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7-25 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Com hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of the school. Or -- It's life. Yeah. It's local -- that this it's Tom hourly cash into the question and try to get this -- this isn't the real -- tells you wouldn't. These -- live here. -- now. So on news radio 930. Everywhere and -- Clinton -- some personal things that a lot of confidence and what's that members coast W. And here you are on Tom -- show. He's reunited thirty WD and it's 3:10 PM 310 on Friday and if you're still work. Well. Will be out soon. This is Michael -- for Tom Farley -- off today. These guys were very Eric -- here at WB com Andy all the guys who. And the wonderful wonderful there open everybody including Tom have a great time -- But we're here in the studio on a very very big news week. I mean just to -- -- -- on Monday but I am. Actually think no -- Thomas not back -- and I'm not back on money economics in Washington. That's -- the financial guys would be Monday I'll be here Tuesday. Through Friday. -- out Monday back in Washington. But anyway. Our area Michael Caputo I don't know me I'm pop polonium from way back here at point took off for a little while up my parents divorced and came back -- -- school. Went to several different high schools that'd behavior well that graduate from amber. And but thirty years ago and came back in 2010. Glad to be here. 2010 I ended up managing Carl Paladino is race for governor and boy did we get familiar with the -- that and Cuomo. Operates. And that's really come to light here. This week has. Andrew Cuomo. As many you know. Are about -- gets last year started what we call Moreland commission it's. It's named after. A statute that enables the governor to convene. -- commission with subpoena power so they can investigate corruption. More on commission packed with something that -- Carl Paladino. Promised on 81 or at least -- for months first month that offers. He traveled the state talking about how are we needed him more on commission we need one now looking -- legislature and the administration. Promised to do would be one. Andrew Cuomo if you remember spent a good amount of time traveling the state. Are talking about getting to the bottom of Albany's corruption. And after he took office. The corruption continued many would say that it got worse we've seen Democrat after Democrat after Democrat. Arrested indicted some of them in jail. I'm not saying Democrats more corrupt politicians Republican politicians just so happens that we have a lot more Democrats. Here in the bluest -- states York. Com we've seen some Republicans also indicted very interesting -- Senator Joseph Bruno who was the -- of the Republican -- New York State Senate for many many years was indicted. A convicted and and then his conviction overturned the law is deemed unconstitutional. And then. The federal prosecutor and Albany turnaround -- it's an indicted him again on the same charges double jeopardy of course. And Joseph -- approve those are actually was found not guilty. On all charges by a jury of his peers a jury by the way which stood up. And applauded. The senator after the after the verdict was read. But anyway with the most votes are now Democrats Hampshire we're gonna see some Republicans come down with some Republicans have been have been -- -- -- things. And -- by an actor. By putting together is one commission with hand selected people. Our attorneys jumps -- -- district attorneys from around the state. Other people who were at equal connections he put this group together he said. Actually. That. -- they could investigate anyone everyone he expected them to investigate. The governor. In other statewide offices the current comptroller and others. Any any part of the administration's access to and then just a matter a couple of months ago. Suddenly Andrew Cuomo a disbanded that that that the commission more commission. The commission had subpoena power -- -- them deputized as deputy attorney generals at attorneys general. On your dates they can do their work with more. Authority but suddenly this band. Of course that that that cause all of the investigations that note that we're done. -- by the commission picked up shortly -- after. The -- of the US attorney in New York City. And he has since been -- in the bushes and actually. Use. In the connect our local senator meets arts and his staff. And others. But more importantly -- find out from a three month in New York Times investigation a story that came out. -- just two days ago restoring the you can read on politics and white dot net -- the New York Times took up two and one half pages. Two and a half full pages. Of their newspaper which is multiple millions of dollars. Worth. Advertising space. Took up two and a half pages detailing. How Andrew Cuomo while he said -- the organization the -- commission could. Investigate. It's administration as soon as it got close to him. Has sent his enforcers. To tell the commission to withdraw the subpoenas that have been dropped on his allies. Insisted pull votes back set. Larry Schwartz the right hand -- the enforcer a dark force in Albany by no stretch of the imagination. Was very firm if you look at the transcript from the quotations from the New York Times story. Very firm in insisting that the governor's office. Of their allies that the government should not beat. Brought up arms are subpoenaed anyway look -- and despite what the governor -- When he was campaigning that it was time to clean up Albany. Despite the governor said when he announced with much ballyhoo the moral and commission it was going to get to the bottom asks. He said that that they can investigate him if he wanted to. And in fact in officially legally they were permitted to. And expected to by the way dispatches -- Expected to. But then we find out that he secretly shut them down shut them down. The -- There is a yard in particular New York Times details if you look at I'll I'll I'll probably put the wake up on FaceBook. Michael or compute economic Twitter also my cork. At cork -- -- the link up on commercial break the New York Times story it's such good apt to. Use -- The detailed. How one subpoena in particular with what was laid down on his media buying. But the firm that bought his advertising time in 2010 and was involved in other things with the and as soon as Larry Schwartz in the governor's office found out the bit buying time incorporated. Had received a subpoena from the commission. They jumped all over and told push back this New York Times story is damning stuff damaged government and true to form. Rob mastery of the Republican candidate for governor conservative candidate for has been all over it by the way had so has. The woman. Separate teacher who is The Who was running. It against the governor in the Democrat primary effort teach. She impact the two of them two very strange bedfellows probably the opposite ends of the spectrum. On every single issue cooperated. In a press conference where they said the governor. Has got to. Come clean on this separate teach our demanded that if this cup is proof that he resign. And rob mastery and ours has been all this mean we've all known. That Albany is -- for quite some time point to do. Many of us on the Republican side suspected the Andrew Cuomo was either corrupt or at the Israelis would do nothing about corruption. And of course that the more on commission manipulation is proof positive. That he does nothing at all about corruption. Nothing at all. Back when it comes with a win win law enforcement organizations like the more more of the -- a mistake on sports organization deputized. By the attorney general. Will make besides that it's at that something's worth looking at something smells something sticks something looks like it's not quite right. They go ahead and put a are subpoena and to -- got an ally of the governor. And his enforcer calms down -- moment on of Rex. A lot of breaks. You know I wanna play something here. You know this is a problem you know this. -- When Jon Stewart of The Daily Show picks on a Democrat you know it's years. In fact is not there were only picks and a Democrat when the probable rises to such a level. That there he could not he cannot ignored and even then he's kind of a softball but last night it episode of the daily should have time to play that we do. Last night's episode of The Daily Show is tremendous -- If you could play from back QQA have actually cued up almost two almost records the way through it. It was a good five minute diatribe on Cuomo. Take a listen to what liberal Jon Stewart had to say about this. And looks like -- some technical difficulties here. We'll get to a promise you it's not too hard to fix that. You know absolutely. Governor has a very big problem huge problem when more. -- liberals like. Jon Stewart are taking him to -- let's listen Jon Stewart. Well I'm telling you everything the commission could investigate the governor's office. The commission clearly has the legal authority to look at anything they wanna look at. Including. Governor of the attorney general to controller's -- they have the legal authority. Basically Cuomo formed a commission promising. You -- you want to connect when they look at him said. You going to be. I don't see any of the governors do you think. Do you think. So move Governor Cuomo. Governor Cuomo's office gave the times a thirteen page state. -- quote a commission appointed by and staff by the executive cannot investigate the executive arguing that since she created it. And that since the commission reported to him he could not be accused of interference. You know -- ridiculous. You know the I made it I can do what I -- that excuse only worked for George Lucas you know that right. I don't care how in congress it is that this space western now includes a reggae rabbit living under the -- It up pink shirt yeah. Now why -- -- -- -- Turns out the Governor Cuomo -- -- like the boss says yes it'll play hoops at lunch you can go hard and then when -- from accounting blocked his shot he drives the lane goes back. The other thing -- not allowed to touch the ball because I started the game. I really hope there's nothing to this because New York's governors have to -- shame. And pain. And that's. -- And that's Jon Stewart award will be the one who wouldn't Hillary Clinton -- -- -- such softball they almost did not cross the plate. Brutal analysis of this whole thing of just how ridiculous. Even swore he got beat you know that's ridiculous. And it's absolutely ridiculous what is really wrong. With this governor is he sits there and spend hundreds of billions of dollars on ads claiming the New York is. Is open for business and he knows for a fact that were knocked. He goes out with statements. Saying that we he has cut taxes when he knows for a fact he has knocked. He goes out there with a statement saying that he is created jobs are remarkable my job when he knows for a fact that net net he has not. And here he is crying out about how he's going to our clean up Albany creates a commission to do so and then cut that same commission off of the eighties. And he says basically. Contradicting everything he said says that the greens -- created this thing -- can do whatever want with the fact they can't book. This governor governor Andrew Cuomo is ladies and gentlemen. A -- an absolute. And positively. Complete. Lie year. Ever talk a little bit more about this and his Moreland commission -- And what rock -- trio might -- do this we want your calls at eight threes there might thirty. Here under these radio 930 WB -- Be happy to -- -- -- yeah. He'll -- yeah economic and when that thing in the US. -- -- -- we're back. And that music Joe's fault. I'd like snoop dog ago. They did I tell you that I actually met him on the beach in Miami sat with him for about two hours of awesome it was incredible. I don't remember much of that was incredible time was on notice him not -- two hours on the beaches and on topic -- bright guy on really really Smart. Market and politically aware and by the way not some knee jerk liberal user. He's one of those guys who who speaks to us very frankly about what's wrong with this community but also it doesn't take crap from any. But what this is Michael put here on the Tom Barrow he showed Tom Barrow is out. -- the day off today a well deserved day off and die out next week as well. Albeit for -- next week Tuesday through Friday. On Monday the financial guys will be -- I'd be very interesting but -- want to remind you I just received text from. Rus Thompson I wanna remind you that tomorrow the financial guys have rights. And Carl. Paladino. And Dave DiPietro. Are on and that'll be an interesting show very interest -- show because I guess tonight I put. With -- put 30000 miles on a truck. On an SUV with Carl Paladino -- go on from every Hamlet and village to. The towns -- counties to city in the state. Are trying to tell folks that are that Andrew Cuomo would not be honest to the voters would not be honest this -- if he were elected. And tomorrow Carl's going to be talking about and -- one thing I I I would encourage him to say. But he release speak quite which which with -- out. Due to. I hope he says I told just because this is exactly exactly. What he was warnings. Exactly. Terrible it's just terrible stuff you know. Arm -- you know I'm. Not only rented to argue the Finland. -- -- I've I'd do were outs -- run around a modest political blog. Put politics and wide. It's been around for a long time and along long around long before I came in 2010. But I picked it up last year. -- and a you know basically every single day. I read the entire -- about approximately one to two billion pages. And that takes a little I -- speed. But it takes. But I'd go ahead and put up on the web all on politics and white dot net the most important articles I read. For the day in politics particularly from Western New York perspective. But if you want to read just a few articles and understand every -- -- of politics. Are gonna do is read. Politics and while the left column -- it is today. Breaking news columns. And I you know we basically go over you know everything from whether it's Albany focused not too much New York City for -- nobody here. In Western New York here's a -- about New York City. But today I couldn't help myself. Four articles the most important articles all four of them. Are about the moral and -- make no mistake my friends this commission. Is this the -- what Cuomo has done to manipulate this commission to shut it down. To make sure he and his friends -- looked at after swearing that they had a complete access to every one. That is a scandal a scandal the epic proportions and as I said at the close last half -- This man has a flat out liar liar some of my very different people I like him and respect very much are very fond. Andrew Cuomo. I got that worked with a lot can laying down with AMOCO founders. The Home Depot guys that were -- called our job creators network. Candlelight -- actually in some ways cheering Republicans for Cuomo. I I don't understand why and I and I'm not a question their motives are not going to question. I'm in a politics of personal -- a lot of ways but after looking at the smaller commissions looking at all things said before. He set -- the commission when he was running for all the things she said. As you said at the commission and they shut down all the things that they're saying now absolutely horrible horrible stuff. Horrible stuff. Regis a cup I want I want to listen to the opening graphs of the New York Times story. That was out two days ago. It's actually posted on politics and wide net as well as on my FaceBook my core computer and on my Twitter at Michael. Susan Craig William rash of Thomas Kaplan reports Thomas -- on the press reports. In this state -- of course a problem best reporters in the nation. What Albany rocked by a seemingly endless barrage of scandals and arrest governor Andrew M Cuomo set -- a high powered commission last summer. To root out corruption in state politics. It was barely two months old and it's investigators hunting for violations. Of campaign finance laws issued a subpoena to a media buying firm. They replace millions of dollars worth of advertisements for the New York State Democratic Party. The investigators did not realize that the firm called buying time. Also counted mr. Cuomo movement among its clients having bought the airtime for his campaign when he ran for governor in 2000 tan. Word that the subpoena had been served quickly reach mr. Cuomo's most senior aide Lawrence as shorts. Does that does that should make the rules and -- -- and I say war it's as Schwartz the temperature reduction. He called the commission's three coach here's William -- for its Patrick the district attorney in Syracuse. This is wrong. Mrs. Schwartz served according to a separate Patrick. Whose account was corroborated by three other people told about the call the time he said the firm worked for the governor and issued a simple directive. Barry Schwartz said pull back. The subpoena was swiftly withdrawn. The panel's chief executive explain why in an email to -- two other co -- later that afternoon. They apparently produced ads. For the governor she wrote. The -- subpoena was the most flagrant example of how the commission. As that was with great ceremony by mr. Cuomo in July 23 team was hobbled hobbled almost from the outset. By demands from the governor's office. Do you believe mr. Cuomo ladies and gentlemen. Tell me if you believe. Just absolutely. Absolutely. Laughable. Absolutely laughable. There's absolutely no way on God's green earth. That this is not a scandal but a place of them buying time the sperm they spent upwards I believe. The number -- -- Carl knows that by. Twenty plus million dollars. On advertising from the Gartner twenty plus million dollars spent on advertise. When an ad buying firm a political ad buying firm places and add and spends the money they keep a percentage. For a fair. -- for their labor for their efforts. A -- not only they just call up a place yet they know where to place their Smart tactical but strategic. May get out their -- your ads show where you need were where you need to be no. So we're talking about buying time which just for one candidate was massaging twenty million dollars. So I'm guessing that if there's something wrong with the media buying firm like buying time it's an immense amount of money. Not some small amount of money but listen I know that of the accusations that -- r.'s office. Our main Arab -- -- a 140000 are there are across several years. Mean that's that's something needs -- investigated we need to look -- find it -- the bottom of course. But the money behind buying time the money behind all of this stuff. With Andrew Cuomo that is money rains that is money coach thank. I mean. Millions of dollars at that these firms -- some of them that did -- the standard used to be kept around 17%. Money. That's no longer -- permissible. With a summary advertising options are appeared at ad buying firms have dropped the person that down fairly. -- so it goes well with 107%. But if you're using a professional ad buying firm out of New York City -- -- ten. You know 1011%. Right so. I wonder where -- -- talking about ten or 11%. Of millions and millions of dollars we're definitely -- there at that I have seen to -- politics you know. I've seen. Because I've worked on our tonight on 78 campaigns in Marshall. 78. And I have seen that little money they call in with a big that goes to the the ad buying firm I've seen it moved around I've seen some of that money all ends up in the pocket of a consultant or an ally -- Politician in some states that may be a big believer in New York State that is really illegal. I'm real curious about what you think about this ladies and gentlemen please give us a call at 8030930. Here on news radio I'm pretty WBM we'll be right back. A. We're back here on -- 930 WP yen. Tom -- out today and off on vacation next week my name's Mike Cook -- -- and it's 3:47. PM. The 47 PM note today -- -- I wanna remind you numbers 830930. I'm very curious as to what you think we don't know. I've said this before if states and Jesus H Christ were warning running against Andrew Cuomo. And -- -- millions and millions of dollars. To -- Stand for the chance and we all know that. Andrew Cuomo is a juggernaut I'm curious what you think about this problems the fact that -- east watched. Corruption investigation into his own administration. What do you think. -- do you think that this man deserves to be reelected do you think he will be reelected would you vote for him are you gonna vote for mastery or are you gonna vote for. Teach -- the woman who was running against. Cuomo in this primary. That's 8030930. Star 930 on your cellphone on politics and white dot. Net. Good. The political blog that I Iran with some help from staff. We we we went through all papers this morning we found four articles and every view is picked the most important ones. And four out of four of article -- that he wished for out of form. I can't think of anything more important this is at least not for. New York. Orient. OK and listeners. Capital New York which is very very strong. On line boldly. Political blog I don't know if you news organizations I don't know if you follow they have incredible -- -- to have one other writers. Now on on the phone -- witness. Jimmy you kind are right after the top of the hour. But I -- they had a great story by Blake's a difficult situation Cuomo can't control in fact that's absolutely true the New York Times. The front page blocked parts of the -- -- team was -- finally landed on Wednesday and it wasn't pretty. Capital access I recommend you read that article because this is a situation in smoking control and when he can't control something. He gets very upset when he gets upset he acts greet them. Period. Right now Weber -- to go to traffic. Welcome back to Tom knowledge here on news radio 930 WB and it's 3:51 PM here in buffalo 351 on a beautiful looks like. These beautiful weekend I gotta tell. On highways are just yesterday. I was out. Taping a TV show WT TG I think you probably know that hometown TV station and they're put -- -- -- fight ratings battle. On -- have great programming and ever shall call political bosses. And the hosts are. Joseph Arpaio and John sure are asked me to come and they were talking about the Malaysian airlines flight that shot down Russians. And afterward. -- talked to -- -- you know my daughters are all in town actually. But my twelve year old -- here. I'm visiting she actually just got up a plane from -- -- twelve. And she's here -- two year old is absolutely adoring her older sister in mind. Four week old is trying to figure characters and I talked about that it was like. In -- tone Arnault and and issue in my daughter's here. And when I saw them in the car when they first archer fluent with. Broader putter in the back of the car and she poked her head over at my two year old my two year old and the look on her face. Was just priceless she looked like somebody just gave her seventy Far East. You know win when -- this age data age and -- got a broken family those kinds of things special. Real special tonight I just you know take a look at that political bush it's gonna air arm. It's going to air on Sunday at 11 o'clock AM on channel 67. -- I'm fortunate cable channel five. And we go right to the phones here Chris -- -- thanks -- quality. You know Michael. Aren't going to. Attack in here yes I can't thanks for congress. I apologize as you might might might know about global. I told a cult and keep it short preacher there is I don't think I think what what was the trump everything. I really don't think they get better. I just think that they can double in just because he's a Democrat liberal Democrat right into it. It's an effective he has absolutely. Screw the pooch on on on now on -- -- -- No different in that department Europe and look what happens the national. Thank thank thank thank. But Chris I you know I ran the campaign against him in 2010. I mean I -- and Carl Paladino went around the state saying he's wired just life line. And the reporters were incredulous like how could save these liar he's the attorney general of New York State and we've seen nothing but lies that. And his liberal our defenders are enthusiastic about. Yeah exactly and they and they will continue to do it it's just it's like well like. Saddam duplicate content thing where they just there and they hammered by them for some reason I don't know what it is. Well I think you know you might be onto something army remember. The Clinton family known in the Clinton and the can do anything -- You know that old dynasty that hole. Totally correct and they can they cannot do any wrong I I can't think of anything they've done right. But I know they can't do any wrong. Well what's interesting also you have the Kennedy. -- Tuesday dynasty in America American royalty so to speak you know the clintons if it weren't for the fact that -- -- keep his pants up. They might also be considered royalties well. And then now people are talking and of these the national mediation is almost or give me attention the national media positively. The talking about him as political royalty but at the same time. Think what you will about George HW course my former boss by the work for George. HW bush in 9192. And his son George W. Bush two men who have already served as president and a third son Jeb Bush who some think are going to be. Running he's going to be running for president to -- at this time next time around. This -- that has 282. Maybe three president's and get their not a -- -- May get a little too conservative dial -- I think Jeb Bush is a little bit you. Leftist senator from. Yes he's very moderate I think that your your opinion is is ballot and it's chaired by a lot of people really. You know I've I've I've actually been with him three times in the last year -- And he's out their town common core which I think it's a huge mistake cute. Oh yeah you got. Or. You. Go to a commercial break -- Chris thank you very much for calling an elaborate on the phone please Obama got a full bank of -- got a lot to talk about here it's 8030930. Here on news radio. 930 WB end.

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