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7-25 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back live up. Like do I give a contribution to -- replied definitely go to mercy flight dot org. And and the very fine organization and they do good work and they don't question it saved lives -- We would like you can do that we're alive -- target of this painting is it child abuse to use bank charges banks. Because an appellate division of New York State says on Wednesday. Is a reasonable use of wars -- parents who spank their children. And the key word there is reasonable. And we're talking about you know misbehaving. -- which are about open hand on the tour and that's basically -- the other stuff there is not what we're talking about we're talking about. I'm just banking and we're talking also about recreational banking which. People like ponies are hard at that and enjoy on a regular basis we're talking about it would. Correction of bad behavior basically. Let's go to him. Line one this would be Larry in buffalo Larry you're on WB yeah. I can't -- are you were. Regarding strictly I don't think Kenny Perry goes out intention to actually highly traveled more such carry them straight but it. Nobody's threatening or effective and should not expecting. But you can't -- before -- -- kitrey delegates say you're right it -- -- a father would of course come out here are able to commit this board. These guys screaming. There aren't and the ability to put your finger upon. A widget coming into. Well that's right I mean that's what it's designed to bill is designed to soften the punishment so mom or dad whoever. Is going to do spanking Thurow maybe I shouldn't you can't talk him out of it. And I actually think that there is a benefit. Hewitt again like it don't think that. I would be out of -- and very good -- -- -- appropriate were there thank you thank you Larry I'm with you -- -- talk about child abuse we're talking about banking. I keep -- a lot of people like to try different things and whatever works that's fine. But what you find is that their kids are very clever in avoiding. Good -- doing things they don't wanna -- and among them the delegates -- now John Rosemont I consider John Rosemont would be. The authority and flowering. Besides your mother or your father. -- -- when he speaks and he speaks frequently in the room in buffalo. And and and has expressed an interest in coming on the show we just have to coordinated and when he's in town when he's out of bounds of where this guy I think is a columnist. He writes books. And as I said I'd like his approach because it's common sense. And it says and I keep all of his columns that this one is from June 30 of 08. Does that give you an idea how much like rose on to -- or not this bank it rarely fails that when I opened the floor for questions at a speaking engagement. Some Alaska -- believe in spanking. My response is always that whereas I do not believe in it. A sense of in promoting it. I do feel there are times when a spanking is the optimal response was certain mystery there's always things and irregular tool in the tool box. But when it when it happens that kids should know it's it's different and that's why -- is she's getting spank. I've said essentially the same thing and those columns never failed to provoke near his area among the usual suspects. They accused me of promoting child abuse and other oddities and and that's that's always what it is anybody who doesn't approval something you're doing. These these in his thumbs thumbs and so our view where as you have a better handle on that. Unfortunately for Obama the cultural debate over whether to spank or not this bank as the as evolved into -- shouting match. Between extremists on the right we have folks who believe in god insists that parents bank. Having done considerable resurgence of the various uses of the word raw. In the Bible and consulted with the old testament scholars. I can say with confidence that. When used in the context of just one of children rod is clearly a man of war it does not include respect and it does not. Explodes rankings and order as a prescribe them. Thing that however apparently convinces them labeled them an agent of Satan so if that's what they wanted to they wanna position you as an extremist. If you believe in them in some form of banking. On the left we have people who believe that to swat a Giles reared teaches them hitting is okay and see that it's always. I was gonna do your physician your opponent is positioning. Via battle through your mind probably the great look at the average as a read it it's about advertising. Radio and stuff like that but it it's what it's all about but what happens in politics all the time. He -- the fact is research done by people of no ideological axe to grind clearly. Support the view of an occasional spanking is caused no psychological harm. Greg Reid in his bank interest last Tuesday. And I was the bad boys that were embraced it Kamerion man he's the only one who called him that. It's time for us banking as a whole thing -- -- I have more. All the long term study of -- outcomes regarded as one of the best in the field on the children. Gore can usually banks or significantly higher on measures of well. An adjustment that children. Who have never been bank -- it's important -- -- now and this is not an easy line. Two to walk on is important that the kids know you care enough about them. To discipline them. The ones that don't do any discipline there kids don't think you care and I know that sounds backwards. But it that's the way it is if you care enough to show them their behavior is wrong and you're going to punish them by a spanking. It came on news can be very effective. -- so that's what John -- says he doesn't promote but he doesn't discourage it either he said when it's appropriate if appropriate. And so called liberals among on this one -- as I'm concerned because of the rational approach to child ruairidh. Those who say I'm sending them to a Roman there's going to be a time now and that adds that there are some there now. And they said before they have more electronic movement even authors so what are they learning they're learning they don't have the debate about Thursday and go to Rome. -- say my idea of having a circuit breaker dedicated to their role as one of the breaker. -- -- No electronics -- -- -- -- -- there's other things that yes this is somewhat. I think they'll give -- -- on the back. We'll be back with more we realize that mercy flight would be to go and we were asking about banking and bank or not the bank. If you have a court in New York. Ruled that. It was OK -- -- father who was bankers Giles. If it is a reasonable use of wars for parents whose bank and so that that was. The appellate division. -- there was insufficient evidence that it went beyond a reasonable force and so that that the problem is open not open and inspecting. The trials of more of discipline after heard the joke of an adult. Are they reasonable use of wars and under the circumstances. Presented here did not constitute excessive corporal punishment before a judge panel ruled that in a unanimous decision. Oh yeah and the appellate division why would you have war. Wouldn't you likely to end up to a true would -- -- Either three or five. It's -- we're -- them when they Tony why they have Georgia is a month ago. Yeah that's hot guys I mean should be out not even guys you guys even in that doesn't make was that. And other state. Now. A lot of FaceBook response but as usual. While we have to do a tutorial. -- and yes or no. One word answers doesn't quite work. -- I think a poll here asking for your opinion. And so we went there and Tony borrowed them bound. Most of them one -- one word answers. Do you paper wrote to banking. Is that a form of child abuse. I would assume most people did not think it was -- -- with -- when they're actually read for a Joseph says not until your married. Almost getting gas. I think that's the kind of thing that banking is out doing dating. After bowling and to boost if it costs. Everything improves their pupils. Of the as if he's wearing banks that I'm bank what if -- I'm an advertising with my -- my business week. So. What is the difference between abuse and and spank me I'm so wondering unusual punishment. Things that might be more than -- I know it I was always the large. Even bill I -- bank a couple of times. My mouth that was that was so that was much more effective. Much more -- -- and you're an ivory -- is like now. And that happened more than a couple of years ago so that that was very effective but all of -- a punishment. I think that go to your room doesn't work. I really doesn't. And I think about is. Who who who way to -- me but I'm thinking things like. You know we go right here every Friday night we going ago. And -- -- we have rights agreement or not because of this. Because this next next week we -- that your behavior if we can have ice cream. But what we've earned ice cream what you earn dealers something like that and I don't know what you. It would I would respond to move related things much quicker than anything physical music that with -- -- Yes we do but we don't we don't flaunt in other words like the example you gave he would never. Go take him off for ice cream and we witty and fun of them it's important for an event where upon earth now I I don't I disagree I think that that would be flaunting that the key can be just as effective. Just say look we're not going. Adjusted -- -- not going out to ice cream and that's. Is that on Tuesday -- yes there's been here and -- flag I -- Yours that but -- guys like that is. Bill one I would want -- it would make -- because. Because of what he did know what he's going to enjoy ice cream I want him to know. Why he's not and the -- isn't. And I think that with something like that is even more weight but I am what I do is if -- -- in that situation. You know let's say we wanna go to Fantasy Island and that was you know we're -- ago. You help -- duke cry whatnot I'll wait a little why well then I'll go to his room. And I'll sit down next Jimenez that in outs classes nick do you know why we're not coal and -- because I woke Samantha op yes and. In many understand you do. I don't think I think one of the guys on GRC and was very effective for his kids as they drive to Africa and park in front of -- person. And say. Little Johnny you're gonna end up there. You keep talking during class and no I'm just made. But there are different author resort like to hear from you have you come any creative. Imaginative. Forms of punishment. Don't realize 30106. -- if he loses its I think they realize the mercy flight. -- game is it a form of child abuse on the appellate court in New York says it is not reasonable uses banking is okay. I'm John Rosemont Roy uses a guideline for child wearing says he doesn't advocated but he's not against that either and he -- the same approach that. Moderately can be effective and that's the way I feel about it we're not talking about. Anything except an open hand and the tour. 8030930. Wait 106169. Through Kansas star and I birdied let's go to line one. There we go with whom I want to be Rambo gem -- on WB. Well they've -- -- your right to Wear what I wanna go but at this Caligiuri give Tony. -- a lot of space to grub -- your literary. On them and -- -- -- -- only the kind when I was really band to. Discipline all the way. Oh. Europe -- guards -- your views may be different than numbered. Them. Doubt seriously. For camp apparently get satellite. It makes an impression upon them. Whatever what I've not been serious it was a first great and I mile off the sister all -- or may actually. -- old mother superior. Mother superior. Called my mother on the phone and I album ever larger than live ever forget this I get all the -- My mother was speeding it -- -- stairs. Would the would. -- and while this boom and the mezzaluna abused them not that. Cannot hear ordered -- courier all hooked up at all like -- women here don't like he didn't. Mother superior call -- Here -- probable. You are you know -- you want to avoid that at all costs because. Combination of mother superior and this -- is not good for young Rambo Jim. Well why. Can't. Get up here take -- jacket -- And I've been -- about whom I know a big huge cheer on the -- and its banking Iran was a program more welcome. Oh yeah -- When I go to the seventh grade my history teacher what a Barbie. Only here are the -- my teacher was super that that was the only difference. What are right with -- we're here right here in an era I would play in the Amish yeah probably it's a walk and abide. People in the -- -- That happened in the bought it. Well you know you're going to go to market. That they were -- right. Yeah I think he felt the spider at the Hughes thank you have that I love -- -- And they don't live OK. -- it was very matter. Very good let's go through line to would should be Dave. Dave in north Colin -- W be. Yes I am not advocating this alternative method that I grip and forty. And my aware of pomegranate bush agree this the stairs to the front porch. And my grandma really -- for the peace or those switches. Keeper -- refrigerator enormous behave she regretted injured with a flick ever reaction get you know about them behind her back in my leg. If I admit the paint you know -- -- I ran up there and get the thing out -- there triggered. All issues. And won a schedule like that you know -- gonna -- the line. The apartment ever heard them like that the one thing you're ever. I think I think the most. Visual ones that we would -- would be moon wouldn't boom and that usually wielded. By you have to -- -- mom correct. Them have been blown. -- thumping now as with my grandfather had a razor but never use that he took off of the -- occasionally. And that was an office there. I never saw him use it but boy it was there and disappeared -- -- not only. You government's in house I assume it wouldn't and is part of the as part of the -- probably more so much so that my brother Michael and I when we would get out and we knew we were going to be in trouble so we would proceed go to the kitchen and break the wooden spoons. So that they couldn't be used as weapons. Column and your year a much about the spent a lot of time in the moments -- It's yours yeah yeah we were kind of we -- through a lot of almost just put it that way. I'm. Still here like if he ever. He's spanking with a spoon. Even though you know -- would have nothing do with the likeness would like to Houston's bank when you think. I -- she was an Angel -- -- the ball on that point what we will return and if you like to donate money this razor it is a most welcome. -- tumors like dot org and it. As as we've before this wonderful wonderful organization and they do it lives is not any question about that. But it is -- In organization as the -- wouldn't companies. And they have you deal with the people with old rule and the maintenance schedule. Anything and he kind of aircraft. Is rigid. And -- and so yeah they stabilized but it does not in in the expensive venture and maybe you'd like now I've said before. Never in numbers with the -- there. And I Israel 100 there's one who respects but he we will return after. It is a company or alive and the -- And there's all kinds of the Mumbai can give visual look at that helicopters on the and we have -- -- -- refreshments and what a beautiful okay. I'm from Oakland in meat and -- from Moore's replied. Punishment besides the usual stuff. And they knew that when one of them there one day attack I think a lot of people Western New York will be able to relate to. When we were young especially for your driving around in the collar. My parents with threatened to take us to father baker if we did not believe. I can't you know make them grow up here. -- -- that -- that apparently it was a regular threat and an about it he parties as the guy. Who's considered -- think. And that of the boat through the bullies that he bounded I mean -- -- like oh yeah. It would roll with. Well we know he was going to be the same. -- -- -- like and then he hit a good. And -- owe him your on WB. I think -- like that show lightning thirty. Any idea that great teacher mr. -- Used that -- me on the forehead with his middle finger real hard. Sometimes twice a day sometimes twice in a row. If -- get your attention on. Well. Well the other part is good everything went black and and I thought started every time. Hope all your demo reels that are. Yeah it could -- -- while and that they -- there wasn't the fact have that it works. It up and arrested today. Well I think a word that. I think -- alternatives you know where their creativity I like that so. Oh come on they had much like -- and CIA has. When Tony and also gets -- from abroad thank you thank you very much. Let's go to Judy Judy Judy and all could beat your journey here on WB yeah. The morning and they. I turned down daily Elam in this part of me at this point reported ten minutes so what I have to call screener -- -- did anybody I'll play -- today. Have you heard that old commercial day. Spared the Latin part of the child. Well that's true I mean I've heard that forever -- Well I think my grandfather and my dad owned it. But then I found out that it's a scriptural from the Bible from top. Yeah and and John -- mine reversed it would in his column about spare the rod. He says that you know he's not an advocate of spanking but he has no problem with -- either. Also there are more than one ways to skin a cat if that's what you wanna do is why you wanna do that I don't know but he mentions. He checked with the old testament scholars. And he can say with the confidence. That's the context of broad is is a metaphor so basically. Yeah he's okay -- -- and I'm gonna. Easily prepared eradicate this done and people love them care quoted them this upon them. But in actuality. In the standings tell you gotta do -- look around and see how much disrespect there. Because there are many guys got going. -- -- -- -- It features I mean we used to misbehaved maybe -- -- but class movement. Everest award teachers or anything like that and now -- -- -- the teachers especially in some districts. The kids regularly do that there was no respect at all there and got to get him back in line and if you go up with a creative way more power to you about it going to be -- and thank you very much. I've always well. People who who -- very few guidelines on their kids. And never punish them for anything of any consequence. I think the kids actually. That it was then that. Would -- be -- you know you might think well if it feels he -- she can do anything ego of that now and unnecessarily. Because they feel you don't hear enough about them. To take care of imparted taking care of them is the discipline them when they -- on the line to give them some guidelines and some guidance. So I can understand. Where that -- old wooden guidance is gonna have less respect. Then a child who has -- more guidance and more disciplined by that don't you think about dare you gotta you gotta give them direction and direction came be in the form of punishment or can be in the form of verbal. If there you know ignore the way that -- is that what they do the right thing and and -- guide them when they do the wrong thing. But -- the -- -- not wanted to get involved with your -- if you don't do something. Oh thumping expected it shouldn't be knee jerk -- I think that the hardest thing gas is major especially when you're a young parent. Because the first thing you want if you want the screaming to us. Whether it and we've seen it we've seen -- cases of babies crying in young parents who -- I don't have a parenting skills. Do terrible things -- -- -- -- them. Because they don't know how to deal with it and -- just one of the stuff. And that's their idea of the right thing to do. Well that's obviously not the right thing to do but it -- them some getting used to dealing with a child because. You don't want that injured you want a real thing out. So they'll know you're just reacting to what they just because recent escalation. What if an escalation and a Betancourt as a gentle -- as you -- a couple of hours ago. Yes soon says I yes I do my mom's bank dust and ice bank mind when they needed it in in my mom also ahead. My grandpa is racist -- she never used it but we knew she had. It's obvious pass -- program covers raises. Yeah yeah yeah and why in the bathroom is off the kitchen one bathroom like most houses that one -- time. Strap them on in the bathroom but it wasn't it was in the door -- so that you could yet. And anybody in the kitchen and obviously him in the back from -- but in the kitchen -- the and what we would go over there we always look to check it out because we know what it meant. It represented punishment as I said he never used. Ever but we were afraid to him that. And we didn't want to -- of that that kind of intimidation there a line or that rappers and a couple of times he took off book. But never use and and -- Wait would that be enough to know he would never going to use it we assume that. The weight room by getting it and that was that. Another -- we've -- let's go to Mary Beth who says no vivid memories of my fathers felt just taught me to be more clever and quicker. Did not leave warm Fuzzy feelings that is just abuse. Well if you're using a belt. Of. It wouldn't wouldn't be something. I don't know whether it would be something I'd be too crazy about I think an open hand is is in order to push. No you know no pays nothing like that push open hand where it doesn't really hurt. It'll hurt your hand with much of as little hurt your. -- bush but if you remember it and it's different that's the whole point. It's different it's not Super Bowl. Brewer -- you'll get into way a a battle of words. You get denial the united you know setting -- bail hearing as a judge. You're saying that was wrong and here's what's going to happen because that was wrong and leaves it leaves a mark plus. The apart that they don't understand right away but they something's wrong if you don't. Care about misbehavior you don't punish them when they're when it's call war. They they think you're not you're not engage -- you don't care about them I think they actually appreciate and respect. A a spanking if it's if it's golf or they think if right things. A -- they deserved it and many times we knew we deserved it. We're always trying to weasel my way out of it but. -- we don't know we knew we we we deserved it so. Anyway about -- -- -- the events going on here at mercy flight to Mumbai if you've not been -- play before. I'd go out to be former flying tigers location because that's where it is. I'll cut the good refreshments there -- get a chance to see a video of helicopter looks like up close and personal quite a McCain. And that wraps up we'll see you Monday at nine on -- and I'm thirty W via.

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