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7-25 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With the company -- -- at mercy flight and I feel really comfortable now because there's a training class of nurses. In the next building. And there's like problem and -- -- -- -- so I like -- gonna Boehner any thing. I'm in good hands they feel free to give me the Heimlich maneuver thank you Burma about the amount of access and here's some more of them this is like a very good so this training going on because this is. A medical hello there our medical operation as well as an aeronautical operation. And if you would like to donate money it's very simple about just go online to mercy flight. Dot org and and make your contribution will be talking where -- pilot who is also patient. Hopefully wasn't a patient while it was a pilot. And his name is this get beyond. With Lauren fix we talked about the looking for our car for your kid and we kind of went over the suggestions and make sure it's that's a big engine. That the heavier vehicle doesn't have to be attacked but it is it shouldn't -- -- Marco either. Electronic stability control electronics in the -- helped a lot. And their vehicles with the best safety ratings some this homework that you have to do some other people have to do what. Get it done. But that we talked about his generally buying a used car because usually always -- while buying a car we talk about new cars and then you can go to KBB dot com and and others find out what the invoices on the safety ratings all that stuff but he used -- a different. Who -- you suggested and it's what advice to make sure that. If if you are not mechanically inclined to deal with somebody that is and have them inspect the vehicle and give you a report on it. What are these things on the car that are most likely. And if you could give me I know this is an impossible question because we're talking about odometer readings on the air the other day. You get an idea like that transmission should be good for a 40000 miles or this that sort of thing what would be the more. Cash hungry repairs that might have to be made on a used car that you wanna be aware of. But there's a lot of cash hungry -- repairs and everything average person's spending. I -- -- audible for beer are mobile industry to repair history samarra he thousand dollars a year. A little bit like you well that that's an oil changes -- maybe -- depreciation and tires that's that's a total expense. So we -- that you know what's going to be expensive. -- and that's going to be the engine is at the heart of the car the big solo thing hasn't hit Ricardo Nancy -- and you know you realize this engine is really weak. Maybe something did change oil may be out something's wrong with the car and they didn't follow through and getting repaired they. Ignored it. And it is slated bill it's like getting here as we get your breaks with a 200 dollar job you wait -- so bad that it's a 2000 dollar break down. It's like anything else I doctorate a hold of my gosh common hospital so the same thing is -- with your car. So there's some chances of it then you need to your place or some serious engine work that's gonna be real expensive. Transmissions can range anywhere because it depends on the problem 400 dollars on the thousand. It's a dollar you're just driving a car on the test drive how can you tell if the transmission isn't shifting properly that is is supposed to be smooth obviously. If it's a jerk he's going from here to -- as a whole too much -- one here one of things to look for because that's a big ticket. Delegate power to the ground you might -- you know I'm very aggressive shift. Again is when you're driving your first test her before he thought this is your car use your. Well for five years -- is that if you could kiss but are you really not that -- used what I like it has to do -- it was Arafat today put -- a different story. But it. What do you see these few leaks do you see underneath what on the cart -- excuse Melanie things that smell funny. -- -- -- Smell funny you know do you feel something when you drive does it feel like it there's something that's not right you know this should be true with any kind that you have had some of the liquid -- the -- different colors right the right transmission fluid the radiator nine. Fluids all have different color there are -- down the outdoors you know your color -- you get an idea what's going but it went on the character that I get from transmission fluid. That could be -- could be black and you could have cool and they could be green or could be read there they're human excellence in your -- who won both this time no. If it says if you get -- GM cars as used you know -- -- that that's music values -- asked and the like for example I might it says he's full synthetic do you use full synthetic oil if you need -- -- off don't. She found out was quiet. Whatever oil and get a gas station have to be. Full synthetic and it recommends a certain weight and you have to follow that you don't know on a used car. Did that person do debate even bothered picking -- and a lot of leased cars people this go one up for. Then goes off out to. You know I used -- lottery dealer lot it changes -- Let me ask you this because I know -- do some good values there are just wanna know your recommendation with the lease cars -- cars a big go big police companies. They have a life of Volvo cars that they rent them out a mandate then they seldom are these are these are good things to look at or not. It was a -- at least treated cars if the -- thing I tell people if you're looking for certified pre owned and every manufacturer may have. I would recommend like let's say you're looking at a VW for example. I was ability to BB I'll I want I want I want one that's three years old Hasan got at least it okay and I'm gonna buy it I would invite from a VW dealer. Because they're good to know all the inherent issues that are wrong with their car and they want their car to be -- because your brand is on the line plus. People who lease I have to understand that when releases out if there's any damage through the interior whatever you gotta pay for a so they might be a little easier on it than you'd expect Clinton also now is -- -- do -- -- car one that you need to know is. The Czech doubles let's and the minister. Billing you a big deal you know not that it's their cards right they'll leave -- -- -- -- -- and then and now. You're responsible for tires brakes that the brakes are worn out prematurely or you waited too long and he did the image of the rotors to display the -- parts and got to put my problem. You're gonna get nailed for that and they're going after people of cracked windshields and everything because they eat the Celtics are at most they can easily at least agreement. It was OK so you've got a car and you're going to sell it and that's a whole different ballgame them I've been buying it upon yourself endorsers selling and who's selling it through. -- the big advantage of trading it to a dealer is then you don't have to pay the full sales -- it's only on the difference absolutely have to pay the full obviously if there's going in for cash deal. But putting it on your line and waiting for people who show up and drive it can be nerve -- half the time they don't show up you don't wanna get in cars with strangers there's a lot of downside. By and large on the on balance that you just said that there are times when it makes sense. To get a car from the -- themselves a new getting used -- that the best most of the time or occasionally. It depends if you're if you're looking -- a buyer card you're looking at a certified pre and I like to go to the to whatever manufactures. Is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean he's really good at it. But there are people that can't afford the plane if he'll -- it's. And -- we come back that's one of the questions I wanted to ask you because it if something that just caught on by itself. When I was -- bowers said on the air that there -- just passed a milestone like 80000 miles. Then all of a sudden and social media all really I had a car that was a 1101000 Ohio on for a million mile into the moon and it. Let me ask you what you can expect generally. -- mileage -- it's well maintained and if you don't have -- -- -- will be back with more we're -- -- Lauren fix the car coach and -- mercy flight as a flying tigers location. Got a little bit more time to talk to Lauren fix we've talked about virtually what kind of car you should look at where your kids the first car. And comes up on the GM recalls of like them and we we -- a lot of modes of buying a car but we often don't talk about selling a car. To me if you're going to sell your car -- especially rather than trade trade. I make no mistake about it you're gonna get though wholesale that's I don't care what your -- looks like it's going to be wholesale. Retail you you Roy you've put your own -- however go online or not you if you're in a position where -- relevancy into that there's some downside to that. But the difference as you gotta prepare your car to me the best investment you can do when you're selling cars to get. Details absolutely there's some great diesel shops here in the -- player if you don't want it yourself. But the key to US state he'd state to hold -- exactly so -- -- you know it makes that Wheeler of what's your house of sealing the you have all the personal items I don't even have O'Brien my car and on having that. -- -- -- thought it would advise you if and when you know you think about it when you go to your whole dictated deep personalized guys go to our. Take all put everything in drawers pictures of faintly they don't want a picture you are feeling that they want a picture of bear -- in the same thing is true with cars. You -- take all the personal tragedies and things hanging off the reviewing nine. I you know how your personal Playboy thing like very -- by Tony's car the Playboy thing hanging from America -- -- -- a half a -- and it's safe clean up the glove box Obama napkins and kept -- back. Then and things and have your -- available as well but people don't keep -- I keep receipts for everything counterpart I went -- -- is there a battery -- we rubber -- -- -- -- prices on that ran a good look good and then you can compete with a dealer that's again that's the way to do it the FB part though is some guy who looks like a mass murderer wants to. Go look them right in your -- -- building cars -- yeah exactly and I think about that are coming in taxi cab in New York City and thinking why does my mother like and I shoulder going hello. So that's always a tradeoff right so that's one thing so what do you deal itself. I was to -- first -- if you want if you really have a serious buyer and you're still a little concerned have two people go with you but the key is don't read -- your house because. No I know there was an LA a situation where they would. Pastor of the cargo I'll let you know come equipment deal I never do that any stupid -- you -- the net but Tim Hortons meet them. -- bakery -- and at war ever let them parked their car there. And then US another person was this year female don't. Well no absolutely likewise. Oh and I I don't trade when I felt like Karzai was -- of sites spotlight club Marcello we have drinks and -- can't evaluate again -- -- you know. I'd like to buy it -- like that absolutely it is important I wore them publicly -- I want -- -- public places lots of traffic. Where you know lock eyes you -- immediately you know the ball. Here's another tip two when you're when you're selling Emeka is the easiest possible for the person to buy -- have the questions arise directly answerable. Give -- only all the information like she says have all your -- bills. Or receipts things that you've done through the car including warranties and and and a lifetime transfer rules -- Right now quickly before we go. It's only human bugging me. Four weeks and weeks and weeks about yes about this 700. Horsepower. Challenger and I said if anybody's CNET. Worse and then if it's a real car yet this Lauren fix reject that out yet we. Get to see their health care act as well suspect packs. I have private. Event at Chrysler corporation we believe our cell phones of the hardest -- journalists and I want to another photograph -- and so no no photos no no cell phones you know we have our ipads because I drop my notes and and I okay they covered all the cameras up and they know if you took any pictures you out I was a look. It looked beautiful -- it all the great colors in embryo that the greens and yellows and purples Richard and. Are fine when they're at the dealers say they want -- order those -- the harder it. We don't want anything other than beige gray or brown or black organic Charlotte Cleveland today that he while he drives salary -- drive he. Break color -- and you're you make woman -- -- where it will be looking for you and who who knows where every time I turn the TV on you're there yes arsenals of the freeze freeze framed pictures -- sent -- back. But beyond that we'll see you on the Fox Channel where you regularly. -- channel I'm my news -- every Wednesday from 2453 o'clock official called. I'll put the pedal and metal -- that -- -- out muscling USA radio -- -- -- Fox Business you know at least once a week. And I'm also online if you miss anything just go to lord there's dot com or Lauren fix sarcoma thank you thank you very much if you don't. A lot of here now I will be back I would talk about something. I didn't as war in this day on this segment because we're gonna talk about something that. Spanking is what we're gonna talk about and I knew I couldn't control myself so that there. We're back where mark -- -- -- and blurted out Libya and always so welcome guest on the show we live at mercy flight. The best way to describe how to get here is if you remember the flying tigers location and that's where we are. And they come by because there -- refreshments and I see that. They're showing the inside of brought the helicopter which is out on the out on the pad there the people as they come I've never seen one is quite interesting the avionics on these things are incredible. And there and they're very interesting -- -- -- helicopters I really do. So like Columbine check it out we also a beautiful cake from Molson remarkable. Both of those -- great job in the donated his take -- because they believe in mercy flight. As we do if you wanna give online go to mercy flight dot org and a big deficits it's easier you don't even have to work. -- -- -- -- can just given the information and that's that it's if it's a good way to you have to support. Mercifully I hope you never need them. I really do but if you do it'll be good that there there Korea. Now we're talking about something that. It's been done its bit and the -- -- is that the batter's box for a couple of days because I wanted to talk about about other things. Bush threw away being a bad day that moment we like to stay in the moment. As best we can and this is spanking. Now first of all there's of this there's a debate there always has been a debate over spanking. Let's tell you what spanking isn't okay we're not talking about child abuse. We're talking about spanking as a form of discipline. As a form of reinforcement. What you would want your child to do. Open hand. You know you know that's basically the way it works. But some people overreact when you hear the word -- spanking. It's like we were doing quite well as a nation. Into ordering until we suddenly found experts and it. They were self appointed experts and they were and are the days of television and and everybody had their own doctor Spock moment. On enough things that their mother and father did in their mother and father's mother and father didn't. Everybody did a -- suddenly there were wrong. It was the wrong way to parent and the people like to be considered new wage most people like to be considered -- it. In the moment and whatever so. Suddenly you have some child rearing experts were suggesting alternatives. -- which were amazed some of these are just silly. Especially now. The alternative go to your -- well go to Niro made sense when there was nothing in your room okay if the I've got to be really funny. Is if you're building a new house now here's you have to build. When the electricity comes in to wire the house audience say is I want this rural home on a separate circuit breaker. So the circuit breaker for this room is -- is one of -- box and it's the only one for this Rome. Then you can say go to your room. Tripped a circuit breaker and nothing electronic woodwork now you still have battery -- if it's a full well thing. But I am just suggesting that if you could just throw the circuit breaker bull once now. And the electricity to the room was cut off. That would be ideal. But when you -- your -- to the room and you're kid has more electronic stuff and Dave and buster's. Then you you're not really punishing anybody are you. In -- corrective. Measures. Good time out. I mean these are these are things that people like and some people like and some people favor a winner let's take a timeout I want to think about what you did. I guess that could work with some kids probably -- -- -- me. Because if if that had been used with me I would have been thinking during the time out well with it's almost -- right -- back to my behavior. So many of the things like time out -- go to your room I think is totally outdated. Time out whatever. So a different things came in the wife when I was disruptive and in school in in the great great school. We had and Don is Don Landry calls -- no verified distant third grade at the west school they had a PL a front. And anybody who misbehaved. Was sent behind the piano -- was just go back there. You have to sit behind the piano. Let me tell you this I can tell you what the back of that panel looks like in great detail I lived in back of the piano all right it was -- -- put my desk and back and now. Because -- disruptive. All right so what it would gonna do you have a good time -- Growth and the room forget that that's I don't work. However. They say -- cannot come here and they give -- -- spanking I'm driving open hand. I'm talking to the bush. That I think that is perfectly acceptable. And definitely not out of -- we're not talking about using a weapon on the job we're talking about letting the child know that you were displeased. I would tell you this. That it's. It happened to me only like twice. But I remember it like it happened yesterday. When I use bad words strangely enough my mother probably didn't know I was gonna grow to be a talk show host. I use bad words and I actually did -- my mouth washed out with so. I can taste that so now. I mean I can taste it like I have an hour ago. And it really taught me a lesson about bad words Obama wants my mother caught me teaching my sister house where. And my sister adored Macy's. It's coming up the president's September. She's alone with the -- asked on the front porch so I was did you ever swear. And indeed my mother came in. And caught me teaching my sister ought to swear at you wash my mouth I was so my sister got away -- because there -- she was not the investigator on that. But of those kinds of things I still remember. A -- great deterrent was my grandfather's. Razor strap. Now he was a barber and these -- straps were very expensive. And he had one hanging up on the bats Romo like good door frame he never use that ever I don't ever recall a museum. But he would walk toward it and we would straighten out our behavior or he would say I'm going to get the razor strap. And everything changed that was the great equalizer is like somebody saying I have a fifty caliber desert eagle and I'm gonna use it. No no no you you would just think about that then mysteriously. And I've never confess that this. Mysteriously that. Razor strap disappeared and as -- said it was expensive and he never found it and it was and the person who did it never confessed. They had that they took the razor strap but I'm guessing that if my grandfather were here now somebody might tell him. That his grandson buried it in the backyard. And that it's probably still there and many times I've been by my grandmother's house. And wanting to stop in and introduce myself say this was my grandmother's house. If you go over here and dig up a little section you'll find a perfectly good. Razor strap. On and so we have memories of discipline no way but the reason we're sorry about this today is because of the New York court system. Yes the New York court system. Has said it's OK to spank your kids. If it is a reasonable use of force and we come back not only do I have a court ruling I went through my extensive by L. And from a June 30 2008. Which was over six years ago I have a column by John Rosemont who I think is slow bleed best person for child -- I've ever heard about. He is rational here is reasonable I think he's effective. And we'll go over that we're gonna ask you whether you approve of spanking or is it to use some kind of child abuse -- bank should just bank. 8039301806169. Through the sixers star and I'm thirty will be back we're live at mercy flight -- -- at mercy flight. If you like to donate. All you're doing gonna line it doesn't get any easier than that. Go to mercy flight dot org and make your contribution. That is mercy flight dot org they do good work as I -- I was here in August of 2012. With a live broadcast since then. They've done even more than this but 2179. Missions. So they do a lot of good work a lot of good work the work is good and there's a lot of it thanks for your help and they are -- diligence. Meanwhile we're talking about spanking is it really child abuse do you -- Georges bank guys that you get over this stuff. When I was in. When I was in third grade they used to have a panel at the front of the school. And anybody who missed BA was put behind the piano. I lived behind the piano. And to prove that I'm not just saying that is my friend on from Pennsylvania Don is that not true member west school in the panel. I remember that. Can be used to disappear on occasion but -- exactly what you want it. It's a good idea what you end. I should've been I should have been a piano wire right I know enough about that. -- nobody at that time considered any thing there was you know a little unusual. To be any kind of abuse but now everything it's. Out of the norm that everybody agrees on is. -- -- I'm sorry you know I can't hear me all right well. I you see we have been illicit. How we're okay right now can hear me now I feel like Monaco. -- -- Well I'm glad you confirm that because many people think you just have to make stuff up when -- on the radio but not but I I have my you -- life story to give you. Okay Don hey have a great weekend good productive well. Maybe -- buddy you have a good day in the yourself. Okay thank you -- investments in third grade and so he witnessed that beginning in my life of crime. Or you must it would dispose. -- -- in New York Thursday. The -- that we have children in New York looking to -- being made me want to reconsider. Accords as it's okay for parents who spank their children. A state appeals court says it's okay to spank them in a ruling on Wednesday so this is ruling couple days ago. Those of division round. That Long Island father's bank of an eight year old boy it was a reasonable. Use of wars that but he. Of the key word there is reasonable. I'd assume forces. Skewered but especially reasonable. A suffered county family court judges determine. That the Arab boy I had abuse this and by inflicting excessive corporal punishment after the lower courts that. The father allegedly -- that I was an open hand for punishment for cursing when they were at a party at a friend's home back in 2000 well. The appeals court says. That he did not dad whose name was withheld from this story admitted taking the -- for -- but denied hitting him with a -- I was so it was an open hand according to of a rather. The appellate divisions that there was insufficient evidence to hold the charge he also used the -- on. And so he denied it and they bomb there was no evidence that he did and they gave my that but they did say the open handed spanking of the child as a form of discipline. After you heard it's cars at an adult. And it was a reasonable use of force under the circumstances presented here. Did not constitute excessive corporal punishment. I mean obviously good news common sense with this before a judge panel ruled in a unanimous decision accords and -- states do have also backed up. Parents who spank their children public saying there's a difference between and that that obviously. There's a difference between spanking. And beating. And there's some people use the word yet. To use the word hit him at Samie. Means close as the or something you know that adults might do when they get into a disagreement but certainly nothing with a child. A spanking I have no problem at all obviously abuse we have problems -- So I'd like to know if you spank if you're OK it was banking. Is that people. Want to raise their own children. Raise your child through. Okay if if you know it's a pattern of of misbehaving. And you want a real remedy yet you better do it privately because there will be some goody two refuse to call the cops. And now suddenly have a very active imagination. As to what actually happened as oppose the real spanking -- keep him when he gets. As -- you're probably crying. Maybe shouting who knows what so it makes him to a bystander a lot worse than it actually. I'm saying open hand. Really you know but not overly done is no problem for me like to know that they brought you -- you have children one and seven. Not if you don't notice if it is. One over a year. Do you believe in -- Yeah I think that a swat on the tush is a good thing gets a child's attention especially any. A situation where. It could the child could have been in danger like if nick we're gonna run into the street and he -- out of Mario yeah he's gonna get a swat and that's gonna get his attention. So that he knows not to do that again. You know what we have if it's only. Horrible for instance oftentimes the first thing your child wants to do was that they -- I didn't do it or that's not fair or whatever but and issues like you just said may be running out in traffic or things like that. It has to be instantaneous and recognizable. As this is beyond the -- this isn't something we discussed them and and come to a vote on this is a no no absolutely. So if you -- suddenly inflict a spanking. They know that this is a serious issue and I think it resonates more with the kids in just a Johnny don't you realize that you only weighs 62 pounds in their car weighs 4000 pounds and it runs over you you are going to be in a world of hurt. That doesn't work. A quick spank on the -- I think is much more effective and who knows in the long run Johnnie -- thank you for that. We'll take a break and go with. My child abuse when not to -- beating now which I must spanking. On news radio 930 we're live at mercy flight of the flying tigers location.

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