission disbanded at the end of march beginning of April. Put that the US attorney that happened people are it's theoretically picked up where the -- commission left I was going to be seen whether or not. There are further action that are right in this investigation. Also 28 members of New York State sent. Were. Under investigation at the time world commission which shut down my understanding is that the senate was first in line and they're gonna go after the assembly -- so. If they had gotten to the assembly and they you know at at the same percentages were talking about. 66. Of the 150 member assembly. Might have been under investigation for a look at the same kind of numbers the same kind of likelihood she. -- what is going on in -- the place is it's putrid. Well you know it would certainly make their character's actions. So full -- -- You know I think I think it's -- few things one is in different people generally don't know what's going on certainly pay attention and media and I think we have agreed -- where it hurts a lot of the stuff in the report on this stuff. But I I don't think that generally you know the general public. And it is -- -- -- he's good guy I know that guy I -- into their actions in my church or synagogue that was -- whenever. And you know it's it's just sort of people over the politicians the political -- -- that you know absolutely important topics -- you know that. And so the result is that some people can really effusive and people were not actually criminals are not necessarily. And if you will be a little straight because what Eric is a lot. Cannot take care tactic when all -- -- out for dinner at the end of long. Along we -- Albany and put it on the campaign account. I'm sure I'd put them government well -- hurt you know our personal care or -- that the topic campaign. They did discuss strategy is permissible but okay talk about what kind of did undertones of -- we talk about our record for Hispanic immigrants which. That we look at some yeah. It. While Jimmie and that we were when entering its 2010. Campaign. The governor promised to clean up Albany he bought the -- -- thing in the Portland commission could look in his own administration. And then a hastily disbanded a much against his own political. A benefit. And and then afterward puts out you know with the New York Times for this week puts out a thirteen page statement saying they could never investigated the Gartner. So how does that disparity between what he says and what he does how does that affect his chances at reelection. Well it's it's quite. It's quite -- quickly here for people who really follow these include and that statement correcting perhaps most perfectly juxtaposed. Lot not a -- out Stewart on The Daily Show they were who played them and you know based on the the governor saying you know this is. Only George Lucas gets to use -- I created it's like controller that you can write that those horrible prequel Star Wars movies. But you know I don't know what's -- penetrate for voters. You know a few things need to happen first you need to be able to take a line of attack. And make it very very clear very very simple so I feel it's been charged with a crime. This is a plausible explanation he immediately gets muddy what we've heard so far is quote chief rivals are different teach out Fordham law professors running against in the democratic primary. And of course Westchester County executive -- after Reno. Who is he Republican gubernatorial candidate. They'll be talking and -- use their words about how -- -- -- until anti corruption commission. And OK there was talking point that's a good point in a political. Because the second question is can you deeper. Global hard is that. Vast vast lead over both of those challengers in terms of -- drink and what that you detect all what was going to be able to flood the airwaves television. Media -- newspapers. Personal sky writers union event which he -- need to get out his side of the story. So the question becomes whether people will will. Here these terms the attack took. Newspaper today published a great story in which they talked to settle on political experts people who lose their politics for a long time. Who all theorized that know this probably would not -- like on look at. There were some charges brought by the federal prosecutors against either Cuomo or people who opposed. Does anybody expect that to happen in time to have an impact don't go election. It's impossible to know impossible to know what these prosecutors are doing or thinking with any certainty I'm certainly not going to speculate. Can I think that it could have an effect and he would have been affected that happens -- the election it happens now is put it it's impossible for. Well you know -- we have a question -- from the listening aren't you willing to take questions from. From a from the airwaves if not more a case and on the west side thanks for called him with a question for Jimmy. Oh my -- I you know I -- well. I kept ongoing concern about the Euro democratic Currie. On a batter and my questions -- addressing the real world. Well actually sold arms -- powerful I mean Sheldon Silver in net candidacies and what about in the other party. I mean it. All slow what. An amazing. On what the Canon. Will do -- you look at what. Our nation. For. Decades operation. Are all cities and very and I think. In it and thought. Discussion I -- Scorer their I mean that play. Well -- so social. Agree. Shouldn't be -- The financial shall want one year old English -- about terrorism and all the feel at all like the first quite. There op approach on -- Well all anxiously smoke -- excellent. In -- not. Probably probably right. Let's have began -- word -- ego. -- oh. Jimi what do you think we get here where we go from. While hardly get here are -- about that their -- you know Bloomberg urged people don't know what you. And elected core. That you sent in as a group that they can. It would Kindle should you know with the terms what you peak of the. Richard and -- I don't know I don't know Michael Moore actually the water department -- -- that it they have and have higher. Made up book on the civil service they've got you know another network organization. You know. Our -- is almost part and parcel whip and I'll. Be careful your -- is -- show. Be careful -- -- but you know you're right handed and and here's the thing. -- a very so much power inherent in the incumbency so much power. -- if if if in fact it turns out that this is indeed a corrupt administration. In a deep blue state like this can we do anything about it. Without prosecution. You. You know if you're from you're probably better than I do in 2002. When Elin had a few rare for comptroller. If you can 2006 with Allen has -- wouldn't put comptroller. When you lose if you like it under indictment of the currently under investigation -- -- -- he has the potential to be convicted of a plea guilty to a felony. And he got elected he did plead guilty to a felony which that he couldn't serve an office. He did Democrat the Republicans made the case they screamed about what could he still warm you would. So gubernatorial. It tells you that they will well we'll let criminals and ever -- in fact went away from offers for which accused ranked. Well he went -- for. The first. Were both parties -- you know of the typical torture -- It but Hillary did not look it is not a -- voters. Won't feel people who -- or from the under investigation. Books and the good chip because chip that that we election. I'm curious -- know what will become of -- The Republican leader who couldn't be indicted for lying Ethiopia Ukraine was in the so he was ubiquity of the trial. What we will act -- Welcome. Democrat from New York -- up for reelection this year. He is on -- little you know there was little trial. Pulled out and to mistrial declared. And he's accused of trying to bribe his way onto the ballot for New York City -- right happening in the election he's going for reelection he says he's not guilty. You can do you know of course is -- until proven guilty. What the voters -- I don't know. Ready for some reason. In New York State having an accusation against you is that enough to knock you out of the box. Even a conviction. Isn't enough to knock out of the box in some cases. I just I can't -- I I don't understand I mean we have -- we aren't you know. Back in 2010 we were predicting this. -- -- around Carl Paladino you may remember. The post Carter sent out to view and all your reporter colleagues in and an additional. 55000 New York State voters. A picture of Andrew Cuomo reached Photoshop in the shower. And it said clean up Albany question mark. Start with Cuomo how we get anywhere. In New York State in Albany a fighting corruption if the governor's unwilling to face up to it and maybe guilty of themselves. Well you know if he the same -- mr. Stewart made cure all public and speak but it mattered who. You know our postal corruption it is unlikely to you know I could devote to clean itself up. And also I also I think that there's no clear consensus on exactly what the solution to our. Poor people mostly on the left he says that public campaign Friday its nuclear clear but it you have that the -- there and -- snatching a small donations. That all -- due to power of large political donors. And that means that it will. It will be able to come out of the chance for a quid pro -- -- the system that those authorities say he will continue to make in government are corrupt. Reduce the power of government. Because the government it is truly are at a local level and it doesn't happen on -- not a power there will be no reason to corrupt. They're the people who point to trouble I think mostly on the right. Who say that you care about these guys in office that you won't you can't have state legislator should serve for twelve years for ten years. Love master we know the Republican candidate has to rupture -- with -- crowd support them. It is also talking about a legislative a legal solution to the -- expert we need laws instead of these laws you can drive trucks through. We need tighter laws. Well -- -- -- straight by the bribes abroad. That's -- -- So part of it this senator good to go for the do you do this 5000 dollars in cash. If you introduce it still looks good you know really helped out the Geneva current corporations. That's illegal activity here and I can do. I consider a piece senator Caputo. I want to talk about a bill -- to a couple -- did you meet your current corporation and you consider you know I'm really busy right now. Well because of a political funders it's -- cost 1000 dollars to get him. Talked about it -- -- typically. Results have been sent 78 campaigns happen every single one. And so again there are people who think that but that is currently allowable under New York campaign funding laws. You know people on the spending side and on the corporate on the IQB on the contribution -- patients. They're pretty -- The individual can -- -- about a 100000 dollars to political candidate. Quote prepare and contacts if you wanted to give money to a congressman elect Crisco and congressman Barton did you limited to 5000 dollars. Actually I think it's less -- it's that combined between you and your spouse -- In New York State you can give as much you want anybody in portrait for a primary. And general that's right you're. Jimmy I we we only we gotta get rolled your Google got to go pay some bills that you know I I've been enjoying capital New York enjoy it more now that your there but can you tell people. Who were listening -- or real quickly about capital New York where they can find you. You're going to urge people to check their capital new York -- that's capitalism radio in New York spelled out. We are aware series. Dedicated to covering politics media we've got a very large robust presence here at the state capital of Albany but also -- to -- -- New York City. And every month -- publish a magazine believe this issue which is Europe's leadership which included a look. So for the reporting about a political -- Cooperstown in about. With the serious regional cuisines you for voter behavior patterns. Sort of a lot of public policy that the people electoral vote. It's going to be key and I were -- -- -- bike in particular are talked about this Opel with the trade in the past before work -- and these western new York and mileage which wobbles. Charlie the butcher and our ability to Laura I know -- on your ultimate. I -- -- is -- located in the finest village on the planet. East Aurora New York -- -- as the you know of those what's -- these are very proud of the fact that Barbara -- Bin. Creating one of the greatest sandwiches that -- where. For many years running. And this -- -- -- really appreciate you coming on the line I mean next time I mean I'm going to be in next week too for Tom -- Tuesday through Friday. And I'm hoping to come on during that -- to do you think there's more she's gonna drop on this thing without more on commission. Thank you we know from a report in the New York Times that are of the federal procurement and our. As can be degree injury can look at it and you know that there can be Monday talks to one of the secretary who worked for the commission so. The outcome that will do that what it called licking its who -- lawyers. You can go if you portion drop as to the question. You know I forgot I estimate at -- last week you'll just at a recent addition your family. That's right. Probably a little well listen to me to right around the same time are you getting any sleep. Well you know there's I've found a solution for my wife to travel for work. At Arlington did you meet the other night but by able -- But you gotta you gotta -- me -- kind from capitol New York to meet the extra column and this is Michael typically for Tom Bauer earlier on news radio -- thirty WP yen will be right back -- -- pay the bills. -- -- And seeing them every -- You know. And we're back here. News radio 930 WBA and the Tom Bauerle show. Now comes out vacationing. Today on next week to -- this is Mike -- for Tom today you got me until 7 o'clock it is 4:37. PM. Here in Western New York. And we've been talking about Andrew Cuomo is manipulation cynical and perhaps. -- I analysts the cynical and self serving manipulation. Of the Moreland commission that he founded. Just to dig out corruption he promised in his. His campaign to be out corruption he found of the more commission with that they can look at him if they want to and then when they are looking to him. They just he just close them down. All of them law enforcement officers sent home by the governor. Like that that you need to show up on election and he. But here we -- Rambo Jim Rambo very thank you very much for hanging on I do. Like it like I've got to I would what -- -- by Euro talk about -- Fox News you. Are your pocket not the right situation. -- appointment but I never bought -- -- install smoke and mirrors. The Russians have added they're finished. Like the guys that are retired derby -- First of all nobody here on the face of this or want to immigrate. To Russia. What country -- you think of that everybody in the entire world wants immigrant. Of course it's it's the United States but they're -- types of -- there's a lot of people emigrating to Canada. A lot right here. Now your -- the problem. Like it. Like right now. And we -- right here in this neighborhood that your body and -- sort of be able to check out all the pretty girl com. Walked in on the sidewalk again I'm shocked and we have -- won my respect and we were what -- Group of Russian girls market which stock at work all right. With the -- -- During -- want people doubles Russian girls and all -- the old. But there's a reason for them. There's a reason for. Beautiful women. Outlet in America there's the problem. Well it's Mike -- Here's I think the -- James River to -- understand this. -- -- I actually myriad Russian woman I considered to be bad move and -- we were some time later I'm married to. Ukrainian woman I think comparing the Russian and Ukrainian number two very different. Very different. Cultures. But one thing that's true is my my ex wife is from the city of relish witches in 00500. Miles south of Moscow it's the city winner. Bizarre. Created. The -- And we created the navy. He'd hold all the best officers. Out of his army and put them into the navy and move them all down to -- right and when they got there. The bizarre called Kirk -- of course before he he he called in his office the commander of the -- said. Commander tell me how goes the navy he says it's going well but the men are upset he said twice while there are no women and relish. Well listen to this this list. These are put out the clarion call to the entire nation -- the most beautiful women the most beautiful daughters. If they were obese if the fathers and mothers would send them to owners they would be paid. Very handsome amount of money. They all came they all married the handsome navy men and -- created let me -- -- the party. There are more beautiful women per capita in Russia than any other nation besides perhaps Ukraine's. Any other. Well all I can totally in my body have been noticed that it every single Washington. They walked down the sidewalk and hybrid electric -- it they'll see what you. Cook would speak in poor girl for speaking with a rush and it's that should pick up the expect. Perspective what girl. If my body you have to be Iraq back to combat two were wounded in action news the all American guy bedlam. They can you spare cigarette and court me in my body. I don't smoke from my body to do smoke they have a policy. Is young and pretty appropriate cigarette. I thought I. You you would enjoy traveling to Russia you wouldn't recommend in the near term that you would really enjoy. -- -- -- That there's a lot of retired I get the travel might have been at -- -- But my back and October a decent -- mention that my intention -- in October 1. Vote. Well listen if you Rambo if your panic if you're gonna go. It over Russian you're gonna call me on on off line here like they were ago what to do. Because. It's it's a great place to visit I might want my daughter I just picked up the airport twelve -- just got back -- at the time like she's Russian. A daughter by ex wife the chip time there's some things where the problem we have there. Is that -- church. And he's a pariah in apps for a rib which it would have to go pay some bills thank you very much for -- this is Michael Caputo in for Tom -- here on news radio 930. WB EN. -- Mean it's. Yeah. They can't let them know. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- And were back here on news radio 930 -- yen. Tom -- show here for 48 Kia. This is Michael Goodwin for Tom Tom -- off on vacation I'm here to 7 o'clock tonight. And I'll be here next week for Tom as well Tuesday through Friday. On Monday however I'm actually going to be in Washington and you've got the treatment in the financial guys here. For Tom -- which should be -- really special afternoon considering it's also the long a long awaited reunion. Of Joseph beamer and the funny that you guys Joe's first gig over here at WP yen was producing the financial issue. Joseph you this going to be some new some different. Ethnic Libya different format the same guys you rarely get to see them. Excellent and I haven't seen incidents. As human person actually ran. And that was before Tom moved in the afternoons and that's ought to be a lot of -- you there are shows great on Saturday and tomorrow. On. On the finance guys are gonna have Carl Paladino. Rus Thompson. And assemblyman Dave DiPietro -- that assemblyman Dave do you treat a really the fact that those figures are doing this at this or you don't -- Mexico's. Deep deep deep -- of the assembly where in theory. 45%. Of his colleagues 66 men and women are likely to be abusing their campaign account to be if you believe the numbers from the senate. Worked 28 were included in a report by the Moreland commission for abuse in their financial accounts. 45% of the 63 men who serve in the New York State Senate. So assemblyman DPH will be able to pay a little bit about what he -- around Albany Carl Paladino. Will be able to tell you are basically I told you so because he's been screaming this now for five years. But also our -- Thompson has got its finger on the pulse of the grassroots movement he -- -- with scorn on up tomorrow on the financing -- right now. We're gonna go to traffic. And back here on action news radio 930 WB yen as Tom is on vacation -- -- for 87. Michael Caputo. I'm out of Easter or New York you may know that I don't know who was your very much that you will over the east Rory is the -- in his place on the plane to especially raising kids. But I love coming out here to Amherst have WP EST it's especially to close out a week. Where I would say this is probably I should ask this question of Jimmy video content from capitol New York which is that capital. New York dot com by the way. But this has got to be. The worst week. 482 Cuomo since he was elected. Governor. In 2002 this has got to be the worst week -- think about what's happened. Think about it. He has been proven to be -- Y. He has proven. That he will manipulate things in manipulate law enforcement officers in order to protect his friends and cronies even -- He's also proven that his promises to clean up Albany were hollow. Amazing stuff relief when you think about it. Andrew Cuomo came in Chicago. It was it was a pretty decisive victory and focus is watched very closely with -- you know. On election night he is the little ladies and gentlemen the most brutal campaigner. I've ever come up against. And I work in the former Soviet Union work elections against murders. And all of -- that would just as soon kill you look at chip I'd rather run an election in Nigeria. That run into action against Andrew Cuomo no question hands down the guy will do anything to be elected anything. Anything. Let's say this you know I I want you to call the next hour -- we've got a representative from the answering a campaign Jessica proud whose spokesman. For -- mastery of the county executive of Westchester. I'm gonna ask her about what what their strategy is sued two to. Communicate. This -- corruption across the state. But I'll I'll watch -- think about this I want you to understand. That this this is nothing. This just what we know. Just what we now. I can tell you Andrew Cuomo when we were investigating. And Carl was running at me and Russell rusty Carl may try to talk about this tomorrow. We had extensive research done on Andrew Cuomo and whenever we found a thread of something that from his past that might be. -- -- something that the voters need to know about we would follow that up and followed up in the researchers researching and me got to be -- -- we thought we would find the smoking gun. You opened the door and it smells like Lysol. This guy's life has been absolutely. Disaffected all the way back to where his youthful transgressions. And other. Things he's done wrong with it all the way back there he's clean out clean about there is nothing left nothing. But now we have this whole new thing. The whole new thing where the commission he created with much of -- To. Uproot corruption in Albany he corrupted. Himself personal. That's really quite something in my in my book. We are 8030930. Start 930 yourself I wanna know what you think this. I mean we have that the majority of of the corruption is coming out of Democrats company that's probably because the majority of political. Elected in the in Albany -- Democrats think it means they're more corrupt Republicans -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who. Commit. Egregious acts there's no question. Politics for some reason kind of reason -- what do you mean how can how can we as a as as voters. Trust anyone in all Republican or Democrat alike would you trust Democrats more than a public. Give us a call at 8030930. Or start 930 and it's all alone tell us what you think. You know we're going to be talking about this until 7 o'clock tonight might get another guest Jessica proud from the rob mystery a campaign. Right after this commercial break here. When asked her I mean listen if you don't have money it you know as if if Governor Cuomo. -- caught in in this in the town square with a -- doing -- until you know doing terrible things he would still. I think he's still could be elected here in New York State where if you blew it that it doesn't matter what you've done. We'll -- right back here on news radio 930 WB CN.

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